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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 269

2024-03-18 15:40:00Publish Time: 544 views
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Chapter 269: The Pure Lotus Flame

Bai Yan took a deep breath.

He had never felt so nervous before, really, never once had a crisis made him feel this way.

Whether it was "Mr. Mystery" or "The Undefeated," these individuals' strength could be dealt with, but the current "Demon of Justice" in front of them was an unstoppable superpower.

He rarely experienced...a feeling of fear.

Is this what fear feels like?

Because he had experienced a failure that he absolutely could not bear...If he lost here, he would likely lose in the Doomsday Crisis too...Everything would lead to an unavoidable tragedy.

What should I do?

Bai Yan quietly thought and planned everything.

The peak of the Apocalypse!

Or, perhaps, a quasi-God, an almost divine existence... These descriptions were incredibly fitting for her, without a shred of exaggeration!

All these people gathered together might not even be able to withstand a single attack from her, let alone defeat her... The more they thought about it, the more powerless they felt.

This huge and unbridgeable gap had turned bravery into recklessness and loyalty into ignorance. Eventually, it would reduce anyone who dared to oppose her to laughable ashes.

"Your recklessness and ignorance, make me feel funny..."

The girl with a twisted body smiled, standing there alone. It felt as if hell had descended, darkness had come to life, leaving everyone speechless.

She slowly reached out her hand, and darkness enveloped half of the sky.

An indescribable terror shrouded everything around!

Alan took a deep breath and tried his best to hold on to his consciousness.

This pressure was too excessive, making people feel dizzy and unable to bear it.

Is it about to end?

Right here, he died... right here, he failed...

Unfortunately, until now, I haven't been able to find Bai Yan. I hope the Savior can bring me back to life... Maybe I've been doing a really bad job, and I won't ever be resurrected.

But Alan believed in the Savior. He knew that the Savior would definitely help him find Bai Yan in the end.

The Scarlet Moon felt extremely relaxed.

She had realized that she might very well die here.

But she didn't feel any regrets about it.

People will eventually pass away, and there will always be a power that cannot be overcome!

One day, my own journey will come to an end!

Perhaps, it is now!

"But I will fight until the very last moment," she said calmly, with no trace of fear in her heart.

This is the king.

Meanwhile, Mu Ling and Maryse were not afraid at all. They knew and believed that even if they died here, they would surely be resurrected by the mighty Savior.

Mu Ling's feelings were also calm. For the sake of that person, even if she died, what difference would it make?

She had already prepared herself for it.

She was willing to give up everything!

Kessel, the young boy dressed in pure white, was crying at this moment.

He didn't say anything.

That was the person he had always loved, but now had fallen into such a state; all of this was the consequence of his own sins.

It was the biggest mistake of his entire life!

If she were to burst out from here and destroy everything she had worked hard to build, it would be the greatest tragedy in history... And all of it would be because of her own...


This love will destroy everything, making everything turn into sorrow and pain!

It was all his own fault, but he couldn't rely on his own strength to make things right.


I love you.

Ailsa looked calmly at him. She reached out her hand, as if she wanted to touch that... most important man.

The dark muddy sludge kept accumulating on her body, making her appearance increasingly distorted.

She was about to destroy everything!

Suddenly, many golden light chains adorned with symbols burst forth from Ailsa's chest. They radiated tremendous hope and infinite brilliance, continuously swirling in the air.

Nearly instantaneously, the sparkling golden light chains tightly immobilized Ailsa, thwarting her attempts to break through this dreadful seal.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!"

Ailsa let out a loud cry of anguish, showing great pain.

She summoned an immense strength that was unseen in the mortal realm, hoping to tear apart these chains. Yet, her efforts were in vain, and she struggled against them to no avail!

"This is..."

Alan and others were utterly amazed when they witnessed this scene. The power emanating from it was filled with hope and warmth, a truly rare sight that made them feel incredibly close and connected.

Bai Yan squinted his eyes, deep down inside, he already recognized it.

"Oh, I see now, it was your interference..."

In the first playthrough of "Babel Tower," Rainbows appeared in some way or another, and they even served as bosses at times.

Bai Yan recognized the power at this very moment, but who could it be from?

No one could represent "hope" better than her!

Heart of Radiance!

She was one of the "Rainbows," a deity who started performing miracles thousands of years ago and had clear records of saving the world of Noah over a dozen times throughout history!

