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In The Name Of Glory – Chapter 7(part 1)

2023-05-07 12:18:12Publish Time: 256 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 7 Seeking the Path (Part 1)

When Jing Jing woke up, Chen Jianhui was playing chess with Wu Shen.

"Woke up?"

Jing gently touched his own head. "What is happening to me?"

Wu Shen gave him a thumbs up and said, “Not bad. After going through my test of martial arts, you can be considered to be capable!”

"The heart of martial arts?" Suddenly, he remembered. At the moment he fainted, Wu Shen released his powerful aura. Until the last moment, it seemed like a hammer was constantly hitting him.

Pounding one's own heart!

Jing Jing instinctively touched his own heart, which seemed to be beating very slowly.

"The lower the heart rate, the higher the explosive power. Boy, you've received benefits!" Chen Jianhui made a move, but surprisingly no sound was made. "However, your current level has not yet reached the realm of lifting effortlessly."

"Lifting a heavy thing like a light thing..." Jing Jing glanced at Chen Jianhui. Between his breaths, it seemed as if a long stream of white air had been exhaled, followed by inhaling some white air into his nostrils again.

"Do you know why I called you to Wu's place? In fact, I also practice martial arts," Chen Jianhui chuckled and said, "However, my martial arts cultivation is only at the level of hidden force. If I only rely on martial arts and don't activate my special abilities, I am only equivalent to a fifth-order special abilities practitioner."

"Don't belittle martial arts in front of me!" Wu Shen said in a deep voice, seeming quite unhappy with his response.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention at all. What I meant was that my cultivation is not advanced enough, otherwise I would solely focus on martial arts!" Chen Jianhui tried to explain, but he still heard a dissatisfied snort from Wu Shen, indicating his displeasure with the response.

"I know that your generation, especially when superpowers appear, values superpowers above the value you place on our martial arts training. However, many years ago, when martial arts were still the mainstream, that was the true golden age. Talents emerged and even when faced with the invasion of multiple ethnic groups, we could still defend our homeland!"

Wu Shen spoke with great righteousness, then Chen Jianhui interrupted, "How about you and I have a competition, Wu Lao? You use your martial arts abilities and I'll use my supernatural abilities?"

Wu Shen's figure suddenly paused and he said, "Are you trying to kill this old man? As an eighth-level supernatural being, how strong you are, do I not know? I am already an old man with white hair. Such intense fighting will only cause my abilities to decline again!"

"Cough cough, Wu Lao, this time I came not only for this kid, but also for your breakthrough. Haven't you always wanted to seek a breakthrough? The arrival of Galaxy University is to provide you with the opportunity to seek a breakthrough!"

"Opportunity? If I had such an opportunity, I would have broken through long ago! Who would want to settle down and live a retired life here?" sneered Wu Shen.

Suddenly, Chen Jianhui erupted with a burst of energy, and his martial arts cultivation skyrocketed to the level of Hua Jin. In other words, his martial arts strength had reached the level of a seventh-rank superhuman ability!

"Why bother? Why ruin your future!" sighed Wu Shen.

"At my age, my martial arts cultivation has already reached a dead end. Unless I use my supernatural power to give me a boost, my capability may remain stagnant. Moreover, I am about to enter the battlefield of myriad races, and this young man will have to be entrusted to your care in the future."

Chen Jianhui spoke very tragically, but Wu Shen laughed and cursed, "Don't entrust me with your offspring! How old are you? And you have already started entrusting your offspring?"

"I'm telling the truth," Chen Jianhui looked at Wu Shen and smiled, "We, as the backbone of the force, need to go and hunt down the powerful beings that came out from that realm!"

Wu Shen's gaze also became serious. "It's from that place? You don't mean to say..."

"Yes." Chen Jianhui's eyes were filled with pathos.

"Alright, then today we will show him what true martial arts really are!"

Wu Shen stood up, the two of them performed a martial arts salute to each other, and then they began to fight.

Jing was also quite perplexed, but under the strong pressure of battle, he still looked up.

Chen Jianhui acted first, gripping the steel spear, like a venomous dragon emerging from its lair, the high-quality, resilient steel quivered in the shaft. A loud clanging sound erupted, accompanied by a piercing whoosh that tore through the air, directly targeting the two paths beneath Wu Shen's feet.

The wavering barrel made it impossible to predict whether the shot would strike high or low, leaving one uncertain in that moment whether it was aimed at the torso or the legs.

Legs pierced and roots firmly broken, the waist stabbed and blood flowing!

Piercing the soul brings triumph, but piercing the spirit brings vexation.

The power of marksmanship and the pinnacle of hand-to-hand combat combined, the result is truly formidable!

It can be imagined, a steel pole with a thickness of a goose egg and a length of over three meters. What kind of scene would it be to strike a person's body with at least the power of five horses? No matter how much one has practiced the invulnerability techniques or martial arts, such a power would seem childish and absurd.

Upon seeing Chen Jianhui's unadorned lance, in the face of its striking force, the only method is to sidestep and evade the linear attack of the lance, avoiding being impaled by it.

However, now both Wu Shen and Chen Jianhui are on a step that is less than one foot wide. If they move aside, they will fall off the step and lose. There is no way to avoid this situation.

Therefore, at the moment when Chen Jianhui fired the gun, every person present felt that Wu Shen was bound to lose!

