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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 239

2024-02-17 15:55:00Publish Time: 693 views
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Chapter 239: Twin Beauties Intrude the Demon's Lair

The Scarlet Moon took a deep breath.

She finally had to admit a fact.

Unable to confront that entity, she fully became a mere plaything in the hands of the Babel Tower "Savior".

The Scarlet Moon couldn't help but recall the humans who had been hypnotized by her own magic eye. They, too, would involuntarily obey all her commands, yet remained utterly incapable of mounting any meaningful resistance.

How alike is her current situation to those hypnotized humans?

So feeble, powerless...

As the regent of the dark world in Tatsumi City for centuries, the Scarlet Moon's arrogance surpasses that of ordinary mortals.

However, in these past few days, she has been manipulated by the "Savior" three times consecutively, compelled to do this and that, to the point where even the firmest character would have been worn down.

Most importantly, she is utterly powerless.

The half-beast drugstore owner stroked his beard, gazing at the two stunning beauties before him, yet his hand mischievously reached under the table.

He desired to press the button of the alarm, notifying the person lurking behind him.

Suddenly, a fair-skinned fist appeared right before his eyes!


In the next moment, the diminutive drugstore owner had been brutally thrashed by the Scarlet Moon, rendering his flesh mangled, and his entire being embedded in the wall. Died.

The Scarlet Moon was not surprised by this at all, but continued to disdainfully taunt, saying, "So this is your Savior, engaging in indiscriminate slaughter? Killing even a doctor, without a single word?"

Mu Ling shook her head gently and firmly said on the side, "He must have committed some grave crime for the Savior to let you kill him. You still fail to comprehend him."

The Scarlet Moon utterly disbelieved the ghostly words of this "loyal dog"!

If the Savior were to make this girl kneel down, wag her tail, and stick out her tongue, she would probably obediently comply, perhaps even extending her head to seek affectionate caresses.

This lowly hunter has already been completely brainwashed!

Mu Ling suddenly said, "Have you ever seen such an aged half-beast before? Obviously, he must have lived till now due to some special circumstances or, one might say, some fortuitous occurrence."

She continued, "For example, by taking drugs that go beyond common logic... but as far as I know, ordinary individuals don't have the financial means to afford longevity drugs."

The Scarlet Moon remained insensitive to the lifespan of mortals and chose not to comment on the matter.

At this moment, her body once again started to move under manipulation.

She slowly walked into the herbal shop, then suddenly gave a strong kick, shattering the ground with a resounding bang, revealing a hidden, dark passageway amidst the broken floorboards.

"Thank you for clearing the path, let's proceed," Mu Ling said calmly.

Both of them were not the least bit surprised by the existence of the secret passage, so they proceeded together.

The light grew increasingly dim, but both the Scarlet Moon, possessing the magical eyes, and the more powerful Mu Ling in the darkness, were unfazed. They felt right at home in such an environment.

Suddenly, both individuals with exceptional hearing ability heard numerous sorrowful voices. This collective wailing would momentarily shake even the firmest of individuals.

Getting closer and closer!

Mu Ling furrowed her brow, sensing that many people were enduring immense pain!

She would not spare forgiveness for the mastermind behind these pitiful cries.

Soon, they also caught the scent of a repugnant blood odor, yet the two individuals, from different races, had distinctly different emotions.

"We have arrived!"

The two finally emerged from the long, secret passageway and encountered an extraordinarily eerie underground workshop, abundant with terrifying metal frames. Moreover, there were numerous people on those steel structures, with blood continuously flowing from their wounds... astonishingly, they were all still alive!

Vibrant blood mixed with a large quantity of medication in the pool, as bubbles continuously emerged.

A certain mysterious power is being nurtured.

The repulsive and sinister scene almost made Mu Ling vomit, as a multitude of wailing and pleading voices incessantly echoed in her ears. She had reached the pinnacle of fury!

The Scarlet Moon, however, gazed expressionlessly at everything around her. In fact, she was also suppressing her hunger.

"How did you all manage to come in?"

Inside the workshop, there were several men wearing conical hats. Evidently, they were the guardians and workers of this place. Each of them had arms made of silvery metal, displaying exceptional strength. Their eyes were filled with eerie crimson glimmer.

These conical-hat individuals brandished machetes and ferociously charged towards the two of them with astonishing speed!

They didn't pause in the least due to their transcendent beauty!

