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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 272

2024-03-22 15:50:00Publish Time: 509 views
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Chapter 272: Get Stronger!

Faint sounds of joy could be heard.

In the dark and gloomy corridor of the arena, Ganis, wearing wild beast-like leather, took a deep breath.

Today was another day of stepping back onto the arena floor.

He wasn't a wild beast, yet he always fought like one.

One day, this situation would change.

Ganis quietly clenched his fist, his eyes becoming sharp.

Mr. Profligate's inner strength was quite useful.

The entire abattoir had already been quietly controlled, and the half-dragon man didn't notice anything suspicious. He calmly carried out all the commands of Profligate.

As for the guardians here, they were all oblivious, wandering around in a daze.

Compared to the magnificent Babel Tower, these people were nothing at all, not worth mentioning in the slightest.

But deep inside Ganis, he understood very clearly that continuing this way was not a solution.

In the recent series of performances, there was way too much gentleness. The ones who died in the arena were just some prisoners sentenced to death and monsters, but not a single sinner perished.

The repetitive performances during this time have caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the audience.

If it continues like this, the truth will really be exposed.

However, in the current situation, Ganis could never let the Persecuted meet their demise, no matter what.

"Just like the Savior and his promise, I will become the 'Crown' on this stage, and then, leading everyone to a new home."

In Ganis' mind, his sister's face appeared, and there was a newfound happiness in her smile, unlike before.

We will welcome peace and tranquility in our new home.

He continued to move forward step by step in the hallway, and the cheers grew louder and louder.

From the darkness, they walked towards the light.

Outside the arena, the audience was extremely excited. Every person in the stands was cheering loudly.

Every pair of eyes was fixed on the abattoir, hoping to catch a glimpse of the one and only protagonist stepping onto the stage.

Many people kept waving their tickets, their faces filled with enthusiasm. Some girls even couldn't resist fainting.

Excitement, joy, cruelty, and a thirst for blood.

"Champion! Champion! Champion! Champion! Champion!"

Ganis remained silent, just as he always did.

Before he emerged from the tunnel, he would only maintain his silence.

But once he is outside, things would be different... However, before leaving, he discovered that today's "difference" had actually happened before he truly went out!

Ganis was startled to find that his clothes were actually blurry and changing!

"What is happening?," he wondered.

The rough, aesthetically unappealing clothes he used to wear seemed to be getting replaced by new and different ones.

Completely transformed.

"No!" he exclaimed.

He quickly realized that the changes were not just limited to his clothes, but there were also changes happening within his own body, his own power!

["This is the potential you are capable of," the voice whispered gently.]

The voice in Ganis' mind made him pause for a moment, and he immediately realized that this was a gift from the Savior!

"So that's how it is, I felt... a completely different power, a power that is better at dueling."

At this very moment, he was already wearing a set of open-chested, wild-looking leather armor.

On Ganis' hands appeared an extra pair of black gloves, which seemed capable of shattering the icy grip of destiny. The expression on his face, too, gradually became filled with pride.

Facing this harsh life and destiny, they bravely confronted it! Breaking free from all constraints!

He swiftly leaped onto the arena, raising his hands towards the sky. Unlike before, he no longer shouted exaggeratedly, but instead, he looked around the arena with a disdainful gaze!


The crowd was completely filled with excitement!

They saw him, standing like a god, reigning over the arena! The pure desire for battle burned within the primal instincts of each person!

"Our ch-ch-ch-champion! Ganis! He's really handsome! Even my mom is falling in love!" The host's tone was as always, exaggerating and not serious.

"Let's take a look, shall we? The undefeated champion, what is his opponent!"

The arena's indestructible barrier had already been raised, and the power below the Crown level couldn't break through... well, at least in theory.

Then, Ganis's opponent appeared.

This is a terrifying monster.

It seemed to be baring its teeth and claws, like a lion that had been magnified ten times. Yet, on the surface of its skin, there were menacing scales, emitting a hot, dark red steam all over its body.

The cheers came to a sudden halt, and everyone felt fear creeping in.

If it could escape from the invisible barrier, in an instant, it would be able to mercilessly slaughter everyone within the arena.

