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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 44

2022-12-11 19:15:35Publish Time: 3,823 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: wickedjellyfish

Edited by: the-Hellhound, tinyEdit, anonymous

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There seemed to be silent fireworks bursting in his mind, with countless colors blooming and fading.

It is as if he was caught in a boundless nothingness and he cannot feel the presence of his body.

He was bewildered and confused. Gradually, the endless fireworks in his mind ceased, leaving only darkness around him.

The dizziness is receding and memories are gradually coming back to his mind.

Bai Yan.

I am Bai Yan.

"Bai Yan... My name is Bai Yan..."

Is this my memory?

This name, why is it in my mind... Why do I feel that it is a familiar name.

Why do I feel so sad?

The breeze gently brushed Bai Yan's cheeks, gradually waking him up from the chaos.

Bai Yan opened his eyes and gradually stretched his stiff body.

He stood on a vast expanse of white land. Except for the oncoming breeze, the only things he could see were the six grand suns shining with golden light in the sky.

Gradually, thick and dense black mist surged up, enveloping everything around Bai Yan.

"The black fog in the video..."

When he reached out to the rising black mist, a large amount of complicated and incomprehensible information was automatically formed in his mind.  A small part of which began to be quickly arranged and combined, converting into words that humans could read.

"Upgrade the Babel Tower Temple."

"Meet core operators."

"Change the appearance of the temple."

"Go elsewhere."

Four lines of fiery red words surfaced in the depths of Bai Yan's mind, as if the faithful Babel Tower was welcoming its supreme master.

"Is this an authority I can exercise?"

Relieved, Bai Yan shook his head. He didn't immediately use his authority as "Savior", but picked up an invisible mask in his hand.

Although it is completely transparent and the outline cannot be seen, he can still feel the touch of its presence.

This is... 'The Disguise Mask'.

Bai Yan raised his hand and slowly put on the Disguise Mask, his body started to wriggle like ooze, now he can mold his body shape and appearance according to his heart's desires.

After thinking for a while, Bai Yan's figure gradually shifted.

He turned into a person shrouded in a black robe whose face could not be seen, possessing a hazy sense of mystery that no one could see through.

Bai Yan nodded slightly, the image of himself now is almost the same as the Savior in Babel Tower.

"I want to change the appearance."

The next moment, nineteen three-dimensional holographic pictures appeared in front of Bai Yan, including "palaces" of various themes.

Such as "Underwater World", "Fairy Tale Paradise", "Sky Temple", "Padma Hell", "Cyber Tower", "Blood Tower", "Dark Castle" and so on.

Just waiting for him to make a choice.

"The Blood Tower looks weird. The ground and buildings are piled up with twisted and rotting corpses. Even the throne is stacked with limbless bodies. How can anyone tolerate it?

After he complained, Bai Yan thought about it for a while, and decided to try theme appearance of "Space Crystal Palace".

Everything in the black mist collapsed and disintegrated again, then transformed into basic particles. Only Bai Yan standing in the center of the black mist was not affected at all.

Finally, everything was reshaped again.

Bai Yan looked around him in astonishment. All the walls were paved with clear crystals. This is a majestic palace full of space opera-style sci-fi.

There is a high crystal throne on one side of the palace, which is crystal clear and has a very beautiful sense of art. In front of the throne are many exquisite musical instruments made of crystal. It seems that there is going to be a performance for their king, but there is lack of players.

Around the palace, there are sleeping maid puppets made of crystal. They are lifeless but delicate enough to almost be called perfect works of art. Perhaps they are just the players that the musical instruments lack.

Bai Yan thought for a while, two crystal maid dolls handed up water and snacks and stood calmly on both sides of him.

The ceiling of the Crystal Palace is completely transparent, and he can see the infinite dark universe as long as he looks up, and the many stars that shine brightly are incomparably gorgeous.

"Is this the real universe? Or a false illusion?" Looking at the beautiful universe, Bai Yan couldn't help but have this question in his mind.

In fact, he didn't know the correct answer, and he didn't dare to try to smash the ceiling and run out.

"Let's try something else... Well, this should be good."

Bai Yan selected the "Sky Temple" theme.

Everything collapsed and disintegrated again, and reassembled into a new world.

Bai Yan stared around with curiosity.

A gentle wind blew past him, and the surrounding area was covered with white clouds in the blink of an eye.

This is a temple with a diameter of more than a few hundred meters, like a huge white disc. There are numerous golden patterns on the edge, and huge white ancient Roman columns are arched around the temple.

In the blue sky there is a huge and very close golden sun, seeming to be within reach.

Why is the sun so big?

Bai Yan was not so surprised this time, he soon saw a marble throne in the middle of the huge pillars, which could only be walked up step by step.

"I don't know what it's like to sit there. All in all, I feel entitled to sit up."

Bai Yan felt like this was like finding a new treasure. A brand new map was opened in the game. He ran up the stairs full of curiosity and joy, and sat on the throne unceremoniously.

The golden sun occupying half of the sky was right behind him.

"Well, it's not comfortable at all." Bai Yan decided to change the theme again. No matter how beautiful a theme is, it is meaningless if there is no comfort!

Finally, Bai Yan settled the current theme appearance of Babel Tower-- Star Camp.

In the next second, the blue sky turned into a dark and endless starry night. There are countless stars shining in the night sky.

The ancient and dilapidated huge stone pillars rose from the ground, and the dynamic myths and legends are depicted on the stone walls, and the immortal epic stories of various races are played in a loop.

The huge stone table was surrounded by luxurious seats made of different substances.

Bai Yan sits at the main seat of the long table. Under his buttocks was a night sky throne that is embedded with twinkling stars.

Bai Yan sat calmly on the brand new night sky throne, he felt very good.

He decided to change the theme of the Temple of Babel Tower every time he met the operators.

"Use this today. At least this chair is comfortable. As for the scenery, it's just stuff."

Bai Yan is quite pragmatic.

In the next step, he chose "meet the core operators" in his mind.

A faint translucent list appeared in front of him, much like the enlarged version of the list in the mobile game Babel Tower. He can choose the core operators as the objects to be met by "the Savior".

Bai Yan thought for a while and decided to meet Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer.

In fact, it is impossible for him to maintain the remote control mode all the time.

For Babel Tower to be a qualified salvation organization, both managers and subordinates need the necessary communication, instead of just solving everything in the game mode.

Bai Yan is also looking forward to meeting them, he is very interested in things about "Babel Tower" right now.

This game has been getting more and more interesting!

Infinite freedom, infinite possibilities, infinite maneuverability, and... The penalty of losing everything once failed.

He originally thought that he would suffer more and more bitterness and hatred because of the heavy responsibility, but in fact, every "infinity" and "everything" made Bai Yan extremely excited.

'Do I really care about justice and evil, the survival and destruction of the world, or even my own life?'

Perhaps, since I came to this world, I have lost everything, so I no longer care so much.

Bai Yan vaguely recalled the mysterious Moon Witch.

Is the essence of what she said the side of her life that she likes to play?

"Everything else is not that important, but what I really want... is to win the game perfectly." Bai Yan muttered.

He took a deep breath and decided to let the game move on to the next stage.

"I want to meet..."


And Psychic Dancer."

After Bai Yan chose the core operators and used the summon function, a thick black mist emerged from each of the two seats next to the long table.

Something suddenly occurred to him.

There is a price to pay for using relics, and the price for using Disguise Mask is...

To be unable to speak to girls for a period of time.

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