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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 264

2024-03-13 15:50:00Publish Time: 498 views
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Chapter 264: "The Emperor" VS "The Profligate"

"Deep Blue World!"

In just a moment, Bai Yan unleashed the mysterious power of Nightsaber.

In an instant, the entire world froze in place.

Of course, it also includes the "Emperor" Kessel.

Bai Yan, also known as Bai Yan, understood just how powerful the man in front of him truly was.

In fact, as one of the oldest Imperial Guards, Kessel's reputation in the Otherworlds was incredibly high. He was not only known as "The Emperor" but also ranked among the top five in terms of personal strength among the Imperial Guards.

High above him, there were only three super powerful beings that surpassed even the Imperial Guards. These three beings were known as the "Apocalypse" level.

In the Noah world, where the "Rainbows" couldn't directly intervene, there were powerful beings called "Apocalypse" who were not bound by the rules of the world. These semi-divine beings possessed immense strength and were considered the true pinnacle. Throughout the entire world, there were definitely no more than twenty Apocalypse-level individuals.

"The Emperor" was only slightly weaker than these individuals.

His immense power was undeniable.

However, Bai Yan didn't believe that he would be weaker than him.

At this moment, he had gathered the power of many Core Operators from the Babel Tower. He could freely and flexibly switch between them, and even surpassed them to become a "Crown".

In addition to the various support methods, tools, and extraordinary power of the Babel Tower... Bai Yan could truly affirm that his overall strength was far beyond what an ordinary Crown-level extraordinary individual could compare to.

But he still had a slight headache.

Because, in this current battle, there were certain powerful moves that he couldn't use.

If he couldn't control himself and kill the "Emperor", it would be terrible.

Bai Yan still kept the contact information that the "Emperor" had left him, and he remembered that the "Emperor" had said if he ever faced any difficulties, he could seek his help.

Even though later on the "Emperor" couldn't come to Tatsumi City due to a personal matter and couldn't be of any help, Bai Yan was well aware that his intentions were still genuine.

Without a doubt, Bai Yan would fearlessly deal with bad people, but he would never harm innocent ones unless provoked. Therefore, when faced with a kind person who wanted to help him, he would do everything possible to avoid a life-or-death battle.

Bai Yan fulfilled his wish and gently placed his hand on the shoulder of the young boy dressed in pure white.

"Intelligence acquired!"

And right at that moment, he felt a deep sense of fear and uncertainty.

Bai Yan felt a great distance between himself and Kessel, even though they seemed close enough to touch, it felt as if they were worlds apart.

A distance in the hearts.

Among the most powerful forbidden spells in the seventy-two Noah worlds, there were thirty-six forbidden spells created by master spellcasters, known as the lower thirty-six. In contrast, the upper thirty-six were created by one of the "Rainbows," Anomalous Stars, when it was still a mortal.

Even though both are awe-inspiring and fearsome forbidden spells, the mastery difficulty and power of the upper thirty-six surpass that of the lower thirty-six!

The "Distance of the Hearts" is a powerful forbidden spell from the upper thirty-six. It is the strongest among the three forbidden spells in the school of soul magic.

Bai Yan could feel a strong and limitless power, as if it completely separated Kessel from the whole world, making it impossible to break through.

Time slowly returned to normal.

Discovering that the "Profligate" was just within reach, Kessel's pupils momentarily shrank.

There was no doubt. The presence of the King of Deep Blue was unmistakable.

Among the members of the Babel Tower, there was someone named "Nightsaber" who often used this special power.

Although there is some evidence to suggest that the "Profligate" has also used a similar Mystical Power, Kessel never imagined that the powers of the two would be completely identical.

However, even with this kind of power, you couldn't defeat me.

Kessel knows this very well.

Even with the power of the Outer God, there may still be some people who are trustworthy.

He remembered Ailsa and understood the reason behind it very clearly.

The emperor gave an order.

In the sky, a massive shadow appeared. It had extraordinary eyes that emitted a powerful aura, like two shining stars. Those eyes, filled with an endless glow, gazed directly into Bai Yan's eyes.

And in this moment, Bai Yan seemed to have become so tiny that he was almost invisible, like a speck of dust.

"Silly person, repent, for I will crush your soul."

The mighty voice echoed like a powerful wave crashing and a mountain collapsing!

This was an attack of the power from within!