The Ashen Rampage, an extremely wicked creature, delighted in devouring the bodies of living beings, especially those of human-like creatures.

It is said that it possesses a bloodline that is part of the Outer God known as the Lord of Ashes, specifically the Spawn called the Seed of Chaos. Because of this, it is born with incredible strength and defense.

The body of the Ashen Rampage constantly emitted scorching steam, capable of easily cooking a person to a medium well-done. Its scales were also extremely tough, impervious to regular weapons.

For ordinary awakeners, encountering an "Ashen Rampage" would be best to make a quick escape!


Ganis trembled as the Ashen Rampage let out a fierce roar, its eyes narrowing as it glared at the tiny Ganis.

It had been a whole month since its last meal, and its belly was empty. Filled with a strong desire to attack, the creature was very hungry!

However, Ganis was one step ahead!

He jumped up like a shadow and swiftly landed a powerful blow on the head of the Ashen Rampage.

His fists moved so fast that they left afterimages, delivering a series of strong punches in a matter of moments.

Every punch was so heavy, making the scales on the creature's body meaningless. The face of the Ashen Rampage immediately caved in, blood and flesh exploding!


The people started cheering!

Ganis's fists kept hammering down, each punch being incredibly terrifying.


The Ashen Rampage let out a painful cry and collapsed, releasing a lot of scorching hot steam from its body. For ordinary people, it could be deadly.

But Ganis's skin was as tough as a fortress, remaining unharmed even in high temperatures.

He simply landed on the ground, slowly reaching out a hand to signal the monster that it could attack first.

"Ganis! Ahhh! He is our champion!"

The people kept cheering with excitement!

Afterwards, the enraged Ashen Rampage fiercely swiped its claws, attempting to crush the despicable human!

Ganis took a deep breath.

The creature in front of him was transforming, now not just a monster, but also the half-dragon boss, the guards of this place, and the incredibly fanatical audience!

It was so hideous and wicked, it had to be defeated!

Flames of anger, ignite!

This is a brand new ability from the "God of the Arena" power set!

The more angry he became, the more powerful his strikes became!

Anger is power! I don't need to control it at all!

Light it up!

Ganis, suddenly, had a body glowing like a torch, with bright golden flames blazing all around him!

He suddenly threw a punch, striking the enormous claw of the Ashen Rampage with a loud thud!


The extremely powerful impact was so exaggerated that even the barrier seemed to shake for a moment!

The Ashen Rampage's body suddenly recoiled, and its massive claws, arms, and half of its body burst apart one after another. A torrent of blood gushed like waves, and a lot of shredded flesh scattered all around!

A gruesome and horrifying scene silenced everyone present for a moment.

Next came thunderous applause and enthusiastic cheers, even more lively and exaggerated!

"Champion! Champion! Champion! Champion! Champion!"

After unleashing this powerful punch, Ganis instantly felt a wave of calmness washing over him.

This was an attack that drained "emotional energy"... In the world of Noah, such abilities were rare.

People didn't know much about emotional energy.

Ganis, bloodied and battered, silently gazed at his own fist.


Is this the power you have given me?

I understand. I will use this power in a better way!

The place that needs it the most, is in the abattoir, not on the arena!

Ganis stood at the center of the arena, slowly raising his fist, closing his eyes, and falling silent.

But outside, instead.

The frenzied audience didn't understand anything; they were just boiling, cheering, and filled with joy!

As always.


Night Union.

The Ring City.

115 floors.

"Brother, how was your day today?"

In a comfortable and advanced nutrient pod, the girl lay back and calmly looked at the numerous flickering projected images.

The red glow in her eyes kept sparkling, as she carefully analyzed the overwhelming amount of information in the cyberspace.

Her body was completely surrounded by nutrient fluid, and although still thin and frail, she had become healthy.

With money, almost anything is possible here.

Among the many projections, there was a man appearing in one scene. He was Amy's brother, who was working on the 115th floor, a branch of the Rock Morgan Group.

He stood in front of the door wearing a suit, seeming uncomfortable with his attire.

