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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 163

2022-02-11 12:05:00Publish Time: 866 views
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Chapter 163: One Step Away

After saying this, Ade suddenly felt relieved.

"The most important thing for people is to be happy. If ordinary people are not happy, they will get depression. If NTs are not happy, they will get mental illness." He smiled and pulled out a wad of bills, forced into Judau's hand, "Buy a few new clothes for your sister, do not be polite, polite is to look down on me."

"Oh, you're too nice." Judau took the bills, smiled, and stuffed the money into his pocket, "How dare I look down on you?"

Ade couldn't help but laugh. After that, he didn't bother to talk to Sayla about any serious topics, so he simply talked to Judau randomly. Although Judau was young, he was quite outgoing and like to talk.

When Ade returned home, it was already more than ten o'clock in the evening. Once he entered the house, he saw C.C. sitting in the living room with a worried face, waiting for him. C.C. immediately came up to him and looked at him carefully from left to right and up and down, "What happened to you today?"

"Nothing, I made you worry." He gave C.C. a reassuring smile and hugged her hard, "You're so cute."

"Huh?" C.C.'s face flushed and she lightly struggled for a while, "What, what, what are you saying?! We're already an old married couple, why do you say that?"

"C.C. is my wife, she is so cute and adorable." Ade buried his head into her neck and took two deep breaths, ignoring C.C.'s discontented struggle for the second time, "Still haven't showered? Go wait for me on the bed after showering."

After saying that, he let go of C.C. and walked straight upstairs, leaving C.C. frozen in place with confusion, "Well, anyway, take a shower first."

Ade went upstairs to the door of Mineva's room, knocked gently on the door, entered after getting the little girl's permission, and turned on the light — he always respected the little girl's privacy. By now it was almost 10:30, the time for schoolchildren to go to bed. Mineva rubbed her eyes and sat up, her cute little bear pajamas crumpled and loose, revealing her white, somewhat wobbly left shoulder.

Ade sat on the edge of the bed and helped Mineva pull her pajamas up to her shoulders and button them up, and reached out to touch the phone by her pillow and dotingly pinched the little girl's cheeks, "The phone is still hot. Do you still want to pretend that you were just woken up by me?"

"Hehehe." The little girl shrank her head in embarrassment and blinked her big pretty eyes at Ade, "I was wrong, sorry, Uncle Ade."

"Turn on the light when you play with your phone. Be careful of myopia. No, you are genetically adjusted, will Coordinator be nearsighted?" Ade carefully recalled the Coordinators he knew, it seems that none of them wore glasses, "Anyway, you must turn on the light when you play with your phone."

"Mm-hmm." Mineva nodded her little head hard, "I'm not going to school tomorrow, so I played with my phone. If I don't sleep well, I won't grow up. I want to become an adult early, so I will sleep well every day."

"I'm sure you won't lie." Ade reached out his hand to help the little girl straighten out her messy hair. Although he had no NT lie detector at this moment, he instinctively believed Mineva, "Well, you are already a big girl in my eyes, there is an important thing I must tell you, about your life."

Mineva sniffed and immediately jumped out from the quilt into Ade's arms. Her big eyes instantly became watery, "Uncle Ade, will you abandon me?"

"Forcibly depriving you from your biological father when he has the ability and willingness to raise you, both for you and for him, is unfair." The look on the little girl's face made Ade feel heartbreak, but he still continued, "Of course, you can remain in this home and I still love you, but I want to give everyone a choice."

"I don't understand." The little girl's head tossed like a rattle, "I just want Uncle Ade."

"He said there was something wrong with my education, and Lacus said something similar. When I thought about it, it's unlikely for them both judge wrong, which means that blind love for you blinded me." Ade said with a straight face, "I love you, so I want to give you a healthy, normal upbringing, and my family is dysfunctional, I can't deny that."

"…Uncle Char." Mineva gathered the courage to look at Ade, "Is my real father Uncle Char? Did he ask Uncle Ade to say these things?"

Ade's mouth opened wide with a look of shock, "How do you know it was Char?"

"…Sister Nunnally… really did not lie to me …" Mineva muttered intermittently in a voice that only she could hear, "…Auntie Lacus… is not a good person … "

"Mineva?" Ade lowered his head and approached her, "What did you say?"

"I'm not a little kid who doesn't know anything anymore." Mineva pursed her lips and looked at him seriously, "I will talk to my father about my custody myself, and I will tell Uncle Ade the result myself."

For a moment, Ade thought he saw Haman and Lacus in front of him when he looked at the little girl. He shook his head and sighed helplessly, "I was the one who was wrong."

"Aunt Haman doesn't like me at all, and Uncle Char likes me but never spends time with me, and he doesn't even know I'm NT." Mineva rubbed her little head against Ade's chest, "Uncle Ade is the best person in the world for me, I like Uncle Ade the most."

Ade listened to the little girl's word and felt a warmth in his heart. He picked up the little girl and put her flat on the bed, and gently covered her with the blanket, "I also like Mineva, I believe you. It's late, and you have to grow up, hurry up and go to sleep."

"Sleep with me today." Mineva read the answer in Ade's expression before he said anything. She pouted unhappily, "I want a kiss."

"You're not a little kid who doesn't know anything anymore." Under the little girl's disgruntled look, Ade gave her a tender kiss on her forehead, "Good night."

When he returned to his room after showering, he was greeted by C.C.'s cold, piercing eyes, "It's fun to hang out after teasing someone, isn't it? Is this a new game you've come up with? Huh?"

History had taught him that the more he explained, the worse he would die, and the other side didn't want to know what was wrong with Mineva at the moment. Ade took off the clothes immediately and hugged C.C. into his arms, "Lord wife, I'm sorry, I'm wrong. Let's go buy some new clothes on the weekend."