Emperor Kessel was a master of soul magic. One of his most iconic attacks was a powerful spell called the "Imperial Decree".

The incredibly strong power swept away everything, instantly targeting Bai Yan's heart, leaving him shocked as if struck by lightning.

He also wobbled as if about to collapse, reaching the point of nearly fainting.

So, Bai Yan had now reached the stage of "drawing cards".

Sometimes, he felt that the clash between the extraordinary beings was much like a card game. Here, if he made the wrong choice in battle, he would lose directly.

...even facing death.

In the face of a significant difference in levels, relying solely on the power of the Psychic Dancer, he was unable to resist the "Imperial Decree".

In reality, there is one thing that cannot be denied.

In the recent past, the power of the Psychic Dancer was shining brightly in Bai Yan's hands. It was very useful, but when it came to the battle against the Boss, her power was still not considered strong enough.

In Bai Yan's eyes, a shimmering silver light appeared as he executed a well-planned strategy.

In an instant, he transformed his body, mind, and soul into a game-like state. Suddenly, health and mana bars appeared above his head.

The attack from his psychic powers caused Bai Yan's health and mana bars to quickly decrease. But he immediately took out a bottle of special red liquid and drank it in big gulps.


Kessel frowned as he looked at what the other person was holding. It looked like a bottle of lemon tea, maybe even an old mineral water bottle...

However, the effect was immediately noticeable.

Under the Imperial Decree, Bai Yan barely suffered no damage.

After awakening his new powers, Bai Yan could now combine the iron plate and wooden chopsticks to transform them into an iron axe.

So he went straight to the hospital and drew a lot of his own blood. First, he combined the blood into small blood pouches, then he merged the small blood pouches into medium blood pouches, and even larger ones. Then, he added a large amount of coffee and tea leaves... And the final result is what he is holding in his hand now.

The essence created from various invigorating items and blood.

Bai Yan called it "Blood Tea."

In the next moment, his nearly empty health bar was instantly restored to one-third, and even the almost depleted blue bar was brought back to one-fourth.

Bai Yan drank the two bottles of Blood Tea quickly, gulp by gulp. He finished them in no time and instantly restored his energy.

Kessel muttered to himself, "Strange and unusual power, but that's all there is."

Although the attack had no effect, the "Emperor" remained completely unfazed and undeterred.

Although Kessel often used only one power, it doesn't mean he really had only one power.

But that's because... most people couldn't even block his attack.

Bai Yan quickly said, "Kessel, I don't mean any harm towards you. Just now, I simply wanted to find answers from you... answers about why you are so agitated and restless!"

He began to explain, speaking calmly, "This matter is definitely related to the Demon of Justice, Ailsa. You know what secret it is, but you've been keeping it hidden... It's important, as you are an Imperial Guard of the Empire. What you should do is to save innocent ordinary people, not fight me here."

He thought that Kessel would listen.

Because all along, the "Emperor" Kessel has been a powerful presence on the side of ordinary people. In the hearts of the guardians of the Demon Hunt Agency, his reputation has always been exceptionally good.

However, the true situation turned out to be different from what Bai Yan had expected.

Kessel calmly said, "I have already said it, no more accusing Ailsa. This matter has absolutely nothing to do with her."

Kessel was lying, feeling scared and angry!

Bai Yan couldn't understand what was the exact reason that caused such a huge change in Kessel's character.

Hmm, he quickly understood.

Bai Yan muttered to himself, "I understand now, the only person who can make you so emotional must be Ailsa, right?"

How did Ailsa and Kessel first meet?

The recorded history about this time was always unclear and blurry.

Bai Yan also only knew that these two people, more than two hundred years ago, were once slaves and relied on each other for many years. They witnessed the establishment of the Air Alliance together and created the Demon Hunt Agency.

Their feelings were very deep.

Perhaps, Kessel had a reason that made him unable to control his emotions.

But Bai Yan had already made up his mind to wake up this guy with a punch!

In his hand, he held a shining weapon called Gungnir, which had flashes of lightning mixed in. Without knowing when, he threw it up into the sky.

In the next moment, a massive pillar of white light, resembling the sword of a mighty white emperor, the divine punishment of the gods, instantly enveloped the body of the "Emperor".

The power of this strike was incredibly strong, but Bai Yan knew very well that it was not enough to seriously harm the "Emperor". He realized he needed to continue attacking.

He had long ago switched to the power of the "Queen of the Scarlet Moon".

