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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 187

2022-03-11 08:45:00Publish Time: 769 views
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Chapter 187: The Seed of Mufti

Today is Tuesday, September 1, U.C. 0088, the day when the Anaheim Elementary School starts its school year.

Mineva had to leave the warm and comfortable home, starting the long and uninteresting new semester, facing her childish and pestering classmates.

At this moment, Lacus was driving her to school. In order to prevent her from being discriminated against at school, Ade and Lacus played the role of daddy and mummy for her. Lacus was in charge of driving was because Mineva wanted to sit in Ade's arms.

As for the violation of traffic rules, which police have the courage to dare to stop his car?

"Don't look so sad, my little princess." Ade gently pinched the little girl's cheek, "The elementary school is like this, when you go to junior high school, it will be better."

"Hmph, when I go to junior high school, you will say it will be better when I go to high school." Mineva comfortably rubbed her body back, "I haven't finished the game yet, I simply don't care about class."

"Ade," Lacus sighed, "Haman Karn would be furious if she heard the conversation just now. "

"Children are meant to play happily, what's wrong with this?" Ade said rightfully, "She is the daughter of the Lingus family, she neither needs to engage in the political struggle in the future nor is it necessary to marry with any big family. She just needs to enjoy her childhood, what's the point of learning those useless things?"

"Mm-hmm!" Mineva nodded vigorously, "Aunt Haman is wrong, Uncle Ade is right, what is the point of learning those useless things?"

"If you had learned it long ago, you would not have to learn it again, but the opportunity to practice is very lacking." Lacus smiled faintly with meaning, "Isn't that right, Mineva?"

"Eh?" Mineva blinked innocently with her big watery eyes, "Uncle Ade, what is Sister Lacus talking about?"

"Nothing, just something off the top of my head." Lacus stopped the car near the school, "Here we are."

After the family got out of the car, Ade held Mineva's left hand, and Beargguy faithfully blocked the other side of Mineva's body.

At this moment, there is still some time before the class starts. Many children took the initiative to greet Mineva and even Beargguy, it seems that the little girl is quite a celebrity in the school.

When she came to the entrance of the school, Mineva stood straight, facing Ade, and stretched her arms to him, "Uncle Ade, I want a kiss!"

"There are classmates watching." Ade smiled dotingly and leaned down to hug her, giving the little girl a kiss on her forehead, "Be safe at school, contact me anytime; don't give trouble to your teachers and classmates, who dares to bully you, you must bully back; if you need to leave school early in the afternoon, tell the teacher and Momoka will come to pick you up—"

While Ade was still chattering, Mineva tiptoed up and kissed him quickly, then ran away. Beargguy followed her, leaving only Ade stay in the place, feeling both funny and annoying. Lacus gave a playful look at Mineva, took Ade's hand, and turned to leave.

Mineva blushed and ran all the way into the school gate. Looking at the students around, she hurriedly made a serious lady-like appearance.

Before entering the classroom, she heard the familiar sound of arguing from inside, and entered the door to see that it was indeed Banagher and Hathaway. The two boys were arguing about something again.

Seeing Mineva enter the classroom, Banagher raised his voice, "Obviously, Dr. Lingus is more powerful!"

Hathaway amplified his volume too, "You're speaking nonsense, it's clear that Dr. Minovsky is more powerful!"

"What do you two kids who haven't even graduated from elementary school know?" Naturally, Mineva put her bag away and interjected as if nothing had happened, "If we're talking about theoretical physics, Dr. Minovsky is more powerful."

"Audrey?!" Banagher showed an injured and shocked expression, "I'm on your side!"

"That's what Uncle Ade said to me himself." Mineva smiled gracefully at him, "He said that Dr. Minovsky's attainments in basic physics were so unfathomable that even he was inferior to him, and that if not for his unfortunate early death, our lives now might have turned out to be something else."

"But Dr. Lingus could build Gundam!" Banagher said excitedly, "Gundam! That's Gundam! I ran into Liddy this morning, and he said he'd already piloted an MS himself over the summer!"

"It's no big deal if you can build big robots, right? Boys just love these things." Mineva lightly smiled and shook her head, "Banagher, do you want to become an MS pilot in the future?"

"Yes, or to study in Anaheim Industry." Banagher scratched his head in distress, "But my dad recently lost his temper for some reason and deprived Brother Alberto's inheritance rights, I may have to go back to inherit the Vist family's business. Audrey, what about you? What's going to happen to you in the future?"

"Hathaway, how about you?" Mineva very naturally ignored him and looked at the other boy, "What do you want to be when you grow up? Are you going to join the army like Uncle Bright?"

"Join the army… I don't think I'm interested in it." Hathaway thought carefully and seriously replied, "If I can, I want to learn about plants, and I wonder if there are any jobs where I can work with plants."

"Plants?" Mineva was taken aback, "Very interesting interest."

"Oh yeah, almost forgot. Audrey, Dad asked me to give you a message." Hathaway suddenly remembered, "He said that Uncle Lingus' false information made Kilimanjaro under martial law for many days, and nothing happened. Dad said the big shots in the Federation Council were very angry and were questioning Uncle Lingus's authority and competence, and told Uncle Lingus to pay attention."

"It's too strange." Banagher asked inexplicably, "Why did they let you tell Audrey that? Shouldn't Uncle Bright tell Dr. Lingus directly?"

