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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 262

2024-03-11 15:35:00Publish Time: 597 views
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Chapter 262: "The Seven Steps of Calamity"

Mu Ling, guided by the "Savior," arrived at this dormitory at Hrendor University.

After entering, she immediately saw a black email on the computer screen.

Mu Ling immediately focused all her attention and remembered the Savior's command, which was to find a way to solve this thing...

That was an incredibly strange email, as if it had a dark mist swirling around it, giving off a distorted sensation.

Unbeknownst to her, Mu Ling felt as if there was a giant eye peering at her from behind the email, causing a shiver to run down her spine.

She suddenly saw the girl about to click on the email and quickly reached out her hand to stop her.


The girl seemed surprised and excited when she saw herself. Mu Ling felt a bit confused but didn't pay much attention to it.

Right at that moment, the mouse swiftly clicked on the dark email!

No one touched the mouse at all!

Mu Ling saw this scene and furrowed her brow in confusion.

Deep Blue World!

The deep blue color spread to everything as far as the eye could see.

In the next moment, everything froze, leaving only Mu Ling to move freely within it.

Without hesitation, she punched the mouse on the table with all her might, and it burst into pieces!

"Is it okay now?"

She furrowed her brow, waiting for the outcome.

Time started flowing again, and a startlingly strange scene unfolded. Despite the mouse on the table being damaged, the mouse on the computer continued to move, and it was now dangerously close to the black email!

But at that moment, the entire computer screen suddenly turned completely black because Mu Ling had unplugged the power source of the main unit.

"Ah, ah, what on earth has happened? What is going on? Dirge, oh no, I mean Miss Nightsaber of the Babel Tower, what is the matter here?"

An Yang, being an outsider, didn't understand anything, but at least she could sense that something was very wrong.

Why did she unplug the power? Oh, wait, when did my mouse break?

Oh, it must be Nightsaber's ability, Time Stop!

An Yang got excited. Everyone in the Babel Tower fan community had been guessing that Nightsaber had the ability to pause time, and now it seemed like she had really used that ability just now!

An Yang was overjoyed!

"The crisis has not been resolved yet."

Facing the girl's various inquiries, Mu Ling simply answered with a calm statement.

Yes, INT had already informed her that the crisis was far from resolved this time, and it definitely wasn't a time for casual chatting.

"Ah?" An Yang's mouth fell open in surprise, and a feeling of fear started to creep into her heart.

She remembered the brutal battles in those videos and knew that this was a terrifying realm where ordinary people could not venture.

One day, without knowing when, the window of this bedroom suddenly started showing signs of opening.

The two of them immediately looked over and saw a crow carrying a black envelope flying in through the window, landing on the bed.

An Yang widened her eyes and pointed at the crow, saying, "This envelope looks exactly the same as the email we just saw on the computer!"

Mu Ling nodded gently, naturally understanding the situation. She could even see the black mist swirling around the envelop.

This kind of black mist was completely different from the black mist of the Babel Tower. It was a very twisted and aggressive thing!

The black mist on the envelope made Mu Ling feel a bit sick.

She immediately said, "Please don't go near that mail."

An Yang quickly nodded repeatedly, indicating that she would definitely not move it.

In fact, she didn't feel foolish at all. How could she casually touch something that looked so dangerous?

At that moment, An Yang suddenly felt extremely thirsty, so thirsty that it felt like she was almost dying of thirst. Even her breathing became difficult.

Then she saw a glass of water conveniently placed on the nearby table, so she instinctively reached out to grab it.

I want to drink water, I am so thirsty, I really want to drink water!

At the same time, An Yang spoke up and said, "I want to have some water."

But in Mu Ling's eyes at that moment, the situation was completely different.

The girl in her eyes suddenly stood up and walked towards the crow, her gaze blank. She clearly reached out with the intention to touch the black letter!

Mu Ling instantly realized that she was being controlled!

In the next moment, Mu Ling immediately unlocked the power of the Deep Blue World!

And so, everything became still and motionless once again.

Mu Ling swiftly unsheathed her sword and charged towards the crow, swiftly killing it. She then used the blade to touch the black letter before leaping out of the window of the room.

She wanted to bring the unopened black letter back to her home and hide it there.

But as soon as she stepped outside, she suddenly noticed that the sky was filled with black crows!

When time returned to normal, many crows squawked and flew towards her, trying to snatch away the black letter. Some stray cats appeared out of nowhere on the ground, eager to join the commotion.