According to legend, the Heart of Radiance was a half-elf who possessed an absolute beauty that mortal beings could not gaze upon.

She was the second "god among the Rainbows" in the world of Noah, representing unlimited hope and brightness.

All the darkness and despair, tragedy and pain, would melt away under the radiant glow of the Heart of Radiance.

For thousands of years, she has repeatedly stepped forward to save the world. However, every action of the "Rainbow" is bound and restricted by the rules of the world and the "primordial consciousness," and it comes at a cost... Some people speculate that due to paying too high a price, she might now be extremely weak, perhaps on the verge of becoming the first fallen deity among the "Rainbows."

Her power and authority were known as the "Light of the Heart."

At this moment, the "Light of the Heart" was constantly surging within Ailsa, starting to restrain and suppress the dreadful invasion from the Outer God.

Amidst cries of pain and screams, Ailsa's face slowly regained its original appearance.

Her awareness gradually became clear and awake.

The mud disappeared completely, and her body was no longer twisted.

"Sigh, this person saved me again... Sadly, I can't see her anymore."

She dropped to one knee on the ground, looking towards the fake sky in the separate space.

"Otherwise, I really wanted to thank you..."

Ailsa closed her eyes for a while, and then suddenly burst into a joyful laughter, full of excitement and happiness.


"As I thought about it, I realized how lucky I was. Not only did I avoid the biggest tragedy in history, but I also got the chance to see what the world would be like over two hundred years later."

Her words took a swift turn, and she said in a relaxed manner:

"Next, all you have to do is defeat me and the story will have a happy ending."

When the girl spoke about this matter, it seemed as easy as drinking water, just a simple thing.

It seemed that she felt her life was unimportant.

But for Kessel, this was simply too heavy to bear.

He stared at his wife, as memories of many happy moments flooded his mind.

Kessel shook his head, revealing a smile of acceptance, and said, "For me, it is definitely not the perfect ending, but perhaps, we no longer have any choice."

"You are so silly!"

Ailsa suddenly pointed her finger at him and started scolding.

It's all your fault! Dummy! It's because you're so stubborn that we ended up in this situation! You make me so angry! I really want to punch you!"

Kessel had no words to say in response.

Just as expected, this person is indeed Ailsa. Even though she has changed, her personality is still the same as before.

To be honest, after being scolded, he actually felt a tiny bit better.

Kessel chuckled silently and said, "Yes, I've always been this foolish. But you aren't exactly brilliant either. You knew how much I loved you and yet you still came to me to oversee your demise...You're pretty foolish too!"

Ailsa raised her face and earnestly said,

"No, I really want to punch you twice!"

The atmosphere started to become strange...


Bai Yan waved his hand, unable to bear it any longer, and let out a cough.

"Well, you two, hold on for a moment."

He looked at Ailsa and earnestly asked, "So, are you still an unstable bomb right now?"


Ailsa answered without hesitation, very willingly.

Bai Yan nodded and continued to speak.

"Simply put, we need to find a way to help you, but you should know that all of us together will never be able to match your strength."

Ailsa nodded gently, crossed her arms, and said with a big smile on her face:

"Um! You're right! You guys are too weak, none of you are useful at all!"

Bai Yan considered as he listened to this person speaking so bluntly, which in a way was also a bit annoying.

Ailsa continued, "Even though it's true, I'm grateful that the Heart of Radiance has helped me regain much of my sanity during this time, and I can still maintain a certain level of self-control... I can help you defeat myself."

"But now is the only chance."

"Even the power of the 'Rainbow' cannot defeat the Outer God. It can only buy us some time. Although the Pupil of Chaos has brought in a small amount of power to avoid detection, it still cannot solve the problem."

She smiled, and waves of fiery energy surged from her body, as if capable of obliterating the world into nothingness.

"I tried my best to control myself... just five percent, no, four percent, no, three percent of strength."

"Come on, everyone, don't give up!"

The battle is about to begin!

Bai Yan knew that if he didn't defeat the Demon of Justice here, she would most likely appear as one of the bosses during the Doomsday Crisis.

Back then, she might have been even more difficult to deal with than she is now!

In other words, they had no choice at all.

We must defeat her here!

Alan, for some unknown reason, suddenly felt a surge of determination. He bravely spoke up, saying, "Come on, we will give it our all... give it our all to protect everything you want to keep."