This outfit was what people called a typical "corporate uniform"

As many people looked down upon and despised the "corporate uniform," there were just as many who admired and longed for it.

"I feel great, Amy!" her brother replied.

"To be honest, I've never felt better before. I had the chance to join the group... It was quite a coincidence, as they happened to need a security guard with no criminal record, and they actually accepted me."

"Oh my, can you imagine? The probability of this was incredibly tiny!" he exclaimed, his voice becoming exaggerated and even wanting to dance with excitement.

This kind of life was unimaginable for someone who had always been at the bottom.

His monthly income now is many times higher than before... and it's legal.

For this man, everything felt like a dream.

Inside the nutrient tank, Amy's delicate face revealed a hint of a smile.

Actually, without her help, there was no way her brother could have been admitted.

But she could make sure that nobody would find out about this.

"You are happy, that's all that matters."

"I also took on some simple work at home, and the income was acceptable."

"Um, Amy, you have to be careful and avoid doing anything excessive. Even if it's against the law, you shouldn't provoke the group..." Her brother cautioned with great concern.

Can't I just avoid getting involved with them... I'm sorry, brother, it's too late to say these things now that everything has happened.

Amy took a deep breath.

In the end, I must destroy the Rock Morgan group!

"Okay, I understand, brother."

At this moment, Amy was lying calmly in the nutrient tank, with no intention of going out. But little did she know, she was still controlling the progress of many other things.

For example, she quietly changed some experiments on human bodies that were considered legal, making them illegal. This caused the automated process to malfunction and come to a halt.

For example, she took away some illegal black money and found a way to wash its origins. Then, she sent separate amounts of money to many orphanages.


She once again logged into a hacker forum that she had created.

Mr. X said, "Everyone, in the coming days, there may be massive upheaval happening all around the world."

Mr. X said, "I hope you all can take good care of yourselves... and do your best."

Mr. X said, "The information is completely accurate, but I cannot reveal its source... You can treat it as a prophecy. In about ten days, a great disaster will befall the world, affecting each and every one of us."

Amy had a total of two disguises, one of which was Mr. X.

She, under the disguise of a mysterious male, created a secret forum and gathered a group of top-notch hackers in the Ring City to work for her.

And those top-notch hackers, no matter how powerful their skills were, still had limitations in the end.

They could only obtain things beyond their reach through her divine-like "technology".

In the secret forum she created, the top-notch hackers saw the new messages sent by Mr. X and fell deep into contemplation.

"The Destroyer", "Is it a prophecy, Mr. X... I have heard similar prophecies in the past, about an organization called 'the Tower'."

"The Destroyer", "Do you want to know information about 'the Tower'?"



Amy's heart skipped a beat.

Although Amy had no knowledge about the "Tower," simply hearing the word made her think of the Babel Tower.

"The Destroyer" is the strongest and most mysterious among the numerous top-tier hackers she recruited, with technical skills in a whole different league compared to other hackers.

Amy still valued his words greatly.

Mr. X said, "I need your information. What do you want in return?"

The Destroyer said, "I wish to know your true identity."

Amy furrowed her brow, wondering what was happening. As a hacker, he should have known without being told. This was something that simply couldn't be true.

In the past, the "Destroyer" wouldn't have made such a request.

Mr. X said, "You know, this is impossible,"

"The Destroyer" sighed, "Well, I also know that this is an impossible thing... So, what I want is information about 'Nine Trees'... What exactly is it?"

"The Destroyer" said, "I want to know the truth about the Nine Trees System."

Amy stayed silent for a moment... she didn't have the answer herself too, so she decided to go ask the Savior for help.

Mr. X said, "I will need some time before I can give you an answer."

Meanwhile, Amy, who had multiple clones, was still communicating with members of the "W" cult.

However, to maintain the sense of mystery, she rarely engaged in direct communication with these people. Instead, she would occasionally release what she called "prophetic messages."

She was very brave and disguised herself as the legendary being worshipped by the "W" cult... the God of Cyber!

Although Amy knew deep down that she was not the true God of Cyber, she couldn't help but feel that such a thing wouldn't actually exist in reality.

But she also felt that this identity could be useful.

