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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 63 Part 2

2023-05-07 02:00:00Publish Time: 2,500 views
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Chapter 63: Deadly Chain (2)

His pale fingers waved downwards.

The shadows of various buildings on the street swayed and gradually became abstract as if they were creepy and eerie for a moment.

Since the changes in things can cause shadows to change, then…

The transformation of a shadow can also naturally induce a change in material form.

The shadows of the towering buildings leaned over and, under manipulation, crashed down towards Mu Ling and Alan on the ground.

Without any effect, both of them didn't understand what this meant.

The next moment, the actual buildings followed in the footsteps of the shadows, whipping down to the ground in swathes as if with a whip.

Mighty enough to move mountains and seas!

"Crap! This is way too exaggerated!"

Alan was so stunned by this breathtaking scene that he couldn't help but stand there dumbfounded. Quickly, he resorted to using his ultimate Relic, the "Escape Door," to take cover inside.

"Escape Door" appears to be an ordinary black rope, but pulling it reveals a door that appears out of nowhere. The user can hide inside temporarily.

This Relic is not very advanced, and came at the cost of being able to only consume meat for a period of time.

This ability can only allow him to hide for a moment, and eventually returns to his original location. Therefore, Bai Yan never really used it while playing the game.

Mu Ling looked up in astonishment and immediately leaped into the air.

She swung the Anathemas Star Chains, using them as a grappling hook, soaring up and down amidst the collapsing and toppling buildings.

Like a nimble black bird, she continuously stepped on the pebbles and debris, rushing towards a safe place.

Mu Ling didn't find any survivors amidst the collapsed building; she surmised that they had all been evacuated through a spell cast by the Night Watchers, and therefore breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, her expression became serious.

Where did the black wizard ultimately go into hiding?

[He is here.]


Mu Ling was momentarily taken aback, when suddenly a familiar voice echoed in her mind.

That's him!

The heavy buildings relentlessly whipped the ground, raising an enormous dust cloud that could engulf the entire street.

Weasley had not a single iota of desire to engage in this battle, and thus turned on his heel and strode away.

[I command you to stop in your tracks.]


Weasley was slightly taken aback and vaguely realized that someone was using psychic powers. He immediately launched a resistance by means of meditation.

"Only this level of spiritual power, as long as it doesn't directly touch me…"

However, he was still manipulated for a brief two seconds.

Momentarily dazed.


The black cross sword has already pierced through his chest.

The highly maneuverable Mu Ling has once again unleashed "Deep Blue World" and in the next frame arrived behind Weasley.

"How is this possible?" Weasley was incredulous, his body trembling with searing pain.

"I cannot die yet…"

Weasley, with a ferocious expression, attempted to heal his wounds using shadows. However, as soon as he lifted his arm to perform dark magic, he was mercilessly silenced by the hunter behind him, who swiftly broke his arm with a wave of her hand.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

He couldn't understand! Why did Babel Tower know about the secret passage? Why did Babel Tower suddenly appear in Tatsumi City? Why did this hunter possess the power of an Outer God?

The intense pain and despair drove Weasley into utter madness, his eyes grew darker and he attempted a final desperate struggle!

"I want to sacrifice half of my soul, the lord of Gray Area… What is this? What's going on? No!"

The dark mist gradually enveloped him with its somber whispers, swirling around his body from all sides.

Weasley let out a horrified scream as he was gradually engulfed by the black mist, which contained an enigmatic force that nobody could discern.

"The Babel Tower" has already determined the winner and Weasley no longer has a chance.

Mu Ling gazed upon this spectacle calmly, with the knowledge that this was the power of the Savior, her reverence increased all the more.

Speaking of which, was the person just now a member of the Babel Tower?

Is that attire… a clown?

Mu Ling had never been to a circus during her childhood, nor did she have any understanding of the existence of a magician, regarding Alan's attire merely as a clown's.

Then, the black mist began to engulf her.

"Don't go!"

Finally, she heard the voice of a middle-aged man.

As well as a raised silver pistol.

However, the next moment, Mu Ling had already returned home and everything that had just happened seemed unreal.

"Damn it!"

Lin Bian, who was powerless to stop the wanted criminals from disappearing before his very eyes, uttered a curse. This Ace Night Watcher, who arrived a step late, lowered his gun.

"Damn it!"

The gray suit was already soaked, and his face, which looked dejected, became even more solemn. He just couldn't fathom one thing.

"Why… does the Prophecy Book not react to the people of the Babel Tower?"

Bai Yan, who left quietly, breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Lin Bian didn't detect… Alan's magic "Concealment of Aura", which proved to be quite effective.

The only problem with this guy is that he can't fight very well.

Just now, a message was secretly conveyed, and the one who disturbed Weasley was of course Bai Yan, who had been hiding nearby all along.

Because he was hiding far away, and coupled with Bai Yan's use of 'Concealment of Aura,' Weasley, who was completely focused on the enemies, didn't notice him.

Fortunately, Bai Yan chose the right time to launch his surprise attack and combined it with Nightsaber's high mobility and high lethality to defeat the enemy in one blow.

Walking into a nearby alleyway, he took out his phone and discovered…

The emergency mission that he had undertaken has already been completed, and he has gained a considerable amount of profit from it!

"The actual actions, in turn, successfully reversed the game."