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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 252

2024-03-01 16:15:00Publish Time: 559 views
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Chapter 252: Reunion

In the dimly lit night, Ganis sat in a cramped room, feeling quite unsettled.

His robust physique concealed in the darkness, while deep within, he contemplated all the sensations he had experienced over the years.

Throughout all these years.

What have I truly gained?

What else have I lost?

He extended his hand slowly, clasping it tightly.

Regardless of the past, the present self has already been bestowed with a new opportunity.

"I will certainly seize this opportunity, rest assured, Ann."

Ann, that is the name of Ganis' younger sister.

He often calls out this name in the midst of life and death battles, hoping that his loved ones can grant him strength.

In fact, it is indeed this trust that has allowed Ganis to survive until now.

He deeply resonates with this.

In order to survive, Ganis mercilessly killed many innocent the Persecuted in the abattoir, a deed that is beyond forgiveness.

Those individuals should have been comrades, possessing vibrant lives, important loved ones, and cherished aspirations.

However, the "citizens within the city" - akin to demons - stripped away all of this!

A tremendous anger lingers within, unsettling Ganis nearly every night.

He finds it unfathomable whether his own sister is alive or dead at this moment.

In his dreams, Ganis truly wishes to tear Mr. Keno apart and feed this fellow's heart to the dogs!

This "demon" always pretends to have the appearance of caring for your well-being, thinking that everyone must obey him.

In fact, if it weren't for him, neither I nor my sister would have ever been separated! He has always been well aware of this fact!

Ganis, being highly intelligent, doesn't have the slightest belief in Keno's ability to uphold the agreement.

For Keno, there is absolutely no benefit in allowing his sister to break free from the identity of a sinner.

Moreover, if Keno truly fulfills the agreement, then he has no reason whatsoever to prevent himself from meeting his sister!

"Ann... don't die, wait for me."

Ganis took a deep breath and with the presence of the Babel Tower and the Savior, the future has been imbued with countless possibilities.

Please, please wait for me, Ann... don't give up.

Suddenly, he sensed that there was someone outside the door!


Ganis remained calm and silent, pretending to be unaware of the presence of someone outside.

"Hello, may I ask Mr. 'Fist of Duel'... Is it you who wishes to rescue your sister and lead everyone to break free from this corrupt and filthy place?"

This voice, it is "Profligate"!

Ganis has an exceptional memory and had long ago memorized the sound of Profligate's voice.

He pondered for a moment.

Hmm, he was sent by the "Savior" to assist me. For now, I can trust this person.

Ganis promptly replied, "Yes, it is me."

"I am willing to sacrifice everything for this!"

In the next moment, countless flesh-colored liquids wriggled out from the cracks of the door, dripping onto the ground.

The eerie scene made Ganis widen his eyes.

The horrifying flesh-colored liquids were all splattered on the ground, emitting scorching steam, and then they started squirming, recombining gradually to form the shape of a humanoid creature.

The aura of an aristocratic scholar, a classical black robe, a handsome countenance, and a faint smile in his eyes.

Undoubtedly, this man is the "Profligate" version of Bai Yan.

Ganis let out a sigh of relief and asked:

"Mr. Profligate, you've finally arrived... May I inquire about the current condition of my sister, Ann?"

Ganis was inwardly anxious, but he managed to maintain a composed facade, asking in a very calm manner.

Bai Yan smiled faintly, fully perceiving the inner restlessness of the other person's soul.

"Your sister, I have not yet rescued her."

Ganis felt a tinge of disappointment.

[Thus, you too are an unreliable person, Profligate, I hope you won't only be preoccupied with indulgence forever…]

Ganis, seated on the bed, clasped his hands together, taking a deep breath.

His face remained serene, but inside his heart, he was silently cursing.

Bai Yan continued, "However, I have completely obtained her whereabouts and can rescue her at any given moment."

Ganis was momentarily stunned, and a surge of joy erupted within him, illuminating his eyes.

[Fantastic! Mr. Profligate! As long as you can rescue her, I am willing to do anything for you!]

After a brief pause, Bai Yan intentionally smiled again and said, "But I will not rescue her."

Ganis continued to be dumbfounded, this time unsure of what to say.

If it were someone with less composure, they would have long ago been furious. However, Ganis, despite his muscular build, remained clear-headed.

[What is this riddling fellow up to? If you don't want to save her, then why bother saying all this to me here? What exactly do you have in mind? Is it possible that "Profligate" can deviate from the commands of the "Savior," or does he seek some sort of reward or promise from me?]

Bai Yan finally finished his words, saying, "Because I want you to personally rescue your sister."

"What did you say?"

Ganis stood up directly, his eyes widened, as a tremendous wave of astonishment, joy, and disbelief surged within his heart!

Bai Yan said, "If I can casually come in, naturally I can casually take you away. Don't you believe it?"

"I believe!"

"Yes, so I want to take you there and let you personally save your own sister."

Ganis took a deep breath and extended his hand with a smile, saying, "Thank you, Profligate. I don't know how to express my gratitude, but if I can save my sister, then consider me indebted to you for a significant favor."

"I will be forever grateful to you."

[Thank you...]

Upon hearing sincere gratitude, Bai Yan and Ganis clasped hands.

Simultaneously, he felt his cellphone vibrating.

