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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 178

2022-03-01 23:40:00Publish Time: 870 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 178: Young Kamille's Portrait

Banshee slashed through a graceful arc upside down and hit the moving target with two accurate shots. Then the thrusters accelerated violently, flipped in the air to resume an upright posture, and tore up the last target. After that, it slowly decelerated and drove back, stopping steadily on the ground.

In the cockpit, Kamille, who had completed the training level, unbuckled his seatbelt and unconsciously raised the corners of his mouth with an incomparable nostalgic smile. This MS was nominally newly built by Anaheim, but how could such a lie fool Kamille, who had been fighting alongside it for a long time? The last time he sat here was only a few months ago, but it seems like a long, long time has passed.

"I feel that I can handle NT-D now, grandpa will be amazed." He reluctantly withdrew his hand from the keyboard, and the screen was displaying the image he was so familiar with, "But what should I do then …"

By the time he dawdled out of the cockpit, Char was standing not far away. Seeing him come out, Char walked to him quickly with a proud smile on his face, "Well done, Kamille, you really did live up to my expectations."

"Well done …" Kamille muttered in repetition, "If that's what you expected, it was indeed well done."

"Of course it was my expectation, I expected more than Amuro Ray from you." Char said excitedly, "There will only be one NT in the entire Gibraltar base, and only one NT, you, as the core of the combat department. With your outstanding performance and my excellent guidance, you might be a colonel by the time you reach Amuro's age."

"Colonel Bidan, at the same rank with Scirocco…" Kamille Bidan looked a little complex, "I wonder compared to Doctor Bidan, which title sounds better."

"Kamille, your eyesight is too small, as an NT, this is not enough." Char stood still, looking far into the sky, "How many people can be saved by studying medicine and being a doctor? The Federation is sick, can a doctor cure the Federation? When human society is sick, can being a doctor cure human society? Your NT ability is so excellent, don't waste your precious life on meaningless things."

"Is being a doctor a meaningless thing?" Kamille was somewhat unable to accept it and couldn't help but retort, "But Doctor Lingus said that the so-called NT is—"

"What kind of sense can Lingus make?" Char quickly interrupted him and laughed disdainfully, "Besides, he's not even an NT anymore, so what qualifications does he have to tell and judge you?"

Kamille didn't retort this time, just silently kept quiet.

"Anyone can be a doctor, NewType is not, and that is something only you can do." Char said in a deep voice, "It's like Unicorn Gundam is just a piece of scrap metal to the current Lingus, but in Amuro's hands, it has incredible power. A NewType is destined to carry a different fate than the average person, Kamille, always remember that you are a NewType."

"NT exists to carry a destiny …" Kamille whispered, "That's a harsh way to put it …. "

"Yes, it's cruel, but so is the reality." Char turned to look at him gladly, "Kamille, you are already an adult in my mind, with the courage and the ability to face it. So I will not tell you unrealistic fairy tales like Lingus did, but choose to show you the world as it really is."

"I will … seriously consider it, Mr. Quattro." Kamille rubbed his head in embarrassment, "Can you give me some more time?"

"No problem, no one is forcing you." Char looked down at his watch, "It just so happens that the Lingus' plane is arriving, and I have to go pick it up myself. Take your time to think about it, I'm sure you'll eventually make the right choice."

After saying that, Char patted Kamille's shoulder affectionately and left with a big stride. It wasn't until after he was completely gone that Emma Sheen, who was in charge of the guard not far away, came up to him, "Kamille, how was it, did you make a decision?"

"Emma… no, Captain, I'm sorry, I really still don't know what to choose." Kamille's expression was a bit confused, "What would you do if you were in this situation? Please give me some advice, I really …"

"I am neither your mother nor your lover, and have no obligation to help you make your life choices." Emma said sternly with a serious look, "Kamille, you are eighteen years old, you have to decide your own life. Don't think about putting all the blame on others, and end up becoming the cunning adult you often blamed. That would be too ugly."

"Don't become a cunning adult …" Kamille looked back at Banshee Gundam that shone with a dark luster, "Captain Emma said the exact same thing as Dr. Lingus. "

"The official exercise is the day after tomorrow, and you must give me an answer by tomorrow at the latest, until then no one is allowed to go near Banshee without permission. It is now the property of A-Laws, private boarding or start is illegal, don't be punished by…" Emma suddenly laughed out, "confinement again."

Hearing this word, Kamille also couldn't help but laughed too, as if as long as enough time has passed, even confinement has become some kind of fond memory.

"Come on, don't laugh." Emma suddenly looked at him seriously again, and Kamille awkwardly put away the laughter, "The only advice I can give you is to think about what you really want to do is. I remember you were originally a college student in medical school, right? Did you want to become a doctor? Or would you prefer to be a soldier?"

"It's not that simple, Captain Emma." Kamille pulled at his hair in distress, "It took Doctor Lingus a lot of work to get me to a college, and I feel sorry for him if I don't go. But Mr. Quattro also said that angels are a threat to all of humanity, and only a NewType like me can protect everyone, otherwise—"

"Get over yourself!" Emma interrupted him loudly, "Are you saying that all the soldiers in this whole Gibraltar base are just a bunch of losers, that without you, Kamille Bidan, we don't even have a point to fight? Or are you saying that you are the only NT left in the entire A-Laws and the whole world is waiting for you to save it?"

"You know very well that's not what I meant!" Kamille waved his arms excitedly, "I don't want to be despised by grandpa all day long and called illiterate, I also want to become a powerful doctor to impress Brother Shinn, but Quattro-san keeps talking about the whole humanity, the extinction of the race, and also showed me the terrible image of angels. If, if I don't fight, then … what can I do? I'm in pain too!"

"I see, moral kidnapped by Quattro Bajeena, what a cunning adult." Emma narrowed her eyes, "What about Dr. Lingus, what did he say? Wants you to be a doctor?"

"No." Kamille deflated and lowered his head, "Before returning to Earth, the Doctor told me that the essence of NT is to communicate with people, and that understanding is between two people. He said my NT ability is strong enough, but as a 'person', I'm still not enough. I should contact with different people when I'm still young, trying to become the ideal look I want, don't become … another cunning adult."

"I finally understand why Scirocco hated Dr. Lingus so much, so it is, you are lucky." Emma gratefully patted Kamille's back gently, "If you want to judge a person, don't just listen to what he said, to see what he did, I remember Scirocco was also good at talking."

After saying this, Emma turned around, leaving Kamille all alone.

"I can't understand a lot of the things Dr. Lingus did, what exactly does Celestial Being do, what is the purpose of setting up A-Laws, and Brother Shinn won't explain it to me." Kamille looked at the Banshee Gundam and said to himself, "But Mr. Quattro, he, no, Char, he… threw Junius 7 down."

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