This extraordinary and extremely terrifying force, beyond anything one could imagine, gathered around Bai Yan, making him truly like a monster among monsters.

He began.

This is the explosive power that Scarlet Moon wields within her physical body. As long as she gathers her strength for a while, she can unleash a terrifying force that is otherwise unattainable.

Bai Yan could feel his blood flowing faster throughout his body, his heart pounding like a drum. Every inch of his limbs and bones were gradually becoming wild and his body was filled with an unprecedented surge of power.

He took a deep breath, instantly sucking all the air dry within a radius of one hundred meters.

In the next moment, Bai Yan's body turned into a shadow and in the blink of an eye, he had shot up into the sky.

Just now, Gungnir's attack didn't actually deal a heavy blow to the "Emperor," but was blocked by him using a powerful ability called "Heart's Shield."

Compared to Maryse, the "Emperor" Kessel's psychic power could directly influence the physical world. He could create a transparent, constantly rippling "absolute defense" sphere.

It is a "mind barrier," capable of creating a protective layer that separates people from the world.

Inside the sphere, Kessel's mouth was bleeding. Before he could launch another attack, he saw a terrifying fist coming towards him!


Pure power!

This fierce power was almost unparalleled. Among all the top-level fighters that the Emperor Kessel had encountered in his over two hundred years of existence, it still ranked among the top five!

The defense that could be called "absolute" was still shattered!

Kessel's body flew away, an enormous impact that left him unable to control himself...

When he finally stood up, what he saw was Bai Yan holding black flames in his hands, emitting a terribly distorted and terrifying aura.

The Fire that Burns Everything.

The terrifying power of the Lord of Ashes within the Outer God!

"I know you still have energy left."

Bai Yan calmly said, "But please stop. As a member of the Babel Tower, I would rather have a conversation with you, help you resolve any issues that may arise with your wife and save the innocent... What are your thoughts as an Imperial Guard?"

Kessel remained silent. A dreadful wound on his abdomen rapidly healed, thanks to a powerful force within him. His mind took over reality, temporarily erasing the pain of his past injuries.

"Replacing reality" was Kessel's hidden ability, but its usage came with a certain cost.

And, little by little, he grew calmer, realizing that what the other person said made a lot of sense.

And, Kessel could somewhat sense that this man might be slightly more powerful than himself.

Kessel put forward his own terms, saying, "I will help you get rid of those strange things, but you mustn't inquire further into the origin of this matter."

"Alright," Bai Yan nodded, his expression sincere, although deep down he didn't really take it seriously.

However, his expression was overly devout, convincingly enough, so Kessel breathed a sigh of relief.

Hmm, it turned out that Ailsa was indeed the origin of this matter. Could it be that this old monster hasn't completely died yet? Bai Yan sank into deep thought.

If this "Demon of Justice" is really going to be the Boss, Bai Yan suggests that it would be better to run away immediately.


The third strange thing was... "Double Payback."

It appeared directly in a park in the Dawn District, looking like a scary ball of flesh. As soon as it appeared, it started multiplying and growing bigger. At first, the "Double Payback" was only the size of a basketball, but now it has consumed half of the park's area.

In the Dawn District, the Scarlet Moon stood in front of the fleshy ball and said coldly, "If it keeps growing endlessly like this, it will eventually devour the Dawn District, and even the entire city."

Her hair was messy and her clothes looked a bit worn-out, as if she had just been hit by a train.

Maryse stood next to the Scarlet Moon, looking at the enormous creature squirming in front of her with a hint of fear.

On the enormous pink lump of flesh, there lay a face that didn't quite resemble a human, breathing steadily.

This thing looks incredibly disgusting!

"How can we get rid of it? It seems impossible. This thing feels invincible."

Maryse let out a sigh.

"Oh no, it's so difficult."

So far, all their efforts had been in vain. Any attack made against it would be reflected back at them with double the intensity.

This is also why the Scarlet Moon looked very disheveled.

"There will be a solution."

Maryse heard a familiar sound and was slightly surprised. She immediately smiled brightly and turned her head to look.

When she saw Profligate Bai Yan, her eyes were filled with joy. However, when she saw the Emperor Kessel, she became completely stunned.

Maryse naturally recognized the Emperor Kessel.

But this person is supposed to be in charge of capturing the Babel Tower!

How did these two people come together like this?

She didn't understand much.