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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 224

2022-04-22 12:20:00Publish Time: 789 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 224: Theatre Version: UC0096

"Azadistan celebrated the fifth anniversary of its membership in the Federation with an important speech by Queen Ismail and Prince Ibrahim. Queen Ismail's speech was highly praised by Britannia, Nana —"

Ade poked the remote control with his AT field, and the TV screen cut to the cartoon channel before "that woman" came out, and a pink starfish in beach pants appeared on the screen.

"Uncle Ade, are you still avoiding Sister Nunnally?" Mineva, who was holding his arm, looked up at him, "Why don't you go talk to her? Sister Nunnally… she also … has a hard time."

"I'm not avoiding anyone, I just want to watch cartoons more than serious news programs." Ade stared intently at the yellow sponge on the screen, "I can't believe it's already in its ninth season? Well, I'll have to catch up on the previous ones when I have some free time."

"It's been exactly seven and a half years since you were reborn, Uncle Ade, until the end of last month," Mineva continued the conversation, "And in all that time, you and Sister Nunnally haven't seen each other once and haven't said a word, are you going to tell me it's a coincidence?"

"Ah, what did you say?" Ade turned his head to look at her with a bewildered expression, "Just now, Boss Krabs was talking, I didn't hear you."

Seeing Ade playing dumb again, Mineva sighed helplessly and didn't say anything more. Right now it is August, after the second day of September, the girl will turn seventeen. She has no extra effort to worry about others.

The nearly 17-year-old girl's body had been fully grown. Although her face was not as delicate as Lacus's, her breasts weren't as plump as Ange's, and her legs weren't as long as C.C.'s, all in all, she had become a big beauty.

However, compared to them, no advantage could be found.

The more she thought about it, the more frustrated Mineva felt. She stepped off her slippers and walked onto the couch, changing to a more comfortable position to snuggle up to Ade. The long smooth and silky hair gently rubbed against Ade's neck, her chest pressed against his arms through her singlet, and the folded hem of her skirt gave a clear view of her calves wrapped in black stockings and curled up slightly.

"Don't keep talking about me, tell me about yourself." Ade was still staring at the TV screen without looking away, but took the rare initiative to start the conversation, "How are you getting along with your friends these days? Did you get to hang out with anyone over the summer?"

"Every now and then I go shopping with Ple, and today I have a date to go out, you can see I'm all dressed up and waiting for her." Mineva quietly peered at Ade's reaction, "Banagher went back home to learn how to manage consortium with his father, said he was not going to study in college and would inherit the family business. I guess he and I won't have much interaction after high school, unless he really gets me."

"The boy is still pursuing you?" Ade's eyebrows twitched imperceptibly, "So, what do you think of him?"

"He's a nice guy, but he's too honest, indecisive, and not very opinionated." Mineva noticed Ade's reaction keenly, "But the trouble is Hathaway is pursuing me too, it's not good to offend anyone. Hathaway followed Mr. Asiata's expedition and should be back from Jupiter tomorrow. He is not as enthusiastic as Banagher, but in general, he is also a good person."

"It's better for girls not to fall in love so early." Ade coughed, "Our family doesn't need to be& allied to anyone. Mineva, you should not feel pressure and just take your time."

"Take your time." Mineva murmured in a voice that only she could hear, "But the Wheel of Angels will be completed next month."

"Then again, Ple is already on her way." Ade found Ple's youthful and lively consciousness through his NT sense and immediately began to change the subject, "At the current speed, she'll be there in about ten minutes. Mineva, don't you have to go back to your room and do anything to prepare?"

"No, I have my bag right here and my clothes changed, so I can just leave when she comes." Mineva let go of Ade's arm and got up from the sofa, stood in front of Ade, and turned in a circle, "Uncle Ade, do you think this dress will be too transparent for me to wear out? And will this dress be too short?"

Ade had been staring at the TV until then, and only then did he have a chance to take a closer look at Mineva.

The daylight penetrated through her thin dress and hit Ade's face, her white skin and the lace edge of her bra were visible. Ade hurriedly lowered his head to control himself from looking, but what caught his eyes was the skirt corner. Ade's eyes subconsciously wandered up the shimmering black slit, looking at the end of the slit, and his head snapped away in shock, "Too bad! How can you wear this out! Hurry back to your room to change new clothes!"

Mineva leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then smiled lightly and ran all the way back to the second floor.

Just as Ade was sighing longingly, a pair of arms wrapped around Ade's shoulders from behind, and Ange's head pressed against the right side of his face, "How does it feel, the long-awaited father-daughter bonding? Is it hard to hold it in? Do you want us to go back to the room first to relieve your hunger?"

"Don't be ridiculous!" Ade was instantly furious, "Do you think I'm the kind of person who would lust after my own daughter?"

"Do you think that's convincing to me?" Ange stretched her neck and glanced down, bristling in disbelief, "I mean, Ade, you don't think your education is perfect until now, do you?"

"I admit that a small flaw did occur. Mineva is in her adolescence and lacks fatherly love since childhood. I'm playing two roles at the same time, which does tend to confuse her. As long as she is a little older, everything will be fine." Ade explained with a straight face, "And that outfit, it's awful, right? C.C., did you buy it for her?"