In an instant, the conical-hat swordsmen had surrounded the two women, and a flurry of blade flashes descended, threatening to reduce them to minced flesh!

"Intriguingly dull humans," said the Scarlet Moon coldly and indifferently.

Before the Scarlet Moon could make a move, Mu Ling had already taken the initiative.

She grasped the blade and took a step forward.

Deep Blue World.


Dozens of masked blade-wielders remained suspended in mid-air, their blades poised dangerously close, almost brushing against the beautiful flowing locks of Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon.

Mu Ling coldly unsheathed her blade.


The Scarlet Moon stared unwaveringly ahead, but still only perceived a momentary blur. The masses of enemies collapsed, without exception, with copious amounts of blood bursting from their necks.


The Scarlet Moon furrowed her brow, taken aback by the instantaneous demise of all these humans. It was astonishingly swift... Even she, could not fully discern the precise movements of Mu Ling just moments ago.

Meanwhile, Mu Ling calmly retracted her blade.

The Scarlet Moon quickly realized a possibility.

Mu Ling, perhaps it's not just about her speed. She very likely possesses some form of special means of attack.

In fact, if the Scarlet Moon were to have a conversation with Marquis Scarlet about Babel Tower, she would come to understand the true extent of Mu Ling's power. In reality, many individuals in Tatsumi City's Otherworlds have already speculated about Mu Ling's ability to manipulate time.

"This place is truly nauseating, as they are using the blood of living beings to produce wicked substances..."

After conducting a thorough investigation, Mu Ling gently placed down the remaining living individuals one by one, with great care.

The Scarlet Moon observed everything and remained silent, without uttering a word.

However, these individuals, who had been cruelly ravaged, were forcibly sustained with medication, and upon Mu Ling gently placing them down, immediately fell into a state of imminent death!

She stood frozen on the spot, realizing that she possessed only the power of slaughter, and had no way of saving them!

How could this be!

Powerless, even though she had become so much stronger, she still felt powerless...

Even when using Nyx's Cover to manipulate negative energy for healing, it is still impossible to save so many people.

"I cannot watch them die like this!"

Mu Ling clenched her fist and dropped down to one knee.

"Respected Savior... Please, I implore you, assist me in healing the victims here."

Mu Ling, for some unknown reason, indulged herself in such "capricious" behavior, seeking the benevolence of the "Respected Savior" whenever she faced difficulties... and he, in turn, never seemed to disappoint her.

At this very moment, she once again heard that voice.


[This is temporarily bestowed upon you, the very thing you need.]

In the next instant, perceptive Mu Ling noticed a change in her body.

She lifted her black garment, revealing a flawless and smooth abdomen, upon which appeared intricate and aesthetically pleasing white patterns that seemed to materialize out of thin air.

Sacred Rune · Frigga.

This is the Sacred Rune that Bai Yan had once bestowed upon Amy, but because she didn't want to immediately regain her human form, coupled with the fact that she had no immediate use for it, she decided to remove it.

Now, he has once again bestowed the Sacred Rune · Frigga upon Mu Ling.

Sacred Rune · Frigga, "Bestows the divine power to heal all things, greatly draining the user's physical strength, and enables the restoration of others' injuries. In theory, as long as there is a breath left, one can be instantaneously cured."

"Thank you."

Mu Ling took a deep breath, nodded, and without looking back, she said to the Scarlet Moon, "The Savior is not only my master, but also someone who holds a place in my heart like a family member... From birth until now, even my own parents have never fulfilled so many of my wishes as he did."

When the patterns on her abdomen began to glow, she extended her hand, releasing a white light from the palm of her hand.

Under the enveloping radiance of white light, those individuals who had been subjected to extreme abuse for an extended period of time began to experience a rejuvenation of their flesh and blood.

This is a scene that resembles a miracle!

Their suffering gradually fades away, their battered bodies begin to restore to their original state, and the "bait" who were captured here are thrilled one by one upon their recovery.

The men and women all kneeled before the two exquisite beauties.

They have been trapped here for a long time, subjected to brutal and inhumane torture. Some of them have reached the point of utter despair in their anguish, and even though their bodies have now been healed, they are unable to speak due to their mental breakdown.

However, even for those who are already speechless, these individuals still struggle to kneel before their Saviors.

"Bodhisattvas, you must all be Bodhisattvas, right?"

"Thank you for saving me! I will never forget!"

