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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 62 Part 2

2023-05-05 01:30:00Publish Time: 2,187 views
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Chapter 62: The Incompetence of the Demon Hunt Agency (2)

Lines of pale silver bullets flew out from the silver gun muzzle, and as soon as they touched the ground, they transformed into enormous golden screens of light; the shadow dogs vanished in an instant upon touching them. In a flash, the bullets became galloping skeletal knights, brandishing their massive swords and cleaving the incoming hounds. With a deafening burst, the bullets shattered various dormant magical traps within the villa, causing prolonged tremors.

Lin Bian's gifted power is called "Death Ammo".

A simple yet practical power that can compress untriggered spells into bullets in advance, and when released, it can immediately take effect without any preparation.

Most of the enemies will be torn apart in the overwhelming "tidal wave" of spells!

After Lin Bian had fired multiple shots, without even glancing at the Black Wizard's trickery, he loaded a bullet engraved with golden patterns into his hand.

This is one of his reserves that he kept hidden away.

In the city of Tatsumi, no one except for the extraordinary individuals known as "Pastor" and "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" could possibly survive this bullet.

"Has he already escaped?"

Lin Bian didn't feel the subsequent attacks, he calmly closed his eyes and became aware of his surroundings in the hall.

The breath disappeared.

He knew that the cunning black wizard was only using shadows to delay the time, while his true body had already fled outside of the villa.

This was not beyond expectation.

He just didn't know which direction the black wizard chose to run.

The elite teams of Night Watchers are ambushing from all directions, and Weasley is unable to leave directly through magic.

If any Night Watcher team discovers the fleeing the enemy, they will inform him and then the only thing that waits for the Black Wizard Lord will be the ambush team.

"Are there no new clues in the prophecy book? Then it appears that this 'hunting operation' should be successful."

At this moment, Lin Bian could not help but recall something that Alan had mentioned a few days prior.

The prophecy book has recently been failing…

"I hope this won't happen again," he muttered to himself.


Weasley tidied his black suit with a simple gesture, donned a black felt hat, took a heavy black cane in his right hand, placed his left hand behind his back, and strode through the walls of the study.

Behind the wall lies a dark and lightless underground tunnel, unbeknownst to anyone, ancient and antiquated.

He walked in the tunnel with an exceptionally calm demeanor, without even the slightest hint of panic.

This is not Weasley's first encounter with the Demon Hunt Agency's pursuit, he has long had ample experience and preparation.

This secret passage was not excavated by him, but has existed for many years.

The reason for choosing this location as the base is precisely due to the existence of this highly confidential tunnel.

Weasley investigated and discovered that the builders of it were likely an ancient elf clan, possibly even the ancestors of the Augustus family. They worshiped a higher civilization known as the "Original People" during ancient times, and also established a flourishing magical civilization.

"Worshiping civilizations from other worlds as deities is quite ridiculous."

The black wizard worships no deity but seeks only the truth of the world, while Weasley dismisses all forms of religious behavior with contempt from the depths of his heart.

Certainly, he would never dare to be disrespectful to the "Savior of Dark Light," at least not outwardly.

Most modern forms of magic would probably fail to detect the existence of this hidden passage, which allowed Weasley to feel fully confident in his ability to escape through it.

After a while, Weasley finally arrived at the end of the secret passage.

This is a nearly uniform black wall, but engraved above it is a special golden "All-Knowing Eye".

He walked through the wall covered in a painting of the "All-Knowing Eye" and arrived on a street far away from the villa.

The pouring rain was beating down, while Weasley's countenance remained tranquil in the darkness of night.

"Is this the Demon Hunt Agency's hunt? I don't see anything special from it."

The raindrops were automatically repelled by a spell, leaving the clothes on his body as dry and refreshing as usual, just like the Weasley's mood at this moment.

Weasley's handsome face revealed a faint smile.

He laughed at the Demon Hunt Agency's incompetence for not setting up any Night Watchers here and let himself go completely.

However, it is indeed too far away from his own base. It is normal to not be able to arrange manpower to handle it.

The Night Watchers are all elite members, and there are not many people who can join. Ordinary people would become mere cannon fodder in front of him.

"If it were me, I would urge all the ordinary police officers in the city to surround the nearby area for several kilometers, just to delay my footsteps… even if it means many people would die."

However, they cannot bring themselves to commit such an act that is destined to cause immense harm and casualties.

Although Night Watcher is already strong enough, the weakness called "justice" is still Night Watcher's weakness, which Weasley deeply understands.

And he had been using it all along.

Suddenly, a strange voice echoed from the downpour.

"Cry out! Beg for mercy! Struggle! And then die!"

Weasley's gaze faltered for a moment, then he turned to look towards the source of the sound.

A man in a purple evening gown, wearing a white smiling mask, emerged from the rain nearby, the constant dripping of rainwater resembling tears running across his mask.

Weasley furrowed his brow, first with a degree of trepidation, but subsequently eased into a state of relaxation.

"Is it just one person?"

He can detect through his INT that this person's strength is at the level of "Mutation," but not the kind that is very difficult to deal with.

Does he really think he can stop me alone? Who else in the Demon Hunt Agency besides Lin Bian could do it?

Alan approached slowly and upon seeing the man standing not far in front of him, his heart skipped a beat.

He felt that his time was running out.

It's done, it's done. I was unexpectedly manipulated by the 'Savior' of Babel Tower at such a time, and came here alone to intercept 'Dark-Eyed'.

Savior, do you have a serious illness?

This guy is guilty of many crimes, with a notorious reputation as the master of the black wizardry, I simply cannot defeat him!

Alan is very self-aware, knowing his own strengths and weaknesses. He can handle warriors like Mu Ling, but he would be completely overpowered in the presence of a black wizard leader.

Brother Lin, please quickly save me!

Think of a solution using your invincible spells!

Alan was originally unable to move, and there was an indescribable bitterness in his heart. But in the next moment, he suddenly discovered that his body could move!

Should I escape?

He immediately had a very practical idea.

"It seems like you're the only one here. Hmm, I heard everything you just said…Do you want me to cry, plead, struggle and then go die?"

Alan opened his mouth slightly, partially wanting to indicate that he was just passing by, all of this was simply a conspiracy orchestrated by the Babel Tower!

Weasley's gaze narrowed slightly and he once again revealed a confident smile. He chuckled at his enemies' carelessness and cockiness, as they had only sent a weakling to try and stop him from escaping.

"You are very courageous."

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