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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 41

2022-11-16 07:35:36Publish Time: 3,669 views
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“White Night Pharmaceutica… another name I’ve heard of.”
Most NPCs, buildings, and powers in the complicated Babel Tower didn’t leave a deep impression on Bai Yan, but White Night Pharmaceutica was not one of those.
It was a company that manufactured drugs for neurological problems. In the background story, it was so famous that Bai Yan even knew it in the real world -- White Night Pharmaceutica in Tatsumi City.
At first, Bai Yan thought that “White Night” in the game was using the same name to ride the wave of the celebrated company in reality.
Now it appeared that the two of them were the same company.
“The White Night in the game always stirs up trouble. It either makes cyborgs or produces elixirs…”
Although he only achieved the True End once, Bai Yan had experienced multiple plots in the past bad end playthroughs.
He couldn’t guess the plot line White Night Pharmaceutica will choose this playthrough, or to be more exact, in reality…
He picked Psychic Dancer to start the second level of the event mission.
“White Night Pharmaceutica.”
Her pixelated picture was shown on the screen again. It was at dusk, the devil's hour mentioned in so many legends.
In the dim light, Psychic Dancer’s small pixel figure walked out of the alley.
“Tap, tap, tap…” the same sound effect came again as the subtitles appeared on the screen.
“Valuable information from Nightsaber: White Night Pharmaceutica is making shady deals with the Black Star Faction."
“Black Star Faction, a Cult with the ultimate goal to let Outer Gods invade this world. It’s the responsibility of The Babel Tower to destroy it.”
It was still that emotionless female mechanical voice.
Bai Yan stared at the screen, not even blinking for the fear of missing any information.
In the lower right corner of the subtitle was Psychic Dancer’s avatar which represented that those were her lines.
Next, the graphical rendering of the game changed.
The screen rotated to portrait mode. Bai Yan could see the structure of the building from the first to third floors, while the floors above were temporarily invisible.
Bai Yan remembered that this White Night building has seventeen floors in the real life. The game wouldn’t ask him to beat seventeen levels to accomplish the mission... right?
Psychic Dancer’s pixel figure was on the first floor. She needed to avoid the attention of the enemy and use her superpower to go all the way upstairs.
Bai Yan muttered, “Clear out each floor. I’ve tried this in the previous playthrough of a bad end, but I didn’t use Psychic Dancer at that time.”
Last time he picked Cybertyrant and completed the level like it was the easiest thing in the world.
On the first floor, there were patrolling men in black and many crates.
By pushing crates, Psychic Dancer could block those men’s line of sight. Differently colored mushrooms contained in some crates; provided her with various buffs.
Bai Yan manipulated the girl to go upstairs.
Psychic Dancer pushed the crates, blocked the sight of the guards and ate mushrooms to increase her movement speed.
After those guards turned around, Bai Yan let Psychic Dancer release her special skill -- Psychic Domination.
Of course, he also had other skills and tools, such as Invisible Cloak of Hermes, Sacred Rune Athena, and Rotating Copperhead Belt.
Smoothly, Psychic Dancer climbed upstairs to the second floor.
Guards on the second floor were stationed right at the door. Bai Yan had to take out the Invisible Cloak.
The next moment, Psychic Dancer’s pixel figure gradually blurred. A countdown timer showed up above her head.
Bai Yan dared not to waste time. He instantly manipulated her to jump over those guards’ heads.
“Wait, in real life, her body is even weaker than an ordinary person. How can she do this move…?”
Same as before, many men in black were guarding the third floor.
Bai Yan unlocked the power of Sacred Rune Athena!
Its effect was plain but spectacular…Repeat the last used power immediately!
Sounds mediocre, but knowing how to use it can be tricky.
For instance, you can only present three wishes to a genie. However, under the power of Athena, you are able to make six wishes!
Psychic Dancer’s figure blurred again. She passed this floor safely.
On the fourth floor, there was no longer any guards. Instead, a large number of red lasers kept on moving up and down across the whole level.
“It would have been easy if I had Cybertyrant.”
“Fine. Time to challenge myself!”
Taking a deep breath, Bai Yan decided to fight his way out with his micro controlling abilities. In fact, he truly wanted to use Power Possession, but the game had warned him not to do it.
Bai Yan couldn’t figure it out for the time being. He only knew that he was forbidden to beat everything with Power Possession like a cheater.
He manipulated Psychic Dancer to rush towards the moving lasers while trying to weave through them.
Bai Yan wasn’t aware of what he triggered. With a “Ding”, the alarm sounded in the building.
“Oh no.”
Last time when Bai Yan picked Cybertyrant, controlling the system was so easy that there was no alarm that went off.