It was clear to see that these animals were being controlled.

Mu Ling remained calm and instantly vanished into the realm of darkness.

In the realm of absolute darkness, there was a special dimension that only Mu Ling could enter whenever she pleased.

She tried to leave the black letter in the realm of darkness and return to the real world, but she discovered that it was still in her hand.

"Can't I do it?... I can't just leave it there and ignore it."

Just then, a very strong gust of wind suddenly blew. Before Mu Ling could react, the black envelope in her hand was blown open by the wind.

Something emerged.

A dreadful sound echoed from deep within Mu Ling's heart, again and again, sending shivers down her spine.

"What is this?"

She could feel a strong feeling of disgust nearby.

This is a secluded path near the school, where only a few students, including Mu Ling, can be found.

And at this moment, apart from them, an enigmatic man wearing a black hat, like a figure made of oil, stood under the sunlight.

It had no facial features on its face, and its body seemed to be constantly flowing like oil. On its body were numerous golden patterns, resembling a gigantic pupil from both the front and the side, symbolizing some terrible presence.

It could never be a human, but some kind of strange creature.

What is this thing exactly? Mu Ling couldn't figure out this strange creature and didn't know its abilities and weaknesses. She only knew that she had to defeat it.

Because, this was the will of the Savior, and as his dark blade, she had to fulfill his will completely.

Deep Blue World

After time had frozen, Mu Ling brandished The Heart of Death, effortlessly severing the strange creature with the sharp edge of her blade.

As time returned to normal, the creature that had been severed astonishingly restored itself in an instant, without any harm at all.

Mu Ling furrowed her brow, wondering if her attacks were ineffective...

What should she do...

Just as this was happening, the dark humanoid creature began to move.

He started walking.

With each step he took, the terrifying and twisted aura of aggression grew slightly stronger.

One, two, three, four, five, six... Mu Ling felt a strong sense of danger in her heart!

As the oil-like humanoid creature took six steps, INT kept warning Mu Ling again and again, telling her that she absolutely must not let it take the seventh step!

Mu Ling instinctively froze time once again, but she didn't know what to do next. She could only put on Nyx's Cover, trying to forcibly use her dark powers to destroy the opponent.

However, it was still useless.

Finally, it took the seventh step!

In the next moment, Mu Ling was shocked to see a massive, black ring of light emerge from the creature's body. It rapidly expanded and quickly spread throughout the entire city.

"This, this is...something big is about to happen!"

She suddenly looked up and was shocked to see a tremendously large meteor falling from the sky. It was accompanied by intense flames, causing the sky to turn red. It seemed like in just a few minutes, the meteor would land on Tatsumi City.

The people around also looked up, feeling incredibly astonished by what they saw.

"It's too big! It's impossible to handle something this size!"

Mu Ling's face turned pale, and the diameter of this meteor was incredibly huge. Its terrifying impact had the power to instantly destroy one-third of Tatsumi City!

[This is the 'Seven Steps of Calamity',]

Suddenly, Mu Ling's face regained its healthy color, and her eyes filled with confidence once again.

With no other explanation, it was simply because she heard that sound.

[Its weakness is its inability to withstand noise, causing it to gradually crumble under loud sounds. If it is dismantled, the ensuing catastrophe will also be eliminated.]

After obtaining the power of "Insightful Linking," Bai Yan can effortlessly see the peculiar abilities and weaknesses of every creature.

As for why he wasn't at the scene?

Because the four anomalies appeared almost simultaneously, Bai Yan, at this very moment, was working with other Core Operators to handle other anomalies.

"Noise?" Mu Ling muttered to herself, swiftly gliding her blade across the ground, creating a tremendously loud noise!

It indeed worked, and the black humanoid anomaly let out a sudden cry of sadness!

However, it seemed greatly agitated, even starting to walk faster, completing the new seven steps in no time.

Once again, a new wave of black energy emerged, spreading throughout the entire city, causing the ground to abruptly shake.

This time, the calamity was an earthquake!

Mu Ling saw the anomaly still moving, but its body was rapidly crumbling, indicating that it wouldn't last for much longer.

However, the people in this city might not be able to endure for much longer.

So, she put on the relic that she hadn't used in a long time - Merlin's Cloak!

Its power allowed Mu Ling to transform freely into animals and most magical creatures!

