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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 193

2022-03-17 11:30:00Publish Time: 767 views
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Chapter 193: Yesterday's Reappearance

"Stop it, you two." Lacus helplessly yanked Alice off Ange, "There's still business to be done, let's hurry home."

"I'm just doing my job!" Ange stomped her foot with hatred, "Gee, Lacus you're just …"

"Don't watch them fool around here, Ade, hurry up and coax Bright up." Lacus indicated the direction where Bright left, "Listen to his tone just now, he was pretty angry. Hurry to solve the hidden problems before it's too late. The more delayed, the worse."

"Is he angry?" Alice asked confusedly, "Wasn't that guy still laughing?"

"He just didn't want to make too much of a scene." Lacus stared for a moment in thought, "Forget it, Ade. With your emotional intelligence, you may not be able to handle it. I'll do it myself. Ange and Alice, Ade and I will leave for a while, you two just stay here."

After saying that, she took Ade's arm and quickly chased after Bright, leaving Ange and Alice staring at each other. Ange froze slightly and puffed up her cheeks sullenly, "Alice, why do you think she acts like only she is his wife?"

"Because she is, she was the first one to officially register her marriage with Ade." Alice said and pounced on Ange again, "Stupid Ange, I want to continue collecting data!"

"You're the stupid music player!" Ange picked up Alice with one hand, "What are you thinking? What if someone sees you? If you want to do something bad, don't you know to hide in TurnA's cockpit first?"

Lacus and Ade caught up with Bright, who met with them in his office. After Bright instructed his adjutant to go out, he sat across from the two with an expressionless look, "Didn't you guys go back? What else is going on?"

"Well, Commander Bright, it's about today's matter." Ade took the initiative to speak at the prompting of Lacus's eyes, "I want to explain about today's matter."

"There's nothing to explain." Bright put a formulaic smile on his face, "Dr. Lingus is far-sighted, solving the threat of the angel and manifesting the force of the moon at the same time, making an indelible contribution to world peace and human happiness. Our army will do its best and continue to cooperate with you in the future."

Ade felt a headache. Sure enough, Lacus was right, "I know you are angry."

"I'm not angry." Bright replied credulously, "Ohhhh, not angry."

Ade continued, "I know you don't want to be kept in the dark. "

"I'm just afraid I've been kept in the dark for too many years!" Speaking of this, Bright can not help but raised his eyebrows up, "Lingus, I take such a big risk to cooperate with you, I want you to tell me the truth, is it excessive? Are there any questions? No problem, well, then I ask you, is it you who led the angel here?"

Ade reflexively said, "The angel asked me to bring you a—"

Lacus stretched out her fingernails, covertly pinched on the back of Ade's hand, and took the initiative to change the topic, "Commander Bright, Ade often told me at home that you are brave and decisive in the battlefield, able to make good decisions, generous and kind. You are one of the people he admires most."

Ade nodded after her, "There are three people I admire most in my life, one is Dr. Minovsky, one is His Highness Loran, and the other is you, Commander Bright."

"How can I be compared to Dr. Minovsky and Prince Loran?" Bright's look visibly eased a bit, "So tell me, what is going on with that angel?"

Lacus gently caressed the back of Ade's hand, and Ade immediately took over the topic, "I found that the angels actually seemed to be attracted by the quantum coordinate generator, so I guess that the next location they are going to go is Kilimanjaro. I called you as soon as I thought of it, don't you remember, Commander?"

"I remember it." Bright nodded, "Or just call me by my first name. Go on, what's going on with the time?"

"There are patterns in time, too. Through some kind of complex algorithm. After this test, it is not surprising that it agrees with my guesses." Ade made it up with half-truths, "Every time a set date is reached, the next coordinate will be activated automatically. The activated coordinate generator sends a special signal through the back door, inviting nearby lurking angels."

"Ade sensed that there might be other people behind this and was deeply concerned about it. He didn't sleep well for several nights in a row." Lacus pressed Ade's hand to stop him from speaking, and made a sad expression, "Considering that humans should not waste any more energy on internal conflict, he had to take a risk and make this move."

"I understand the original reason, the plan is cruel but acceptable." Bright, as a veteran, didn't really care about the death of the politicians, "Then why didn't tell me in advance? Was it because you couldn't trust me or did you suspect that I wouldn't support your plan?"

"At the beginning, I wanted to discuss with you first," Ade said sincerely, "But when I picked up the phone, I felt that I could not do so."

After that, he touched Lacus' palm with his little thumb, and the latter understood his hint, "Ade has always been kind-hearted, and he is not willing to let you also carry the moral shackles, become a ruthless father, so he secretly decided to take the matter into his own hands. I'm not ashamed to say that I was actually against him doing this from my point of view as his wife, but he just wouldn't listen to me."

