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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 148

2022-01-27 12:00:00Publish Time: 1,046 views
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PS: Hmm, if you don't like this plot, I can tell you that Loran and Ade are just ordinary friends. Nothing will happen between them. You can just skip this part.

Chapter 148: The Origin of the Story That Is Not Super at All

Ade stood in front of the culture tank, looking at what could barely be called "human" now, and fell into an uncontrollable silence. What struck him was not that the embryos were developing so fast — of course, that was also striking — but that there were two of them.

"Too impulsive, huh?" He turned to Aeolia and said, "Shouldn't you discuss such an important matter with your family and friends first? He just decided on his own here? Where is Loran? I want to talk to him."

"She said it was hard for her to make up his mind, and now he doesn't want to see anyone, especially you. If you want to see him, you can figure it out yourself." Aeolia shot Ade a wry look, "There's another truth that only Diana and I know… that's too hard to tell, and she asked me to relay it to you."

"What?" Ade's mind was so scrambled that he didn't notice Aeolia's strange look.

"Back then, due to technical limitations and my inexperience, although Loran's genes were patched up, her body still inevitably had various defects." Aeolia peered at Ade's expression while speaking, "Simply put, she lost her Y chromosome, but also wasn't a female, but became some sort of existence in between the two."

"What?" Ade was dumbfounded, "That means that this time, it's for…"

"Exactly." Aeolia nodded, "She can't wait to get out of this awkward situation and get her gender truly established. That's all I can say, let her talk to you herself when it's all over."

"He's been struggling with this kind of problem and I can't believe…" Ade felt a pang of guilt for no reason, "How long is this whole breeding process going to take?"

"The incubation process can be accelerated, but it still takes a certain amount of time." Aeolia smiled self-deprecatingly, "I have been doing human experimentation so many years, I'm familiar with this set of things."

"It's not your fault, if you want to apologize, then make more contributions." Ade casually comforted Aeolia, "By the way, isn't this a technical approach to live forever? Why don't you get yourself a younger body?"

Aeolia thought for a while and asked back, "Lingus, what is the most important thing about people in your heart?"


"Exactly that, and that is one of the reasons I established SEELE in the first place, to allow humans to break free from Lilith's control and gain the opportunity to remain themselves forever." Aeolia pointed to the Ikari Yui in the transparent cooler aside, "LCL is Lilith's body fluid, although it can preserve the human soul, the soul in it is very easy to lose the boundaries of the self. Even the NT needs to constantly receive external stimulation to maintain the self, which is the principle of GN-Drive, and it is almost impossible to succeed for ordinary people."

"What a terrible woman…" Ade understood with a moment's thought how difficult it was for Ikari Yui to maintain her ego in LCL for so many years, then immediately reacted, "That's not right, Loran and Diana are not NT, how did the body swap work back then?"

"Diana nearly collapsed in self-awareness that year, she was not so cold in nature originally, this is the aftermath of the soul transfer." Aeolia said with some trepidation, "And Loran, she was just simply strong-willed."

"Even a strong will has the possibility of collapsing on itself, right?" Ade looked at the embryo and murmured, "Do you want to change back that much? At the risk of losing everything and returning to Lilith…"

"You don't have to worry too much, Loran's mental state is very good, the success rate of the transplant is extremely high." Aeolia looked down at his watch, "It's been so long, why isn't he here yet?"

"He's coming." Ade said against the sense in his consciousness, "Coming soon."

As expected, it didn't take long for a gray-haired boy to push his way in. He surveyed the room, smiled ambiguously at Ade, turned his head, and said to Aeolia, "Sorry, I'm late, Earth is quite chaotic right now, the flight is late."

"Kaworu…" Aeolia had a complicated look in his eyes, "Long time no see."