"However, the legendary Bodhisattvas are depicted holding machine guns, so the two of you have a slightly different appearance..."

"Do I dare to assume that you are individuals affiliated with the Candlelight School or the Luminescent Gate?"

None of them have heard of the existence of Bodhisattvas, perhaps this is a unique cultural aspect of Heart City.

However, both individuals were aware of what a machine gun is, merely a type of relatively less powerful thermal weapon.

Mu Ling spoke earnestly, saying, "I wasn't the one who saved you, it was the Savior of Babel Tower, the sole rescuer of this world!"

"If you wish to repay the kindness, spread his name!"

Savior, Babel Tower... these two terms were engraved in the memories of the saved individuals, perpetually unforgettable.

At that very moment, a hidden door in the workshop unexpectedly swung open.

A colossal man, adorned in golden armor, strode into the scene from outside. With each step he took, the ground trembled beneath him.

"Do you have any idea, who you have offended?"

His voice was exceedingly weighty, rendering it impossible to ignore. Both Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon yearned to gaze in that direction, yet the latter could only keep her back turned under the command of Bai Yan.

"You intruders have trespassed upon the domain of the Black-Pupiled Lord of Heart City!"

He bellowed:

"A capital offense!"

This astonishingly tall figure is a little giant standing over five meters high, evidently bearing the bloodline of the giant race, adorned with four robust arms, each wielding a mystical weapon.

"I am Jushan, the foremost warrior under the Black-Pupiled Lord! Prepare to meet your demise!"

Mu Ling shook her head, completely oblivious to the existence of the Black-Pupiled Lord, whom she had never heard of before.

Upon seeing that the two girls showed no intention to escape, Jushan perceived their lack of regard for his authority and angrily declared, "So be it! Let death be your payment to the Black-Pupiled Lord!"

Just as Mu Ling was about to rush forward to deal with the enemies, she heard a command echoing in her mind.

[Refrain from taking action.]

"Yes, master," she nodded gently, obediently remaining in her place.

The Scarlet Moon, under manipulation, turned around and expressionlessly walked towards the colossal four-armed giant, resembling a small mountain.

Jushan was stunned; these two individuals, when confronted with him, surprisingly chose not to attack together. It was simply incomprehensible.

Being a formidable Potential Crown, possessing the innate power of the "Adamantine Body," I am endowed with exceptional abilities of strength!

Even without practicing the Flow of the Heart, I can possess a hardness that approaches the eighth level of "Flow of Heart - Vajra!"

As an ordinary person, it is exceedingly rare to encounter a true powerhouse that surpasses the reach of ordinary extraordinary individuals. Very few, if any, below the Crown level are capable of inflicting even the slightest injury upon Jushan.

He has not lost for a long time, and has never been disregarded by anyone.

In the next moment, the Scarlet Moon had already arrived before him, with such swiftness that Jushan was unable to react at all.


A fist with an almost earth-shattering force fiercely struck his face, causing Jushan's massive cheek to immediately sink in, and his entire body was propelled into the air.

As a defensive-type extraordinary individual, Jushan managed to survive the initial onslaught without succumbing!


He let out a miserable scream as he flew backwards, crashing to the ground with a resounding thud, completely beyond belief!

Why is this fellow so formidable?

This is impossible, I have never heard of such a prominent figure in Heart City!

"Do not strike, spare my life!"

After climbing up, Jushan knelt down on the ground, begging for mercy, recognizing that this was his sole chance of survival.

Under the manipulation, the Scarlet Moon had an expressionless face and eyes that lacked even the slightest hint of compassion. Instead, it advanced forward and mercilessly unleashed a relentless barrage of attacks!

"Ah, ahh, ahhh!"

As a flurry of punches rained down from above, Jushan howled and shrieked as it was pounded into the walls. Within a matter of seconds, it became a gruesome mess of flesh and blood, clinging to just a last breath.

The Scarlet Moon ceased its actions.

She couldn't help but find it truly astonishing that the "Savior" could manipulate her with such finesse. Every punch thrown moments ago was executed with precisely the right amount of force, neither excessive nor lacking.

That is to say, the force exerted was completely consistent.

"The precision with which he controls my movements, since it can reach this level..."

The Scarlet Moon knew that if another punch were to be thrown, this little giant would perish, yet the "Savior" evidently had no intention of delivering any more blows.

"Unfortunately, there are rarely such excellent punching bags..."

