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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 52

2023-03-27 20:34:08Publish Time: 2,778 views
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Chapter 52: Prophecy

They arrived at the conference hall on the first floor where several night watchmen had already gathered. The meeting was about to commence.

The night watchmen present are of different ages, and they are mostly human beings. The Air Aliance is a nation dominated by humans.

The non-human races actually live within public view, but they often disguise themselves, rarely revealing their true identity.

Bai Yan took out his phone and silently checked the game video online.

The video about defeating the Black Star Faction had automatically been uploaded and within moments had garnered millions of views. Numerous Tatsumi City netizens have left comments.

Orchid Glow:  It's like a movie. No, the special effects are even better than a movie. It's really beautiful.

Chaotic Tree: From today on, I am a fan of Miss Nightsaber! She is sooooo powerful and beautiful!

Anonymous: Please step on my face...

Taste of Autumn: Hi, friend, welcome to Babel Tower fans group.

Scarlet: You are all ordinary people, right? How can you help this suddenly emerging Babel Tower? It's a totally different world.

Taste of Autumn: We will find a way. There are many villains in this city, and we must fight with ourselves. This city belongs to us.

Scarlet: If this gets out of hand, you will attract the attention of the officials... That's not a good thing.

Babel Tower fans group? Bai Yan was taken aback for a while. The ordinary folks had seen too many superpower videos and spontaneously come together to do something for the city?

This is really... a bit ridiculous.

Although Bai Yan doesn't want to deny the power of the masses, individual strength is decisive in this world.

So he tried to join the group.

However, Bai Yan wasn't allowed to directly enter the group, and was instead blocked.

Question: Why did you join the Babel Tower fans group?

Bai Yan pondered for a moment, then casually replied, "Save the world."

He was refused.

"What exactly do these people want to do..."

Bai Yan shook his head, he didn't know what the correct answer was, and was now even more perplexed as to what these people were intending to do.

But something told him that this matter would not be anything small.

At that very moment, the director of the Demon Hunt Agency, Mr. Trap, arrived.

The smiling old man stood on the stage, and looked at the night watchmen offstage. Hardly anyone noticed the emptiness behind his eyes.

"We were too late this time. Fortunately, there were many clues left at the scene. And We can now confirm one thing, Mr. Mystery has returned to this city.

It has been over four months since his last appearance in Tatsumi City. We must capture him this time."

"Compared to the Babel Tower, the Black Star Faction is even more perilous. They pose a huge threat to the city, which cannot be ignored."

Mr. Trap spoke extensively, Bai Yan only listened briefly at the outset and later became disinterested, failing to fully absorb the rest.

To summarize, they must accomplish two tasks within a month.

The first thing was to capture the most wanted criminal of the Black Star Faction, Mr. Mystery, in Tatsumi City.

Second, arrest the members of Babel Tower, striving to completely dissolve the influence of Babel Tower within one month.

"What if we can't do it within a month?" Bai Yan whispered to Alan.

"Then normalize it. Minimize unnecessary influence as much as possible, strengthen prevention and early warning, and hold a few more meetings, there is no other way." Alan muttered.

"I got it." Bai Yan undersood. There should not be any issues with this attitude at present, but whether or not they can follow through afterwards is a matter of ability.

"We must take the Babel Tower seriously, as the organization's behind-the-scenes power may be unimaginably strong." Mr. Trap's expression gradually grew solemn.

"Although they have the powerful Cognition Filter, many of the undisturbed situations on site have already been analyzed. They can frequently use power of Ancient Gods and Outer Gods."

The night watchmen present were all shocked. "Ancient Gods and Outer Gods?"

Whether ancient gods or Outer Gods, they are undoubtedly beings that humanity cannot conquer.

And it is possible for any mysterious organization to get in touch with one of them and make him the mastermind behind the scenes.

But having multiple bosses as a mastermind behind the scenes... It is really rare!

Members of Babel Tower are able to frequently utilize the power of both the Ancient Gods and the Outer Gods? It should be noted that they are often in opposition.

"How could it be?"

"It seems that the backstory of the Babel Tower is more intricate than we had initially imagined."

"I'm scared.."

