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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 26

2022-06-06 14:54:30Publish Time: 3,978 views
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Chapter 26: Dark Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Bai Yan thought fast. He knew this question must have a purpose instead of just being some random nonsense.
It seemed the two were only having a small chat, but Bai Yan had never forgotten the hidden identity of his friend.
He took a deep breath and was sure that Alan would definitely use Detection of Lies during their following conversation.
One shouldn’t forget to guard against any possible harm.
Bai Yan said, “To be honest, I was shocked at first. I searched a lot on the net and repeatedly watched Babel Tower’s videos.”
“For so many years, I always felt  that this world was nothing special, so empty and boring. Now I realize that things are different.”
He continued, “I find it really shocking and exciting.”
“But that’s it. Even if the world changes a lot, the only thing I can do is to accept it.”
With that, Bai Yan brought up something else.
“So, what do you think of these things? That supernatural organization must frighten you, right?”
Hearing this, Alan smiled complacently.
Bai Yan was clear about the meaning of Alan’s smile. It came from the superpower’s subconscious sense of superiority over ordinary people, which meant no offense.
Alan must be thinking, “Hehe, you think it gives me a fright, but I already knew everything about the supernatural world.”
Thinking for a moment, Alan looked at the night sky and replied, “I was thinking it would be amazing if one day I could work for a supernatural organization, become one of their members and experience a completely different world.”
“It must be very different from the lives of the ordinary.”
“Oh, I see.” Bai Yan nodded noncommittally without saying anything.
Alan asked, “What? Have you ever had the same thought?”
“Of course.”
Bai Yan didn’t deny his desire for superpowers, for it couldn’t be a serious accusation.
Alan stared into his eyes and said, “I knew you always hated mediocrity inside.”
Bai Yan didn’t say yes or no. He had a feeling that Alan’s intention might not be interrogating him but something else.
After a while, Bai Yan left on the pretext of going to the bathroom.
Now there were only Alan and Lin Bian on the balcony.
“So, you want him to join the Demon Hunt Agency?”
Lin Bian looked at the blond guy beside him and patted Alan on the shoulder.
Gazing at the night sky, Alan said, “He has immense potential, but I’m still hesitant. I don’t want to disturb his life... But, the world is about to experience a massive upheaval. Perhaps it’s better to let him know about superpowers in advance…if both of us vouch for him, he can immediately become a Night Watchman.”
Lin Bian frowned, “I didn't know you two were this close. But, there is no need for that because I will never agree to it.”
“Why?” Alan was utterly stunned.
“Because of intuition. I don’t like him.”
Lin Bian couldn’t tell any specific reason. All he knew was that his INT-enhanced intuition was often more helpful than logic.
“Fine, then you can’t have it.” Alan suddenly took away Lin Bian’s glass.
“Tch, petty.”
Lin Bian was at a loss for words. Then he conjured a spider robot that was the size of a washbowl.
“It’s a gift, spider automated battle machine from Night Union…the country is getting worse under those companies’ control. It will be a disaster eventually.”
He handed the robot to the stunned Alan.
“Thank you. I didn’t expect to see your sensitive side…”
Alan touched his face and returned the glass to Lin Bian. Then excitedly put the robot on the ground and turned it on.
A host, who dressed badly in a vulgar way, appeared in the hologram.
“Good morning, Night Union! So many opportunities and possibilities here! And you are the interpreter of your dream!”
Alan and Lin Bian looked at each other in speechless despair.
“The manual says that every time you turn it on, you have to wait until the advertisements finish before the robot operates normally, unless… you purchase the yearly VIP of Noy Military.”
Bai Yan came to the bathroom, and something occurred to him. Then he tried to walk four steps backward.
However, nothing happened.
He shrugged, took out his phone, and checked the auto-play profits.
“Daily record for Nightsaber.”
“Slight weight gain. Eat weight loss salad for dinner. Mood -1.”
“Increase in bust size.”
“Fail to find cultists at night. Think about whether the Savior needs to go to the bathroom.”
Bai Yan was totally speechless.
‘Why does her Mood not increase when she knows that her bust size increased? Wasn’t it a good thing? She doesn’t care about it at all?’
‘Also, don’t imagine me peeing in your mind!’
“Daily record for Psychic Dancer.”
“Forced to eat Escargots for dinner and feels sick. Mood -1.”
“Eat chow mein in secret. Mood +1.”
“Shocked by Nightsaber’s body figure in the video. Mood -1.”