Because the so-called false information was told to Uncle Bright by Uncle Ade, and if Uncle Bright told Uncle Ade this directly, it would sound like complaints, which tended to cause a rift between the two. If he passed the words through Audrey, a small child, Uncle Ade would know that Uncle Bright was not displeased, but was revealing to him the movement of the Federation Council.

Of course, although Mineva understood it, she didn't bother to explain it to the two "little children", so she just returned to her seat to do her own thing.

The new semester's lessons were still boring, all the things were something Mineva had learned long ago, making her drowsy. But in order to maintain her shining image as a good student in Uncle Ade's eyes, she still pretended to listen carefully.

After she refused to go out with Banagher and Hathaway, and was just about to leave the classroom with her lunchbox when she ran into a handsome blonde boy in front of the classroom. The young man's eyes lit up when he saw her and he said with affection, "Audrey, would you like to join us for lunch?"

"I'm sorry, Senior Liddy." Mineva lowered her head and smiled coyly, "I already have a date with Ple, next time."

At Liddy's reluctant gaze, Mineva quickly turned away with a polite smile on her face.

After meeting up with Ple, the two found a secluded place to start eating lunch. Mineva's bento was made by Momoka, very delicious and beautiful. Not to mention the bento boxes developed by Dr. Lingus, which can keep the flavor of the food to the maximum while keeping it warm.

"Uncle Ade himself often forgets to eat when he is too busy at work, but specifically make this kind of thing for me." A happy smile appeared on Mineva's face, "Compared to that man, he is not qualified to call himself a father at all."

"Audrey, stop talking." Ple looked at Mineva's bento and gulped, "It's going to get cold if you don't eat it."

"Stop swallowing and eat it together." Mineva set her bento box among the two, her eyes couldn't help but drift to Ple's slightly bulging chest, "Anyway, you are exactly … growing, you need to supply more nutrition."

"Mineva is the best!" Ple put down the cutlery and came forward to give Mineva a kiss on her cheeks, leaving a large circle of greasy marks, "Then I'll start!"

"Ple~!" Mineva screamed unladylike and hurriedly pulled out wet wipes to wipe her face, "How many times have I said, don't kiss me while eating!"

"Uh-huh," Ple nodded absentmindedly, swallowed the food in her mouth and continued, "By the way, today there are really boys sneakily staring at my chest, it's really annoying."

"Boys are all like that, just ignore them." Mineva said with an unhappy look, "What do you have to be so bitter about? I even envy you. I have not even started to develop until now, it would be too bad if my chest ends up like… Sister Nunnally."

"Why are you so worried? It's just fat." Ple lowered her head, "Mom said she often has a headache when buying clothes and her shoulders are often sore, so, well, I don't want them to get too big either."

"Auntie Aisha was showing off, showing off, get it?" Mineva pretended to be mature and sighed, "You're still small, you'll know when you have a man you like later."

"You're even younger than me!" Ple hummed defiantly and suddenly froze, "Audrey, are you unhappy today? Did something unhappy happen to you?"

"Oh, you see it. NT can't hide things between each other." Mineva unhappily poked her chopsticks at the rice in her bento box, "I was warned by Aunt Lacus during school this morning. Can you believe it? She even took precautions against me, an elementary school student! Old woman, she is the same as Aunt Haman!"

"What do you mean by being warned?" Ple asked with a confused look, "Does it mean something bad?"

"You have promised me that we'll go to the same junior high school, Ple, you have to study hard to do that." Mineva helplessly covered her forehead, "Recently there is another new person in the family, oh, you have not met Alice. In short, in order to raise my weight in Uncle Ade's mind, I've been acting a little more aggressively these days, and as a result, I was immediately targeted by Aunt Lacus."

"Huh?" Ple remained in a bewildered state, "Audrey, your family is too complicated, more complicated than the dramas mom watches. Every time I listen to you, I don't get it. Aren't you tired of living like this every day?"

"I would like to live simply as a couple, but unfortunately, I can't." Mineva blushed, "When I secretly searched Aunt Lacus's computer, I found a novel called "The Secret History of Char" in which I appeared, and it was even published online. This woman is too terrible, she had started to target me such a long time ago!"

"What is it called? I want to read it." Ple excitedly pulled out her phone, "Mineva appears in the novel, I want to read it."

"Don't look!" Mineva's face turned red. She pressed Ple's hand and glared at her fiercely, "If you look at it, we're done!"

"But, but you've seen it all …" Ple puffed up her cheeks, "Ok, I don't look, I don't look, PlePle… "

"There is that strange mouth fetish again!" Mineva sat back, "Anyway, you are not allowed to read the online version. If you really want to read it, I have an abridged version. You can read it."

"Really?" Ple excitedly stretched herself, "I want to read it! I want to read it!"

"Only one condition, after reading it, you have to be on my side no matter what happens in the future." Mineva put up a finger and said seriously, "Swear on the name of NewType, Ple, can you promise me?"

Ple tilted her head. Not knowing whether it was out of trust in Mineva or not overcoming her curiosity, she finally gave a "hmmm".

"Then we have a deal!" Mineva suddenly smiled brightly, "I'll tell you another exciting news, Britannia's Queen Nunnally is also on my side!"