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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 121

2021-12-31 11:25:00Publish Time: 1,178 views
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Chapter 121: The Wings in My Eyes (Hitomi no Tsubasa)

"ZERO, Britannia's troops have appeared! At our rear!"

"Don't panic, everything is in my calculations." Lelouch under the mask calmly gave instructions, "Inform Londo Bell to change formation and start dispersing Minovsky particles."

"ZERO, Londo Bell called back, saying that the international convention must be observed, and the dispersal of Minovsky particles on the surface is strictly prohibited!"

"Are you kidding me? It's a war, who cares about international conventions?" Lelouch froze for a moment, and suddenly a chill ran down his back, "Wait, with this formation now, won't we be sandwiched between Londo Bell and Britannia?"

"ZERO, Londo Bell is attacking us! Britannia's missile cluster is approaching!"

He wouldn't be Lelouch if he didn't understand what's happening, "Frontal, you betrayed me!"

On the bridge of Argama, which was staying behind the battlefield, Ade and Char stood side by side, "How will he believe you? I think with our position, there's still a sign that you're going to backtrack on that."

"Lingus, you think there are signs because you are seeing the problem in a higher position." Char eloquently said, "ZERO is resourceful, quick-minded, but unfortunately, his field of vision is too small. Just like now, he has good control over this kind of small-scale battlefield, but if he wants to complete the strategic layout between TITANS and Britannia like Scirocco, his eyesight is not enough."

Above the battlefield, the Black Knights' forces were sandwiched between Britannia and Londo Bell. Lelouch was trying hard to use the resources he had to move around in the limited space, but that was all they could do, and it was only a matter of time before the Black Knights' entire front collapsed.

For the Black Knights, the "fake fight" with Londo Bell is actually quite a serious blow to the discipline and morale of the troops. This kind of behavior has caused their soldiers to lose the most basic fear of the battlefield.

It's fine if nothing happens, but when it comes to a hard battle like the one at hand, their true battle power will immediately be exposed. Despite Lelouch's subtle tactical command, the quality of the troops could not keep up at all and could not effectively execute the tactical objectives.

Of course, Ade and Char did not care about this at all.

"It's a tacit agreement among the higher-ups to let an unrelated third party leave first." Char gave a slightly dismissive smile, "Trying to rely on a small group like the Black Knights to take revenge on Britannia would have been a joke, ZERO takes it too seriously."

As time passed, the battle line continued to shrink, and the forces of Londo Bell and Britannia began to make contact, immediately turning into a hostile relationship from the tacit cooperation just now. Not surprisingly, MSs began to spread Minovsky particles to prevent being bombed by missiles, and no one cared about any international conventions.

At this time, most of the Black Knights' living forces had been wiped out, and the chain of command was completely paralyzed. The members of the group only thought about surviving the battle, and completely gave up unnecessary resistance.

"Captain Bright!" A CIC suddenly shouted, "There's a strange sound on the public channel."

"Strange sound?" Bright couldn't help but glance at Char, who put on an "I'm curious too" expression, "Play it."

Then a dynamic electronic sound rang out from the bridge, and a female voice was singing to the rhythm of the music, "Just wild beat …"

"Who's playing the song on the public channel?!" Even Bright had never seen such a thing before, "What is this?"

Char glanced covertly at Ade, and Ade looked back at him with an innocent look.

"Captain, high energy response approaching!" That CIC then shouted, "MS without identification signal, is that… Angel?"

In the crowd's stunned eyes, a Gundam descended from the sky and appeared within the line of sight. Its biggest feature was the metal feathers on its back, which looked like an angel from a distance.

Bright subconsciously looked to Ade, "Dr. Lingus, this Gundam?"

Ade frowned tightly and made a thoughtful expression, "There is even a Gundam that I don't recognize, it's too suspicious, I don't know what it wants."

This Gundam wandered around the outside of the battlefield with incredible speed, showing up in front of both armies. Many MSs decisively chose to shoot at it, and the Gundam's wings fiercely closed. The very few particle beams hitting the wings were partially scattered off and partially absorbed. After shedding a few metal feathers, the Gundam did not look damaged at all.