Amy repeated the words she had just spoken to the hackers, this time sharing them with the believers.

However, she used completely different words to say it.

Even the way she said it was different.

Amy directly sent a very complex set of codes using her own power, which would take them at least one or two days to decipher in order to understand its meaning.

The content, of course, was the same as what Mr. X had just said.

This kind of "prophecy" would make people who believe in "W" even more devoted to her identity as the God of Cyber.

No one could ever imagine that they were actually just one of the members of the Babel Tower.

Amy's lips curled into a faint smile.

Amy, who was playing a game of "mastermind" behind the scenes, couldn't possibly imagine that the true identity of the "Savior" was actually the same person she had been investigating.

Amy had been searching for Bai Yan's whereabouts for quite some time, but no matter what she did, she couldn't find him.

In the end, she decided to temporarily give up.

Although she felt a little sorry for the Mysterious Magic.

However, sometimes there are things that just can't be helped.

Just then, a cold voice from a familiar young person echoed in her mind.

[You will become even stronger.]


Amy recalled her previous experiences, so this time she was mentally prepared to some extent.

It seemed like the Savior was about to grant Amy something... What could it be?

"I even start to feel a little excited... It's like a reflex... If this continues, I might develop 'Domestication Syndrome' and end up with a smaller brain."

Amy chuckled to herself, making a joke that no one could hear.

She had already learned a lot about the powers of the other members of Babel Tower, and she knew one thing very clearly.

She knew that she herself wasn't particularly strong among them.

She really wished that she could become even stronger.

Amy suddenly felt her body getting warm, and an indescribable sense of comfort spread from every pore. Her entire being was filled with an intense and deliberate surge of energy, causing her to feel restless.

"This is..."

Amy squinted her eyes, gritting her teeth.

The energy that kept flowing out constantly was continuously stimulating the girl's body. It didn't allow her any time to catch her breath or rest. Instead, she constantly experienced a dramatic change in her body and soul.

In one breath, she rose to the level of a "Potential Crown."

Amy, a young girl, felt a tremendous power surging from deep within her soul. As she was inside the nutrient chamber, her weak body began to contort. Surprisingly, she didn't feel any pain, but instead, she experienced an unprecedented impulse stirring within her.

Amy, previously weak, suddenly started feeling immensely powerful. She had undergone two consecutive levels of improvement, which transformed her in a blink of an eye.

She felt that not only her existing power had been enhanced.

She even gained brand new power.

This new power made Amy more than just able to control the "network" like before.

Now, even Amy has the ability to give things...

A highly advanced artificial intelligence!

Granting wisdom! It was a power akin to that of a divine being!

"Is this power real? It's a bit too exaggerated," Amy couldn't believe that she would possess such incredible power.

She casually glanced at a small, state-of-the-art computer in her house, and that advanced custom-made computer immediately underwent a transformation.

But when the transformation was about to happen, Amy very cautiously decided to stop what she was doing.

"Let's take a break for a moment."

In the world of Noah, there are intelligent artificial beings. They exist, but they have always remained unseen by the general public.

Amy fell into deep thought.

She was a person who always took her responsibilities seriously.

You cannot create freely, once you bring a wise being into existence, you must take responsibility for it.

"This kind of power, it really exists... just like the power of the legendary 'God of Cyber'!"

In this moment, Amy's heart was filled with astonishment.

She knew that her powers were very special, but she never imagined they would evolve to this extent.

It seems like she was truly suited to be the "God of Cyber."

"Strong artificial intelligence is a very dangerous thing... Right now, Babel Tower needs help from all sources... Even if there are risks involved with this technology, I don't have the power to refuse."

Amy took a deep breath and looked again at the computer, ready to unleash her powers.

The silent transformation began little by little.

Inside the computer, a sudden electronic sound echoed out.

"Who am I... Who am I... What am I?"

After its birth, it kept asking this question repeatedly.

What am I?

Perhaps for it, this is the most important thing.

Amy gave an answer.

"You are my people, and I am the 'God of Cyber'. From today onward, your name shall be... Miracle Zero."

"Miracle Zero... That's my name, my name... You are my divine being..."

