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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 83

2023-06-19 23:00:00Publish Time: 2,531 views
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Chapter 83: Metamorphosis

After returning home in the evening, Mu Ling entered the bedroom only to realize that her clothes had still not reverted back to their original form, and she was still unable to transmit to other garments.


She stood in front of the mirror, observing carefully, and there were no changes in her appearance towards normalcy.

"How long will this state continue? Surely it cannot be permanent, can it?"

Could it be that the Savior is fond of me in this state?

Mu Ling's mind was filled with various things that had happened today. After repeatedly recalling them, she suddenly remembered the "Savior" she had seen at school.

That person was experiencing the life of a student at the time…

Perhaps he possesses more humanity than she imagined.

Upon careful consideration, the Savior may possibly be some ancient god who has recently been revived and is gradually regaining self-awareness and recognition in the present world.

Compared to Outer Gods, whose existence cannot be understood by normal life, most of the ancient gods buried in history or new gods like the "Rainbows" possess "humanity" that humans can understand.

Or, calling it "conventional thinking of intelligent life" is more accurate.

Mu Ling couldn't figure it out, only knowing that she had never seen the Savior like an ordinary person again. The subsequent encounters with him in Babel Tower are all more mysterious and unfathomable.

She has already been given too much, and it's difficult to repay. The feeling of gratitude has already overflowed.

But they were ultimately people who lived in two worlds.

Mu Ling struggled to comprehend his thoughts, as the mysteries of both the Babel Tower and the Savior's arrival remained inscrutable puzzles.

She shook her head and ceased pondering about the Savior.

Mu Ling still didn't want to go to bed wearing clothes, even though she couldn't change into her pajamas for the time being. She took off her new clothes, neatly arranged them, and then got into bed to prepare for sleep.

"I feel pretty good sleeping like this… Mmm."

She lay on the bed silently contemplating many things.

"I must become stronger and then I must kill that man."

Mr. Mystery.

He is a high-ranking priest in the Black Star Faction responsible for Tatsumi City, who has been active throughout the Air Alliance for decades, and has once single-handedly created the tragedy of the Hunter Clan.

If Mr. Mystery is not killed, all revenge will be worthless and honor will never return to the family.

And after killing Mr. Mystery?

She suddenly had this unprecedented idea.

Continue, continue the fight, until the entire Black Star Faction is destroyed by her own hands.

Mu Ling paused for a moment and suddenly felt engulfed in a state of uncertainty.

And then?

Yes, once the Black Star Faction is destroyed… Hmm, everything will come to an end.

However, what happens after "the end" of a story?

She had never thought about it before, but in recent times with the help of the Savior, the progress of revenge has been soaring. Mu Ling's mood was so joyful that she could hardly control herself, until now it has gradually cooled down.

So, what will I do after achieving my goal?

Mu Ling gazed silently at the nocturnal hue beyond the window, but no conclusion came to mind for a long while.

Well, since that day, I have been living solely for "glory and revenge," without ever considering anything else.

However, the present self has already changed…

What is it that I ultimately live for?

Who am I again?

Mu Ling? Hunter? Nightsaber? The Hound of Babel Tower?

The girl fell into a deep contemplation, as some things that seem meaningless can always haunt a person's life.

If it were for more secular-minded people, they might sneer at it, but some rationalists act neither for profit nor for themselves, so they spend their whole lives searching for the value of existence.

Suddenly, Mu Ling felt a burning within her soul.

The familiar and callous voice resounded once more, as if devoid of any trace of humanity.

[This is the sublimation given to you.]


Mu Ling paused momentarily, realizing that she had been bestowed with something again.

In fact, she was a bit dizzy from all the things she had been given in less than a month. Oh, she had already received too many favors.

As a girl who believes in avenging grievances and repaying kindness, she no longer knows how to repay so many favors.

"My heart is blazing with emotion!"

Mu Ling took a deep breath and could feel the fervent heat of her body, generating an immensely significant transformation!

This scorching heat doesn't seem fake, but is truly burning. Two light blue flames are constantly burning deep inside her own body!

They seemed like a part of her own soul, undergoing a dramatic transformation!

Burn! Rise! Cheering!

Mu Ling felt every cell from the bottom of her body to the top of her head calling out, with her soul continuously overflowing with greater power, more accurate senses, and a more sturdy and flexible body.

She couldn't help but recall a line from "Traveling with an Enlightened Heart," written by the "Truth Scholar."

"I have ascended to a higher realm today, and am wandering in the company of fellow travelers."

Physical sublimation!

Mu Ling eventually regained consciousness from this peculiar and unprecedented experience, but she couldn't tell how much time had passed. Upon coming to, she realized that her entire body was drenched.

I, myself, have already become powerful.

She was deeply shaken, and her transformation was not just a mere growth, but a fundamental awakening, realizing that she had risen to a position of power.

"It's truly incredible, how did it happen…difficult to comprehend."

