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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 153

2022-02-01 12:00:00Publish Time: 928 views
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Chapter 153: Life Fades Away

The moment Kira opened his mouth, Ribbons remembered that Lacus had mentioned to him that she had developed an informant in Celestial Being.

"Isn't this exposing my identity?!" He smacked his lips in displeasure and reprimanded on the public channel, "Shut up, dumbass!"

"Ah, sorry, Lord Ribbons." Kira responded dully, "Since you have come, there is no need for me to show off myself. I'll watch for you."

After saying that, Wing Gundam Zero hovered quietly not far away. The nearby TITANS soldiers felt sorry to find the exciting battle ended, but even so, no one dared to approach — their priority was to survive EX-S's heartless bombardment.

"A mere NT, a beast that only shows fangs and sharp claws. The difference between you and me is like Homo sapiens and the ancient forest ape." A cold glint lit up in Ribbons' eyes and a merciless sneer hung at the corner of his mouth, "Amuro Ray, I am your superior species. What you can't do, I can do!"

"How is that possible?!" Amuro was in shock. What was happening in front of him had simply overturned his perception, "Could someone be able to awaken into NT at will?"

"I am innovator," the shield-like object on Ribbons' MS's left arm extended and revealed a huge beam saber, and then the MS accelerated violently towards F91, "No, I'm even beyond the innovators! "

"What are you saying? Inexplicable." Amuro blocked Ribbons' charge with a beam shield, and immediately tangled up with him in close quarters, "I thought Char was the limit of NT madness, but I didn't expect there to be such as you. It seems that Adrien is right, NT is indeed prone to psychopaths."

"How dare you!" Ribbons raged, and his attack frequency went up another notch, "No insulting me with such a shitty term like NT!"

F91 was already a few years old, and the opponent's MS's performance was obviously better, but Amuro still handled the attacks with ease, and took time to observe this Gundam that he had never seen before. As a veteran ACE, although his insight of MS was not as good as Ade's, he was still able to see through MS's performance at one glance.

"Complex joint construction, rotating structure, back thrusters, it should be a deformable Gundam." Amuro guessed, "Both wrists have tracks, can it turn into a tank or something like that?"

Amuro found out the trick and continued to fight Ribbons without saying a word. Although Ribbons was not as strong as him, he was by no means weak, and there was an extreme problem that made him unable to take Ribbons down for a while.

Amuro relies more on his perception than his radar and camera when fighting NT. However, Ribbons kept disappearing from his senses as if he was molesting him, causing great interference to his cognitive judgment. He, Amuro, was unable to turn off his NT senses, and the enemy turning off and on his NT sense from now and then made him very uncomfortable.

"Have you realized the absolute difference in power between us?" Ribbons let out a loud laugh, "I can control my brain quantum waves at will, while you can only follow your instincts and go against the grain, this is a difference in biological nature!"

"A bit of a troublesome ability, especially for the NT." Amuro deliberately pulled away from Ribbons, "You'd better hurry up and change your appearance."

"How dare you pull away from me? Blind faith in VSBR will bring your own destruction!" Ribbons decisively seized this opportunity, and his MS started a complicated transformation process, "Let me show you this Gundam's real—"

F91 suddenly activated its MEPE, pulling out a streak of shadow, flying towards Ribbons with incredible speed. As the MS transformed and was difficult to move, Amuro used the VSBR's burst shooting mode to press the opposite side, approached directly in front of Ribbons with lightning speed, and stabbed his sword into the cockpit's position.

"Vile!" Unfortunately, the sword stabbed from behind missed. Ribbons kicked away F91, immediately chose to give up the transformation, and quickly put up a defense pose, "How dare a mere human…! Hey, the Gundam over there, what are you waiting for?"

"… ah? You mean me?" Kira froze for a second before responding, "Lord Ribbons, I'll stop him! Go!"

After saying that, his MS slowly flew towards F91. However, Ribbons escaped too quickly and flew away in the blink of an eye by using the chaos of the battlefield.

"Uh, Ribbons ran away." Kira thumbed the operating manual and found the instruction that matched the current situation, "Next step is … Well, keep fighting, got it."

Wing Gundam Zero and F91 started battling again, and the nearby listless soldiers got their spirits up again too.

At the other end of the battlefield, Colonel Scirocco did not take down his opponent as easy as usual, but was in a rare stalemate, and even fell into a clear disadvantage. Even to The-O's heavy armor, the Destiny Gundam's firepower was a bit overwhelming, and it looked like the colonel was being beaten hard in other people's eyes.

"Tsk." Scirocco felt very frustrated, "If only I still had the Unicorn Gundam… if I had the Sinanju! How would I fall into such a disadvantage?! Even the Banshee Gundam is also…"

"Well, let me help you." Kamille, who had nothing to do, joined the battle, "I really can't intervene over there."

