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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 267

2024-03-16 16:20:00Publish Time: 492 views
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Chapter 267: Mission Accomplished? Secrets Revealed...

The dark blades gathered the shadows of everyone!

He swung a strike that shook the heavens and the earth!

The Startling Shadow's sword can instantly cut through the Demon Hunt Agency building, and its power is even stronger than imagined.

The Demon Hunt Agency building, protected by countless spells over many years, had become as strong as a fortress. However, it proved to be fragile and easily shattered by the relentless attack of the Startling Shadow.

This strike, it will only grow stronger!

As the blade descended, everything seemed on the verge of destruction, with the ground cracking beneath it.

Bai Yan and the others were like facing a storm of sword blades, yet not a single person felt fear. The sheer power alone was insufficient to overpower them.

"Destroy yourself, for it is my command!"

Once again, the "Emperor" unleashed his power, and under the terrifying gaze of his enormous twin pupils, everything appeared minuscule. It was as if he was gazing upon the entire city.

The destructive power of the sword stance instantly weakened, gradually growing feeble, yet still leaving behind terrifying aftereffects.

Scarlet Moon narrowed her eyes and spoke to herself:

"A very powerful and strange creature, fighting one-on-one would be a good match."

Afterwards, the Scarlet Moon's hand was engulfed in burning crimson flames. In the blink of an eye, she unleashed a tremendously powerful attack!


A tremendous impact created a loud boom, leaving everyone present in awe of the unrivaled power.

The relentless attack of the pitch-black Shadow Blade was completely extinguished.

But the Startling Shadow showed no signs of surprise. Instead, a smile appeared on its face once again.

It raised the gigantic Shadow Blade in its hand once more!

Maryse stood there in astonishment, her mouth wide open. "What in the world is going on?" she exclaimed in disbelief. "That thing, that incredibly powerful attack, was it really just effortlessly unleashed?"

It certainly seemed that way.

However, even if the other side could effortlessly unleash such a dreadful attack, their formidable strength was able to easily neutralize it.

But Bai Yan also knew very well that standing here and attacking each other was not the solution to the problem.

He wanted to disrupt the balance.

The Fire that Burns Everything!

The terrifying black flames burned away in an instant, and Alan quickly launched an attack.

It was clearly afraid of these flames and immediately leaped away in a very abstract manner.

"The Startling Shadow"

Like a demon from the depths of hell, it silently laughed.

Bai Yan was slightly taken aback. He had thought that he would have to take action himself, but it turns out that Alan had unintentionally stolen the spotlight earlier.

However, Bai Yan also realized something.


The Babel Tower nowadays is very different from what it used to be. Even when faced with such a powerful enemy, they can handle it effortlessly.

He once again thought of throwing Gungnir.

Suddenly, Bai Yan's ability for Insightful Linking came to life.

In a certain past scene, the Startling Shadow suddenly and very skillfully hid within the innocent person's shadow. As a result, the attack that was supposed to hit it ended up killing the innocent person instead.

Oh, I see now! This is a scene that happened in the past.

Bai Yan knew what this meant. If he unleashed Gungnir, it would instantly hide in someone's shadow.

So, the unstoppable Gungnir would end up harming his allies as well.

Bai Yan immediately stopped what he was doing.

Deep Blue World.

He then froze time and carefully approached the Startling Shadow, taking slow and deliberate steps.

In the next moment, Bai Yan had stabbed Gungnir directly into the strange creature's body. A tremendous force surged inside it, causing an instant freeze.

Time returned to normal.


A tremendous force erupted from the shattered body of the Startling Shadow. It burst apart and scattered, leaving behind shattered fragments of shadow that fell to the ground. But almost immediately, the broken pieces began to mend and heal.

The speed at which it healed again was unbelievably quick, as if it had been reborn in the blink of an eye.

The Startling Shadow seemed to grow even bigger in size, and its whole body cracked wide open. It was as if every crack was mocking and laughing out loud.

It had the power of immortality.

Maryse, who seemed completely useless, exclaimed, "What's going on with this guy? Why can't we defeat him at all?"

"I already discovered its weakness."

Bai Yan calmly said, "Its weakness is that it cannot move in absolute darkness."


Everyone present was startled.

The shadow, however, couldn't move in the darkness?

Where there is light, there is a shadow. If there is no light, there is no shadow.

Bai Yan felt that this must have some deeper meaning.

But he couldn't fully grasp it at the moment, he just knew that this was the way to defeat the strange creature!

"Oh, I see now."

Alan murmured to himself, "Its weakness isn't light, but darkness. When light disappears, there is no space for the shadow to exist."

He began silently reciting an ancient sound, like a sad whisper, as if it was a song of despair and lost hope.

A large amount of darkness started to surge under Alan's feet, spreading rapidly around him. In the blink of an eye, it had already covered hundreds of meters.

The many "mouths" on the body of the Startling Shadow began to contort, as if they were extremely afraid of these dark entities.

It wanted to escape as fast as it could, but to its surprise, Bai Yan had already stepped in front of it, appearing out of nowhere.

"Go back!"

Bai Yan spread his arms wide, and his body radiated a dazzling light. It was the divine power bestowed upon him by the ancient Sun God.

The Sun Anthem!

The enormous Sun, shining with endless rays of light!