The computer's lights kept blinking, as it quickly tried to understand many things.

Amy could feel it clearly, she had full control over every aspect of this artificial intelligence.

In a single moment, its wisdom could be completely erased.

If she truly is the God of Cyber, then indeed, they are her own people.

However, Amy was very self-aware and knew that she was just an ordinary extraordinary person.

The God of Cyber?

How could this be possible?

Miracle Zero, its ability to think is similar to that of an adult human, but its computing power retains the speed of a computer, so it can accomplish many things.

"After a while, I will give you a set of artificial body," Amy said calmly.

Since it was her creation, she felt responsible for it.

She thought of it as having gained another sister... That's how she saw it.

Just at that moment, Amy's body underwent another astonishing transformation!

[This is the potential you deserve,]

Once again, Amy heard that sound and she paused, feeling a bit confused.

Is it not over yet?

Immediately, she noticed that her body started to become blurry.

It felt as if a new outfit module was being loaded... What could this be?

In this moment, the feeling was completely different from the previous times of pain and comfort. Amy didn't have any extra emotions about it.

She simply realized that she had "changed."

Wearing a tight battle suit, the girl who collided with the silver limbs slowly stood up from the nutrient tank, and a barrage launcher resembling wings quickly popped out.

"Is this material something created by beings from another world... Could it be the technology of an unknown civilization?"

Amy was extremely surprised.

She quickly realized that the equipment material on her body was an incredibly special and advanced creation, definitely not something that existed in Noah's world!

"What is this?"

If it were an ordinary person, mastering this set of battle armor would require effort. But Amy's abilities allowed her to effortlessly master all of its capabilities.

"What are you doing, my deity?" Miracle Zero appeared very confused.

Amy didn't answer it.

In the next moment, she had disappeared.

Disappear, speed up, fly!

In an instant, she had mastered all of her abilities.

Amy, who had disappeared from her room, quickly found herself in the slightly polluted sky of the 115th level. She flew through this level at a rather fast speed.

Everything on the ground seemed so tiny.

Amy was experiencing the joy of flying for the first time. With her ability to become invisible, she wasn't afraid of being seen at all.

"That's so amazing!"

This is the freedom of the body!

Amy, who had always been disabled, felt that her spirit was absolutely free, even able to penetrate through any obstacle... So, she didn't really care about the limitations of her physical body.

But at that moment, she truly experienced the charm possessed by her own body.

And all of this was given by the Savior of Babel Tower.


She kept flying and flying.

Again and again, she soared and tumbled through the sky.

Amy's face was filled with a big smile, feeling a happiness like never before.

She stood tall in the sky, gazing at the entire city. Finally, she lifted her head and saw the super colossal "Sky Dome" soaring high with its 116 towering floors.

"I will use this power wisely... Not only will I protect my family, but I will also keep more people safe."

The Cybertyrant made a promise.


Mu Ling found herself back in the courtyard of her own home, surrounded by a dark mist.

"Miss, welcome back."

Huo Xin stood at the corner of the staircase on the second floor, wearing a gentle smile.

He bowed to his young mistress.

Huo Xin walked down from the corner of the staircase and calmly said, "The sinner, Miss, has been doing much better lately... Her body is fragile, but with the help of medicine, food, and care, she has recovered very quickly."

The younger sister of Fist of Duel was placed in Mu Ling's home and taken care of.

Huo Xin has been a slave since he was little, and he didn't have much disgust towards the sinner girl's identity.

Mu Ling nodded gently and said in a calm voice, "She is my companion's sister. Even if it costs us our lives, we must protect her."

"Of course," Huo Xin nodded.

Mu Ling looked out of the window and suddenly said, "It's snowing again."

Huo Xin blinked in surprise, turned his head, and saw that it was indeed starting to snow outside the window again.

Indeed, winter has completely arrived, and there will be more and more heavy snowfalls to come. The air will also become colder and colder.

"The Doomsday Crisis...the crisis I mentioned to you before, it's almost here," Mu Ling said with a slightly lowered gaze.

"Hmm," Huo Xin nodded gently.

She continued speaking.

"The fate of the whole world rests in our hands, even I, right now, feel a slight trembling in these hands."

