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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 242

2024-02-20 14:55:00Publish Time: 685 views
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Chapter 242: Ordinary Thoughts

The current Bai Yan actually doesn't require sleep.

He sat on the bed, looking at the moon outside the window, without choosing to surrender to slumber.

In Bai Yan's eyes, there shimmered a silvery glow, evidently signaling the activation of his spiritual power.

Although many transcendents choose to anchor themselves by imitating ordinary people, in order to prevent the instability of human nature... Bai Yan now prefers to use this time for training.

He not only trains his own transcendental abilities, but also familiarizes himself with the transcendental abilities of other Core Operators.

While there may not be a pressing need to actively seek ways to become stronger, it is indeed necessary to "attain greatness".

Each Core Operator possesses unique abilities, and Bai Yan cannot instantly master them all. He must continue to train himself in secrecy, away from prying eyes.

He hasn't slept for quite some time.

In the intervals of his training, Bai Yan would open up "Babel Tower" on his phone and take a glimpse into the daily lives of the Core Operators.

Of course, now with the advent of the "short video" mode, he naturally prefers watching videos over reading text.

First and foremost, there is "Nightsaber".

"Core Operator·Nightsaber's log intelligence."

"Seeking the cultists."

"Continuing the search for cultists in Tatsumi City."

"At Tatsumi City, astonishingly, cultists cannot be found. 'Nightsaber' appears somewhat perplexed."


Bai Yan fell into contemplation.

Tatsumi City, it seems that there are truly no cultists present anymore.

They have either already fled this city or have been physically dealt with by the Core Operators of Babel Tower.

After all, the reconnaissance capabilities of Babel Tower are truly astonishing, leaving them with no place to hide.

However, here lies the question, what about the weekly missions of "Babel Tower"?

Fortunately, now the annihilation missions of "Babel Tower" have opened up a brand new map!

The cities visited by the Core Operators of Babel Tower can all serve as stages for annihilation missions - they will be transported there by the black mist to hunt down cultists and extraordinary criminals.

Bai Yan shook his head and chuckled to himself, saying, "It is truly gratifying, truly gratifying, it seems that the notorious reputation of Babel Tower operators is going to spread throughout the world of Noah."

"Intelligence Log of Core Operator - Psychic Dancer."

"Strengthening my own power, conducting memory modification experiments on my older brother, Mood +1."

"Promoting Irena's status within the family, making her the second steward of the household, Mood +1."

"After taking a tour of the school, I realized that I could never belong here, Mood -1."

Bai Yan clicked open the video content of the "Psychic Dancer" intelligence log and saw the little fellow in the video ruthlessly toying with her elder brother's psyche, resembling a manic programmer, causing his memories to become chaotic while being unaware of it.

Maryse sat in the chair inside her elder brother's villa, her smile filled with satisfaction, narrowed eyes, appearing as a pure adolescent antagonist.

Bai Yan gently shook his head, without any intention of restraining, as he recognized that this individual's vindictive mentality remained as strong as ever.

"Intelligence Log of Core Operator, Queen of the Scarlet Moon."

"Lying on the bed with Lan Lan, doing nothing, Mood +1."

"Take care of Lan Lan's bath."

"Arriving at school, sleeping."

Lan Lan...

Bai Yan has an impression of this pet belonging to the Scarlet Moon.

That is a centennial bloodline otter that is capable of experiencing the Flow of the Heart. It appears cute on the surface but in reality, it is a rather eccentric and peculiar little... old entity.

He still remembers that during the first playthrough, there was a time when he drew the "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" first and "Nightsaber" afterwards while playing "Babel Tower".

During that time, Nightsaber was still resisting her own control, while the Queen of the Scarlet Moon had already pledged loyalty to Babel Tower. As a result, the initial Nightsaber was directly thrashed by the otter nurtured by the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

"Although the initial 'Nightsaber' and Lan Lan are both subliminal beings of awakening, the battle awareness and combat experience accumulated by this otter over the past century have completely surpassed the initial Mu Ling..."

Although the Scarlet Moon and Maryse may appear to be lazy dogs, they actually possess distinctly different inclinations towards laziness.

The Scarlet Moon exhibits a remarkable level of initiative when faced with true challenges, but remains indifferent towards people and matters that they are unconcerned about.

She has always regarded "double standards" as the guiding principle of her life.

Maryse is different, completely unique.

She is simply pure laziness.

Bai Yan continued to read, treating it as his own leisure time.

"The intelligence log of Core Operator, Fist of Duel."

"The reliable individuals are selected from among the sinners to observe and contact those needed for escape."

"Somebody suspected of snitching, find a reason to make them meet an unexpected demise."

"Adapting some ancient legends about the Savior, it is found that most sinners are skeptical to some extent."

Hmm, only Fist of Duel is earnestly preparing for the "Prison Break".

Compared to others, he is currently in the most severe predicament.


Bai Yan is actually very well aware of something.

