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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 28

2022-06-11 17:12:28Publish Time: 3,885 views
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Chapter 28: Welcome to the Babel Tower, My Delicious Friend

“It's the DHA! Those are the Night  Watchmen!"

Maryse saw that a group of men wearing black and white suits had gathered around her, and her head spun dizzily.

‘Oh no, I’m going to be arrested… I won’t be able to eat caviar in the future'.

Oh no, I’m going to be tortured… don’t hit me. I promise to tell you everything I know!

Oh no, I’m going to be executed by the Aurora… I heard that it’s painless? But I don’t wanna die…’

Maryse was just a little girl. She didn’t have much battle experience. Facing this situation, she was completely confused and didn’t know what to do.

If it were Mu Ling, she would definitely escape immediately.

The leader of these night watchmen was a cold-looking young man, Quill. He was dressed in a black suit, and there were faint scars on the corner of his eyes.

He was crouching and casting a spell. Shadows stretched out from him and wrapped around Maryse like the dark flag from hell.

At this moment, Maryse wasn’t afraid at all. Instead, she had a determined thought, ‘He will save me!’

The Night Watchmen looked euphoric.


Quill still looked serious and did not dare to lower his guard.

The slippery feel of the shadow scared Maryse into crying.

“Since you claim to be my master, don’t disappoint me!”

Suddenly, the black mist appeared behind her.

The Night Watchmen were completely taken by suprise. They felt an intangible terror that etched itself inside their minds. They shuddered all over. It was like the first time they walked on a dark road alone when they were young. They did not know where the danger was, but they were too numb to control the spread of fear.

Quill frowned, “Is this the power of the Master of Babel Tower?”

The black mist gradually engulfed the Psychic Dancer and the three Dark Sorcerer’s apprentices.

Quill tried to increase the power of the spell, but he could not stop the black mist at all. And they all vanished.

The night watchmen looked at each other confused. Quill stood up and said coldly, “What are you doing? Hurry up and save them!”

After a while, the night watchmen noticed something strange.

Although the scene of the attack looked tragic and there were many injuries, no one died. The attack had been a failure in a sense.

But the most perplexing thing of all was that the onlookers claimed that both the attacker and the rescuer had claimed to be “loyal to the master of the Babel Tower.”

“How strange.”

Quill fell silent. He pulled out his phone and reported the situation to the chief.

Bai Yan had already found an excuse to leave the villa. Alan and his friends wanted to go out, but he didn’t want to go together.

After all, that middle-aged man would also come with them. If he stayed any longer with that man, he would be stressed out. He would definitely not be able to sleep at night.

It had stopped raining. He put away his umbrella and walked to the bus stop.

Bai Yan was waiting in the station pavilion. Suddenly, he heard the passers-by discussing the incidents that happened in the pedestrian street.

“Have you heard the news? There was a supernatural attack on the pedestrian street. it was a big mess. At least ten people died.”

“No way. Have you seen the video? At least 100 people died.”

“That’s right. I’ve seen the video on the account of Babel Tower. Some people commented that more than 200 people died, and almost ten thousand people agreed.”

“I see. That must be the truth.”

Bai Yan felt ridiculous. He controlled the Psychic Dancer to clear the level without any injuries, and the bomb was removed. It was impossible for hundreds of people to die.

In his impression, the better the evaluation of one mission, the fewer casualties there would be.

Bai Yan took out his phone and watched the video. The pixelated Psychic Dancer easily defeated the enemy to control the situation. However, the fire at the scene was really big. No wonder many people made up the casualties.

At the end of the video, the night watchmen appeared. Bai Yan was stunned. Many people were interested in the night watchmen.

Golden Darkness: Who the hell are they???? How dare they attack a lovely girl?

Scarlet: Looks like they're officials. If superpowers really exist, the goverment isn't just going to ignore it.

Rose Puppeteer: Superpowers have existed for a long time. It's just that it was exposed right now.

NoOneRepeat: The attackers were also loyal to the Babel Tower? Was this internal strife?

Autumn Taste: I think… the Babel Tower seems to be a righteous organization. Perhaps we should support them?

Bai Yan scrolled through the comments and realized that everyone was even more worried. He began to think about how to prevent such an incident in the future.

He suddenly remembered one thing.

“I forgot to set the study of mutation technology. The logistics personnel are already sufficient.”

Bai Yan immediately logged into the game. He clicked on the Mutation Technology Research Lab and invested the three logistics personnel.

Game Notification: Logistics personnel are engaging.

[Logistics personnel are engaged. The Mutation Technology Research Lab has been opened. Please select one technology to study.]

Bai Yan realized that only one new technology button was lit up. He clicked on it.

[Choose the research materials to invest in.]

He dragged Gravity of Darkness to the lab in the bottom slot.

[Gravity of Darkness is invested. The research has begun. The current rate is 0%. No acceleration and no output.]

All that he had to do was wait.

Some relics, core operators, and even the technology could increase the efficiency of research, but there was still no need to do that.

The bus finally stopped at the entrance to the neighborhood. Bai Yan returned to his house. He lay down on his bed and found that the two core operators were out of the Recovery Spring.

Their mood rose to eight, and the Psychic Dancer’s loyalty finally increased from three to five.

“This little girl is easy to comfort.”

Bai Yan looked at the phone screen and suddenly felt incredulous.

He clicked on his phone, and the future of the world would be affected. Was it fate?

“So what exactly is the background of Babel Tower?”

As the wine began to kick in, he fell asleep in deep thought.

Three people who had just come in lay quietly on the vast grass.

The bald man, the red-haired woman, and the chubby old man. They all wore black wizard robes. In fact, they were the Dark Sorcerer’s apprentices who had just been captured.

Soft music played. The bald man gradually woke up from his sleep and felt a sharp headache.

“Where am I?” He looked around in a daze. They were in a large green meadow. It looked empty. There was only a large white research institute behind him. It was very large, and the sci-fi-colored door was nearly a hundred meters tall.

A cold and heartless young male voice sounded.

[Be grateful to the Babel Tower. You have been given a chance to atone for your sins.]

[Finish your mission in exchange for points to survive.]

“Who the hell are you?!”

The bald man struggled to understand any of this. He roared; his heart filled with rage.

[You have violated the rules of logistics of the Babel Tower. This is your first warning.]


The next moment, the bald man felt a violent tremor from the depths of his soul as if all his cells were wailing.

He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t even make a sound. The pain instantly made him incontinent, and his brain started swaying.

The bald man’s eyes went blank, and he fell to the floor, unable to speak or think. After a long time, he gradually recovered, but he still maintained an extremely intense fear.

Sella was gradually awakened. Soft, unadulterated music entered her ears. It sounded like a faint lament.

She rubbed at her long red hair, looking around in confusion.

The short grass that covered the mountains was wide and flat. In the light of the setting sun, the meadow was enveloped in golden silence. It was vast and imposing.

The fat old man was the last to wake up. He was also very confused. They soon heard the cold voice in their heads.

[Be grateful to the Babel Tower. You have been given a chance to atone for your sins.]

[Finish your mission in exchange for points to survive.]

Sella glanced at the bald man convulsing on the grass, then up at the four suns in the sky, and the huge, majestic white Institute behind her.

‘What the hell is going on? Where the hell are we?’

She was breaking down.