Ailsa paused for a moment, smiled, and nodded. She said, "Thank you."

Bai Yan had already learned from the numerous pieces of information that Ailsa, the Demon of Justice, possessed the legendary ability called the "Quadruple Sky Blaze Ring".

That was her revelation, a new power she gained by evolving her extraordinary abilities!

In legends, they have the power to destroy the heavens and the earth, even to wipe out an entire country!

Even with only three percent of its power, it was still incredibly terrifying!

Ailsa crossed her arms and spoke very seriously:

"My weakness lies in this fragile human body of mine. If I sustain a serious injury, I would still die."

"But, before that, you must defeat my attacks... My body is very strong, and it will naturally engage in a battle with you. I cannot fully control it anymore, because this soul no longer belongs entirely to me."

She let out a sigh.

Suddenly, a blazing light gleamed in the girl's eyes like a torch.

"Be careful! This is the first level!"

Suddenly, endless waves of scorching heat rose up from all directions, like a sea of fire from a dreadful inferno. It was extremely terrifying, as if it was about to engulf everyone present.

In the first level of the Quadruple Sky Blaze Ring, there is a power called "Scorching Flame of the Earth's Core." It possesses a heat as intense as the fires deep beneath the ground.

In the legends, the determined "Demon of Justice" has destroyed many cities with just this one move. It is like a king of demons who controls disasters, making people terrified and afraid.

"Such strong power!" Mu Ling spoke slowly, hoping that the others would remain cautious and alert.

She has already pulled out her own sword.

The continuously surging molten lava from the underground is extremely hot, but it didn't make the people present feel a lethal threat.

Up until now, they have all experienced countless battles and are without a doubt, formidable warriors!

Only using three percent of its power, the scorching heat of the "Scorching Flame of the Earth's Core" posed a threat, but the group was still able to resist it, without falling into a desperate situation.

"Ah, here comes that move again! It's been such a long time since we last saw it. Although it's not your strongest technique, it's definitely the one you use the most..."

Emperor Kessel took a deep breath, feeling the warmth fill his lungs. With a slow motion, he opened his hands and expanded the "Distance of the Hearts," creating a large protective shield that separated everyone from the outside "reality."

Only the lava, incapable of penetrating the protective shield "Distance of the Hearts," couldn't harm them at all.

But it was clear to everyone that Kessel was sweating profusely. It was evident that enlarging the protective shield, the Distance of the Hearts, was a strenuous task for him.

Ailsa's eyes sparkled with excitement as she smiled and said:

"Very good, you have become much stronger over these years. You have truly impressed me!"

Upon hearing his wife's words of praise, a smile spread across Kessel's face.

"Fortunately, you have become weaker, otherwise no matter how much stronger I become, I would never be able to fight against you."

With things having come to this point, the sadness in his heart seemed to be slowly fading away.

Instead, he began to gradually feel a sense of joy.

Ailsa nodded gently and closed her eyes.

"Let's continue."

Then, it was the second level of the "Sky Blaze Ring."

Even though Ailsa couldn't make it happen herself, it miraculously appeared!

"The Fire in the Sky"

In the sky, there was a huge burst of flames, like a meteor shower of fire raining down. It scorched and destroyed everything, causing all things to crumble apart.

The enormous energy was extremely terrifying. If fully unleashed, it would possess the power to annihilate everything. Even the "Distance of the Hearts" would be unable to withstand such a chaotic assault!

Bai Yan and his friends on the ground each used their powers to start defending against the aftermath of the "Sky Blaze Ring."

Various spells, natural talents, and mystical powers were being used, one after another.

Although Alan and Maryse were a bit messy, they managed to withstand this attack, and the others did even better.

Using just three percent of her power, the technique that could destroy a city didn't seem as terrifying anymore.

"Very good, it seems like you are even stronger than I imagined."

Ailsa's expression was filled with genuine appreciation for the younger ones.

She waved her hand and in an instant, all the flames in the sky and on the ground disappeared.

"Next, my 'power of revelation' will be much stronger than before, but luckily it will only affect one person. Who among you would like to give it a try?"

"I'll do it," Kessel answered without any hesitation.

"I am the strongest being here, and everything exists because of me, so, I am here to..."

His reasons were very convincing, and Ailsa looked at him, as if she was starting to agree with him too.