"It can achieve this kind of performance?!" Char could probably guess that this was a deliberate show to demonstrate the power of this Gundam, but he was still shocked by Wing Gundam Zero's maneuverability and defensive power.

"Yeah, yeah, it's terrifying." Ade nodded his head vigorously, "The designer of this MS is an amazing researcher who is not inferior to me in the slightest, I really want to communicate with him, there must be a lot to be gained."

At this moment, the music on the public channel finally stopped and an old male voice rang out, "We are Celestial Being, a private armed organization with Mobile Suit Gundams, with the aim of stopping all war activities of humanity. We ask both sides to cease fire immediately, or an indiscriminate attack will be launched on both sides."

"What is this? A war to stop a war?" Bright was confused, "Are they serious? How can it be possible for us to stop fighting now?"

"It's pretty silly." Ade nodded, "There must be a conspiracy behind it. Captain Quattro, what do you think?"

"Captain Bright, the other side must have a plan, let's be cautious." Char suggested, "In case the other side really launches an indiscriminate attack, we should be ready to retreat at any time and transfer the pressure to Britannia."

The battle continued after Wing Gundam Zero flew around the battlefield, and surprisingly, it really just rushed into the interference area of Minovsky particles and launched an indiscriminate attack on Britannia and Londo Bell. It rushed left and right in the MS array with only holding a lightsaber in its hand, and no one was a match for it.

Bright ordered the battleship to send optical signals, informing everyone to run away.

Just as Britannia was about to give chase, Wing Gundam Zero suddenly plunged headlong into Britannia's MS group, and a suspected ACE came forward to try to snipe it, but was easily knocked to the ground in only two hits.

Then, it pulled out two huge beam rifles from its back and stood in place. In the next second, two thick beams of light extended from Wing Gundam Zero and plowed across the ground in a circle. The MSs swept by the particle beams exploded one after another.

"This kind of power …" Bright was dumbfounded.

After the massacre was over, the Gundam put away its rifle and calmly turned around and charged into Londo Bell's group again. Amuro immediately rushed to meet it in his F91. The two MSs showed the highest level of MS combating skills in the world. The two armies could only spectate, and no one was qualified to intervene.

"All that's left is to run away after the showpiece fight and give Amuro and Bright a war credit." Ade pulled Char into the mind space chat room, "But where is C.C.? And I don't see Gundam00 either. I have a bad feeling about this."

"Only one Delta+ was captured, and the pilot's not C.C." Char responded calmly, "The plan is going so well, splitting up our manpower to find her would only disrupt other strategic objectives. I decided to temporarily change the priority order. We can come to look for her the next time."

"So you didn't really want to help me look for her from the beginning, right?" Ade turned around and walked away, "I should have expected that."

"Lingus, you know what's more important!"

"Of course, I know." Ade disconnected the NT interlinkage, found an empty room and took out his cell phone, "Hello, Nunnally?"

"Brother said the woman you're looking for escaped as soon as the battle started, towards Tateyama." Nunnally answered, "Yes, I knew that man couldn't be trusted, he doesn't know anything about love, and you understood that long ago, right? I am also an NT, you can certainly trust me. Okay, the transaction continues, thank you, and goodbye."

"…Nunnally?" Lelouch looked at his sister in shock, who suddenly became neither lame nor blind, and felt his worldview was about to collapse. He turned his head to look at the person who had inexplicably helped him escape and roared, "Kururugi! What's going on here?!"

"Why don't you just ask me, brother?" Nunnally put away her phone and glanced at Kururugi contemptuously, "What could a punk like him know?"

"Nunnally!" Lelouch pulled at his hair, "I'm glad you're suddenly better, but why are you talking in that tone? And Kururugi, what the hell is going on here? Answer me!"

"Nunnally, this isn't right! Did you even know that ZERO is Lelouch already?!" Kururugi raised his gun at the young girl, "I'm going to take you to His Majesty!"

"And then what?" Nunnally let out a light laugh, "So you can become a Knight of the Round Table again? Is it so much fun to be Emperor Charles' dog?"