The mission of "Babel Tower" has been triggered.

Bai Yan's smile became even more enigmatic, completely incomprehensible.

"You don't have to thank me, everything is orchestrated by the 'Savior' of Babel Tower," he explained.


Ganis's younger sister.

Her name is Ann, currently residing in Mr. Keno's mansion, the host of the abattoir.

Of course Ann didn't die, Keno isn't foolish enough for that.

He understood that the hostage would only be valuable if kept alive.

However, Keno also failed to uphold his promise, allowing Ann to change her appearance and elevate her own status.

He simply turned this sinner girl into the lowest-ranking maid in the mansion.

Mr. Keno's mansion is also located in the third district, quite opulent, and boasts a significant number of guards.

Even though the security situation in the Kingdom of Dark Light is exceptionally good, Mr. Keno still cannot afford to let his guard down, for he has gathered a multitude of adversaries.

At this moment, Bai Yan and Ganis were standing at the entrance to his mansion.

Ganis looked up at the sky, where the stars were shimmering and shining in the darkness of the night.

A shooting star streaked across the sky.

The sturdy and resilient man took a deep breath, his heart filled with an overwhelming sense of incredulity, a surging emotion that almost made him want to unleash a mighty Roarrr into the sky.

I have emerged!

After so many years, I have finally emerged, free from that damnation abattoir!

I, Ganis the Persecuted, stand upright here with righteousness and integrity!

He restrained his emotions, refraining from roaring aloud, instead muttering to himself in a lowered voice.

"Eventually, there will come a day when I shall ensure that all the Persecuted are granted the opportunity to breathe with dignity within this city! To freely gaze upon the starry night sky!"

"Your aspirations are truly magnificent, but for now, let us focus on resolving the matters at hand."

Bai Yan smiled gently and shook his head slightly.

"Well, how should we proceed? There are numerous guards here, though they may not be as powerful as us, they can still manage to sound the alarm before meeting their demise."

Ganis appeared visibly tense, and he spoke, saying, "The guardians of this city are none other than the 'Divine Blade,' the mightiest knight order of the Kingdom of Dark Light, surpassing even the 'Ten Pillar Knight Orders'."

"Once the people of the Divine Blade arrive, we will find ourselves in great trouble!"

Bai Yan, on the other hand, shook his head gently, showing no signs of nervousness.

"Do not panic, no one will hinder our progress. After all, we are not dangerous villains, and there will be no conflict here either."

Bai Yan calmly took a step forward, leading Ganis directly into the villa with a smile on his face.

Ganis appeared tense, yet he noticed the guards at the entrance with bewildered expressions. He courteously assisted them in opening the door and respectfully bowed, attentively watching as the two of them entered the room.

One after another, the guards caught sight of the two individuals, yet they displayed no trace of the expected reaction. Instead, they chose to turn a blind eye.

Under the immense power of his spiritual prowess, Bai Yan effortlessly had complete control over everyone in the villa.

Ganis, who witnessed everything, felt a profound shock in his heart.

The ability to manipulate others unnoticed, like an invisible monster, is, in a certain sense, even more terrifying and powerful than the ability to kill everyone in the room!

They entered the magnificent villa, and Ganis noticed Mr. Keno's entire family seated on the sofa.

They looked confused, evidently already under the control of "Profligate".

"I, where is my sister?" Ganis anxiously asked "Profligate".

Bai Yan calmly responded:

"The basement."

Ann is responsible for miscellaneous tasks in the basement every day, and she also eats and sleeps there.

She scarcely sees the sunlight within a day, and as a result, her original illness not only failed to improve but further intensified and deteriorated.

If Bai Yan continues to neglect the situation with "Fist of Duel", then the probability of Ann eventually succumbing to illness is high.

Ganis swiftly arrived at the basement of the villa.

Here, dim and damp, his beloved sister lay on a blanket, emaciated to the bone and with a pale complexion.


"Is it? Is it you, brother?"

Upon hearing someone approaching, An slowly opened her eyes and sat up on the blanket.

Subsequently, she could hardly fathom everything she saw!

Is it truly you, Ganis?

"It's me!"

Ganis took a deep breath and his eyes welled up with moisture. He crouched down, gently embracing Ann's immensely frail body, his hands tracing the protrusion of her bones.

A tremendous anger was gathering within him, nearing the point of becoming uncontrollable.

Filled with confusion and joy, Ann spoke happily, "Brother, how did you appear here? Did Mr. Keno send you? Has he finally agreed to let me see you? All this time, I misunderstood him. I thought... I thought Mr. Keno would never let me see you again in this lifetime!"

While speaking, she choked up with tears.

"Brother, I finally, finally see you again!"

Ganis enunciated each word as he said,

"Ann, from now on, your brother will no longer let you suffer."

"You will have a better life."

Ganis paused for a moment, his gaze growing even more resolute.

"No, not just you, but all the so-called 'sinners' will henceforth lead a good life, I swear!"

Silently, Ann listened, eventually revealing a faint smile.

"Indeed, I trust you, dear brother."

"Clap clap..."

Bai Yan, standing at the doorway without knowing when he had arrived, gently clapped his hands, interrupting the emotionally charged reunion between the two.

"So, have you decided how to deal with this family, Fist of Duel, Ganis?"