Mu Ling let out a sigh and said, "As a hunter, I feel such great fear."

Huo Xin shook his head and earnestly said, "You're not afraid because of the danger of death, but because you're a very responsible person... You fear for the survival of the world, and that's actually a noble quality."


Mu Ling, on the other hand, didn't really think of herself as someone noble.

The actions taken were only what a crime-hunter should do, nothing more than that.

She just felt very sorry for not always doing her best.

[So, come and witness the 'dawn before the destruction of the world'.]

Mu Ling heard a voice in her mind that felt incredibly familiar, and she couldn't help but smile slightly.

"I really want to take a trip for a little while. Please say hello to her for me, Huo Xin."

"So soon, are you going out again?" Huo Xin was slightly surprised and nodded in agreement.

"I will stay here and wait for your triumph."

In the very next moment, the world in Mu Ling's eyes crumbled into pieces, shattered and broken.

Then, everything started to rebuild itself.

She arrived in a brand new world.

It was nighttime.

The stars hadn't appeared yet, and the whole world was enveloped in darkness.

Mu Ling had no idea where this world was, but she could sense that the temperature here was extremely high, something that an ordinary human would find unbearable.

The entire world was filled with a scorching sensation.

She noticed many humanoid beings standing there, creatures with cheek organs and six ears, skinny and elongated in appearance.

They were taller than two meters, with their entire bodies covered in green, translucent skin resembling a delicate veil.

Each humanoid being held hands, forming large circles, with their eyes closed, as if they were experiencing something special.

Mu Ling remained silent for a moment, and then walked slowly towards the source. Suddenly, a voice echoed in her mind.

["Hello, outsider," the voice greeted.]

[We can sense that you mean no harm.]

["So, we will welcome you with open arms," the voice said kindly.]

Mu Ling paused for a moment, and asked, "What are all of you doing here?" with a surprised look on her face.

"We are waiting for the destruction of the world."

Upon hearing this inexplicable response, Mu Ling found herself momentarily at a loss for words, uncertain of how to react.

She couldn't help but recall the words spoken by the "Savior."

Witnessing the "dawn before the destruction of the world"... So, this is what it actually meant?

[Stranger, you can join us and witness together.]

"Can your world be saved?" Mu Ling couldn't help but ask.

[No, what you see is only a glimpse of the past. Traveler from the future... In reality, we have long been destroyed in the boundless universe.]

In the past... Mu Ling understood and calmly approached, eager to know how to witness the end together with them.

[Please hold our hands.]


Among them, two humanoid creatures let go of their hands and made an invitation. Mu Ling held one of their hands, closed her eyes.

She felt many things that she had never felt before.

Every person's breath, the natural lament, remnants of the past, the world's consciousness even at its final moments also express a sigh for the past.

Everything, perhaps, will ultimately come to an end. Even the so-called immortal gods, unimaginable advanced civilizations, unfathomable Outer Gods, and the multiverse itself...

The end is equal for everyone.

Nothing can stay forever.

[We will come to an end, but our legacy will still continue... Some of our people have already departed from this world.]

So that's how it was.

Nothing lasts forever, but the legacy can continue.

Forever and ever.

Finally, destruction arrived.

That was the everlasting sun, the very first fire, the magnificent flames and the essence of brightness!

He is warm, mighty, and the harmonious unity of all positive energy in the world, but at the same time, he is fierce, powerful, and capable of cleansing everything!

The power of brightness swiftly overwhelmed everything, and all things were washed away by the primal fire, disappearing completely... Only those who were not part of this scene could escape unharmed.

Mu Ling's heart was restless, even when faced with the mere sight of the Outer God, she dared not look directly at him... the Primal Fire.

Even though many people who believe in the Primal Fire tend to behave in a kind manner.

But the Outer Gods themselves don't have a concept of good or evil, and they always bring about destruction.

In the endless brightness and daylight, even the simplest forms of matter struggle to survive. The entire world is transformed into nothingness by the power of the primal fire... Only one thing emerges from this void.

Mu Ling saw something amidst the void... It was a... Civilization-level Relic.

