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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 123

2022-01-02 10:55:00Publish Time: 1,354 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Wryvent, RGM96X Jesta

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Chapter 123: Snow of Grey

"Then let's hurry back, it's so cold here. I didn't put on enough clothes, I'm going to freeze like a dog." Ade breathed into his palm, "It's already the middle of winter, aren't you cold in your autumn clothes?"

"So we are going back now? That's all you used to coax me?" C.C. raised her eyebrows, "Not even half an episode of intimacy, you are so eager to go back to catch the next scene? Who is the next female lead in the next scene? And where is the script for me in the next scene? Send it to me first, I think it's necessary to memorize the lines in advance, don't you think so?"

"I was wrong." Ade immediately apologized, "Then let's do something? Have a snowball fight?"

"Well …" C.C. put up a finger in a thoughtful manner. After a moment, she looked at him with a wistful smile, "I'm going to soak in a hot spring, now."

Ade instantly remembered the days of watching the MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE 08TH MS TEAM TV version with her at home. He could not help but smile at her, but immediately showed a sad face, "That is the exaggeration of the television drama, reality is not that easy. Take the snow as an example, first of all, the snow can not be too thick or too thin, and Unicorn's beam saber is also much powerful than general—"

"You're Dr. Lingus, you're in charge of figuring out how to do it." C.C. interrupted him with a righteous expression, "The person who can build Gundam can't even make a hot spring, obviously, it's a matter of attitude, and you are still saying you love me?"

"Ok, ok." Ade nodded his head sincerely and forcefully, "You taught me a lesson, I'll think of a way right away."

After flying around the nearby hills and finding a suitable place, nearly two hours later, the lightsaber spa was finally completed. Two sets of clothes were neatly folded and put aside, and C.C. felt the chill from her body turn into the warmth of the water and lazily snuggled into his arms. Ade gently encircled her from behind and lowered his head contentedly against the side of her face.

"When we first met, your height only came up to my chest." C.C. sighed leisurely, "Now, you're already so tall…"

"See how heartless you were when you aimed for me, I was still a child at that time." Ade reminisced about the past, "By the way, you were definitely deliberately wearing so little at home, right? Do you know I felt every day?"

"Then do it." C.C. responded, "I have hinted at you so many times, and finally it was me who took the initiative."

He hesitated for a moment and asked carefully, "Actually, I've always been quite curious, why did you choose me in the first place?"

"Why?" C.C. looked at the clear sky thoughtfully, "I can't say why, it's just a feeling of closeness that came out of nothing. At that time, it was just wishful thinking that if I missed it this time, maybe this feeling would never happen again."

"Then I won't think about it." Ade wiped some kind of probability out of his mind, "From now on, I only have the road in front of me, there is no road to turn back."

"No road to turn back…" C.C. suddenly raised her snow-white arm to the edge of the pool, pinching a small handful of snow in the fingertips, and gently rubbed. The fine ice crystals floated into the water, and her ethereal voice then sounded, "Hey, Ade, do you know why the snow is white?"

"Sure. Did you forget that I'm a doctor? When light enters the crystal structure on the surface of the snowflake, it is reflected many times in it, and eventually, all the light within the visible light spectrum is reflected back to form panchromatic light, which appears to be white to the human eye."


Ade heartily hugged her a little tighter, "Is white bad?"

"Do you want to make her the color you like?" C.C. tilted her head and said seriously, "It can be done, I'll seal up the code and we'll start from scratch."

"I can hardly get your heart, and you tell me to start over again? Are you kidding me?" Ade discontentedly twisted her chest slightly. C.C. had a light cry of pain but did not resist, "What we have experienced is the most important reason why I am me and not him, the current you is my initial coordinates in this world. I just want this white one, not any other color."

"… hmm."

"So the memories between us will only become more and more, never less." Ade said decisively, "Don't say such upsetting words in the future."

"But," C.C. also held his hand, "But those who hate me or those who love me will all fade away with time. In the end, in the never-ending time, I… am alone."