Bai Yan stood calmly among the night watchmen, listening to their surprised murmurs, he felt a strange feeling in his heart.

He wanted to laugh, but he held it in. 

Alan suddenly poked Bai Yan's arm and said, "The situation this time is severe. The Eyes of the Empire may send people to support us, and there is a possibility that Damocles will also send their people."

Eyes of the Empire?

Bai Yan still remembers that the core strength of "Eyes of the Empire" was called the "King's Guards". They were theoretically responsible for protecting the kings of the Air Alliance, but in reality were the most important force guarding the Air Alliance. They are the "Iron Wall" of the Air Alliance.

The King's Guard of all dynasties consisted of 78 members, among whom the strongest 22 are bestowed with the title of "Superior Guards". They are known as "The Fool", "The Magician", "The High Priestess", "The Empress" and so on.

The only leader of Eyes of the Empire since its establishment has been... 'The World'.

He is a powerful Superoperator who has stepped into the level of "Apocalypse" and possesses a great almost godlike power. He once single-handedly repelled an invading demon army from other realms and wielded the "Flame of Surtur" with supreme power to cut down Leviathan, which had opened its huge mouth from the clouds aiming to devour all living beings in the city.

After the meeting, Bai Yan was grabbed by Alan.

Alan smiled and said, "Not so fast, Bai Yan. I have great things to show you."

"What's that? Alan." Bai Yan slightly tilted his head in perfunctory response, his stomach experiencing pangs of hunger and yearning to return home.

It's too late now, if he doesn't go back now, the food delivery services won't be available anymore.

Alan smiled and said, "What I'm going to show you is very important. In a way, it may be the most important thing in Demon Hunt Agency, and even the core that has always driven our actions."

The most important thing for the Demon Hunt Agency. Bai Yan nodded, finally becoming interested. "I'll go."

Perhaps he can find an opportunity and grab it for Babel Tower...

"Let's go." Bai Yan followed Alan out of the hall, completely oblivious to the fact that a white-haired woman was secretly observing them with a smile from a hidden corner.

"Bai Yan, who exactly are you?" Merete Chambers muttered to herself.

"I can find out the essence of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, but I can't understand you... Is it a fundamental gap in our beings? Are you protecting yourself with a civilization level Relic, or is some great power shielding you?

"Bai Yan, this game will be very interesting. I am looking forward to your next move. I want to know why you joined the Demon Hunt Agency. "


Bai Yan followed Alan down to the sixth underground floor, where they encountered numerous guards along the way. They looked serious and ruthless. But they let them pass after seeing the credentials presented by Alan.

Even if they weren't looking at him, Bai Yan could still sense the chilliness. If he had come alone he would not have been allowed to pass.

The Demon Hunt Agency has a total of seven underground floors. Bai Yan thinks according to the logic that the things that go down are more important. So the items that Alan was planning to show him on the sixth floor were indeed quite significant.

Bai Yan inquired, "What do you want to show me? This place seems quite spacious."

"You will know soon," said Alan.

After arriving at the sixth underground floor, they walked into an ordinary corridor, resembling a hotel hallway, among countless branching paths. Finally, at the end of the corridor, Bai Yan spotted an unguarded room marked "0000".

The shallow crimson door deep within the silent corridor, adorned with classical patterns. Bai Yan could feel a sense of oppression.

"It is inside here. Come in together, and you will definitely enjoy it."

Alan pushed open the door and entered. Bai Yan followed closely behind. Once inside, he was immediately attracted!


This is a vast expanse of pure white space, it seems almost endless, and there is no end in sight...

Bai Yan even felt that this place could be a small world.

In the center of the pure white space lies a square white giant stone, engraved with row upon row of pure black characters.

It's big!

Bai Yan can strongly feel that the magnitude of this white stone surpasses its physical size. It is a colossal entity larger than mountains and oceans, seemingly due to the concept of "future" engraved upon it.

Nothing is larger than the concept of "future".

What exactly is it?

"This is the Civilization-level Relic, the Prophecy."

Alan turned his head, "Actually, every night watchman has a benefit, that is, asking the Prophecy a question about themselves for free once in a lifetime."

"Bai Yan, what do you want to ask?"