In that moment, Wu Shen's sensations were entirely distinct from those of everyone else. Just before Chen Jianhui drew his gun, Wu Shen experienced a strong trembling beneath the skin of his armpit - an acute sensitivity that causes one's skin to prickle when targeted by a sniper. It was this sensation that made him realize, in an instant, that his opponent's shot was aimed directly at his armpit, on its way straight to his heart.

Right underneath the armpit is the heart in the subcutaneous layer. In martial arts, there's a technique called the exploding punch or elbow. By pressing down on the tender spot under the armpit, it can cause damage to the heart.

Wu Shen remained indifferent as Chen Jianhui ran towards the middle. Holding his gun with both hands, he twisted his front hand like a tube and suddenly rotated his back hand to the left! This caused the gun tip to swirl down to the left in a semicircular pattern.

Gun blocking in marksmanship is a new Skill he  unlocked.

"Woo woo woo..." The sound like a ghost crying and a god howling, came from the tip of the gun ahead, mixed with the clang of metal as if there were sharp swords crossing.

The front hand resembled a tube, the back hand resembled a lock, grasping and never leaving the waist, the strength reaching the tip of the spear.

Wu Shen poured all his energy into this defensive move. The force that burst forth from the tip of the steel pole was as fierce as the strongest hurricane in the sea, capable of tearing apart any obstacle.

If Chen Jianhui's force with the spear was equal to the strength of five horses. Then Wu Shen's force in blocking the spear had already reached the power of eight horses or even ten horses!

Wu Shen was exerting all his efforts, not daring to display even the slightest hint of negligence.

The gunfight was too dangerous, ten times more perilous than hand-to-hand combat. With a three or four meter iron rod, and the force of a skilled fighter, it is easy to pierce through a wall, let alone a person.

To some extent, gun duels are a refined form of the punching and stabbing killings in martial arts matches.

Bang! Bang! Two steel bars collided, bursting out sparks like a gorgeous firework display. However, the inherent danger and murderous intent made everyone who watched it hold their breath in fear!

Wu Shen's swift maneuver diverted the fatal thrust of the aimed gun.

"A defensive move to uncover the truth" - Chen Jianhuis spear thrust seemed to be aimed towards the waist and legs, but it was blocked by a sudden defensive move. The trembling spear tip was ever-changing, seemingly aimed at the legs, but once the enemy responds, it would pierce through their heart instead. However, Wu Shen's sensitivity had already seen through any misleading changes and fluctuations, rendering all spear movements unnecessary before him.

If he cannot free himself this single thrust will pierce through his entire body.

Wu Shen didn't hesitate to fire back without mercy. If one hesitates during a gunfight they are clearly not afraid of death.

Wu Shen's counterattack was simple, without any fancy movements, even simpler than boxing. The gun handle shrank and extended as he suddenly raised and thrust it diagonally towards Chen Jianhui's head!

This shot is aimed at a certain point, without any changes, straight forward.

His feet supporting him as he stretched his neck and straightend his Bones.

Bearing arms on one's person, like a powerful rocket!

His image is as if he is really riding on a tall and powerful horse, poking at the small soldiers on the ground with his gun!


This is the simple ancient battlefield shooting technique among the Dragon-Snake Spear Martial Arts. It stabs forcefully towards the head, piercing through the brain with one shot! It evolved from the "Gao Tan Ma" style in Tai Chi. This is the form of spear technique that has been derived.

Wu Shen retaliated with a shot. He elevated his body and leaned forward like a scout, with a strong determination to end it once and for all, piercing through Chen Jianhui's head and never looking back.

The steel pole combined with Wu Shen's strength, made the power of this shot ten times stronger than his fist! Even if Chen Jianhui defends himself, he will still be pierced and his brain will splatter.

At this moment, Chen Jianhui's scalp fiercely throbbed, as if a current had shot through his head. Despite this, his gaze remained fixed, dead set on the barrel of his own gun. He paid no attention to Wu Shen's movements, instead focusing entirely on himself. With his back hand, he firmly gripped the gun, while his front hand steadied it. His entire body vigorously exerted itself as he shifted his stance, his feet firmly planted. The muscles beneath his clothing swelled and stretched the fabric to its limits, producing a series of explosive rips.

As soon as he pressed the button on his rear hand, the front end of the ground spear suddenly sprang up like a giant python lashing its tail against the ground, then soaring upward with force.

The Collapse Spear Style from Yin Fu's spear!

The tip of the spear bounced up and then landed on the front end of the spear that Wu Shen was wielding as he struck downwards with his "High Probing Horse" move. This caused the spear in Wu Shen's hands to tilt sideways by an inch. Simultaneously, when the two steel poles collided, sparks flew out, as if a blacksmith's furnace was being struck.

However, when Wu Shen used his snake spear "Gao Tan Ma" to strike, what a magnificent and powerful sight it was! Carrying the momentum of a galloping horse, even if he collided with a bull, it would be pierced and thrown into the air. Let alone a mere person?

Although Chen Jianhui is skilled, extremely skilled, his strength is not enough to break the void like Wu Shen, and reach the level of being able to see gods. Even though his spear is sharp, his power is ultimately lacking a bit, and he cannot break through Wu Shen's entire spear technique.