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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 38

2022-08-28 13:07:19Publish Time: 4,209 views
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Chapter 38: I Am A Secret Weapon! 

Platinum District, the villa group of Augustus family.

There are green plants everywhere, like a grand garden surrounding a group of villas. Many men in black suits are parading all over the villa.

The number of family guards is double that of a week ago.

The configuration of spells and rituals for nearby defenses and alarms has also been improved. Any intruders will meet terrible consequences.

The Augustus family treated the last incident as a great shame. Of course, they have not publicized it, and they are determined not to let it happen again.

And the chief culprit of all this -- "Psychic Dancer" is hiding in her room.

Maryse was wearing a small pink skirt and lying on the pink bed. Her two thin legs wrapped in white silk stockings swayed.

She was licking a watermelon flavored lollipop.

"Humph... The kittens are so cute."

Maryse was smiling like the dickens when she focused on the video in her mobile.

She played with her mobile phone for a long time, got up and went to the toilet, then came back to continue watching videos.

"Ha ha ha! This little Raccoon was eating cotton candy! It's so funny!"

After a while, Maryse she was getting tired and her eyelids drooping. Finally, she fell asleep.


After god-know how long, Maryse woke up. She rubbed her eyes and laid on the bed staring at the ceiling.

Slowly curled up in bed, she turned her head and looked out of the window in a daze.

As time went by, Maryse picked up the phone and put it down again.


'Irena is at school.' Maryse looked out the window and thought.

She didn't actually go to school.

Since she was eight, the Augustus family tried to avoid Maryse's contact with outsiders. As for the specific reasons, her father never explained it to her.

The rest of the family would receive higher education in noble schools, and Maryse is the only one who receives private education.

The level of those private teachers was high, but it also led to her lack of necessary social interaction since childhood.

So Irena was sent over.

Maryse could see the pride and meticulous character from the black haired girl at first sight.

This girl named Irena seems to be more like a young lady.

Irena's mother tried to seduce her father and was alienated from the center of the family after  failure. Irena, who was trained for elitism from childhood, was reduced to serving Maryse.

Having more children is the most basic and common strategy of the extraordinary family.

Maryse has many brothers and sisters. Of course, her father has more than one woman. The personal servants who can serve other Augustus family members have higher status than Irena.

Her brother's personal servant slapped Irena in the face for a small fault.

No one can remember what happened. Maybe it was not important at all. He just wanted to establish his position in the family.

Irena tried her best to cover up her beating, but she still couldn't hide Maryse's Mind Reading.

Maryse didn't say anything after she learned about it, and she kept silent for more than half a month.

When everyone forgot the conflict between that person and Irena, she found a chance to secretly control that person.

She didn't know why. At that time, she couldn't control her anger and broke the man's leg.


Maryse later realized that she had actually controlled her anger.

She originally... wanted that person to die.

The order for suicide could almost be called out in her heart, and it was like a subtle voice, urging her to shout it out quickly.

No one knows that it was Maryse who did that.

She has always exposed her Mind Reading ability, but her ability of Mind Control has never been shown in public.

Maryse has been staring outside in a daze, expecting something to happen, whether Irena suddenly returns or there was another task from the Babel Tower.

Now she doesn't feel that it is particularly unacceptable to be controlled to complete the task. She even feels that it is one of the few pleasures in life.

Ah, it's not because the generous rewards. No cheating.

The only thing Maryse is unhappy about is being controlled.

She still wanted to take the initiative on her own, not to be manipulated by others.

However, after a long wait, nothing happened.

Maryse just sat quietly on the bed.

Her eyes moved slightly.

If she said that she wanted Irena to accompany her more, Irena would lose the opportunity to go to school and stay with her in the villa.

Suddenly, a rather great sense of guilt came up.

Maryse hugged her head and angrily hammered her head with her small hand.

"Damn it! How could I have such an abominable idea!"

[Miss Maryse, are you here?]

Just then, Maryse was shocked to hear the housekeeper's voice outside the door.

A tall, white haired old elf in a black suit came in.

He is the chief steward of the Augustus family, Norma, and he is completely obedient to his master.

Norma nodded slightly and said calmly, "Miss Maryse, your father asked you to go there immediately."


Father, her father?

It came so suddenly, Maryse didn't react for a while.

However, she immediately stepped down from the bed, showing a naive and lovely smile, and said a little flustered, "Do I need to change clothes? Will the occasion be very formal? Why did father call me? Mr. Norma, what do I need to prepare in advance?"