Kessel was suddenly interrupted by Bai Yan. His expression had become very calm, and he slowly said, "It shouldn't be you."

Kessel stood there without saying anything, he just frowned.

Maryse was slightly surprised. Could it be that Mr. Profligate intended to go up himself?

No, don't go!

Even if it's only at three percent of its power, it's still very dangerous. That's almost like being close to a god-like being!

She opened her mouth, wanting to advise Mr. Profligate.

But she didn't know how to say it...

"I'll come," said Alan.

Alan calmly stood up, guided by the voice in his mind.

Yes, Alan chose to follow the command of the Savior and face "Sky Blaze Ring" himself.

This was a rational decision.

Clearly, the third "Sky Blaze Ring" was a powerful attack skill. So, letting Alan face it was a good choice, because he can be revived.

And we absolutely cannot let the "Emperor" go up because once he's dead, he can't be brought back to life for the time being.

Bai Yan thought the same way. If that power could destroy souls and kill his true self... he absolutely, absolutely could not die.

Even if it meant sacrificing everyone, he couldn't die.

At the utmost critical moment, even if he had to step on the bodies of Mu Ling, Maryse, and Alan, Bai Yan had already made up his mind to survive until the very end.

Luckily, he knew that the people important to him would understand his choice.

He was also worthy of being trusted.

As for why he chose Alan, one reason was that Alan had many more ways to stay alive compared to Maryse.

On the other hand, compared to the other members of the Babel Tower, Alan's cost of resurrection was much lower.

However, there was still one possibility, in case Alan's soul was completely destroyed...

Maybe giving a command that practically sent a friend to their death could be seen as a heartless and uncaring act.

But Bai Yan would not change his mind!

"Are you a Night Watcher?"

Ailsa looked into Alan's eyes, and there was a special kind of scrutiny in her gaze.

"Yes," he replied.

When Alan faced the founder of the Night Watchers, he felt something extraordinary. All the responsibilities and beliefs of the Night Watchers began here, with this person.

The person they had always admired.

This was the always burning, fiery Demon of Justice.

Her whole life, she burned herself for others!

Like a shining lantern in the night!

"Mmm, very good, you deserve to be a Night Watcher!" Ailsa's smile grew even brighter on her face.

"Be careful, my third kind of fire is called 'Heart Fire', which burns the souls of those lacking strong determination!"

Alan took a deep breath, feeling fully prepared.

In the next moment, countless flames swept through the surroundings. The world before him became a raging frenzy, and his companions disappeared without a trace.

He couldn't find a way out in the endless flames, feeling pain all over his body as if he had been burned countless times. But he soon realized it was the fire in his heart. As long as he stayed strong and determined, he would be able to resist and overcome it successfully.

These fires don't really exist...

But the excruciating pain, like being burned, made Alan unable to ignore this type of flame.

"Is this your anger?"

He felt this intense pain, a pain he had never felt before, but it also made him understand a certain emotion coming from that person, from... Ailsa herself.


She was extremely angry all along!

"I knew, I have always known..."

Alan, feeling consumed by the raging fire, shouted loudly. He seemed just as angry and said, "I understand your anger! We light the path of innocent children in the night, we ignite a fierce flame. This fire is actually the anger of all of us, it is our sorrow!"

"As long as there are innocent people crying, and as long as there are kind people getting hurt, we will not turn a blind eye or deaf ear!"

"I understand! This fire will never stop!"

It will never stop!

Endless flames consumed Alan completely, reducing him to ash. In his intense suffering, he faintly heard a voice.

[Don't give up.]

Then, he felt a new and unique power, a special force of protection, like never before.

That power was protecting Alan from being torn apart by the endless raging flames.

What is the origin of this power... Alan wondered, as his consciousness slowly returned to clarity.

He discovered that at some point, a special pendant in the shape of an eye had appeared on his chest.

In the real world, Bai Yan had just given Alan a relic to protect him.

The Eye of Horus!

Its effect is to protect the person wearing it, ensuring that their soul remains unharmed!

In the infinite flames of his spirit, a golden pupil on Alan's chest emitted a gentle light, shielding him from all anger and extreme heat.

His soul was preserved.

Alan took a deep breath.

"The Savior saved me once again, and again, no matter how hard I try, I can't repay Him..."

Finally, Alan woke up in a terribly frightening space filled with flames. The pendant that had suddenly appeared on his chest continued to emit a golden glow.

