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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 74

2023-05-29 19:45:00Publish Time: 2,010 views
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Chapter 74: Ignition

Game hint, "Allowing 'Psychic Dancer' to commit arson or not?"

Bai Yan fell into contemplation, instinctively sensing that this particular option held considerable significance, to the point where it could potentially determine whether "Psychic Dancer" would spawn a new trait or not.

Although burning down a house may seem bad.

But this place is most likely the headquarters of the 'Black Star Faction' cultists, and we must treat them as enemies.

Moreover, it is apparent that "Psychic Dancer" has been repressed for many years and has long harbored hatred towards her family.

Her words just now were spoken from the heart. If she were forcibly prevented from taking revenge, she might still end up blaming Babel Tower for it later.

After much deliberation, Bai Yan made a decision.


At that moment, he suddenly felt…

Perhaps he also wished to see a large fire himself.


"I heard that arsonists don't actually intend to cause true destruction."

Bai Yan muttered to himself.

The purpose of arson is, in fact, for individuals to alleviate the sense of frustration that society imposes upon them, to garner attention from others, and to obtain satisfaction that they have not otherwise attained in certain aspects of their lives.

Let the flames purify everything.

After Bai Yan made his decision, "Psychic Dancer" stood calmly in front of the villa and said nothing more.

The subtitles disappeared.

After a while, she used Psychic Domination to make many black-clad guards set fire to various places.

The grasslands throughout the villa community were burning, with pixelated flames gradually rising and the background beginning to turn red.

Shrill cries reverberated throughout the area as numerous individuals fled and endeavored to extinguish the flames.

"Psychic Dancer" manipulated the guards to set fire to uninhabited areas; evidently, she deliberately didn't want to harm any innocent individuals.

She only wanted to witness a great fire that could burn down her past…

The screen suddenly turned.

The pixelated figure of Nightsaber has arrived at the doorstep of the Augustus family, simultaneously observing the emergence of a fervent blaze ahead.

"Face your sins!" she once again uttered her battle cry.

A vertical list appeared on the left side of the mobile screen, containing the pixelated avatars of "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer".

Bai Yan knew that he could switch the character he wanted to manipulate by clicking on the pixelated avatar of the two individuals.

Game Tip: Shadow Mode: You can check the character avatars at the same time, preset the "character behavior", and make the two characters act together!

Bai Yan is very familiar with games featuring pre-set roles and gameplay mechanics in which multiple characters act together, having previously played real-time strategy games such as "Shadow Tactics" and "Bounty Hunters."

"Very well, let's make some noise…or rather, let me allow you to make some noise."

He manipulates "Nightsaber" to infiltrate the villa complex, quickly receiving game prompts, and discovering that "Nightsaber" can use "Anathemas Star Chains" as a grappling hook to climb up the building.

As long as "Nightsaber" leaps onto the building, she can avoid the numerous black-clad guards on the ground. If she encounters any guards in the building, she can swiftly hide from their sight by using "Deep Blue World" and rushing past them.

However, "Deep Blue World" has a cooldown period.

Bai Yan must pay attention to the gaps in the guards' line of sight when allowing "Nightsaber" to move up and down the buildings via the chain, so as to maintain her undetected status.

If it were Bai Yan from more than half a month ago, he probably wouldn't have been able to pass this level at once, but now his gaming skills have improved significantly, and he leisurely maneuvered 'Nightsaber' all the way to the main villa.

She reunited with "Psychic Dancer" here.

"The next step in the game objective is to locate the study."

Bai Yan clicked on "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" respectively in the vertical list, and once he had selected them, the entire screen of his phone dimmed and the world fell into stillness.

This is the "Shadow Mode" in the game where you can simultaneously operate two operators.

Then, he clicked on the screen to preset the next actions of the two people.

"Enter the villa together."

Preset completed.

The screen returned to normal and the world reverted to being dynamic.

"Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" sneaked into the villa together, the image on the phone turned into a map of the interior, and the black-clad guards became even more intensive.

Due to the occurrence of the fire, the celebrities and nobles were first plunged into a state of "panic", constantly fleeing outside the villa, while the black-clad guards had to escort them.

"It seems that starting a fire could lower the density of the guards," Bai Yan muttered to himself.

Even so, the difficulty of the operation still increased.

"Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" must repeatedly coordinate their innate powers to let "Nightsaber" proceed unhindered while constantly deceiving the guards… "Psychic Dancer" has the protection of the Invisible Cloak of Hermes and faces no issues with stealth.

The location of the study is also easy to find, as "Psychic Dancer" had long prepared a complete topographic map… which was intended for outsiders.

One can easily imagine that "Psychic Dancer" would never get lost in her own home.

At last, the two of them successfully reached the study room.