"Why do you suspect me? Do you think I would buy erotic clothing for a seventeen-year-old girl?" C.C.'s lazy voice sounded behind him, "Don't worry, she never wears such frivolous clothes out. That's what she just bought last week, specifically waiting for you to come back and wear it for you."

"And then Ade will probably say that Mineva is really well brought up and never wears frivolous clothes when she goes out, and it's all because of me." Lacus looked at C.C. with a smirk, "Alice, I kind of forgot, can you help me look up what self-deception means online?"

"I found it!" Alice replied almost immediately, "Self-deception means-"

"Alice!" Ade interrupted her in annoyance, "I have to go to the lab tomorrow to deal with the backlog of problems that have accumulated while I was away, so you will now immediately help me organize the materials for tomorrow's meeting with Rei."

"Oh." Alice scratched her cheek in embarrassment, "Lacus, Ade's instructions have the highest priority."

"It's okay, go ahead." Lacus smiled blandly, "Momoka, Mineva has always been quite dilatory in changing her clothes, Ple will be here soon, prepare some drinks and snacks to serve her."

"Okay." Momoka poked her head out of the kitchen, "Would you like something to drink, master?"

"Give me a hot lemon with salt." Ade frowned and closed his eyes, "I have a special headache."

Of course he knew Mineva's little mind, but he really didn't know how to make the young girl give up except to play dumb. He had also tried& to talk to her openly and honestly when& Mineva was fifteen years old, but the girl's weepy look and desperate consciousness immediately made him back off and dare not cross the line.

"Just don't regret it yourself." Ange rubbed his cheek affectionately and came up to his ear, "I support all your decisions."

"You're the best girl, wait for me tonight." Ade patted Ange's arm, who knowingly withdrew it to let him stand up, "Ple's at the door, I'll get it."

When he came to the entrance and opened the door, Ple, who had a ponytail, greeted him with a smile, "Uncle Ade, long time no see!"

"Long time no see for you too!" Seeing Ple's energetic look, Ade unconsciously relaxed, "Come in, Mineva is changing, you might have to wait a while."

"Uh-huh!" Ple went into the house to change her shoes with ease.

Ple was two years older than Mineva, exactly nineteen this year. Although her body had fully matured, she had always had an innocent and naive look, and every time Ade saw her, he forgot her actual age and couldn't help but wanted to touch her head.

"I heard from Mineva that she often plays with you?" Ade greeted the young girl and sat down, "You are going to be a college student from the end of this month, don't spend all day fooling around with Mineva and delaying your studies."

"No, no, Mineva is very nice, she even urged me to study for my college homework in advance." Ple took the drinks and snacks from Momoka and thanked her, "It's just that … well, it's just that Uncle Ade is so bad that I can't read my textbooks."

"Huh?" Ade was confused, "What does it have to do with me?"

"Didn't Uncle Ade invent the Lingus Transformation?" Ple puffed up her cheeks, "I can't understand it at all, I can't do a single problem, and the information I found on the Internet is too difficult to understand, and all of my friends on the Internet are the same as me. Is that something for humans? Why is it so hard? We're only in our freshman year!"

"Of course it's because the harder stuff comes later. Sophomore year there's the Lingus Three Theorems, junior year there's the Lingus System of Equations, and senior year there's the Lingus Ultimate Package." Ade was involved in the preparation of the textbook, so he still remembered, "Uh, is it really that hard? I think it's okay."

"It's over! I chose the wrong major! I'm going to fail my first year of college! Mom and Dad are going to get angry!" Ple covered her head in despair, "Uncle Ade, there is a trick to study, right? There must be a trick, right? Why can't I understand a single step?"

"You probably didn't understand the concept, it's actually really not that difficult." Ade, on a whim, opened the electronic screen that covered the entire table and began to dot and draw on it, "Forget it, let me teach you, it's like this …"

And so Ade got involved in the joy of giving Ple a lecture.

Mineva on the second floor was now changing clothes in her room.

She had sensed that Ple was coming, but Uncle Ade would entertain Ple, so she was in no hurry. After so many years, she and Ple have long been used to getting along with each other in this way.

The young girl took off her blouse, untied her skirt and threw it on the bed, turned in a sultry circle to the floor mirror, and sighed as she looked at her charming body that no one could deny.

"Sister Nunnally, what should I do?"

She spent seven, no, ten years, exhausted countless efforts, used all kinds of means, so hard to set up Lacus, set up C.C., set up Ange, set up Alice, set up Momoka, but made the most fatal mistake.

She originally thought it was warm water boiling frogs, but the other party has even taken the boiling water as a hot spring, indifferent to all kinds of physical stimulation.

"But there's no more time." The young girl's guilt-filled voice echoed through the room, "Uncle Ade, please forgive me."

When Mineva got changed and came downstairs, she saw Ple and Ade leaning close to each other, and Ade was talking about something in a flamboyant way, touching Ple's head from time to time, while Ple looked at him with admiration and nodded her head repeatedly, showing a shy and smug smile when she was touched.

A cold feeling rose from Mineva's tailbone straight to the brain.

"How silly of me to forget Uncle Ade's drug-like attraction to female NewTypes." A flash of cold light glint in Mineva's eyes, "Ple, I thought you were my friend."