Suddenly more laser beams turned on. Psychic Dancer couldn’t do anything but instantly be turned into ashes.
“It hurts…Mother…Mother…”
“How can a small pile of ashes still leave last words?” Bai Yan roasted. He found the game screen was reset to the first floor.
“There’s still time.”
He took a glance at the clock, knowing he must complete the mission within a few hours. Otherwise, Psychic Dancer would die in reality.
Even though he never met her in person or talked to her, Bai Yan didn’t want her to suffer the pain and despair of death.
After some time, Psychic Dancer once again arrived the fourth floor.
Still, what happened to her was the same.
The alarm…laser grid…ashes’ last words…
“The key point is the alarm. She may have been discovered before she went upstairs so she was killed indiscriminately once she reached the fourth floor.”
Bai Yan thought for a few seconds. This time, he didn’t focus solely on climbing stairs, but started to explore each floor thoroughly.
No matter what he encountered, he would let Psychic Dancer touch it.
And he didn’t even try to avoid those guards in black, so that Psychic Dancer was discovered!
Bai Yan didn’t wait helplessly for the end. He chose the tool, Rotating Copperhead Belt. Anyone who was hit by the tool would spin around uncontrollably.
Psychic Dancer cut through the guards with the belt. As she ran and whipped, those men in black began to rotate.
The scene was quite…hilarious.
Bai Yan found the guards were actually weak, and it allowed Psychic Dancer to go all the way to the third floor.
Finally, she met the boss -- a woman with long blonde hair wearing a white suit.
“Provoking us was your worst mistake.”
The woman stood sideways and snapped her fingers. Several pixel flames appeared in the sky, attacking Psychic Dancer.
Bai Yan swiftly manipulated Psychic Dancer to escape. As the fire balls smashed down continuously, Bai Yan tried to use Psychic Domination on the boss.
“Useless!” said the woman, and her figure dissolved on the spot.
The next second, she appeared in the same place, but there was no sign that her mind was being controlled at all.
It seemed that she “refreshed” herself to make debuffs disappear. Bai Yan could roughly guess the concept of her ability.
The woman snapped her fingers with both hands once more. Fire balls burst out into a dragon-like shape and started to chase Psychic Dancer.
Bai Yan manipulated Psychic Dancer to dodge the crazy fire dragon. It was a long time before he finally found a chance to get close to the woman.
Psychic Dancer whipped the Copperhead Belt again. Even if the woman was the boss, she failed to stay immune and immediately started spinning!
‘Good, it’s close enough.’
When Psychic Dancer got closer to her opponent, the effect of Mind Control would be enhanced.
“Psychic Domination!” Bai Yan performed the ability decisively.
This time it succeeded, so he gave the order without hesitation.
The boss who finally ended the rotation became raging.
“Damn…I’ll be back!”
She snapped her fingers and burst into flames. Shrieking in agony, her body turned into ashes.
A dark room popped up next to her remains with a red button on.
Although Bai Yan didn’t know what it was, or whether there would be an explosion, he still manipulated Psychic Dancer to press the button.
The next moment, all the lasers on the fourth floor disappeared.
‘Good! I did it!’
Bai Yan let Psychic Dancer rush to the fifth floor.
There were many experimental facilities and monster corpses, as well as experimenters in lab coat, crouching in fright.
Some bottles in the cabinets had labels on them, reading, “Transformation Potion of The Deep Ones”.
It turned out that Black Star Faction had colluded with the Augustus family. They were mass producing the Transformation Potion of Deep Ones.
Bai Yan immediately understood the current plot line. ‘They were definitely going to attack Tatsumi City, but unfortunately they met me…’
Then he realized something wrong.
“Wait a minute…this is a sneaking mission. How did I finish with the use of force?”
“Never mind. Save the game.”
“Irena, let’s play one more!”
On the big bed in her room, Maryse, who was in a baby pink dress, was pouting and shaking Irena’s arm.
“I can’t win a single game! You’ve been cheating with your power during the game. I won’t play anymore!”
Irena, in her maid outfit, was so mad that she threw the handle. She had been beaten up a dozen times just now!
“No, I didn’t use my power.”
Maryse looked at Irena with sincerity. The latter was slightly taken aback.
“Just because you are a noob,” she added.
Irena jumped up from the bed, clenched her fists, “No way! You have to let me play again!”
“Hahaha, wait for a sec. I need to go to the bathroom.”
Maryse jumped off her big pink bed. She was so pleased.
Actually she did cheat with her power. After all, she was the secret weapon of her clan.
Just as Maryse walked to the bathroom door, she suddenly lost the control of her body again.
She was horrified.
She was within touching distance from the bathroom.
But her body turned around!
‘Wait a minute! I need to go to the bathroom! Don’t ask me on a mission like this!’