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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 78 Part 1

2023-06-05 20:00:00Publish Time: 2,033 views
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Chapter 78: "Father's Kindness, Daughter's Filial Piety" (1)

In the past, I have longed so much for it!

At this moment, I feel so much hatred!

While wearing the Invisible Cloak of Hermes, Maryse is unable to use her psychic powers, forcing her to hide in the shadows before unleashing them to avoid being detected.

And after using her mental powers, Maryse will immediately don the Invisible Cloak of Hermes, rendering herself in a state of "nullification".

Under the control of Bai Yan, she first obtained the previously acquired prop, the Enchanted Pistol, and fired a bullet.

But this is a feint!

The next step, Maryse promptly took control of an internal guard to launch an attack against her father!

However, the power gap between both sides was significant, coupled with the great "distance" which greatly weakened the power of the soul, resulting in her mental control being able to maintain only brief moments.

However, this moment was already enough!

Both Bai Yan and Maryse had already anticipated that the target was in an extremely tense state after the dual hints of the conflagration and the extinguishing of the lights.

They would take action against their suddenly hostile companions!

As expected, the guard who could release thunder could not withstand his impulse. His attack erupted in an instant, causing his companion who can transform his body into various weapons to fall down.

Now, it was two against one.

Maryse longed to beam with a radiant smile.

No, it's not two against one, it's a two-on-two game! And the winners will definitely be us!

Maryse firmly believed that the Savior was supporting her from the depths of her soul!

The Savior, that enigmatic being of unknown origin, is an immensely powerful and deeply rooted great entity.

He gave me an immensely powerful strength!

Maryse feels confident and assured merely at the thought of everything within the Babel Tower and the countless processes and missions she has undergone.

Babel Tower and the Augustus family are simply not on the same level!

In the midst of darkness, Reno fell into a long silence, and suddenly spoke in a voice full of magnetism, "You have taken this step, abusing your power and hurting the family that raised you."

[No, this family has abandoned me… I've known it for a long time.]

Maryse suddenly realized that she was using her psychic power… to "speak" to her father.

These "words" were exactly what she wanted to say.

Could it be that the Savior has completely grasped my innermost thoughts? Just the mere idea of it sent Maryse into a panic, feeling a sense of dread without knowing how to avoid it.

At that moment, she was stunned, realizing how her fear of having her innermost thoughts read by the Savior had made her want to hide her true feelings… wasn't she just like those who were afraid of her?

Ah, I am actually just an ordinary person.

Who would wish for their true feelings to be constantly exposed in front of others?

Maryse fell into contemplation.

"Indeed, you have awakened the power of Psychic Domination."

Reno looked at the remaining guards expressionlessly and calmly said, "Take her out…having more people doesn't necessarily mean having an advantage. Guard the entrance."


The guards fully obeyed the lord's command without hesitation, bowed down and held their electrocuted companion closely, and cautiously stepped backward out of the room.

Reno remained calm and had already activated the spell used for issuing an alert. In a matter of minutes, a large number of guards will arrive, leaving no possibility for the girl to escape from here.

"All that I have done, has been for the Augustus family, but alas, you cannot comprehend the concept of familial interest."

"Well, after all, you still have more than ten years before you reach adulthood, and your mental maturity is not yet fully developed."

Reno shook his head and said, "I can understand you."

"However, I can't forgive."

[I knew you would think like this. In your eyes, I am just a sacrificial pawn, completely insignificant to the entire family.]

[If sacrificing all the children is necessary for the prosperity of the family, would you do the same?]

Although Maryse could not control herself, these words expressed what she was thinking in her heart!

Is everything for the sake of the family?

Does the individual have no meaning?

Is it up to you to judge all of this?

What she aimed to shatter was this terrifying arrogance!


"Invisible voice, formless sound, unavoidable, and hopeless."

Reno didn't answer, but instead suddenly raised both hands upwards, palms facing upwards.

He opened his mouth.

The intangible sound waves shook everything around them, causing everything in the banquet hall to lift up and shatter!

This is magic, it's the power of sound! Namely, vibration!

The force of this impact was maintained within the banquet hall, which was the reason for Reno's solitary confinement. His power was difficult to control, and could easily harm his own people.

Maryse had donned once again the Invisible Cloak of Hermes and was steadily striding towards Reno.

In this state, she was unable to influence anything in the material world, yet remained unaffected by any phenomena of the tangible reality.

Even the power of an earthquake trembleth so.

In the battle prowess of super beinges, is strength the most important factor?

No, intelligence is the most crucial thing among extraordinary individuals.

With the blessing of the Civilization-level Relic, Maryse effortlessly approached her father, who was oblivious to the imminent danger.