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In The Name Of Glory – Chapter 5

2023-04-07 12:38:25Publish Time: 321 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 5 Martial Master

“Don't understand? It doesn't matter if you don't understand, as long as you follow me to practice next.”

Chen Jianhui smiled and said, "Do you know why I was able to step into the eighth level

I don't know... "Jing Jing shook his head.

Because we deprive all nations of their martial arts and analyze their energy! Only in this way can we make ourselves stronger, and I have a nickname called the Demon Head

Demon head? "Jing Jing was a bit curious. This refers to...

Not bad, that means my eighth level ability

“The title of 'Civilization Master' is also a personal symbol of mine. Don't think that the School of Literature is easy to bully. The things that the School of Literature does include analyzing the martial arts of all ethnic groups. The students from our School of Literature also have another name, called 'Civilization Master'. The mission of a Civilization Master is to kill other races and strengthen oneself.”

Do you have optical abilities and know why you have an advantage over others? Don't you think that being top scorer in humanities is really great?” Chen Jianhui glanced at Jing Jing and saw his awkward expression, knowing what he was thinking.

Let me tell you, the light ability has a natural advantage in analyzing the martial arts of the ten thousand ethnic groups and reading the characters of the ten thousand ethnic groups. Can you tell me, what did you take in the college entrance examination?

Language analysis, civilization, geography, and history of all ethnic groups... "At this point, Jing Jing finally understood why he was able to obtain the top score in humanities. His abilities in this regard were nothing but cheats!

Optical powers are well-known for their research, but this doesn't mean that optical powers are not strong enough. After the fourth level, optical powers are like an engine, and a continuous stream of energy will be emitted from you. However, the talent of facing the heavens also brings many

drawbacks, such as difficulty in cultivation.

Chen Jianhui smiled. So, joining Galaxy Law Enforcement is the best choice.

“Depriving the martial arts of all ethnic groups and absorbing their energy...” Jing Jing suddenly became agitated. “But teacher, I don't even have the power to protect myself. How could I have the power to protect others?

Chen Jianhui furrowed his brow. Indeed, light abilities have unique advantages in analyzing text and have a bonus for legions. However, simply analyzing text cannot improve your cultivation. “Besides abilities, do you know of another field?”

“What field?”

Chen Jianhui smiled. Stand with your hands down and say: In this world, it is impossible to only have abilities. Some people are born with weak abilities and don't even have the qualifications to participate in the college entrance examination. They are separated during the middle school entrance examination, but you should not think that they are just a bunch of people. Some go to internal affairs colleges and some go to research institutes, which is also very helpful to humanity. If someone joins the army, after reaching a certain level, they can be collectively referred to as martial arts masters.

Martial artist! Jing Jing had obviously heard this term as well. "I have heard of martial arts as a profession, but those with strong abilities should not be compared to abilities, right?"

Hehe, "said Chen Jianhui disdainfully. "Twenty years ago, we discovered the Ten Thousand Clans. Do you think there were no powers? If so how could we guard our blue planet?"

Jing Jing awkwardly scratched his head.

Thousands of years ago, our country of China had a way of cultivation, which was to become a martial artist! The are three realms: Inner Power, Dark Power, and Hua Power. Anyone who reaches the Inner Power realm can be considered a beginner martialist. Those who reach the Dark Power realm are called martial artists. And finally, people who are in the Hua Power realm are called a martial art masters.

In this world abilities are ultimately highly destructive things, but in the end they all come together through different paths.

Internal power, equivalent to third level abilities, dark power, equivalent to fifth level abilities, and transformation power, equivalent to seventh level abilities. Of course, in a real battle, who wins or loses depends on their own abilities. Basically, the destructive power of martial artists isn’t stronger than that of their abilities, but the abilities of individual martial artists, such as assassination, solo combat, or self-protection, will naturally be stronger than more general abilities.

"Each has its advantages and disadvantages..." Jing Jing pondered for a moment. "Then I will practice martial arts."

"This is equivalent to walking on two legs", Chen Jianhui sighed. "However, you must remember that your light power cannot be lost due to practicing martial arts."

"Understood!" Jing Jing had just absorbed the light power and naturally knew this truth. Practicing martial arts is only for self-protection, but the power is the place where he stands.

Let's go! "Chen Jianhui grabbed him directly and left.

He flew in the sky, looking very handsome, but in reality, Jing Jing looked a bit embarrassed because he was caught flying by the collar, like a powerless chicken.

After the last time, this time it's much better, at least he didn't vomit.

“It's the place!” With a snap, Jing fell down and looked up. Here is......

This is the War Academy.

Stand still!

Jing Jing'an stood there quietly, holding back the feeling of wanting to vomit, watching Chen Jianhui walk in. Shortly after, he walked out carrying a person on his back.

It was an old man with a bent back, looking disheveled. His beard covered his neck, and his hair resembled a chicken coop.

Why you haven't seen the martial arts master yet, Wu Shen!

Wu Shen! This name is homophonic to 'atheism'! What a big breath!

However, he naturally had this confidence because he was a

Martial Master, synonymous with seventh level abilities!

Just now, he remembered very clearly that the martial arts master was a master of energy transformation, which is equivalent to a seventh level ability.


This guy is a bit strange.

He just glanced at Jing Jing and said, "Didn't I say that? Over the years, I have only recruited young people with top-notch talent, but this... at most, it can be considered the inferior among the top talents

“He's just a first-order ability, still in the light system...” Chen Jianhui whispered in his ear in this way.

“Cough, cough, I've been looking around for so many years now...” Wu Shen scratched his head helplessly. Then he relayed the message to Chen Jianhui and said, "Boy, you've even set me up. So, I'll take him as an apprentice and you'll give me that divine fist holster, okay?

It's a deal! "Chen Jianhui paused for a moment. This divine fist set was made from the bones of the Protoss and was very valuable. However, compared to Jing Jing, it was obviously less important.

"Alright, leave him here!" Wu Shen waved his hand.

"Study hard, use all your wisdom, and demand he teach you everything he knows!" Chen Jianhui whispered to Jing Jing.

Jing Jing saw that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Because this person was a martial arts master and a miraculous existence, this person was Jing Jing's opportunity to step into the martial arts path in the future!