The Civilization-level Relic was strong enough to withstand such a powerful attack, completely protecting Alan's soul.

"I did it..."

Alan, feeling extremely weak, knelt down on the ground. Instead of losing consciousness, he managed to smile.

"Very good, couldn't be better!"

Ailsa, who saw this scene, had a big smile on her face. She seemed even happier than anyone else present!

However, what she said next made everyone present completely unable to feel happy.

"If you can easily overcome the first three challenges, victory will be within reach... perhaps about 80% there... because my final strike is even more powerful than the forces of the previous three 'revelations'!"

Bai Yan quickly spoke up and said, "Wait a minute, what is your final strike? Can you first explain the specific weaknesses? Or is there a way to deal with it?"


Ailsa sighed and said, "The weakness is, I'm sorry, there is no weakness. This move will gradually become stronger from weak, and ultimately its power will be strong enough to destroy a whole country... If you can't kill me right from the beginning, it will be very difficult for you."

"I understand."

Bai Yan, nodding gently, then fell silent.

Ailsa took a deep breath and looked at Kessel. It seemed like she still wanted to say her final goodbyes.


Deep Blue World!

Bai Yan has already taken action!

He had just been observing Ailsa using "Connection" for a while and found that she seemed calm and ordinary, but in reality, she was absolutely unshakable.

Perhaps even if she was in an unconscious state, any hostile attack would provoke her most fierce counterattack!

Only at the moment when she communicated with Kessel, there would be a brief moment of vulnerability... In a way, love truly can be a harmful thing.

However, in this very moment, the affection they felt brought forth the best opportunity for Bai Yan and the others!

In Bai Yan's hand, a transparent blade had already appeared. It was the Relic given to Maryse in the past.

Blade of Annihilation!

And in his other hand, Gungnir was already poised, ready to be unleashed!

To maintain the power of Nightsaber, the best way for oneself to unleash the strongest instant attack is by simultaneously using the Blade of Annihilation and Gungnir!

In the next instant, both of them had been unleashed!

Because of the cost of wielding the Blade of Annihilation, Bai Yan shifted several meters to the left and accidentally bumped into Mu Ling.

Fortunately, everything was fine.

Just at that moment, Bai Yan suddenly felt it was hard to breathe.

Is it the lungs... Gungnir randomly consumes a body part each time it is used, and this time it was the lungs... But it will quickly heal on its own...

In the past, because of good luck, the body parts that were consumed never really mattered. But now... well, it doesn't really matter either.

With my current recovery ability, as long as it's not my brain, losing body parts is not a big issue.

In the next moment, Gungnir transformed into a majestic white wolf in the sky and descended from above. It fiercely attacked the young girl's smaller body with powerful strikes.

However, the possibility of the expected gory scene actually happening was completely nonexistent.

The so-called flesh and blood form, instead, emitted a red glow, causing Gungnir's impact to gradually dissipate.

But at that moment, the Blade of Annihilation had already pierced through this red glow, creating a torn opening directly in Ailsa's chest.

The damage from the Blade of Annihilation cannot be stopped.

The attack worked!

Bai Yan, however, didn't feel happy at all, but instead kept launching attacks until time came to a complete halt.


Ailsa paused for a moment, feeling a slight sense of injury.

The other people present also paused for a moment, gradually realizing that Profligate had launched an attack.

No one would blame him for the ambush in a situation like this.

This was like a signal.

Everyone except Kessel began attacking in that instant!

"Was the time just stopped earlier... Be careful, I already..."

Ailsa's face once again showed a dark, muddy color.

Her eyes were filled with pain.

At the same time, countless white flames, which looked like petals, were intensely blossoming from her body.

This special place was instantly burned and destroyed by thousands of "white petals". The surroundings of the people had transformed into a mixture of the real world and this special place, becoming extremely distorted. The "white petals" began to gradually approach everyone present.

"Absolutely cannot touch!"

In Kessel's eyes, a deep sense of fear emerged. It was the most terrifying and unstoppable force he had ever witnessed in his entire life!

This is the "Fourth Realm's Flaming Ring!"

"The Pure Lotus Fire"

In the beginning, she stood beside herself, smiling. The sky was filled with white "flower rain" blooming from the girl's body, gradually increasing and spreading like an ocean.

With ease, the whole country was turned into ashes of the past!