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In The Name Of Glory – Chapter 8(Part 2)

2023-05-24 06:39:20Publish Time: 295 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 8: Seeking the path (Part 2)

The tip of Wu Shen's gun poked forward, coming within a foot's distance from his head!

With a scorching heat emanating from it, a strong smell akin to burnt iron had invaded Chen Jianhui's lungs when he took a breath. Wu Shen's giant steel rod had become intensely hot after the fierce collisions of the previous two rounds, much like the appearance and odor of iron being heated red-hot then hammered.

Now this kind of metallic smell is similar to the smell of death.

In that instant, although Chen Jianhui smelled the scent of death, it was strange that there was not a smidgen of disappointment or unwillingness in his gaze or expression. He remained placid, but if it were a master of the elder level, they could discern a hint of smugness concealed within his eyes, as if his plan had just succeeded!

Sure, here's the English translation of the sentence:
Sure enough, Chen Jianhui still had a trick up his sleeve. Immediately after firing a shot, he suddenly contracted his body, took light steps like a cat, folded at the waist, bent his spine like a bow, and became like a large rooster or a magnificent peacock, flattening and folding his body, with his head at the front - incredibly, he managed to dodge Wu Shengguan's strike with only his movements, without needing to use his gun.

"Yu Bu Body Method"

The posture of bending down with a neck stretched out like a proud peacock, Wu Shen was truly too familiar with it.

Birds are animals that can fly in the sky. The bird-shaped characters created by the ancients were considered mysterious characters that could communicate with the heavens. Therefore, the eight characters on Emperor Qin's jade seal were carved in bird-shaped characters. In Taoism, the ritual of treading on the stars and battling in the heavens also uses the "Yu Step". Its meaning is very clear; to communicate with the heavens. The "Yu Step" takes the form of hundred birds, blending the Yin and Yang, the lightness and heaviness of the Yellow River and Luo River, and the divine turtle with nine palaces on its back is coming out of the Luo River. The "Yu Step" also has a turtle shape with nine palaces inside, which encompasses all things!

However, even though Wu Shen saw Chen Jianhui dodge the "High Exploring Horse" with the Yu Bu footwork. He remained unperturbed and didn't linger. He turned his hand and exerted force from his waist. Suddenly, the entire shaft of the spear turned into something resembling a soft noodle, and it quickly drooped down!

It's like a master of hand-pulled noodles tossing a ball of dough!

The front end of the steel pole suddenly bent and penetrated downward, directly piercing the back of Chen Jianhui.

Wu Shen's gaze remained constant, as if his opponent were simply a dried fish that he impaled with an iron skewer.

He is capable of shaking steel rods until they are as limp as noodles. Among the great masters of martial arts in history, only a few could match his skills, which can only be counted with both hands. Without doubt, Wu Shen was one of those great masters.

Chen Jianhui's body dodged the spear thrust with skillful footwork. He was not able to escape Wu Shen's attacks. This sinking pole thrust was a variation of the Dragon Snake Spear technique called "Dragon Strikes the Ground." It can be transformed into fist and foot skills and is known as "King Kong Smashes the Cone" in the old frame of Tai Chi Chuan.

From the beginning to now, Chen Jianhui fired a shot. Wu Shen stopped the gun, returned the gun, Chen Jianhui's gun failed, he dodged and evaded, but Wu Shen struck with the gun again, in total it only took five moves and less than thre seconds!

In just these brief three seconds, danger multiplied. It can be said that within the two individuals, if either of them had the slightest bit of distraction or decreased strength, they would have been skewered like a dried fish

The kind of fight that lingers on the line between life and death is truly too intense and brutal

At this moment, Wu Shen's infinite strength in spear technique had gained the upper hand. Chen Jianhui's martial arts, after all, had not reached the highest state . In terms of strength, he was definitely inferior to Wu Shen

However, between a fight with bare hands, or a fight with weapons, it is not simply the strength which can decide life and death.

At this moment, Chen Jianhui was planning to perform the classic scene of turning the tables in martial arts stories where a weaker force defeats a stronger force in combat.