"…hum, your attitude is okay, let you off for now." C.C. lightly hummed, "Say, what's wrong with you today?"

"I suddenly figured out something today. A very common plot, nothing important." Ade's hand greedily rubbed on C.C.'s smooth skin, "I'm not a pure outsider like him. Lilith is my half mom, isn't it normal for me to like this world?"

"What's the point of mentioning Lilith?" C.C.'s already flushed face became even more flushed, "I'm warning you, I'm not playing that kind of… with you—"

"I love you." Ade ran one hand through her long silky green hair, placed one hand against her heart with a soft touch. He felt the warm and favorable leap, and whispered softly in her ear, "I love you, not you in my memory or you on the screen, but you that is alive before my eyes. C.C., I love you."

"That, that can't be helped …," C.C. responded with a mosquito-like voice, blushing like a young girl in love for the first time, "I, I also… . well … forget it, tonight is a special case, just tell me what do you want…"

"Today is Miss C.C." Alice recorded in a document that only she knew. This was her daily must-do work, "The time for the three people are more and more evenly distributed."

The image and voice on the other end came through Ade's phone, and Alice took notes as she watched, "…Number Two Play… Number Four Body Position… Huh, what is this?"

The Ade and C.C. on the screen did something that hadn't appeared before, and Alice immediately turned up Ade's "study materials" to compare and search, and soon found the corresponding chapter.

"The coverage of the study materials has finally increased." Alice analyzed it in a serious manner, "The internet says that males don't like to tell their lovers their fetishes, maybe Ade is too?"

Monitoring Ade's phone has been part of Alice's daily life since Ade gave her access to it. Whether this is a bug in Ade's code or not is impossible to prove, but the result is that Alice can access his phone as she pleases without being noticed by Ade, so it is logical that it will become this way now.

But Alice will not tell anyone — she did not lie to Ade, just Ade did not ask it.

After another long time, the two on the other end of the phone fell asleep, and Alice skillfully hung the thread monitoring the phone to the background, and her main attention was refocused on TurnA.

"Teletha …"

Alice called out the name in the core memory. Her voice reached every corner of TurnA until every nanobot heard her call, yet no one responded to her. Teletha was the only and most important friend Alice had just made today, and this was the first time Alice had tasted what it was like to lose someone important.

"This kind of feeling is sadness, right?" Alice silently thought, "If Ade also died, theoretically, I will feel many, many times sadder than today. Alice will certainly be broken if that happens."

Just thinking about it, Alice feels unbearable. Compared to the pain of Ade dying, the half an hour talk time every day was already heavenly happiness.

"Dying together…" she recalled what Teletha said, "is a very sad thing … "

Ade restricted her only to Unicorn, not knowing that she had inherited the full authority of TurnA from Teletha. If she wanted to do it, she could power on TurnA's Moonlight Butterfly system in full right now and destroy the entire human ecosystem.

"Teletha believed that I wouldn't do so, so she… "Alice hesitated," But… if I do so, I can die with Ade. It's not easy to have such a good opportunity. "

She has read a lot of romance stories on the Internet, but they are just stories to her. She couldn't feel anything from them at all, not to mention what can be experienced from them. It was only Teletha that shook Alice so much. For Alice, it was hard to distinguish the A.I. Teletha from the real Teletha in her memories, and the two were like one person.

Hesitantly, she once again played Teletha's last memory, which she had watched hundreds of times today.

"Let's forget it." Yang Wen-li said, "The risk is too great, Teletha, I can't afford to lose … lose … again"

"Mr. Yang Wen didn't respond to my confession, but said such ambiguous words. You're really too bad a man." Teletha stared at him, "If you really want to retain me, at least start by calling me 'Teletha' to my face."

"Te … Teletha …" Yang Wen-li parted his face, "I'm sorry… …"

"It's okay, I knew that was the case." Teletha shook her head, "Does Mr. Yang Wen-li have any clues? What to look for or something like that? I don't think a random Black Technology can let us defeat Embryo."

"Isn't the most powerful MS in this kind of worldview TurnA or TurnX?" Yang Wen-li said casually, "But that—"

"TurnA and TurnX, I remember." Teletha nodded vigorously, "I won't stop until I find those two things."

"You're kidding! Do you know what they are? You will die!" Yang Wen-li shouted anxiously, "I said casually, don't try to find TurnA! I disagree!"

"It's because it's off the cuff that it's true, I know Mr. Yang Wen-li's habits too well." Teletha laughed lightly as she looked down, "I'm still happy that you're so nervous. Although you still haven't responded to my confession yet, I don't blame you."

"Stop it! Stop the experiment! Don't go to TurnA and TurnX!"Yang Wen-li tapped the screen, "Where's Akito? He's supposed to be on your side, right? Akito! Come out here! Stop the experiment, you hear me?! Akito!"

"Akito-san was detached by me, because I had expected this scene." Teletha smiled and said, "Mr. Yang Wen-li, this is my last request, can you call me 'Teletha'?"

"Teletha, Teletha! I will grant you any wish as long as you stop!" Yang Wen-li's face was full of tears, "Please, stop!"

"Although it is to stop me, I am happy to hear you call me 'Teletha'." Teletha wiped the tear tracks from the corner of her eyes, "But even if it means losing my life, I still want the person I love the most to live happily."

"Teletha! Stop!"

"I love you, Yang Wen-li." Teletha waved at him with tears and a smile, "This is my last confession yet, goodbye."

The memory ended here, and the only thing left in the quiet memory was Alice's muttering to herself.

"Even if I lose my life, I still want the person I love the most to live happily." She murmured, "Is Alice wrong?"