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In The Name Of Glory – Chapter 4

2023-04-04 12:03:11Publish Time: 347 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by:

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Chapter 4 The Special Characteristics of Light-Based Supernatural Abilities

"Is this... the remaining ability of a deceased light energy hero from another dimension?"

He appeared slightly surprised. The power of light was not a common ability in his impression, but he naturally understood the significance of one possessing the ability to retain powers of light.

Those with light-based abilities, when they reach a certain level of cultivation, at least the level of the third-stage can possess residual abilities. Residual abilities, simply put, are some of the energy remaining in their body after death. Once absorbed by someone of the same kind, it can prompt a mutation in the absorber's own abilities and thus make their own strength stronger.

"What, are you afraid?" Chen Jianhui looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. "Extracting this kind of residual ability wasn’t easy for us. Normally, absorbing the residual ability of others was a sin and would be considered demonic. However, this deceased person committed countless wrongdoings, so there is no problem for you to absorb it. And, only those with light energy ability like yours can absorb this kind of energy. For absorbing energy of other abilities, there are many conditions, such as the same level or not more than thirty minutes since the time of death."

Jing thought for a moment and said, "Teacher, it's not that I'm afraid, but I'm concerned that there may be some negatives to absorbing it. Although my cultivation is slow, through this method, I will definitely have to sacrifice something."

"Good." Chen Jianhui looked more and more satisfied with his eyes and said, "Absorbing and retaining special abilities will make it unclear for you to distinguish between the differences among every level. However, you are now a first-level special abilities user, and you don't need to attach importance to these things yet."

Jing took a deep breath and nodded. "Then I'll absorb it!"

"Okay! But you have to think carefully, you must submit a written pledge!" Chen Jianhui looked at Jing Jing, his eyes were very serious.

"What letter of challenge?"

"It's simple, join us as the Galactic Enforcers!" Chen Jianhui exclaimed as he waved his hand, conjuring up a virtual screen. "Do you know why we need those with abilities in manipulating light in our team?"

"Why?" Jing Jing was also curious about what special properties light-based energy had.

"In the 20th century, the discovery of relativity led us into the universe, while light energy, now known as 'cutting-edge technological prowess', in the 21st century!"

"What?" Jing Jing was somewhat surprised. "Top-tier technology ability?"

"Not bad, for ordinary people, science and technology are difficult to approach, let alone analyze them. But you have top-notch technological abilities. Although your progress in strength is slow, you are highly effective in the field of research."


"For example? Once you reach level five, you can possess irises that can speed up or slow down nuclear reactions. Isn't this kind of ability extraordinary? Isn't it a top-tier technological power?"

Jing was horrified, he had never imagined that the light-elemental ability could have such a great impact.

"Of course, not only that." Chen Jianhui sneered. "I've been set up. Yuan Weimin knew you were a light ability user and purposely had you enter my college! But in the end, there were some calculations made, and I won't hold a grudge. Actually, he doesn't know that light ability can serve another purpose, which is augmentation!"

"You just mentioned acceleration of the nuclear reactor, isn't that the same as an increase?"

"No, it's not the same" said Chen Jianhui shaking his head. "You should know that in interstellar battles, if our strength is not enough, having a photon energy user can enhance our overall abilities."

"Full attributes!" Jing Jing finally understood. "That Galaxy Enforcer..."

"Internally, humans are also a cesspool of filth and corruption," Chen Jianhui shook his head. "Contrary to the shiny surface appearance, there are traitors lurking within humanity. They belong to three major organizations: Yuwen, Feitian, and Hongmao. These organizations all contain light-based ability users, and we are tasked with upholding justice and targeting these traitorous organizations!"

"Actually, it was quite good twenty years ago when humans generally didn't have any special abilities... but forget it, I won't say much. Absorb it!" Chen Jianhui halted midway as he was about to say more, arousing Jing Jing's curiosity. However, he didn't inquire further and instead entered the crystal cover directly."

"Unleash your light-based superpower!"

Upon hearing this, Jing raised his arm, and then a flickering light appeared at the palm of his hand. The diameter of the light was approximately ten centimeters, which looked minuscule, roughly equivalent to the size of a palm. The next second, as the light emerged, the energy that had been inside the crystal cover surged out.

"Ah!" Jing Jing exclaimed with excitement. He felt a tingling sensation like an electric current rushing through his body, and the light on his hand slowly began to grow brighter...

Actually, this comfortable sensation didn't last long as he soon felt a piercing pain entering his body.

"Ah!" He shouted loudly, all the energy surged in, too much, it was given too much...

He felt a hot and cold rush surging through his body like waves, and gradually, blood flowed from his body, staining his clothes. Shortly after, he fell into a coma...

When he woke up, his clothes had already been changed and he only felt an endless fatigue.

"Just now, you broke through in this way, of course there will be some pain, but once you adapt to your energy, you will feel that your strength is greater than before!" Chen Jianhui's words came to the ear, evidently he had been staying beside Jingjing.

At this moment, Jing Jing didn't want to talk. He couldn't even move. He had a feeling that was similar to the excruciating pain and powerlessness he felt when he took the martial arts exam for the first time.

After three hours.

He managed to get up, and as soon as he did, he activated his own abilities related to light energy.

The halo, originally ten centimeters in diameter, had become fifteen centimeters in size. He looked at his ability and felt a little disappointed because a diameter of sixteen centimeters was needed to officially enter the second level of the light energy in the galaxy.

Now, at most, it can be considered the pinnacle of first-order heterogeneity ability?

"Do not be disappointed, I have already anticipated this situation. If you are useless and unable to smoothly enter the second or even third level of paranormal ability, there is no need for me to cultivate you."

"Your physical fitness is good, so it suppressed your ability to advance to a higher level, that's why you didn't break through to the second level of abilities," Chen Jianhui strode in "The slower the breakthrough, the greater your potential. However, what I fear the most is that you are likely to become a golden beast... Anyway, cultivating a top-notch talent in the light abilities is our mission!" Chen Jianhui spoke both to Jingjing and to himself.

Jing felt a bit confused and uncertain, as if he was walking in a fog...

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