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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 60

2023-04-30 18:15:00Publish Time: 2,540 views
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Chapter 60: Calling for the Help of Justice

Bai Yan didn't disclose the whole truth to Alan, in fact, he had no intention of doing so.

As the person who knows the most information, that is to say, oneself, standing at the highest point also means looking the farthest. There is no need to share all the intelligence with everyone; each person only needs to know the part that they should know.

Bai Yan only conveyed two things about the arrival of Alan.

Firstly, a Dark Beast had visited this apartment, and he had a brief encounter with it. This monster engaged in a scuffle with a mysterious individual, before swiftly departing.

As for how they left, he didn't see clearly…because he had hidden at that time.

Bai Yan's second point was that through his newfound extraordinary power of "connection", he was able to uncover the secret lair of the black wizard hidden behind the remains of the Dark Beast.

Alan immediately widened his eyes.

"You're acting strange. What the heck, I've never heard of anyone being able to awaken extraordinary powers instantly!"

Alan gazed in disbelief at the pure white flower, confirming without a doubt that Bai Yan was telling the truth.

"Tell me, how did you manage to do it?"

"Could it be that your mother is the Heart of Radiance from 'Rainbow', and that is why you were born as the son of a god!"

Alan was truly shaken, he had never encountered such a situation before. Initially, he had taken a different path and entered the dream world through meditation, where he explored for several months to gain extraordinary powers.

Thus, his speed of awakening could be considered undoubtedly fast!

Success in one day!

Never before!

"Alright, I'll come clean. In fact, I am an exceedingly rare natural genius."

Bai Yan blinked his eyes, not at all surprised by what had happened to him.

Well, after all, if even mysterious things like the "Babel Tower" exist, what is there left to be surprised about?

Alan opened his mouth and subconsciously wanted to sarcastically say a few words to Bai Yan, but when the words reached his lips, he couldn't say them.

If your friend lucks out and finds ten dollars, you might be able to make a sarcastic comment or two.

But once your friend suddenly inherits tens of millions, you will surely be shocked for a while before recovering!

Bai Yan's awakening speed is truly extraordinary, which left Alan momentarily lagging behind and even incredulous.

"You might indeed have a stronger understanding in terms of perceptiveness, I understand it was acquired through intelligence."

Alan ultimately had to reluctantly admit Bai Yan's talent, and he realized that it was a wise decision to bring Bai Yan into the Demon Hunt Agency.

At least they had been able to avoid someone like him turning into a cultist.

Actually, Alan has never told anyone, but he understood one thing.

He has always been afraid of the Bai Yan from the past.

Bai Yan has long forgotten about that incident, and he only considers his 13-year-old self as someone who simply "rescued a boy from bullying".

But Alan knew clearly that the decision he made by flipping a coin was an even more dreadful choice.

His opponent was not just a bully, but a true and notorious superpower.

As a member of the "Tower", that person often used games as a means of sacrifice and was a frenzied and joyful cultist.

Bai Yan at that time seemed like an entity devoid of human emotions, completely different from who he is now…and he was but one of the terror-stricken lambs awaiting the slaughter.

Alan gradually fell into memories, subconsciously covering the position of his left eye and sinking into silence.

"Alan, what are you thinking about?"

The sudden sound made Alan snap out of it, causing him to instinctively put on a slight smile to hide his fear.

"What can you tell me about the matter of reporting?"

Bai Yan smiled and brought up the matter of reporting the black wizard once again, his tone unchanged, without revealing any knowledge in front of Alan.

What is this guy thinking? Could it be that he's doubting me?

My secrets are increasingly numerous, but I hope you can forgive me, Alan.

It's okay if you don't forgive me, I don't feel guilty at all anyway. Bai Yan smiled contentedly, feeling nothing was wrong with lying.

Alan nodded gently and said solemnly:

"Well, if you have truly found the secret stronghold of the Black Wizard, that is indeed a momentous matter. It would be best for you to recount and detail everything you have seen to me."

"I will be able to more accurately judge what to do."

Alan knew that if Bai Yan really found the hiding place of the Black Sorcerer, he wouldn't be able to solve the matter alone. He had to inform the higher-ups of the Demon Hunt Agency.

The Night Watchers don't operate as lone wolves; they are not solitary hunters, mercenaries, or operatives… They are a formal, organized order that acts in accordance with regulations and protocol.

Bai Yan nodded in agreement, then suddenly feigned confusion and asked, "By the way, Alan, why did you suddenly come to my house today?"

This question must be asked.

Bai Yan was well aware that if he didn't raise any questions, it would be equivalent to leaving loopholes. Alan might doubt whether everything was related to him or not.

Alan blinked in surprise and froze.


Should I reveal the truth?

After much deliberation, he ultimately chose not to confide in Bai Yan about the matter regarding the "Babel Tower".

Alan smiled generously and reached out to pat Bai Yan on the shoulder.

"I actually came to see you, to see if you are seriously comprehending the Seed of Enlightenment, and if you have any doubts… I initially thought that you were absolutely slacking off."

"Well, it seems that the outcome is a bit unexpected to me now."

"You are quite skillful at lying", thought Bai Yan, he then nodded with a smile and said, "I understand, my natural talent must have frightened you."