"Long time no see, Doctor, or rather, Father? If I had that concept too." Kaworu Nagisa shrugged and walked over to the cooler, looking at a tube of orange liquid inside with a wistful look, "It's been a long time, Yui. Your beloved son is growing up healthy and has a girlfriend. The only downside is that he hasn't awakened to NT, which is not quite like you."

"She can't hear it." Aeolia explained, "Her consciousness now—"

"Of course I know." Kaworu Nagisa put his hands in his pockets and leaned casually on the test bench, "But isn't that more humane? Isn't what you and Yui have been doing to me is to make me think like a human? An angel who is domesticated by humans, heh, kind of ironic. Don't you think so, Ade?"

"Wait, when had we become so intimate that you can call me by my nickname?" A chill ran down Ade's back.

"When?" Kaworu Nagisa pondered for a moment, "Just now, I guess. Don't dwell on that, continue the conversation from earlier, what do you say, Ade?"

"I say, I say there is never a completely free will. The values of life are influenced by the environment." Ade spoke while still feeling that something was wrong, "Even if there are no patterns of behavior set by your angel body and no ideas of thinking instilled by Ikari Yui, there will always be something else to replace these. Absolute freedom does not exist."

"Duplicity. Your Geass betrays you. I have an arranged origin, an arranged personality, and an arranged life trajectory. You're not the same as an exhibit like me. You're free." Kaworu Nagisa smiled lightly, "That said, you're a real angel now, how about it, still obsessed with that fake?"

"Yeah, very obsessed, can't get enough of it." Ade nodded vigorously, "Besides, there's never any truth that a fake is necessarily inferior to the real thing, is there?"

"I feel a bit envious. We're all part of the same alien species, but you're so much like…" Kaworu Nagisa sighed softly, "a human."

Aeolia coughed, "First of all, let's get down to business, did you read what was sent to you?"

"Yes, I'm waiting for the first half of your story." Ade's eyes gestured to Kaworu Nagisa, "Does it matter if he knows?"

"Actually, Ikari told him everything a long time ago, at least for the moment, he's friendly." Aeolia looked at Kaworu Nagisa too, "Until then …"

"I'm going to show that I can be trusted." Kaworu Nagisa smiled as he picked up a black collar from the table and sighed again as he calmly put it around his neck, "It's ironic that an angel can be domesticated by humans…"

"Actually, your AT field is so strong that it's easy to form a force field below your neck to protect yourself before the explosion, right?" Ade said strangely, "Even though I made this thing myself, I don't have enough confidence to break through your AT field."

"It is indeed easy." Kaworu Nagisa gently stroked the metal collar around his neck, "But I won't do that."

"Why?" Ade asked in disbelief, "It's just a temporary cooperation with humans to resist the foreign enemy, there's no need to deceive yourself to this extent, right?"

"That's why you are free. Your existence, your Geass, your life…" Kaworu Nagisa gave him an envious look, "Ade, you must not understand. "

"That's enough, let's get down to business first." Aeolia interrupted the increasingly strange atmosphere and said solemnly, "It all started in the year U.C. 0001, when …"

"Stop it!" Ade poured himself a drink and moved a stool to sit down as Aeolia stared in amazement, "Please continue."

"You …!" Aeolia almost did not catch his breath. He gathered his breath and rejoined, "It all began in the year U.C. 0001, when the construction of the first cosmic colony satellite 'Laplace' was completed, and the Earth Federation had just been founded. As a young man, I was part of an Antarctic research project consisting of some of the world's leading scholars. We discovered a huge cavity under the ice and found in it the sleeping Adam, a dozen angel eggs, the Spear of Longinus, and the Dead Sea scrolls…"

Aeolia, who had been pondering the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, was immediately convinced of the identity of the alien life after seeing Adam. While the expedition was still arguing "this is a prehistoric civilization" and "this is a divine revelation", he independently deciphered the key contents of the Dead Sea scrolls and stopped others from trying to awake Adam.