"Didn't I say it before? Or do you want to hear it again? It's right, after all, you are also a girl." Ade whispered, "V.V. has code, and there are Angels in this world. By any means, I promise to accompany you to see the end of time."

C.C.'s body trembled in his arms. Ade did not speak again, just silently held her. After a long time, C.C. took a deep breath, broke free from his arms, and turned to face him.

"I'm sorry." C.C. reached out, put a hand on his belly, and caressed it, "It must hurt, I'm sorry."

"I got what I deserved, you're not at fault, it's me who should say sorry." Ade smiled, "And you stabbed me because you were jealous, ah, it means you love me that much, you don't know how happy I was."

"You're getting more and more shameless." C.C. shook her head helplessly, "What's even scarier is that I'm about to get used to it."

"There's still an unknown amount of time ahead, you'll have to get used to it even if you don't want to."

"Yeah, so you can't die without permission until then." C.C. tenderly rubbed what was originally the location of the cut and said again in an inaudible voice, "I'm sorry."

"Don't you ever—"

C.C. suddenly plunged into the water. Her beautiful long green hair floated on the surface of the water, floating in a regular manner. Ade took a breath of cool air, nearly unsteady on his feet.

He doesn't know how long it took. After a long while, C.C. came out of the water, bringing up a cluster of water. She took over her long hair, stroking down the water droplets on it, while looking at the still confused Ade with a smile, "This is probably something only I can do?"

Without waiting for Ade to reply, she turned around again and leaned into his arms, grabbing his hands and placing them on her waist in a hugging manner, "Well, luckily I didn't get the water dirty, I want to soak a little longer."

"Then let's soak a little longer." Ade reached out one finger and gently poked her soft belly, "Let's get the water dirty when you're done soaking."

"I like it better when you take the initiative." C.C. hummed in satisfaction, "Keep it up and keep up the good work."

By the time the duo who had soiled the water returned to Argama, the sun had set. Ade and Amuro greeted each other in their consciousness. Ade learned that Amuro had finally fought off Wing Gundam Zero and the Britannia army had also been defeated. Now, all of his strategic objectives, including finding C.C., had been successfully completed. Then he said hello to Bright again, and took C.C. back to his room.

"I can't believe you and her aren't in the same room?" C.C. gestured with her eyes to the maid lady next door, "I thought you had 'eaten' her up long ago."

"How is that possible?" Ade replied righteously, "Am I such a person?"

"Ange is a princess, so isn't Momoka a freebie?" C.C. spoke like she was absolutely correct, "Didn't you choose a fool like Ange in the first place because there was a discount for buying one and getting one free? It can't be for a superficial reason like gaining an intellectual superiority, right?"

"It's already U.C. 0087." Ade was dumbfounded, "What kind of medieval feudal thinking is that?"

"I'm so sorry to be a woman who lives in the past." C.C. took off her shoes and coat and sat on the bed, looked around in boredom, and held out a hand to him, "Give me your phone, mine's broken."

A second of hesitation at a time like this is fatal, Ade did not hesitate to put the phone into C.C.'s hand as quickly as possible.

C.C. played the phone and suddenly raised her voice, "You hooked up with Marianne's daughter? Hmm?"

The next day, Ade took C.C. to school, and Momoka knowingly volunteered to stay at Londo Bell. The duo met Nunnally in the student council meeting room, where the brainwashed Kururugi was guarding the door and Lelouch was away for something.

"Lingus-san, the people in charge of watching me and my brother, as well as all the other members of the student council, have been controlled by my brother. You are safe here." Nunnally then greeted C.C. again, "Ms. C.C., do you remember me?"

C.C. showed a playful expression and looked at Ade again, "Shall I say you're worthy of being Marianne's daughter? You two are acting in collusion with each other?"

"I think 'each takes what they want' is a more appropriate word." Nunnally elegantly smiled slightly, "Mr. Lingus is worthy of respect and has given me a lot of guidance and help in various aspects. He is indeed a man worth betraying Charles for, and your vision is very accurate."