After he bent down, he stretched his neck and body like a great peacock bird, and suddenly his back skin jumped as he naturally felt the tip of Wu Shen's gun poking at his back!

However, he remained completely calm and collected, and with a quick movement of his waist, the gun disappeared and reappeared behind his back, almost as if by magic, with a three or four meter long steel pole now resting on his shoulders.


Chen Jianhui twisted his hands like twisting hemp ropes, stretching his waist and shoulders! His back was heavy and his hips were drooping, while his bones were creaking and his muscles were bulging. He merged with the spear, rolling in the clouds like a dragon spitting out lightning.

In an instant, the towering shadows of spears bloomed behind him!

The steel pole shook, causing a forest of guns like dense mountains to sway. With an overwhelming force that could move mountains and rivers, Wu Shen's pole swept away the forest of guns in an instant.

Gun Mountain is like a forest!

As lin pushes forward, all obstacles are crushed!

It was as if all of a sudden, it spread out its shimmering tail, like a peacock displaying its feathers!

Peacock flaunt its tail!

Amidst the vibrant and dazzling array of colors lies a hidden move of unbeatable powers.

Chen Jianhui, using the Peacock Style dodging technique from the Yin Fu Spear, evaded Wu Shen's two spear strikes to his head and back. After that, he finally gathered his energy to the extreme and unleashed the most fierce and vigorous move in the Yin Fu Spear - "Peacock Spreading Its Tail"!

If 'Flying horse and Treading Swallow' is the absolute killer move among martial arts, then 'Peacock Spreading Its Feathers' is the must-have move in marksmanship! When this move is performed with the Yin Fu Spear, the severity and power of its ferocity is ten times greater than that of 'Flying horse and Treading Swallow'!

Without any other explanation, the Flying Horse Stomping Swallow is a martial art technique, while the Peacock Spreading its Plumage is executed with a three or four meter steel pole. The destructive power of a weapon is ten times that of martial arts.

When the peacock spread its tail, all the beauty in the world lost its color. It was just like the ultimate move of the Yin Fu Spear technique, rendering all martial arts moves colorless once it was executed.

At this moment!

Wu Shen felt his heart pounding as he perceived Chen Jianhui erupting like a long-suppressed volcano. Before him were dense clusters of bullets with scorching heat, striking with an intense metallic smell.

The intense, scorching metallic scent produced by the violent collision of the steel is the breath of death.

The contest of weapons, especially the contest of Wu's Divine Spear Technique held among hundreds of soldiers, indeed is a hundred times more dangerous than a fistfight.

"The peacock opens its feathers! It is the ultimate move of the Yin Fu spear!" Even though he felt the breath of death approaching, at this moment Wu Shen was not the same Wu Shen as before, but a grandmaster whose martial arts had almost reached the peak of invincibility, overlooking the world. Even other top martial artists in the world would have to fight him to know who was more powerful.

So he was very calm, incredibly calm. And his mind was brighter than ever before, shining through his whole body in an instant. In his perception, he felt as if his entire body was transparent and clear like a crystal mani pearl, not only with no inner secrets, but also able to reflect any external scenery on every part of his body.

The opponent's 'peacock spreading its tail' move, which turned into a fatal blow in the dance of the Lin Qiang mountains, was felt on every inch of the body's skin at every forest of guns.

Wu Shenqiang held the Divine Gun in his hand, his body as still as a statue, adopting an invincible stance. However, his gun was moving, and it moved so fast that it exceeded the human eye's retinal response time!

"My destiny is in my hands, not in the heavens!"

His gun blasted forward, and the peacock screamed as a rain of blood painted the sky.

Chen Jianhui lost!

However, in the end, Chen Jianhui used his supernatural ability to save his own life.

Wu God wiped his gun and said, "It has broken through."

However, there was not a hint of joy on his face.

Because Chen Jianhui was injured!

Chen Jianhui wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. "Impressive! Jing Jing, by showing you this fight, I am ultimately seeking guidance from you!"