[Miss Maryse is really a child.]

After a long silence, Norma shook his head and said, "Miss Maryse, you can wear whatever you like. This is a private conversation."

[You'd better not expect too much.]

"Okay," Maryse smiled and nodded.

She didn't know how to be so happy.

Maryse thought she would hate her father. However, all the good memories before she was eight years old came up after he called her.

Yes, he was a good father. He once loved her so much. How could he change easily?

Maryse changed into a lovely suit, followed the housekeeper to the main villa that had the largest size in the villa group.

The main villa is very big. The furniture and servants are of a higher level. For a long time, only the owner of the Augustus family had the right to live here.

Maryse followed the housekeeper excitedly, holding her skirt, and hurried to the luxurious study on the second floor of the villa.

The huge study covers an area of at least 200 square meters. The light is bright, and the bookcases filled with books, just like a small library.

With neat blond hair and Turquoise eyes, a handsome male elf sits on a spiral black ladder.

He was wearing a dark blue suit and was holding a black book about the "Lord of ashes" among the Outer Gods.

"Keep your distance."

There are also two elves in black suits in the study. They are the guards of the family and belong to their father.

One of the internal guards asked Maryse to keep a long enough distance. It used to be 20 meters, but now it is 40 meters.

Maryse's mood gradually dropped and she gradually remembered the orders her father had given.

If she does something bad to the family, the internal guard can get rid of her when necessary.

However, she soon comforted herself. It was only an order at that time. Moreover, after such a long time, he must have changed his mind.

"Father, I'm here."

Maryse smiled sweetly and lovingly, waiting for the man to turn to her. At the same time, she also considered how she could win the favor of her father.

Then she could prepare some small gifts on her father's birthday to to remind him of their sweet memories.

'Everything will be different! I will be able to eat with my family!'

The man sitting on the spiral staircase spoke.

"Maryse, you know Ms. Peggi, one of 'the Kings'?"


There are eighty kings of the Air Alliance. They are all descendants of the founders of the Air Alliance.

They are undoubtedly the nobles among the nobles, who are jointly responsible for making decisions on the important affairs of the Air Alliance. Among them, Ms. Peggie is the most impressive one.

On the one hand, Ms. Peggie is a powerful woman with super power. She is called the 'Secret Box' and controls the  largest intelligence channel "Shadow Association" of the Air Alliance.

On the other hand, this old woman is an open bisexual. There are many young men and women in her harem, and she accepts everyone .

The man with the book turned his back to Maryse, and his voice was full of magnetism.

"Maryse, you will leave this city in three weeks and go to the new city where Ms. Peggie lives... I know you can please her."

"If you want to find a way not to be driven away, get close to her, and then record all Peggy's feelings, I will find a way to send someone to hand over information to you at the end of each month."

"It's very important. You should keep it secret."

After he finished, he was silent for a while, and didn't hear the expected response.

"Do you understand?"

He finally turned his head and calmly looked at his daughter, whom he had rarely seen over the years, with no emotion in his eyes.

"Oh, I, I see... Father."

"Then you can go."

Maryse was silent for a long time, nodded and turned away.

She was in a trance and didn't even know how to get back to her room.

Things happened so suddenly that Maryse could not recover in a short time.

Maryse suddenly understood why her father had never allowed her to school or contact outsiders, and more strictly prohibited anyone from disclosing that she could listen to others' inner voice.

'Cause I'm a secret weapon!'

"Ha ha... I'm really good!"


Maryse curled up on the edge of the big bed and sobbed for a long time. she tried to hold her tears back but things got worse.

At that moment, she suddenly felt her back burn, and it was getting hotter and hotter.

The familiar black fog has been around for some time. Maryse felt a sharp pain on her back, as if something was penetrating her soul.

'The Babel Tower again?'

Maryse was sweating in pain but couldn't do anything but clenched her small hand.

But somehow she also felt a sense of release in her heart. Her brain, which was empty because of the pain. She wouldn't think about the family, her father, and herself.

The golden grain is gradually engraved on Maryse's bright and white back, showing the pattern of a woman warrior in leather armor holding a spear and a shield.

Give her a powerful power that mortals must look up to!

However, just like the civilization level relic "Nyx's cover", Maryse can't fully release the power of the Sacred Rune "Athena".

She took off her clothes and stood in front of the mirror in the room. She twisted her body and looked at the golden lines on her back.

"I don't know who you are or what your real purpose is.

However, since you are confident that you can save the world.

Can you also save me?

I want to leave this family."