Alan's smile didn't diminish, but he felt a twinge of guilt as he continued to quarrel with Bai Yan, who "remained clueless about Babel Tower".

I apologize, Bai Yan.

Even if you are my best brother, I cannot discuss with you about being controlled by Babel Tower.

This matter is truly far too perilous.

The power and terror of the Savior are truly unimaginable!

Let me bear the burden alone.


After ten or so minutes.

Near the solitary villa on the outskirts of the city.

Separated by two streets.

Men and women dressed in suits appeared silently from the black rain curtain, calm in appearance but with a gleam in their eyes that belongs to warriors.

They assembled and calmly awaited orders from their superiors.

The Demon Hunt Agency's power has been mobilized, with a total of thirty Night Watchers arriving on the scene. Each of them is an extraordinary individual who has experienced life-and-death struggles.

The Night Watchers are a team of highly trained and extensively experienced elite members. They are not ordinary extraordinary individuals and even those who possess similar capabilities may vary in their combat expertise.

The leading on-site commander is none other than the renowned Night Watcher of the Demon Hunt Agency, Lin Bian.

This formerly decadent grey-clothed man has now dispelled his past drunkenness and absurdity.

He stood solemnly in the rain, dressed in a gray suit, his eyes filled with a weighty and intense sense of resentment and seriousness, stronger and thicker than anyone else's.

"Black wizard…"

Another black wizard has arrived at Tatsumi City, eager to act recklessly. It was they who, in years past, took away all that many cherished from this city.

Some people are just like that.

Believing that they have power, they can act recklessly towards ordinary people, treating precious lives as if they were worthless, laughing wildly while trampling them at will.

They had long forgotten their mother's face.

Lin Bian turned his head and raised his stern eyes.

The white-haired woman holding a black umbrella approached.

Merete Chambers's black evening gown remained immaculate even in the pouring rain, impervious to the forces of nature.

Staring at the troublesome woman, Lin Bian spoke in a low voice, "There was no need for your presence. I am fully capable of apprehending a mere dark wizard on my own."

Merete Chambers smiled calmly, standing by Lin Bian's side. As a special advisor temporarily stationed in Tatsumi City, her status was no less significant than that of Lin Bian.

She spoke softly and said, "The reason I came is that this black wizard is not ordinary. He is not just a simple character…he is, in fact, the heir to the Weasley family."

Weasley is a large family of the Eruo League, renowned for its brewing industry in the upper class of various countries. Lin Bian, as a seasoned alcoholic, has long been aware of them.

He furrowed his brow.

Merete Chambers paused for a moment and continued, "The libations for the worship of the new gods in the Eruo League are provided by this family, and have been for a millennium."

Although Merete Chamber didn't express it directly, Lin Bian had already understood her meaning.

"Are you saying that I still cannot kill him?"

Merete Chambers smiled and nodded. "Yes, he is also a member of the noble family who is protected by the 'Savior of Dark Light'. Only the 'Divine Executors' sanctioned by the Eruo League can execute him… Otherwise, it would be considered a challenge to the 'Savior of Dark Light'."

Savior of Dark Light is also… black.

He is a member of the Rainbows and holds a special place in the Euro League. He is revered by people across the country as the Sacred King who saves all living beings, and is considered to be superior to the other new gods.

Merete Chambers smiled and said, "For your own sake, you cannot kill him."

The expression on Lin Bian's face turned somber, as if he was suffocating.

"Even though this 'Dark-Eyed' has been committing crimes for many years, has numerous murders on his record, and has even killed several of our colleagues, I still can't kill him outright?"

As one of the new gods, the Savior of Dark Light had the most mundane intervention with Noah.

If one kills the person under His protection, it will definitely invoke a terrible curse.

The curse of the gods not only affects the parties involved, but may also extend to future generations without end.

Lin Bian remained silent for a long time.

"I will take note of it."

He casually instructed the Night Watchers to prepare carefully, ensuring that the enemies would have no chance of escaping!

Merete Chambers calmly smiled, knowing in her heart that this man would definitely kill Weasley.

This Night Watcher is the most devout in pursuing justice in this city.

She quickly located Alan among the Night Watchers and then spotted Bai Yan's figure near the crowd.

Bai Yan is unlike others, as he is not an on-duty field worker in Night Watcher.

Although he possessed extraordinary powers, he had not undergone any training and remained a civilian personnel without any obligation to engage in combat.

Bai Yan wasn't standing in the rain like the others, instead he crouched under a nearby eave and ate a steaming bowl of instant noodles while observing the movements of the Night Watchers.

Merete Chambers narrowed her eyes, feeling completely unable to read this man.

He seemed to be, like herself, enthusiastically observing the Night Watchers, but there were many ways in which he differed from her.

In short, he was a very intriguing individual.

Bai Yan noticed the malevolent gaze of the woman with graying hair, yet he simply turned his head in silence and resumed his consumption of the noodles.

The secret skill 'Call for Help' has been launched. Now, let me see if reality can affect the game content.

The mobile phone was still in Bai Yan's pocket, the 'emergency mission' triggered not long ago was yet to be completed and had not failed.

Ah, I should add a bit more insurance at this point.

"I'm sorry, I need to go to the restroom for a moment."

He raised his hand to signal, his face full of anxiety.

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