C.C. abruptly narrowed her eyes, and a dangerous aura radiated from her body.

"As a female NT, there is probably no more suitable subject for me than Lingus-san. Our souls can communicate and resonate without any obstacles, feeling no lag or incongruity." Nunnally looked at C.C. provocatively, "It's a pity that I'm already in love with my brother, otherwise, I wouldn't mind having sex with Lingus-san and asking him for advice on other aspects of his experience."

C.C. froze for a moment, then her whole body suddenly relaxed, "You're very vindictive."

"Or what? Thank you all for giving me such excellent genes, and I feel supremely honored as an experiment?" Nunnally sneered, "You're already out of that gang, and you're Mr. Lingus's mate, I can forget what you've done. But I won't let go of any of the rest of those guys."

"So those words just now were to anger me?" The corner of C.C.'s eyebrows raised slightly, "False words?"

"Of course, all of them are false words. You don't have to worry, I am single-minded to my brother, I will not do anything to Mr. Lingus. Mr. Lingus is NT and can testify for me." Nunnally winked at Ade, "Isn't that right, Mr. Lingus?"

"Ah, of course, it's a lie." Ade snapped back and nodded, "Yes, it must be a lie, how can it be true."

C.C. gestured at him with her eyes, and then she quieted down, thinking something alone.

"Before we get down to business, I have an annoyance that I would like to ask Mr. Lingus." Nunnally looked at him squarely, "Even though my brother has accepted me as I really am, whenever I pretend to be the weak me before, he still can't help but treat me a little better. It seems like he still prefers the look I put on, do you have any good ideas?"

"A big part of the so-called liking someone is identification with that person's personality." Ade thought for a moment and said, "Your change is too big a contrast, so big that it makes you look like two different people. I suggest that even when you are alone with him, you pretend a little bit, and then remove the disguise little by little, so that he has a process of getting used to it. It can also be combined with other stimuli so that he doesn't have time to think about all this nonsense."

"Do you want to give me personal guidance?" Nunnally asked in a joking tone in the NT chat room, "You've experienced so many women, so you must be experienced?"

"Sorry, I'm not interested in a flat-chested girl like you? And how old are you? Fourteen or fifteen?" Ade responded, "You can search online, there's everything online. Do you need me to give you some links?"

"That's a shame." Nunnally glanced covertly at C.C., "You're pretty pathetic too, having been targeted by her since you were a child, then tricked into bed by Lacus, and always counted on by insidious, powerful women. I read online that you also have a blonde bodyguard who is also beautiful. Did you get cheated by her too? Or is she your true love?"

"That one is a little stupid."

"Got it, true love." Nunnally understood in a second, "Then again, I've heard that virgins are quick the first time, but my brother has high self-esteem, do you have any good advice? Should I give him some medicine before doing it? Can you share your first experience? Well, is it possible that your first time was with this old green woman?"

"You're talking with your NT powers?" C.C. suddenly looked at the two suspiciously.

"No." "No." The duo answered at the same time.

It was true that Ade hadn't done anything wrong, but he couldn't admit that he had been molested by a junior high school girl.

"Understood, I will help you to find out the details of this Setsuna·F·Seiei and Gundam00." Nunnally ignored C.C. and continued to speak without changing her expression, "Is there more?"

"No more for now, after this it will just be a matter of execution." Ade looked straight into her eyes, "I never trusted Lelouch, the only person I trusted was you as an NT, don't you forget that."

"My brother's ability is dangerous, in the hands of anyone with a normal IQ, it would cause havoc. I understand that." Nunnally nodded, "I trust you just as much and do not wish to make an enemy of you for any reason. I will keep an eye on my brother, not to mention that he is so naive and quite easy to 'convince', isn't he?"

Ade laughed dumbly because Nunnally was right, Lelouch was indeed silly and naive in a sense.

"It's not too late, let's start the first stage." He looked at C.C., whose expression was getting out of sorts, and cried out in his heart, hurriedly ending the topic, "Control Cornelia as soon as possible."

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