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In The Name Of Glory – Chapter 10

2023-06-14 08:58:00Publish Time: 286 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 10: Physical Training

Although Jing Jing has the ability of light manipulation, he actually doesn't know how to analyze the techniques of his ability.

Jing Jing decided to look at other books first before making a decision.

He looked for a long time and finally found a book called, "Selected Lectures on Xing Yi".

However, this book is written in classical Chinese, so Jing Jing still couldn't really understand it.

After finding "Selected Lectures on Xing Yi", he also found a dictionary which compares classical Chinese with modern Chinese. It's unclear whether this was intentionally left by Wu Shen, but the book exists.

Anyway, there's this book.

Jing struggled to read the first twenty or thirty pages with the help of a dictionary and vivid illustrations, and was able to understand the contents of the book.

Then he opened the first page, stretched his lazy body, jumped off the stool and felt a little dizzy. After walking around for a while to restore his vitality, he began to verify the contents of the book.

He ran to the backyard and assumed a horse stance. Closing his eyes, he carefully felt the changes in his body.

He finally understood what standing still was all about.

Standing still means standing on the ground like a piece of wood, motionless like a stake, right?

Not really, for this stake requires a display of vitality and a certain artistic conception.

Jing felt this way before. When he woke up this morning and was about to collapse, his shoulders sank slightly, his body felt tight but relaxed, and he not only didn't feel tired when he stood up, but also felt very relaxed.

Simply standing still in the "static pile" is not very impressive! The pile method is not a static standing method, but rather a segment in a dynamic pile method.

Jing Jing's body is very stable, but he is constantly adjusting the tension of his muscles, such as the coordination of the inner thigh and the calf, and the angle of the upper body's forward and backward tilt.

Before reading this book, Jing Jing really didn't know what the pile method was. Even after that mysterious dream, he only understood some postures, but at that time, he didn't even know that he was standing in the pile.

Even the simplest horse stance contains profound cultivation methods and techniques, which are not easy to gain insight into.

After about five minutes, Jing Jing found a balanced point. With deep breaths, she felt the pores of her whole body breathing slowly. Every inhalation and exhalation seemed to disperse all her impurities.

He closed his eyes until he felt a force pushing through his whole body about to burst out.

This posture finally changed. Following the images in his mind, he slowly raised his hands that were originally clenched into fists and placed them at his waist, and his legs also closed a little.

He slowly rose from his current position. His left foot shifted forward half a step, knee slightly bent, while his right foot remained firmly planted, toes pointed outward for stability.

With one hand resting weakly on top of the other, he lowered one slightly, keeping his head facing forward and his shoulders relaxed.

This particular posture had a beautiful and melodious name, "San Ti Posture."

At this point, he had not yet opened the book on the San Ti Posture. He had simply come across an illustration of it in "Selected Lectures on Form and Intent" and decided to try it out.

He was not aware that this, too, was a kind of interpretation.

Sometimes, the skills and techniques of the myriad races were only recorded on sheets of paper or in indecipherable drawings. By analyzing these images, one could unlock the secrets of its skills and techniques, which was precisely the process of interpretation.

He didn't even use his light energy ability, because using light energy to analyze things from this humanoid race would be a waste of energy.

Despite the change in position and the disturbance of previous equilibrium established through the stance, the "zhuangfa" that appeared as a fundamental exercise in the "Selected Lectures on Xingyi" he had just perused is indeed remarkable!

However, the difficulty of this exercise cannot be compared to the difficulty of that stance.

The balancing of both feet must be mastered, especially in terms of angles. Although the stance also uses both feet as the foundation, it is evidently divided by the person's central axis, and one can easily locate that sensation through symmetrical thinking. However, the descriptions of the concepts "knees inwards" and "toe-tilting" in the "San Ti Shi" are quite vague!

With the addition of arm movements, this exercise is much more complicated than the stance.

Each "zhuangfa" has its unique charm and, coupled with the varying ideologies of the designers, often possessed unique characteristics.

Although the stance and the "San Ti Shi" share similarities, there are were elements that could be borrowed, which was why Jingjing has been seeking that point of balance.

However, it is truly difficult to master, especially after standing for an extended period. Jingjing gradually felt that something was amiss, with a growing awkwardness in her stance, lacking the previous ease.

"Breathe with ease. Your breaths are too heavy, and your posture is not standard enough!" At this moment, a voice came from behind Jingjing, it was Wu Shen who had just returned from the martial arts gym.

Wu Shen looked at Jingjing and scolded, "Don't practice randomly! Wasn't this technique supposed to be analyzed first before you practice it? Why didn't you listen?"

Jingjing was speechless, "You didn't even tell me how to analyze it!"

Wu Shen used his hands and feet, pressed his whole body onto Jingjing's, and corrected his movements step by step.

"Relax a bit more, and then a bit more, until you can find that feeling...". After the process was finished, he checked Jingjing's movements, which had indeed become normal enough. With the mantra he taught to Jingjing, Jingjing had become much more stable. Obviously, he was gradually finding the feeling, and the muscles hidden under his clothes began to shake, which brought the stake to life.

"I was right about him. Not only is he diligent, but he can also comprehend the essence of the technique so quickly." Wu Shen smiled slightly and looked at Jingjing, becoming more satisfied.

He went back to the kitchen and made a meal. After about an hour, when he came out to call Jing to eat. What he saw stunned him.

Jing's San Ti Shi slowly started to move, not just shaking in a small range, but moving in a complete posture from all directions. This is also part of the San Ti Shi, but it is the expression of dynamic San Ti Shi. Obviously, this is called Dong Zhuang.

"Truly a peerless genius..." Wu Shen looked silently, without saying a word. In his mind, he had already secretly formulated a path for Jing Jing to become a warrior.

Starting from today, he had laid down his suspicious heart. When Chen Jianhui brought him here before, he thought that Chen Jianhui wanted to learn from him. However, Chen Jianhui had given up on the path of martial arts after making a breakthrough and entrusted his legacy. This had made him let go of his vigilance and made up his mind to wholeheartedly cultivate this outstanding talent.