However, in front of the study, there were still two guards of the Augustus family, whose strength was evidently superior to that of the ordinary black-clothed guards.

The most crucial issue is that if we were to directly employ violent methods to kill the two guards, the entire clan's security force would be alerted and they would come together to retaliate.

That would result in a direct game over!

"Well, not only the guardians, but also the Augustus family itself has several extraordinary individuals."

Even though not all descendants of extraordinary individuals are born with extraordinary abilities, the probability is quite high. Among Maryse's siblings, half of them were born with innate superpowers while the other half developed them later in life.

Her innate power was one of the most frightening among them.

"So, give it a try."

Bai Yan knew that the final two levels of the "Babel Tower" event were truly the most difficult levels, and it was almost impossible to pass them on the first attempt.

So, he maneuvered "Psychic Dancer" forward.

Psychic domination!

Both of the bodyguards were successfully subjected to Psychic Domination, but just then, a deafening alarm sounded in the villa!

Bai Yan remained calm and collected, as he had anticipated the situation beforehand.

"So it turns out that there is a counter-curse on units like 'Internal Security'. After all, Psychic Dancer has been discriminated against and monitored in her family for so many years, they must have taken precautions against her."

On the screen, more and more black-clad guards surged forward, along with several elite monster-like Internal Guards…And two obvious boss units.

The Augustus family's leader, "Reno," who has a serious expression and a handsome face… and a blue crow-masked, light-colored suit man suddenly appeared from nearby.

"Could it be that this person is… actually 'Raven Reaper', and he is present here?"

Bai Yan immediately recognized the other person, whom he had briefly encountered in front of the office of the director.

How could it be him? Why would he be here?

"Raven Reaper".

When Bai Yan first saw this man, he felt an extremely strong "hunter" aura, making everyone in his presence seem like prey.

Alan considered him one of the top three members of the Demon Hunt Agency, on par with Lin Bian and Mr. Trap. In fact, his strength may even surpass that of Weasley, the leader of Black Wizards.

Bai Yan is very aware of the operator's strength and mutters to himself, "It's terrible to have this kind of boss. Perhaps we should not take action today and definitely should not engage in direct combat with such an individual."

The enemies still had not discovered "Psychic Dancer". The Invisible Cloak of Hermes was simply too effective. However, "Nightsaber" at this moment had nowhere left to hide.

Bai Yan knew walking this far was as good as a death sentence.

"I am sorry, 'Nightsaber', but in reality, I will not let you die so easily."

He wants to test the bosses' abilities here and will not give up easily.

Therefore, Bai Yan promptly maneuvered "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" into action, engaging in combat against numerous adversaries.


"Would you like to save?" "Restart?"

After the hardest battle, the two girls fought to death, just as Bai Yan had expected.

Indeed, the most challenging one was the "Raven Reaper".

His strength even surpasses that of the head of the Augustus family, Reno.

Bai Yan sighed and rose to get a drink of water.

Well, facing this "raven", it's probably necessary for Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer to team up against him, in order to have some chance of winning. It's completely impossible to beat this guy one-on-one.

Start again!

This time, Bai Yan still chose the option of setting fire.

Following the usual path, "Psychic Dancer" and "Nightsaber" returned to the villa. However, this time Bai Yan didn't choose to have "Psychic Dancer" directly control the guards at the door of the study.

Initially, Bai Yan allowed "Psychic Dancer" to venture towards the vicinity of the ballroom, seeking the opportunity to gain control over a male elf by the name of Phoenix.

He appeared to have a high status, always standing by the side of the household master, Reno.

Bai Yan had a trial-and-error attitude and believed that after being controlled, this elf could very likely trigger an alarm.

However, the situation turned out to be smoother than expected, as Phoenix didn't trigger any alarms while being controlled by "Psychic Dancer".

"Although the reason is unclear, the progress is smooth, which is good."

After being controlled, Phoenix was immediately directed by "Psychic Dancer" to the door of the study where he faced two guards.

Indeed, the option to initiate dialogue was triggered!

  1. "Let me into the study, it is an order."
  2. "My father is calling you, there is something very important."
  3. "Let my younger sister enter the study."


Bai Yan was not surprised at all, but thoroughly confirmed that "Psychic Dancer" was the biological daughter of the head of the Augustus family, Reno, but all of this is no longer important.

The father and daughter, from a certain moment onward, will never reconcile and be as they were before.

He hesitated for a moment and chose the second option.

Soon, the two guards hesitated briefly before heading toward the direction of the banquet hall.

"Chose correctly."

Psychic Dancer and Nightsaber had the opportunity to act upon, and Bai Yan instructed Psychic Dancer to command her own brother Phoenix to stand guard outside the study, while manipulating Nightsaber to enter it immediately.

However, he unexpectedly saw the "Raven Reaper" standing with arms folded in the study room!