Bai Yan sighed and did a facepalm.
He swore that he had found the reason for Psychic Dancer’s Mood decrease many times in the daily record before.
‘Why do you care so much about it?’
Just then, a random mission popped up.
‘Who should I choose to go fight?’
The random mission set Bai Yan thinking.
Nightsaber had been tired in recent days, as she was always hardworking.
But this Psychic Dancer…Bai Yan didn’t know who this lady was in reality. She didn’t go to school, didn’t work, and didn’t even train herself!
It really made Bai Yan annoyed. If the character’s Rank could be edited manually, he couldn’t wait to give her a Rank named “Anti-work Queen”!
“I choose you! Get up and complete the mission!”
The random mission was a battle mission, and the enemy was a group of criminals who acquired superpowers.
Humanoid monsters were never just cultists. In Babel Tower or this world, many people acted unscrupulously after acquiring superpowers.
There were more than a dozen humanoid monsters, and their title was “Dark Sorcerer’s Apprentices.”
Many pixel villains in black robes appeared on the phone screen, looking like regular enemies.
Dark Sorcerer's Apprentice had two different attacks. The first was to swiftly fire flame bombs, which would gradually reduce HP when hit.
The second was to summon a slow phantom to go forward, exploding immediately after approaching a Core Operator. It had larger AOE and higher damage.
Bai Yan firmly locked the bathroom door and focused on manipulating Psychic Dancer to fight.
The battle location was a pedestrian street, so there were many onlookers.
There was a mission requirement: Defeat all of the Dark Sorcerer’s Apprentices within the specified time and stop a virtual bomb that was about to explode.
There was a bomb…Bai Yan took a deep breath, knowing it was serious and he must not fail.
“Time for a true display of skill!” The pixel girl said.
Psychic Dancer’s ability was powerful. If she used Psychic Domination and commanded others to suicide, she could kill the Dark Sorcerer’s Apprentices in seconds.
One of the features of humanoid monsters was that their HP was often low.
Dark Sorcerer’s Apprentices were not that powerful. Psychic Dancer could easily kill them.
The problem was that Psychic Dancer’s HP was also extremely low. After all, her STR was only 5. She would die if she were hit by two flame bombs or a phantom explosion.
It was one girl against all, and Psychic Dancer needed to beware of all the attacks. If she were not careful enough and went to the corner, she would be smashed by a barrage of flame bombs.
Bai Yan knew that getting rough was never Psychic Dancer’s style. He manipulated her to use Psychic Domination on those monsters. Some of them started to attack their companions, creating huge chaos.
The Dark Sorcerer’s Apprentices started to kill each other. All of a sudden, their bodies were blown to pieces. Humanoid monsters with low HP were easy to kill.
Bai Yan quickly manipulated Psychic Dancer to stop the pixel bomb after the battle.
“Victory, Babel Tower Legendary Point +50.”
“Successfully captured 3 Dark Sorcerer’s Apprentices.”
“Mission reward received. Mystical Power: Unlimited Ammunition.”
Bai Yan muttered, "The effects of Psychic Domination on regular enemies is too good."
Unlimited Ammunition was a limited ability that literally gave Core Operators infinite ammo. This ability however was only suitable for a small amount of Core Operators.
Finally, Bai Yan let the two girls go to the spring together to recover their Mood.
It was the first time for Psychic Dancer to enter the Recovery Spring. Bai Yan was suddenly curious about if she would meet Nightsaber?
‘What would the two say to each other?’
Maryse was playing with her pets in the pet room.
This light green pet room was about fifty square meters, and the ground was covered with plants. There were three cats and four dogs, while the fish and birds were kept in another pet room.
Maryse was holding a tiny Pomeranian and giggling. The dog looked at her.
“Actually, I like dogs more than humans…After all, your minds are simpler. You only want to eat, drink, play and breed.”
“Well, I’m a bit like a pet now…it’s a pity you can’t understand me, but I think I would've annoyed if you were able to.”
She smiled but suddenly found her body was out of control.
Maryse’s face changed. Without hesitation, she turned around and walked out of the room, holding the Pomeranian.
Irena, her maid aside, was perplexed for not knowing what had happened to the lady.
Maryse was dead inside again.
‘Wait! Wait! At least let me put down my dog!’
‘Better not let me see you, Savior! Or I’ll definitely…give you a good massage.’
Maryse was walking helplessly, but she was a bit excited at the same time.
‘Can I receive another reward this time?’