Speaking of the Hathaway siblings, Bright could not help but be stunned for a moment, followed by a long exhale, "Lingus… you … sigh …"

"I know with Commander Bright's ability, you won't just see the angel cause any casualties." Ade continued, "You know TurnA's strength, and even if an unexpected situation really happened and I couldn't fly here in time, with your rich experience, you will certainly make the whole army retreat instructions."

"Actually, I am very worried." Lacus said while making a worried look, "In case of any major casualties, it may break our close relationship, but Ade kept insisting that you, Commander Bright, would be able to handle the situation appropriately, and I didn't believe him. It seems that I'm still not very good at reading people."

"With the angel's movement speed, we can always run away if we can't fight." Bright's mouth twitched slightly, "The angel looked great, but in fact, the One Year War was more dangerous than encountering the angel. I have seen a lot of battles, can't I handle this kind of small scene? There was actually no need for Captain Aker to go out, everything is under my control."

"But I'm still sorry for causing so much damage to A-Laws, I'm afraid the ammunition consumption is very big, right?" Ade made a pained look, "I'll make the decision for His Highness Loran, let Anaheim fund and sponsor some MSs and money to A-Laws …"

"No need." Bright said and waved his hand, "I will take this opportunity to ask for military expenses from the Federation Council. The political situation is going to change dramatically after this, and our power of speech is expected to rise. Everything will be fine."

Hearing the word "our power of speech", Lacus finally settled down and gently squeezed Ade's thumb, "Commander Bright, please forgive me for ignorantly asking, even if these political enemies no longer exist, we still need to deal with political affairs. But Ade is not very good at these things, he only knows to bury his head in scientific research. Can you …?"

"I also don't know this. The person who is good at this is MIA now." Bright shook his head regretfully, "Lingus, what do you think?"

"I think, an inefficient and decentralized fragmented government is not what we want to see. For the sake of what we're trying to do now and in the future, a functional and strong unified government is what we're looking forward to." Ade tentatively locked eyes with Bright, "Do you think that we can work together with Prime Minister Marcenas? At least in the grand scheme of things, he is quite competent."

"Although he is the Prime Minister, he holds no real power. But we hold the military power, so he has to rely on us." Bright nodded his head as if in a daze, "Good, good, that's a good idea. I've been hesitating to cooperate with His Excellency before, but you, Lingus, are smarter than me. You see through the essence of the problem at a glance."

"So we've reached a consensus and settled on it?" Lacus looked around and smiled brightly, "That's great! Audrey is quite withdrawn and has few friends at school besides Hathaway. Although she didn't say it, I can see that she actually likes Hathaway. I was afraid that if Ade and you quarreled, the two children would not be able to play together. Now it seems that I was just worrying too much."

Bright looked at Lacus's innocent look and frown. He said to Ade in a serious manner, "Lingus, Lacus is a good girl, you should not let her continue to attend political meetings for you, the political circle is too dirty. You didn't see the way those senators talk to her today, how can you bear to let her, a young girl, come to suffer this kind of aggravation?"

Lacus covered her mouth with a light smile as she blushed slightly, casting a grateful look at Bright.

"Look at me again, my wife was also an officer in the army, and I immediately let her retire from the military after I married her. If it weren't for my wife, could Hathaway and his sister have been educated so well?" The more Bright talked, the more he got excited, "Audrey is too withdrawn, and I think that it's because you and Lacus are too busy with work. Don't you think so?"

"You are right." Ade kept nodding, "I am usually busy with work and lack of discipline for Audrey."

"That is, we adults are so busy and hardworking now, risking our lives to fight with politicians and angels, it's for the future of our cherished ones! If you lose your attention to your little child, won't all these efforts now be in vain? Besides—" A knock on the door suddenly sounded, and Bright shouted impatiently, "Come in!"

"Commander." The adjutant walked in with a serious look, "The casualty statistics came out, except for Senator Ronah who was successfully rescued back, the rest were all killed, in addition …"

As he said, he looked at Ade and Lacus. Ade understood and took Lacus to stand up, "It's late, Commander Bright, we'll leave now. I'll contact you later."

After saying goodbye to Bright, Lacus took Ade's hand and walked towards the tarmac, the corner of her mouth couldn't stop going up, "Ade, what a nostalgic feeling."

"Yeah." He and Lacus walked in silence with their fingers interlocked and their hearts warmed.

"It would be nice if this kind of day could last forever." When they came to TurnA's feet, Lacus suddenly whispered in his ear, "Ade, I want it tonight."

"But my body…"

"Satisfying your wife is a basic duty of a man, right?" Lacus jumped in front of Ade with her hands behind his back. Her lustrous pink hair cascaded down from her slightly tilted head, blocking her sultry smile, "I have needs too. If you don't want to use your lower body, I'll find my own way."

"You're finally back? So slow!" Hearing the voice, Ange peeked out from the cockpit above, with Alice lying on her shoulder, "What are you talking about?"

"Nothing." Lacus smiled briskly, "Ade was just thinking about what to eat tonight."