The preparations that "Fist of Duel" is currently making cannot be described as futile, but in reality, they hold little significance, at least at this stage.

The focus lies not on whether "Fist of Duel" can escape, but rather on how to rescue his sister.

If his sister cannot be saved, he will have no means to resist at all.

Once the safety of "Fist of Duel's" sister is confirmed, Bai Yan can directly transport "Fist of Duel" out of the arena through the portals of "summoning an operator" and the "Operator Center".

Bai Yan vaguely remembers where "Fist of Duel's" sister is being held.

"I will help you rescue her, rest assured."

He made a promise, then set down his cellphone.

However, before that, I must first take care of tomorrow's matter... the birthday party.

The original plan was to confront Sylve at the birthday party.

"To shatter Sylve's heart, to make her despise me, like a puppeteer manipulating the emotions of this young girl... ultimately culminating in the 'Puppet Dance' of the Crown Ceremony."

However, Bai Yan always felt a sense of hesitation.

Huff, Bai Yan began attempting to convince himself that though Sylve now appeared docile, deep down, she still retained her rebellious and turbulent nature... It would be best not to be deceived by appearances.

If I hadn't come here and allowed them to continue along their predetermined path, Sylve's violent tendencies would have escalated, intensifying her tyranny over those who feared her.

Ultimately, she will commit unforgivable mistakes.

"However, in the real world, these things never happened... and have no connection to the altered Sylve."

There is a possibility that Nightsaber may also have a mischievous side, and Queen of the Scarlet Moon may have a submissive world line... He is well aware that people are not static entities.

What Bai Yan actually knows is that the current Sylve has truly turned over a new leaf, and it is not a pretense of repentance.

She no longer bullies others at school, and occasionally even helps others, perhaps to please him, or maybe out of a sudden realization.

Perhaps not by intention, but Bai Yan deeply knows within his heart that he has truly transformed this girl.

Bai Yan fell into contemplation as he pondered over the imminent act of targeting a good person, even to the extent of breaking her heart.

Actually, this is not strictly necessary.

I am preparing a "Fictional Enactment" as a second option to assist me in ascending to the position of "Crown" during this "Crown Ceremony". All the necessary preparations are nearly complete.

"However, the success rate is slightly lower..."

Never mind, let's not think about it for now.

Bai Yan knew...

When facing Sylve tomorrow, there will naturally be an answer in his heart.


December 4th, Saturday.

Today marks the birthday of Sylve, the only daughter of Lady Helen, from the Helen family, a moderately renowned noble family.

As the time enters December, the weather in Tatsumi City is gradually getting colder.

The people in this city start wearing thick clothing and enjoying warm hot pot meals.

People are preparing to welcome the arrival of winter.

However, until now, Tatsumi City still hasn't experienced a single snowfall.

Sylve woke up exceptionally early today.

She felt a slight thrill, although birthdays come once a year, this year is completely different from previous years!

Now, Sylve has someone she hopes to celebrate her birthday with.

She was wearing a pale pink nightgown, sitting on the bed while stretching lazily. Soon, she got out of bed, freshened up, changed clothes, and finally made her way to the dining room in the villa.

Sylve's mother, Helen, was already waiting here.

Upon seeing her daughter's arrival, she immediately revealed a genuine smile.

"You look truly beautiful, Sylve."

Lady Helen felt gratified and commented, "From today onwards, you have officially come of age."

"Today, I will reveal to you the most significant secret of the Helen family, which you ought to know and bear the responsibility for."

Sylve had a momentary look of surprise on her face.

The family, the most important secret, could it be referring to that...

Throughout Sylve's growth, she has always been curious about how the Helen family became wealthy and prosperous.

Sylve once asked her mother this question, and at that time, Lady Helen mentioned that this question involved the family's most important secret, which was not yet the right time to reveal to her.

Now, she finally had the opportunity to know it herself, Sylve realized this.

Lady Helen looked at her daughter and gently shook her head.

The era in which her daughter lives is even more chaotic than it was back then. Tatsumi City, at present, has changed drastically, and there are even rumors that the enigmatic Babel Tower rules over the five great families.

Lady Helen found this to be absurd, yet she still felt the pressure.

A gentle and refined voice of a young man came forth.

"Good morning, two beautiful ladies."

With a joyful smile on her face, Sylve turned her little head and caught sight of that handsome, elegant, and irresistibly charming man.

He appeared in the restaurant, dressed more formally than before, his light gray Western-style tailored suit looking very sophisticated and fitted.

Bai Yan smiled and nodded at Sylve.

"Mr. Moriarty, have you been sleeping well lately?"

Lady Helen smiled and got up to approach; she, much like her daughter, held Moriarty in high regard, albeit for entirely different reasons.

Sylve, however, remained standing where she was, delicately lowering her head.

Her face turned slightly flushed, as she gripped one arm with the other, lost in thought.

Sylve had a premonition.

Today will be the most splendid birthday for her.