Uraki's Gundam had high mobility and high firepower, every attack from him would clean out a large area on the map. Kamille didn't think that Uraki needed his help at all, so he flew to Shinn's side to see if he could help here. Being beaten by Shinn and Kamille together, Scirocco immediately fell into a very adverse situation.

"Playing with other people's memories, treating life as an object, and doing all kinds of unforgivable things to her." Shinn in his SEED state tried to control his anger with reason, "A scum like you cannot live."

"It is only natural to sacrifice something for a greater purpose, how can terrorists like you understand that?" Scirocco responded disdainfully, "It's all about building a more unified and powerful world, about getting rid of corrupt bureaucratic Prime, about—"

"You're the one who's corrupt!" Kamille shouted, attacking The-O with the huge claws of the Banshee Gundam, "What is the point of doing something like that to Stella? What's the meaning of this kind of world?!"

"This feeling… Kamille Bidan?" Scirocco knew very clearly about the Banshee Gundam's sharp claw's destructive power. He dodged the attack and sneered at the same time, "You're brainwashed by Lingus! What do a kid like you know?"

"What does it have to do with Lingus?" Shinn hastily questioned on the public channel, "Lord Ribbons's ideals are correct, and it's impossible for a self-righteous bureaucrat like you to understand them."

"Ribbons? Do you really think that you can fool me?!" Scirocco was so exasperated that he burst out laughing, "Look at Hymem's TITANS, and look at my TITANS! Anyone with a little common sense can understand, right? Only under my leadership, as long as an organization is under my leadership, it will progress, it will advance. The world is driven by geniuses like me, you thugs who presume to stop the wheel of history!"

"A ridiculous heroic view of history from the last epoch." Shinn drew back and calmly found a chance to snipe at The-O, "According to you, all agricultural products are produced by landlords and all commodities are made by capitalists?"

"Don't laugh my ass off, learning two new terms from Lingus and coming to show off in front of me?" Scirocco didn't even bother to argue with him, "How can a small person like you be worthy of talking about historical views? Let Lingus come in person!"

"If you're so excellent, why don't you destroy Britannia by yourself?" Kamille interjected, "You can just change the world yourself, why do you still need TITANS?"

"Traitor, what do you know? It's TITANS that needs my leadership!" Scirocco said impatiently, "Without me, TITANS will only become worse! Little visionless characters like you know how to complain, but you have neither talent nor can change the environment, and in the end, you only know to escape in the form of mutiny!"

"Then why are you still on the front line since you're such a great leader? Are you the only ACE in TITANS?" Kamille continued, "I see. You only know to brag yourself, and you are not a good leader. You are the man who cannot see the reality."

"You …!" Under Kamille's nonsensical sophistry, Scirocco did not know how to retort, and could not help but roar, "A brat like you is not qualified to talk about me!"

"I was born smart, is it offending to you?!"(are you offended?)

"Kamille!" Scirocco was so angry that he rushed directly at the Banshee Gundam, ignoring that the Destiny Gundam was still sniping him not far away, until his NT sensed suddenly alerted loudly in his head, "Oh no!"

The-O narrowly avoided the shot that was originally aiming at the cockpit, but the main thrusters on its back were blown out by the Destiny Gundam's beam cannon. Then, while the beam cannon was cooling down, Destiny's beam rifle fired a series of shots, destroying several important posture control vents one after another while The-O was losing its way in and out.

"Missed?" Scirocco hurriedly controlled The-O to dodge in the direction of friendly forces, but the MS didn't move at all. He could not help but shout anxiously, "Move! The-O, why don't you move!"

"Scirocco, it's over." Shinn rushed forward, slowly inserted the beam saber into the cockpit position, and then drew back sharply. The explosion of fire lit up in front of his eyes, "Stella, I…"

"Big brother, your stab missed again!" Kamille swung out the sharp claws of the Banshee Gundam at the cockpit, "I can still feel him, this position, die here!"

The claws tore open The-O's broken armor. The spherical cockpit was crushed as if it were paper at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the broken metal skeleton protruded inward and pierced Scirocco's body. Blood splashed out with painful screams, while boundless malice came from the half-dead body.

In the blink of an eye, the Banshee Gundam's body lit up with a golden glow, and Kamille's mind was stormed by a massive chaotic mind. As if he had fallen into an endless black quagmire, leaving only endless killing intent and mania rioting in his mind, "NewType… kill…"

"Hahahahahaha, I won't die alone!" Scirocco coughed up blood and shouted with his last strength before he died, "I will take your heart with me—"

The voice stopped abruptly, and the glow on the Banshee Gundam's body suddenly faded away. Kamille leaned back and gasped for breath, soaked to the bone. Scirocco found himself unable to feel anyone, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw a green Gundam appearing nearby at some point. At the last moment, he vaguely heard someone else speaking on the public channel from the cockpit's broken speakers, "Sorry, you have been banned by the administrator."