While the scholars were discussing what to do with Adam and angels, Aeolia's good friend, E.A. Ray observed signs of large-scale life activity on Jupiter. At the same time, a shuttle-shaped object was also observed to be launched from Jupiter and was heading toward Earth.

The scholars agreed that the shuttle was a malicious alien invasion and informed the Federation government of the problem, hoping that the Federation government would destroy the shuttle with a nuclear bomb before it could land on Earth. But the Federation government was just established at the time and was too internally disjointed to make a decision. As time grew short, the scholars decided to conceal Adam's information and deal with the alien invasion on their own.

The combined energy of the world's top scholars is terrifying. As the Jupiter shuttle passed by Laplace, Laplace was detonated in its entirety, at the cost of which the shuttle was destroyed. Some scholars were too late to evacuate from Laplace when the satellite was detonated and died on the spot.

"Sacrificing the population of a satellite for the reproduction of the race, the sacrificed humans did not even have the right to choose." Kaworu Nagisa looked at Ade playfully, "Sanity really is a terrible thing, isn't it?"

"It's only a sacrifice if you volunteer to die, what they did was murder." Ade said, "But even if I knew it was murder, I would still do it if I were him. Conscience is worthless in the face of survival."

As Aeolia and his companions explored the wreckage of Laplace, they found the surviving Syam Vist. He was in a position where was not affected by the blast and had survived. The young Vist joined the inner circle after this, and showed a high level of understanding and strong business talent. He returned to Earth to focus on his business and was responsible for funding the scholarly association.

Next, Aeolia concentrated on deciphering the Dead Sea scrolls, and after it was completely deciphered, in order to prevent humanity from being wiped out by the anti-AT field all at once, he began to design Coordinator. The Vist business empire had not yet taken shape at that time, and the funding problem forced Aeolia to invite Britannia to join.

At the same time, in order to solve once and for all the problem of Jupiter's lifeforms, which he named BETA, he spent more than ten years deciphering the Spear of Longinus and succeeded in organizing a scientific research on Jupiter in U.C. 0015. Adam, under the control of the Spear of Longinus, was brought to Jupiter and thrown down as a bomb. The Giant of Light and BETA fought to the death, and eventually, Adam went underground and blew itself up, dying with BETA's core.

"Crap." Ade was baffled, "That was… too fantastical."

"It's just average, right?" Aeolia's tone was very modest, but his face was full of complacency, "You still need to learn to learn more, of course, Lingus, your V plan is also good. "

The scientific research team descended to Jupiter, obtained the fossils of BETA, found the embryo left behind after Adam's self-destruction, and at the same time, found the broken biological computer at the core of BETA. Unfortunately, BETA was not completely dead, and the few remaining individuals attacked the expedition. Only Ray saved Aeolia and Vist by temporarily awakening into NT at the critical moment, while other scholars were all killed there.

After the expedition returned to Earth, the Jupiter fossils were handed over to the Coordinator; after hiding the Adam embryo and having a baby, who he named Amuro Ray, Ray died soon after; Aeolia faked his death and formed the original SEELE with Vist and the emperor of Britannia at the time, and they were the only three members.

With the help of Britannia, SEELE cast its net around the world and finally found Lilith in the underground of Hakone, Japan, and Aeolia also took this opportunity to meet C.C. Under the manipulation of SEELE, Japan split up, and part of the people left to set up Orb Union, while the remaining puppet regime built NERV under the name of TOKYO-3 to monitor Lilith.

At the same time, Britannia monopolized the South Pole in the name of resource extraction rights, protecting the angel eggs used as bait. During the Jupiter expedition, some of the eggs had hatched and the angels were nowhere to be found. After returning from the expedition, Aeolia used the Spear of Longinus to destroy all of the unhatched eggs, leaving only one as bait.

Subsequently, Aeolia had made every effort to train Diana and Loran as his successors, in case he died unexpectedly. After Aeolia discovered the remains of the moon, he got inspiration from TurnA and had the idea of the innovator. Missing his friend, he made his first experiment into a clone of Ray, later known as Ribbons Almark.