And this is how a Civilization-level Relic came into existence.

She couldn't truly grasp the events unfolding before her, but her heart and spirit underwent a profound transformation through the cleansing power of the primal fire.

"I will definitely not let my own world be destroyed..."

Mu Ling quietly made a promise.


Mu Ling obtained a new special power, and it appeared on Bai Yan's phone as a message.

"The Heart of Radiance", "Greatly enhances one's willpower and mental resilience."

"Deep sorrow piled up like snow, regret making my tears flow endlessly, I will start anew and reclaim everything..."

Bai Yan sat alone on a crystal throne, and from his phone came a gentle singing voice.

No matter what, we still need to find a way to enhance the remaining Core Operators who have not reached the status of Crown.

If they can't reach the status of Crown, their strength will truly become much weaker.

This was absolutely certain.

Bai Yan pondered for a while. Up until now, there were four Core Operators who were stuck at the position of Potential Crown and had not yet reached the level of Crown.

They were the Fist of Duel, the Mysterious Magic, the Cybertyrant, and Fusion Slime, respectively.

"In the last few days, we can give it a final push."

Bai Yan had already finished reading about each person's suitable Crown Ceremony from the Library of Ruina.

Some people were simple, while others were complex... Even if they were all the most suitable, they each had different circumstances.

The Crown Ceremony that is most suitable for the Fist of Duel remains quite complex. It requires a grand and festive duel performance, timed as a celebration, in order to achieve promotion.

Next year, there will be a celebration happening in the abattoir... It's a very appropriate moment, and he will definitely be able to achieve promotion during it because he has already gathered enough popularity as per the requirements.

But, it was already too late to catch up with the Doomsday Crisis.

As for the Crown Ceremony suitable for the Cybertyrant, she was actually already doing it herself by playing the role of the God of Cyber... But this is a process that cannot be accomplished in a short time, it cannot be forced.

One day, Amy will realize that she is the true "God of Cyber."

Bai Yan let out a sigh.

"Oh dear."

There was hope for the Mysterious Magic and Fusion Slime to become a Crown before the arrival of the First Doomsday Crisis.

"So, the hope of saving the world can only rely on all of you... um, at least make sure not to slow things down later on."

After Bai Yan murmured to himself, he began to study earnestly, wondering how he could help them.

The Crown Ceremony that is most suitable for a Fusion Slime is actually the most humble and straightforward one.

"The Gluttonous Beast"

It means gathering ten special and rare materials, and then making it eat them all at once.

And that's how it goes, so simple, straightforward, and rough!

However, finding all of them in a short amount of time was not an easy task.

Bai Yan completely turned Tatsumi City upside down and secretly "borrowed" some materials from the Night Union using the power of the Cybertyrant. In the end, he managed to acquire eight rare materials needed for the promotion ceremony.

Just two more to go... One of them knows its location, but it's quite difficult to obtain. As for the other one, we have absolutely no idea where it is...

Bai Yan decided to find an opportunity to help Fusion Slime become a Crown.

Lastly, it was time for the Crown Ceremony of the Mysterious Magic.

His Crown Ceremony was quite unique; he had the chance to complete it all at once.

As a magician, the perfect Crown Ceremony for Alan was, of course, a grand deception!

"The Deception"

First, Alan had to personally deceive over a million people within a day!

Secondly, he had to personally reveal the secret in front of everyone! At the same time, he would use the astonishment of the crowd to unleash the ceremony and chant specific ancient incantations!

Thirdly, before unveiling the secret, no one could know the truth of what happened!

The first two points were actually okay, but the third point led to an awkward situation... Neither Bai Yan nor the others were able to help him deeply.

Sometimes, there are things that he had to do himself, with his own efforts.

Even the Savior of the Babel Tower wasn't all-knowing and all-powerful, you know...

"Hmm... let's have a talk with him."

Bai Yan had made up his mind. He would personally talk to Alan, Profligate, and tell him about the various steps of the Crown Ceremony and the ancient spells given by the Library of Ruina.

Next, it all depends on Alan's own abilities whether he can become a Crown before the First Doomsday Crisis arrives.

"Try to become stronger!"