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In The Name Of Glory – Chapter 11

2023-06-15 08:59:00Publish Time: 224 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by:

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Chapter 11 Analysis, Girlfriend

"You've got the hang of this tri-position. Impressive progress." A few days later, Wu Shen exclaimed.

It's not just about being intelligent, it's about being willing to work hard once you become smarter. Then, the path of cultivation becomes smoother than ever.

Jingjing's practice was a way of starting from scratch and gradually moving towards greatness. Although this may sound simple, it is actually quite difficult to achieve.

Even though he didn't use his own light ability analysis method, he had actually employed the technique. However, the passive analysis speed of the light ability was rather slow.

Additionally, Chinese culture is vast and profound, especially in the area of martial arts. It is truly a tall building with many successful people. The Tri-Position is not only about martial arts, but also about health practices etc. Through the corrections made by his predecessors, this tri-position had already become much more perfect. Therefore, for Jingjing, even if he had the ability to actively analyze, it would still be difficult for him to take the next step: to thoroughly analyze the whole technique and even find its flaws.

Wu Shen had let down his guard these past few days and had focused wholeheartedly on teaching Jingjing how to practice the Tri-Position. This had caused great damage to his own spirit. If Wu Shen's power had recently made a breakthrough and needed to be stabilized, he chose to spend that time teaching Jingjing instead.

With his current strength, Jingjing should be ranked between that of an ordinary person and an externalized fighter.

This so-called level is usually referred to as "Foundation Building" by ordinary people.

"Foundation Building" is the level achieved by mastering body movements. Jingjing had just entered the door of this level, which means he has just begun to understand it. Although he may not have any combat power, his ability combined with his light energy can still contend with a second order ability.

Cultivation of martial arts and lack thereof are completely different.

Now, Wu Shen has already regarded Jing Jing as his disciple. He said, "Did you recently acquire a book on Xingyi?"

"Not bad," Jing slowly stood up, feeling a warm current flowing through her whole body, it was truly comfortable.

"Xingyi, coincidentally, is what I'm going to teach you. It's not about the quantity of moves, but rather the quality. However, I anticipate that you may have limited time to practice in the future. So, I've picked a book on 'Xingyi' for you. For others, it may be rather difficult to comprehend, but for you, it'll be entirely different!"

Wu Shen's eyes lit up, "Your strength is not strong enough. When practicing these moves, you can use the power of the light element to analyze and find their own way of practice, thus shortening the time of cultivation."

"Of course, the key point is that I discovered Xingyi, which actually contains the Five Elements... When you reach the higher levels, you will understand that you need to nourish your body, such as your tendons, bones, and skin, but most importantly, your five internal organs."

"Let me tell you first! Pi Quan (Splitting Fist), belongs to gold! Train your lungs. Beng Quan (Crushing Fist), belongs to wood! Train your liver. Zuan Quan (Drilling Fist), belongs to water! Strengthen your kidneys. Pao Quan (Cannon Fist), belongs to fire! Train your heart. Heng Quan (Horizontal Fist), belongs to earth! Train your spleen."

Jing Jing was dizzy from the complexity of theory, but was still fascinated by the function of these boxing techniques for health. Just look at this old man Wu Shen, who is still in his old age and has the strength of an Eighth-Order ability, which can explain everything.

"Okay, I will give you a book on Xingyi. This book is my notes, and it is some of theories I have pondered over the years. Take it back and read it. Oh, and," Wu Shen called out to Jing Jing in his final moments, "You should know how the Light System ability actively analyzes, right?"

"Um, Teacher, I really don't know," Jing Jing said awkwardly. Wu Shen, with a straight face, threw him another book, saying, "This is a package left by Chen Jianhui when he passed away. You can open it and take a look."

Jing opened the package and found a book inside with no markings except for a few dots.

Jing knew that it was a Morse code left by Chen Jianhui. She used her limited knowledge to decipher the meaning of the Morse code.

"This is the analysis method of light energy. When you drop water on it, it will naturally appear."

Jing hurriedly returned to her own room like a thief, then dropped water on the book. The rest of the book disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving only a hard paper board with slowly emerging characters.

Before the characters appeared, Jing seemed to have seen a person standing among them, sighing, "I will search high and low......"

"The most important thing about the analysis of light energy is to search!"

The man suddenly turned around, and although his face was not visible, a strong sense of pressure emerged, making Jing unable to breathe.

"This only proves that the analysis of light energy is not worthless!" The man smiled and turned away.

"How to analyze the technique of thousands of races and even find the flaws of your own race's techniques? You just need to concentrate your light energy on your eyes!"

"Remember, light energy users can be harmed in other parts of the body, but not the eyes. Otherwise, even if you have powerful abilities, what's the use?"

The man heaved a sigh and slowly disappeared from sight.

"Use my own eyes?" Jing Jing was taken aback, then focused his light-based abilities on his eyes. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain, and then the whole world became different...

"This is..." Jing Jing was surprised as he looked towards Wu Shen's room. He felt a powerful force of energy rising up, and then a divine thought drifted towards him. Upon seeing Jing Jing, the thought smiled slightly, said nothing, and left.

"It seems that Chen Jianhui has left behind some real skills." Wu Shen silently thought to himself, and then said, "don't casually invade the territory of the powerful, even if you possess light-based abilities."

"Yes!" Jing Jing withdrew his abilities, feeling like he was about to cry. On one hand, it was his first time using them and he wasn't really used to it. On the other hand, he was being suppressed by Wu Shen's oppressive aura, which resulted in his abilities being suppressed.

When Jing Jing tried to use his light-based abilities again, he found that only twenty percent of them remained, and not enough to even activate the ability in his eyes.

"Oh my god, this is such a trap. Does this mean I can only use my skills once a day?"

Jing Jing rubbed his eyes, and then an artificial intelligence requested a call. An artificial intelligence requested a call!

Jing Jing looked and saw that it was Xu Jiao.

Since Xu Jiao had last told him about her military science grades, he had not been in contact with her for a long time. This time when Xu Jiao called, Jing Jing hesitated for a moment before answering the phone.

"Hey, how is it at Galaxy University?"

"What else can it be? But I did choose a good dean..."

Jing also let go of her prejudice and began to narrate her own story in a gentle and engaging manner...

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