In the next moment, Mu Ling transformed into a magnificent, colorful giant bird. She had translucent wings that shimmered like a Rainbow, making her incredibly beautiful. Everyone who saw her at school was enchanted by her appearance. Even though the Rainbow Phoenix was just a magical bird, it had a charm level of 12, which was exceptionally high. However, Mu Ling didn't transform into it to showcase its charm. The key point was that the Rainbow Phoenix launched its attacks through sound!

Ever since she acquired Merlin's Cloak, Mu Ling had been studying a lot about animals and magical creatures. Among them, the rare and extraordinary Rainbow Phoenix was undoubtedly the loudest creature Mu Ling knew of!


She opened her mouth and let out a piercing scream. The people who were once enchanted by her were now wailing in agony. They instinctively covered their ears, but their eardrums were still damaged.

"The Seven Steps of Calamity" was greatly affected, and it crumbled instantly.

However, its speed suddenly increased several times in that moment. As it crumbled, astonishingly, it had already taken its sixth step in a new direction!

A peculiar scene unfolded.

In the next moment, it suddenly appeared in the sky, and Mu Ling, after transforming into the "Rainbow Phoenix," clutched it with her claws and threw it down from the sky.

The noise didn't stop until the strange creature completely crumbled and vanished. Only then did Mu Ling stop her piercing scream.

"Indeed, it was just like that. If they were in the sky, they couldn't take the seventh step."

Just as the "Seven Steps of Calamity" was about to take its new seventh step, Mu Ling stopped time in an instant and lifted it from the ground.

"What just happened? Was it an illusion?"

"That girl looks very pretty, but just then a bird appeared that was even more beautiful..."

The people on the university campus were chatting excitedly among themselves.

The earthquake started to fade away, and the meteorites in the sky disappeared without a trace. Mu Ling felt relieved.

It seems that the problem has been solved.

From the moment "The Seven Steps of Calamity" appeared until it disappeared, the entire process lasted less than ten seconds. But for Mu Ling, it felt like a thrilling and heart-pounding experience.

Mu Ling calmly treated the injuries of everyone present. For her, it was not a big problem at all.

Then, she wanted to leave, but suddenly she heard the voice of the girl from before.

"Wait, Nightsaber, wait! Ha... ha..."

An Yang gasped for breath as she hurried out of her dorm room and stood in front of Nightsaber. Her face was flushed with excitement, and her eyes were filled with anticipation.

"What's the matter?" asked Mu Ling calmly.

"Nightsaber, I want to interview you. Truly, there are many, many people who like you a lot and admire the Babel Tower. In reality, all of them want to know more about the Babel Tower... Can you answer some questions for me?"

An Yang looked closely at the girl in front of her. She was really, really pretty and had such elegance. She looked even more perfect than in the videos.

It is said that she used to be a student at this university, but An Yang had never seen her before.

It didn't seem like a big deal, Mu Ling nodded gently and said, "Sure."

An Yang quickly approached, eagerly sniffing the scent, and asked, "What is the aim of your Babel Tower, anyway?"

Without even thinking, Mu Ling replied, "The Savior wants to save the world, all of the worlds."

With a kingly response, An Yang nodded eagerly, continuing to ask, "In the Babel Tower, who do you think you have the closest relationship with, and how do you see the Savior? What kind of person is he, after all?"

The Savior.

This person never directly appeared in videos, but there were legends about them all over Tatsumi City. As the ruler of the Babel Tower, he was a mysterious figure that everyone had speculated about.

So, An Yang couldn't help but speak up and ask about him.

After pondering for a while, Mu Ling earnestly responded, "My relationship with Psychic Dancer is quite good... The Savior, he is the most magnificent being in my understanding, saving my past, giving me a new life, and giving meaning to my future... He is the only master I would dedicate my entire life, even eternity, to serve. The Savior knows everything, comparable to a god. Each of his commands is a mission worth sacrificing my life for."

Mu Ling noticed An Yang's astonishment and saw that she was holding a recording pen that had captured every word.

She used to think that Nightsaber should be a very aloof and proud woman, but she didn't expect her to have such a strong loyal and obedient nature!


An Yang's face turned red and her mind was filled with lots of ideas for new comic strips!

She wanted to draw a picture of Nightsaber kneeling down and kissing the Savior's fingers, with a mischievous smile on her face!

Just as she was about to ask more questions, Mu Ling suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Because, the Savior called out to her.