The Startling Shadow let out another silent howl of despair, instinctively shrinking back. It realized that not only pure darkness, but even the light of the aurora was deadly to shadows.

It tried to plunge into the shadow of the Scarlet Moon, only to find that the body of the Scarlet Moon had turned into a crimson color, immediately creating distance between them.

"I command you to return to the darkness."

A massive pair of shadowy eyes stood in the sky, as the command from the "Emperor" fell once again!

The motionless Startling Shadow didn't obey the command to step into the darkness. It simply remained in place, unable to move. But that was enough.

The rising darkness gradually engulfed it. In the absolute darkness, there would be no more presence of shadows.

The ability of the Startling Shadow was strange, and it had great strength. It was challenging for anyone present to defeat it in a one-on-one battle.

However, with the help of four and a half people working together, it was relatively easy to defeat this peculiar being.

Especially when Bai Yan revealed its weakness using the "Connection," things became simpler.

Maryse stuck out her tongue and said, "I didn't even get a chance to make a move, and it was defeated already. It was too weak."

She had actually secretly tried to use her psychic powers just now, but found that they were useless. The physical abilities of Deep Red - Divine Punishment also had no effect, and the cost of using the Blade of Annihilation was too great... In addition, her teammates were showcasing their own extraordinary abilities, making it seem unlikely that they would lose.

So Maryse decided to "AFK" right there and lay back, winning the battle without doing anything until it ended.

"A very powerful creature, even stronger than the previous three, the origin of these things is definitely an unimaginable existence."

Scarlet Moon furrowed her brow, staying quiet for a moment. Finally, she spoke, "There is even a possibility that their origin is some kind of Apocalypse-level entity."

The Apocalypse level.

That was the level known as demi-god.

Within the whole world, there are only a few powerful beings of the Apocalypse level. They are not bound by the will and rules of the world, being able to freely wield their powers. In a way, they are even more reckless and audacious compared to "Rainbows".

At the Apocalypse level, many people possess the ability to travel between worlds. They are no longer restricted to just the Noah world, but often venture into other completely different worlds.

They are the Revelation of Heaven!

The word "Heaven" refers to the "first consciousness" of the multi-dimensional universe.

The 'first consciousness' is like the soul, thoughts, and representation of the multi-dimensional universe. It is not an Outer God, nor a deity, human, or any easily understandable being. Instead, it is the origin, the very beginning, the start of everything in the multi-dimensional universe.

After the birth of the multi-dimensional universe, the "first consciousness" was born alongside it. The way it values something is called its "Plane".

As for those who have reached the extraordinary level of Apocalypse, they have fully understood their significance in the multi-dimensional universe. They have gained a thorough understanding of the connection between everything and themselves, and have gathered all the "revelations". Only by doing so can they achieve Apocalypse.

Revelations come in many different forms, and most of the time, they are completely different from each other.

Any superhuman who achieves Apocalypse can utilize the inherent power contained within the "revelations" they have assimilated, enhancing their original powers in all aspects.

Because each person collects different "revelations," their abilities vary as well. However, Bai Yan understands what the members of the Babel Tower possess as their "revelations" - those things known as "possibilities."

No matter what, one thing is absolutely certain.

After attaining the power of "revelation," the superhumans of the Apocalypse level are extremely fearsome, and ordinary superpowers are unable to stand against them.

Alan's face showed a surprised expression as he exclaimed in disbelief, "Can we really handle the strange beings at the Apocalypse level?"

"If Mr. Profligate's true body appears in this world, maybe then we would have a chance. Even slightly stronger 'Apocalypses' are not something we can handle."

Although the "Profligate," the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, and the "Emperor" Kessel were all exceptional individuals at the Crown level, Alan still doubted that they could defeat the superhumans at the Apocalypse level.

Alan knew very well the terror of the Apocalypse level. Even when facing the weakest superhuman at that level, he believed that with all five of them together, they would have less than a 20% chance of winning.

Because, just like a Potential Crown transforms into a Crown, the Apocalypse level undoubtedly represents a level of drastic change. If a sufficient amount of "revelations" were gathered in advance, this existence at the Apocalypse level would become extremely fearsome.

Of course, this was his judgment made under the assumption that he didn't fully understand Bai Yan's methods.

Bai Yan actually believed that they, along with the other members of Babel Tower, had a good chance of dealing with a lesser-ranked anomaly or superhuman from the Apocalypse.

However, in the unlikely event that their opponent turned out to be the all-powerful "Demon of Justice," Ailsa.

He was afraid that running away would not be possible...

At that moment, he didn't even need to take out his phone to notice that there were new clues and rewards displayed on it after defeating the fourth anomaly.

However, there was also a secret mission lurking, and the "Babel Tower" game was hinting at him, asking if he wanted to try to complete it.

Bai Yan, instead of making a quick decision, took a moment to look at the new clues.

"We are the Night Watchers, we have to hide in the shadows, forever wielding our swords to protect the light. Only when the light no longer exists, will the Night Watchers truly vanish."

So that's how it was.

Bai Yan had finally come to understand completely that all four anomalies were actually manifestations of Ailsa, the Demon of Justice's obsession.

The true intentions and original purpose behind these obsessions seemed to be about justice and kindness. However, they became distorted and turned into anomalies due to unclear reasons.

"We should go," Kessel said immediately. "It's over, and we can leave this place."

Bai Yan gently shook his head and said, "No, everything is not over."