Even though Mu Ling had increasingly been able to accept the various extraordinary aspects of the Babel Tower, at this moment, she was still deeply shaken and unable to calm down!

Suddenly boosting the power of a person beyond normal is not impossible, but often both the boosted and booster have to pay a considerable price.

The means of the Savior resemble more of a divine miracle that only a "rainbow" could achieve, but even rainbows rarely demonstrate such… miracles.

Regardless of whether the Savior possesses humanity, Mu Ling can once again confirm one thing.

The Savior is undoubtedly a divine and magnificent being!


Tatsumi City, East district. Inside a narrow alley.

"Engaging in illegal trading of 'Peeping' beyond a certain amount warrants the death penalty. Don't tell me you are unaware of this."

After speaking, Alan calmly laid the unconscious criminal down on the ground with an indifferent expression.

"Peeping" is a very dangerous liquid medicine. Once people take it, they will instantly gain an "overdose of knowledge," and during the period of the drug's efficacy, they will have a feeling of almost omniscience.

Both ordinary people and extraordinary beings can easily become addicted to it, but the cost of taking it is gradually losing one's soul.

It is said that the inventor of this thing was an ancient worshipper of an evil deity, and the process of continuously using this potion is akin to sacrificing one's soul step by step to the Outer God he worships.

The Mist of the White Shore.

Under the moonlight of the night, Alan's emotions were quite intricate.

Tatsumi City has been increasingly turbulent lately, with wave after wave of unrest.

The affairs of the Augustus family have been fully exposed, and the entire family is under investigation. Meanwhile, the missing Maryse Augustus, who is suspected to be a member of the Babel Tower group, is also being thoroughly searched for.

"Ah, that girl turned out to be from the Augustus family."

Alan felt conflicted. He couldn't shake off the feeling that perhaps he shouldn't have gone after her, but no, he mustn't think like that.

I am an undercover agent hiding within Babel Tower, but ultimately I am still a Night Watcher for the Demon Hunt Agency.

Alan was communicating with his team members in the voice channel.

"I have reached my destination here. Hmm, it seems to be a foreign immigrant who is unable to communicate, a half-orc with tremendous strength."

"Hurry over here, I have already subdued the target."


He suddenly felt a surge of inner fervor!

Damn it, what's going on?

[This is the sublimation bestowed upon you.]

Bai Yan's voice, wait, is he also the Savior of the Babel Tower?

Alan was startled, his body grew even hotter, but he was completely unable to resist this transformation happening to him.

Fortunately, the criminal had already been knocked unconscious by him, otherwise there might have been an incident at this moment.

"Hey, Alan, what's wrong?"

"No, it's nothing…"

Several minutes passed before Alan regained consciousness in a daze, feeling dehydrated.

He soon discovered, to his astonishment, that he had become significantly stronger.

It really was that simple to become stronger!

"How come the Savior keeps giving me things in waves? Could it be that he's trying to bribe me? What's the real story behind this?"

In just a few days, Alan has already been bestowed with numerous benefits, and his progress towards becoming stronger has been advancing rapidly.

He couldn't help but suspect a possibility.

The prophecy book had explicitly stated that he was the one who would ultimately save the world, which means he was truly significant.

The Savior also believed that there was a possibility for himself to save the world, and he had been providing various benefits to cultivate himself.

The Savior could very likely be a reviving ancient god. Moreover, many malevolent ancient beings similarly nurture their significant offspring and followers.

I'm not a believer of the Savior.

Could it be that my true identity is actually…

The Child of the Savior!

After deducing this seemingly absurd yet actually irrational conclusion, Alan was plunged into silence.

"Upon careful consideration, it is more likely that I'm the Savior's descendant. Could it be that the Savior is actually my ancestor?"

His mind became even more scattered.


"Alas, it's a pity that I've already played through the game once and know that you're not very useful at this stage. I'm sorry, little one."

Um, I can't tell her about those two guys leveling up.

"Psychic Dancer's period of exertion has not yet arrived; her strongest ability needs to be triggered during the middle period, and gradually weakens towards the later stages."

Bai Yan languidly lay on the sofa, calmly playing that obscure game.

Midnight has already arrived.

The current time is precisely the time they had agreed upon initially.

After a while, Bai Yan entered the game and registered an account named 'Seeking Thrill', and then joined the second game server of this game.

He waited for a long time, but never saw anyone else.

Just as Bai Yan was feeling he might have been fooled and was about to leave the game to sleep, a notification appeared in his friends list, indicating a new friend request.

Account name, "Autumncamesoon."

"This guy again," Bai Yan squinted his eyes and chose to accept the friend request.

"Autumncamesoon: It seems that you truly and sincerely want to join us."

"Seeking Thrill: Yes, I truly admire the Babel Tower. I think this organization is cool from start to finish. I believe that its owner must be very powerful and great!"

"Autumncamesoon: Haha, you're right."

"Autumncamesoon: Actually, I have a way to make you meet the real owner of the Babel Tower."

"Autumncamesoon: He… is our Savior."