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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 92 Part 2

2023-07-04 20:45:00Publish Time: 2,360 views
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Chapter 92: Pure White Emperor (2)

Yes, since the head of the Augustus family, Reno, was defeated, Black Star Faction, the largest financial supporter in this city, collapsed… and this cult suddenly vanished.

It seems that since that day, they no longer exist in Tatsumi City.

These days, not even a single person or monster has appeared.

Some people in the Demon Hunt Agency even believed that the "leader" of the Black Star Faction feared the existence of "Babel Tower" and actively ordered their subordinates to evacuate from the city.

But Bai Yan knew that this was not the truth.

Because the activity of the "Black Star Faction" in "Babel Tower" has not ended yet!

Unfortunately, the final level was in a state of blockade and could not be opened for a long time.

Bai Yan calmly waited for the day it would unlock, which could be considered as his final explanation to "Nightsaber".

"Log intelligence of Core Operator Psychic Dancer."

"Laid in a small blanket, watched variety shows all day and felt they were all foolish from beginning to end. Mood +1."

"Arriving at the Snack Street at night, controlled a man who had impure thoughts towards me, let him pay the money. Mood +1."

"Sleeping until waking up. Mood +1."

Bai Yan was at a loss for words.


This lazy fellow completely wears the label "eating and waiting to die" on her face. Besides being forced to train and complete missions every day, she spends the rest of her time eating, drinking, and having fun.

"Suddenly, I felt a desire to grab her and give her a good spanking…"

Feeling the urge, he shakes his head ever so slightly.


"Log intelligence of Core Operator Mysterious Magic."

"Defeated criminals with the new power of 'The Sun Anthem', saved the kidnapped mother and daughter, mood +1."

"Record the usage of the new power, conduct research and improve skills, skill +1."

"Prepared 'the Mirror of Dream' and waiting for Bai Yan to arrive."

Hmm, Alan does seem reliable indeed.

Bai Yan noticed that the taxi had stopped, so he paid, opened the door, and got out of the car.

He arrived at the interior of the Demon Hunt Agency building and suddenly remembered that he hadn't had breakfast yet. He started to ponder whether he should go to the first floor or second floor restaurant.

The restaurant at the Demon Hunt Agency was actually quite decent, at the very least, much better than his university restaurant.

The restaurant on the first floor is offering local Tatsumi City delicacies, while the second floor serves dishes from elsewhere which seem even more appealing… However, the predicament lies in the fact that the second floor restaurant is always packed, even on weekends!

After much deliberation, Bai Yan eventually decides to walk into the restaurant located on the first floor of the Demon Hunt Agency.

"I hope that one day there will be a new restaurant."

Before reaching the food counter, he produced a black card with the Night Watcher emblem and a "shallow golden lantern" engraved on it.

"What do you want to eat?"

"Is uncongealed tofu salty or sweet?"


"Does your uncongealed tofu maintain its sweetness?"


"Okay, forget it. I want this, and this, and this…"

Bai Yan picked up the tray and sat in the corner with a well-balanced mix of meat and vegetables.

After taking only a few bites, he suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice, somewhat naive but pure.

"May I sit opposite you?"

Bai Yan slightly startled as he saw a silver-haired youth walking towards him with a smile, carrying a tray of mostly meat dishes, with no main dishes like rice.

The silver-haired youth's pupils were as pure as white snow, and his white slim-fit suit made him look very thin and fragile, even to the point of giving a sense of "weakness".

He had a distinctive "tear mole" under his left eye, which made him look even more fragile.

"Mm, okay."

"Thank you."

Bai Yan nodded gently with a calm expression.

The young boy sat down with a smile.

He ate the varying meat slowly with a spoon, without saying any unnecessary words, nor casting a glance at Bai Yan.

However, for some unknown reason…

Looking at the other person, Bai Yan still harbored doubts in his heart… Why does this distinguished and feared "Emperor" suddenly sit opposite him?

There was definitely a strong sense of purpose.

What is this guy up to?

Bai Yan pondered in his mind; he had already seen the opponent's photo from the internal forum of Demon Hunt Agency, and of course, he recognized him.

Could it be…that he figured out that I am actually the leader of the mysterious organization, and is planning to slap me to death?

As if noticing Bai Yan's gaze, the young man gradually lifted his head and smiled at Bai Yan.

"Your name is Bai Yan, isn't it?"