Most people simply cannot withstand multiple attacks from the Scarlet Moon, even if she were to hold back.

Mu Ling calmly approached and inquired, "What kind of individual is the Black-Pupiled Lord? Disclose all the intelligence you possess."

"I said, I will say everything!"

Jushan knelt down on the ground, began to disclose everything without reservation, leaving nothing unspoken!

Once the forced confession was completed, the Scarlet Moon suddenly launched another attack, delivering a final blow, sending the already feeble Jushan into the depths of the realm of death.

Mu Ling spoke calmly, "Simply put, Black-Pupiled Lord is considered one of the most prominent figures in Heart City, known for engaging in various cruel and sinister dealings. His standing in this city is comparable to yours in Tatsumi City... I grew up hearing stories about you during my childhood."

She immediately emphasized again:

"However, don't mistakenly assume that you can defy the master just because of the reputation you have gained over these years."

The Scarlet Moon was already too weary to argue with Mu Ling.

At this moment, they heard a somewhat flirtatious voice coming from outside.

Both of them were stunned, unexpectedly failing to perceive the arrival. Could this entity have been concealing its presence so closely in this proximity all along?

"This place is filled with the scent of blood, it's truly repulsive... Ah, and there's the fragrance of beautiful women... I have arrived! I have arrived!"

A beautiful woman emerged from the secret passage, with long hair as white as snow and fiery red eyes.

She was dressed in an Eastern-style white palace gown, exuding an extremely enchanting and captivating appearance, with a graceful and alluring figure. Most notably, to everyone's surprise, she had nine silver-white fox tails trailing behind her.

Nine-tailed fox?

Can it be true that such mythical creatures actually exist?

Mu Ling was astonished, while the Scarlet Moon remained expressionless.

"You are all so beautiful, I absolutely adore exquisite companions. Ahem, I mean objects... I am very intrigued by all of you."

Smiling, the nine-tailed fox wanted to engage in a conversation with them.

"Firstly, I will take some precautionary measures to guard against any sudden aggression."

Her figure suddenly multiplied within the workshop, with almost hundreds of them appearing in an instant, each one exquisitely lifelike, making it impossible to distinguish between fact and fiction.

Is it a form of illusionary magic?

Mu Ling furrowed her brows, uncertain whether to initiate an attack or not. INT informed her that there was a high probability that the other party was not an enemy.

However, at this moment, the black mist inopportunely surged up.

Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon had no choice but to slowly vanish within the enveloping black mist.

The Nine-Tailed Fox was momentarily stunned.

"Just now, what was that, the black mist... it exudes a terrifying aura. Could it be the legendary 'Connector'...?"

"The information is too scarce, making it difficult to discern."

The Nine-Tailed Fox shook its head and turned to those still consumed by fear, sighing, "Alas, it seems I am in for a troublesome time. Unfortunate."

She retrieved a paper crane from her chest and tossed it into the air.

"Go, inform Ms. Peggie about the matters here... from Ninetales Aision, the principal member of the Shadow Association in Heart City."


Several hours ago.

Inside Bai Yan's phone, it displayed "Mission accomplished," indicating that the recent boss battle was completely stress-free.

"Oh, the Scarlet Moon, drawing you really drains one's vitality... You are simply too powerful."

Very well!

Upon glancing at the character card, Bai Yan noticed that the Queen of the Scarlet Moon's mood had increased by 1, while her loyalty remained unchanged.

"Ah, it indicates that she's starting to adapt to the current situation... Next, we'll have to find a way to increase her loyalty."

Next comes the part where we look at the rewards!

Bai Yan eagerly clicked to reveal the completion rewards for the emergency mission!

"The emergency mission in Heart City, triumph achieved!"

"Obtained 100 legend points! Converting them to 100 Source Energy Points!"

"Received a new Mystical Power reward!"

"The Scourge of War."

Bai Yan paused for a moment.

Without a doubt, it is once again the power of the Outer God, originating from... "Colorless City".

Colorless City.

He is also an Outer God, known as the City of Pure Colors, the City of White, an endless expanse of land.

In people's perception, He is an unending expanse of a white city, boundless and seemingly without end, a realm with hardly any boundaries.

His representative time is at midnight every day.

Colorless City represents the "blade" as an Outer God.

All conquest begins with the blade; the blade is the criterion of battle and struggle.

It is said that on every inch of His land, there have been wars fought and the purest blood has been shed.