"I did it for—"

"For a change from the inside?" Nunnally let out a loud laugh, "Are you going to make me laugh to death? Do you expect to be Britannia's emperor? Know your place, you are Japanese! Only Sister Euphemia can understand you. Ah, she's obviously a fan of Lacus, but has not even learned a little from her idol. No, does hair color count?"

"Even you are not allowed to insult her!" Kururugi was so angry that his hand holding the gun trembled madly.

"A waste like Sister Euphemia will only end up being used by Charles to marry a noble at will, there is no hope for a Japanese like you." Nunnally casually took away the gun pointing at her, "You, as the princess's knight, can guard the door outside to listen to her being fucked by someone? Cuckold is very popular in novels nowadays, don't you think so?"

"You! Stop!"

"The only thing a waste like you can do is to listen to the arrangements well, don't try to use your head if you don't have brains." Nunnally gently patted Kururugi's cheek, "Don't worry, our agreement is still valid, Sister Euphemia will not go to someone else's bed. You see, this is also considered protecting her, right? Once Charles dies, Japan will also be able to become independent. Wow, what a happy ending."

Kururugi stood behind Nunnally with empty eyes as if his mind had broken.

"Nunnally, what's wrong with you?" Lelouch looked incredulously at what was happening in front of him, "Are you being brainwashed? Don't worry, I will save you, I will save you!"

"Brother, I pretended to have that look because you liked me looking like that." Nunnally held Lelouch's hands, "Do you not like me anymore now, brother? Do you not want me anymore, brother?"

"No!" Lelouch showed an anxious look on his face, "I don't mind what you look like, Nunnally is always the most important person to me!"

"Then I'm relieved." Nunnally smiled slightly, "Brother, since your little game has failed, my disguise is meaningless, we need to protect ourselves in a different way."

"I didn't fail!" Lelouch shouted, "It's just a momentary setback, I can rise again whenever I want!"

"Don't you get it, brother?" Nunnally shook her head regretfully, "Do you know how many of Charles' men are watching around us? Do you know how many undercover agents there are in the Black Knights? Do you know who Frontal really is? It couldn't have worked in the first place, there's no way to get revenge with this method."

"No, I still have a backup—"

"Geass." Nunnally pronounced that word softly.

Lelouch suddenly clutched his head in pain and twitched. Nunnally held him tenderly and stroked his hair.

"Brother, do you remember? The memories that were sealed by Charles."

"I have…" Lelouch reached out a hand to cover his eyes, "Geass?"

"We siblings were originally genetically adjusted to experiment with the upper limit of Geass." Nunnally helped her brother remember, "But that woman, C.C., betrayed Charles' plan for a man, and you, brother, turned to contract with V.V."

"Because your ability was too dangerous and your personality was not easy to control, Charles sealed our memories and exiled us here." Lelouch remembered everything, "So I've been a buffoon?"

"Charles's Geass unlocked on its own after I awakened into NT, and I thought that it's not bad to live together peacefully with you," Nunnally shook her head, "but brother, you didn't give up even in this situation. Now, we have no turning back."

"With this power…!" Lelouch clenched his fist, "Yes, I can!"

Nunnally pushed the man behind her down to Lelouch's foot, "Let's start with him then?"

"But Kururugi is my only—"

"Brother, I'll die if he betrays." Nunnally looked at him sadly, "Is a friend more important than a sister's life?"


"Brother, please believe me." Nunnally gently hugged Lelouch, "Nunnally will never harm you."

"Of course, I believe you! It's just—"

"Brother, I love you!" After saying that, the young girl blocked Lelouch's lips. Lelouch's brain went blank in an instant.

After a long time, Lelouch gasped and trembled, "Nunnally, we, we are …"

Nunnally gave him another deep kiss without saying a word, after which, she looked at him with a deep gaze, "Brother, I love you, and you?"

"Me?" Lelouch gritted his teeth, and a scarlet flying-bird-like pattern appeared in his eyes, "Suzaku Kururugi, I command you in the name of Lelouch…"

"Ah, that's it." Nunnally thought silently with a smile on her face, "Thank you, Lingus-san, I hope you find your happiness as well."