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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 98 Part 1

2023-07-16 21:00:00Publish Time: 2,207 views
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Chapter 98: Returning to the Ten-Summon Big Family! (1)


In the moment when the world was still, Mu Ling's body had turned into an illusion.

She swiftly passed over the body of the smoke person.

After being "upgraded," Mu Ling has already changed dramatically, possessing far greater strength, speed, and skills than before.

At this moment, she is undoubtedly a strong person.

Time stood still.

The end.

The smoke man suddenly discovered that the human who had appeared out of nowhere to block him was already behind him!

It turned around to launch an attack, while Mu Ling remained calm with her back turned to the smoke man, her white hair constantly fluttering in the wind.

In just a few seconds ago, she had already made enough strikes to kill the opponent.

The battle had long since ended.

The legs composed of black smoke suddenly began to crumble, followed by the gradual fragmentation of the entire body of the smoke man.

The smoke man made a roaring gesture, trying his best to support himself, but to no avail, gradually dissipating, and finally completely disappearing into nothingness.

Maryse, who had already recovered through her self-healing ability, opened her eyes and was slightly stunned after seeing this scene.

Has she become stronger?

However, Maryse didn't feel jealous in her heart, nor was she unhappy about it. After all, in her heart, "Nightsaber" had already become one of her only two friends.

"Mission accomplished."

Even without being manipulated by anyone, Mu Ling still said these words.

She turned around and walked towards the lying Maryse. She reached out her hand and gently smiled, pulling Maryse up.

"If it weren't for you using half of its power, I would have had a hard time defeating it."

Maryse was briefly stunned, and then flashed a faint smile while holding back the urge to cry.

"Thank you."

Mu Ling wanted to say something else, but suddenly frowned.

"You two did quite well."

The sudden appearance of a young male voice stunned the two girls.

It was only now that they noticed a young, silver-haired boy with white pupils had appeared by their side at some point unknown to them.

His pure eyes held a gaze of authority that only those of a higher position possess.

"This person is the 'Emperor!', Nightsaber, we cannot fight against him!"

Maryse was slightly surprised and immediately recognized the opponent, shouting loudly.

The famous "Emperor" was an outstanding figure in the imperial guards, an undoubtedly powerful presence that many noble members of the Air Alliance had heard of.

Maryse's body kept trembling and cold sweat flowed incessantly, unable to stop.

This man can kill herself in just a moment!

Moreover, it is rumored that the "Emperor" is cruel to his enemies, even to an extraordinary degree!

"You guys are the Babel Tower, right?"

The tone of "Emperor" Kessel is completely different from that of when he was at the Demon Hunt Agency. His humility, softness, and immaturity have been completely replaced, leaving only a haughty and unrestrained arrogance.

The pure white young man raised his left hand, and the solid color ring on his ring finger began to emit a dazzling red light.

"Star, move away."

Kessel issued the order with great authority.

And then, the world obeyed.

The scenery around them rapidly began to blur and shift. Mu Ling and Maryse looked at each other in confusion. In the next moment, the two of them and Kessel had already arrived in a completely different place.

The vast white hall was at least a thousand square meters in size. The light from the translucent glass dome was incredibly bright. The hall was filled with a large number of people dressed in black and white suits, their expressions solemn.

"Here, where is this?"

Maryse was staring blankly, her heart sinking as she looked around at the hundreds of Night Watchers swarming around her.

They were completely surrounded!

And astonishingly, they were in the lobby of the Demon Hunt Agency's first floor.

Mu Ling only stared into Kessel's eyes, saying nothing and with no intention of attacking.

She solely believes in the Savior.

In the vast hall, several hundred Night Watchers had already been prepared, including Bai Yan and Alan.

In fact, ten minutes ago, Kessel had already informed the Demon Hunt Agency to be prepared, declaring that he would bring both members of the Babel Tower to the hall shortly.

Then, the startled Night Watchers scrambled around and finally managed to catch up with the time.

"Execute the mission!" Mr. Trap among the Night Watchers shouted.

Layers upon layers of barriers and seals descended upon them! Hundreds of spells, various Relic powers! The two girls had no possibility of counterattacking!


Standing at the forefront, Kessel was slightly surprised.

Suddenly, he heard a deep muttering, as if with endless sorrow.

The pure white youth frowned as he saw a thick black mist rising from all around, gradually entangling the bodies of two girls. Regardless of anyone's ability, magic, or Relic, they merely passed through them without causing any impact.

It seemed that after the appearance of the black mist… the two of them had been isolated from the outside world.