In U.C. 0036, the Earth-Moon War broke out, and by TurnA's overwhelming power, the Moon gained independence. Aeolia secretly sent Diana and Loran a lot of cross-era technology to help them set up Anaheim, supporting the lunar government to gain a foothold in the world.

Shortly after the war, Ribbons and Charles betrayed Aeolia, and Aeolia was placed under house arrest.

"Apart from the part that you were betrayed by Ribbons, as well as the lack of a female protagonist, you're like a protagonist in the novel." Ade lamented, while a feeling of pleasure suddenly swept through his body, so that he could not help but shout, "I understand! I understand the entire settings of this world!"

"Ribbons look too much like Ray, I can't bear to doubt his loyalty. As for women, how can women be more interesting than the scientific research?" Aeolia asked rhetorically, but looking at Ade's excitement, he still pushed his glasses gratefully, "Such a young researcher who likes science and truth so much, I feel like seeing myself back then."

The information deciphered by Aeolia from BETA's biocomputer was previously shared with Ade, according to the record on it, BETA was actually some kind of miner made by a silicon-based lifeform in order to mine some kind of rare material in the universe. In addition to this, there was also a record of the existence of another metal-based lifeform that has a deep connection with BETA, which Aeolia has named ELS.

When BETA opened a mine, they came to the home planet of ELS, and ELS, being a peace-loving race, thought BETA had good intentions and let their shuttles land directly. It so happened that the core energy on which the ELS depended was the target of BETA's mining, and as a result, BETA emptied the ELS's home planet.

The angry ELS left their home planet to seek revenge on the silicon-based life after destroying BETA. However, after absorbing BETA's technology and information, the ELS realized that the silicon-based life had already been wiped out by a fiercer and unknown civilization, and the miners were just doing what was in their program.

In order to survive, ELS had no choice but to use the absorbed technology to search for BETA — where there are miners, there are bound to be rare materials needed; and BETA, having lost its master, could not come up with a treatment plan, and could only mine according to the established procedures, while faithfully recording everything and sharing it with other BETAs in the universe.

For humans, the minerals needed for ELS are found on Jupiter, and deep down on Earth, according to Aeolia's research not long ago, there were also some minerals. The ELS's position now was fairly close to the solar system, it is almost certain that they have captured the coordinates of the solar system and will come here any time after devouring the last planet.

"What is this rare mineral called?" Ade asked.

"The radiation waveform emitted by this mineral is similar to the fluctuations emitted when C.C. was wounded and healing herself." Aeolia said, "I named it CC Crystal."

"Chulip Crystal." Ade rubbed his forehead with his hand and let out a long sigh, "I knew that something with a similar setting must be the same thing, then it seems normal that the ELS knows how to leap through space."

"We can't observe it, which means that it doesn't exist. We still have hundreds of years. I fully support your V plan." Aeolia gave him an irrelevant answer, "I hope my old bones can still be useful. You can just divide the subject directly to me. Even if I don't make it to that point, Ikari can still take my place."

"I'm not interested in a mature woman." Ade also gave Aeolia an irrelevant answer, "The V Plan is too far away, let's talk about the immediate matter first."

"Might as well let me guess first," Kaworu Nagisa interrupted him with a smile, "You are hoping that I can convince my brothers to join together to fight the possible coming ELS, and for that reason, make an indefinite truce with Lilin?"

"Based on the data in BETA, I calculated the ELS can definitely reach the solar system within ten years." Aeolia affirmed, "Ten years of truce."

"Yes, I can, that's why I'm wearing it." Kaworu Nagisa touched the collar and asked, "Is there more?"

"By the way, was there a very large, flight-capable one called tenth angel Sahaquiel among your buddies?" Kaworu Nagisa nodded in surprise under Ade's gaze, "Well, I have a request, can you ask it to fly to Jupiter on sentry duty?"