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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 227

2024-02-05 15:10:00Publish Time: 739 views
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Chapter 227: Lingering Melody

The witch smiled faintly.

Just like before, she almost always wore this "smile," which seemed to be a mask concealing the truth.

No one can delve deep into the innermost depths of the witch's soul.

"Sure, what would you like to discuss? Do you desire to make me surrender helplessly, then kneel down in fear before you with a forced smile, and proceed to lick your shoes?"

Upon hearing these words, the expression on Bai Yan's face remained unchanged, imbued with a sense of serene calmness and indifference.

"Merete Chambers, I merely wish to have an open and honest conversation, that's all."

He continued, "Firstly, there are 'Three Articles of Agreement', and Babel Tower is an organization that leans towards chaos and benevolence... If you still wish to join Babel Tower, it is essential that we reach necessary agreements. While we won't impede your desire to seize certain things, you must refrain from indiscriminate killing, be it direct or indirect."

Merete Chambers squinted her eyes, seemingly without hesitation, and nodded, saying, "Very well, I agree to your proposition."

Bai Yan continued, "Furthermore, you intend to go to the Eruo League, am I correct? That would be the Kingdom of Dark Light."

Merete Chambers smiled and replied, "Well, it seems that you know far more than I had anticipated. Are today's words your own intentions, or the intentions of the mysterious Savior behind the scenes?"

"Care to guess?" Bai Yan also chuckled.

At that moment, Merete Chambers realized that she truly couldn't see through this man.

Her talent surprisingly made it difficult to fathom the person's thoughts- the witch couldn't accurately discern whether these words were Bai Yan's own intentions or those of the Savior.

However, regardless of the circumstances, the consensus reached within the Babel Tower was already quite clear.

She said, "Well, I will try to be a good person. I mean it... I am indeed going to the Eruo League, where I can find the other things I need."

"You mean the Order of the Moon Witch, right? The one that worships the Ultimate Witch, or rather should be serving you."

Bai Yan calmly revealed Merete Chambers' intentions, a hint of surprise flickered in the latter's eyes.

In his impression, the Order of the Moon Witch in the Kingdom of Dark Light has a history of thousands of years. Although not considered ancient among numerous orders, it possesses profound heritage.

The Order of the Moon Witch worships the Ultimate Witch, who happens to be the most powerful incarnation of Merete Chambers across countless ages of reincarnation.

Apart from the Order of the Moon Witch, in the common folk of the Kingdom of Dark Light, there are also many who worship an unnamed white-haired witch.

Historically, she undoubtedly was a living legend, even having taken a half step towards the threshold of divinity, yet, before entering the final gateway, she was jointly obstructed by the Rainbows, ultimately descending into oblivion.

Just like in every incarnation, in every worldline, the fate of the witch, even for the immensely powerful Ultimate Witch, inevitably leads to a tragic conclusion.

Upon hearing the name "the Order of the Moon Witch", Merete Chambers disdainfully remarked, "Those people are nothing more than descendants of traitors. Even if they all perish, it wouldn't matter. However, for the present me, they can be utilized to some extent."

Bai Yan nodded and said, "We won't obstruct you no matter what kind of choices you make or whom you utilize... In fact, if the opportunity arises, I and the others from Babel Tower will even assist you in becoming a deity... Isn't that your dream?"


The witch's smile carried a hint of reluctance, as she slowly raised one hand, her tone unexpectedly serious, "Only by becoming a true deity can I alter my own destiny and escape from a tragic conclusion."

"Throughout countless lifetimes, I have experienced failures too numerous to count, yet continuously inching closer to my goal..."

"I believe that joining Babel Tower will ultimately enable me to fulfill the dreams I have lost."

"So, I have been relentlessly pursuing the footsteps of the Savior, hoping to receive true power from Him."

Bai Yan, at this moment, wore a faint smile, yet the enigmatic undertone concealed within his expression remained indecipherable to anyone.

"So, I wish you good luck."

"Given the opportunity, we will meet again in the Kingdom of Dark Light."

As Merete Chambers took a step forward, she spoke:

"Then come find me, as I will journey to 'Annottales,' the largest and oldest city in the Kingdom of Dark Light, in Noah's world. It will also serve as the stage to reach the throne of the divine, and no one can bypass it on the path to godhood."

"But if one aspires to become a deity, it means antagonizing the Rainbows who truly manipulate the world from behind the scenes."


The City of Miracles! The oldest city! The city where gods descend! The largest city in Noah's world!

It is also the capital and holy city of the Kingdom of Dark Light, the Eruo League. This city has the largest population in the world, attracting visitors from all corners and renowned for its numerous legends, history, stories, and heroic deeds.

With a population of 30 million, Tatsumi City is undoubtedly one of the major cities of the Air Alliance, but compared to Annottales in the Kingdom of Dark Light, it still falls short by an order of magnitude.

After exiting the courtyard of the Demon Hunt Agency, Merete Chambers paused once again, her expression filled with a hint of perplexity.

"I can tell that the words 'I will help you in the future' are not a mere falsehood or a casual remark from you; you genuinely and earnestly desire to assist me."

The witch's tone carried a hint of confusion.


Bai Yan explained with a smile, "I am just assisting the Savior. Since you want to join the Babel Tower, as a pawn of the Savior, it is essential for you to become stronger."

Merete Chambers tilted her head, using her innate talent to discern that this individual was actually speaking the truth!

"Hehe, I'm afraid things might not go as you wish."

She shook her head.

"By the way," she added.

The witch smiled, not looking back on her way out and meaningfully uttered a few words.

"I have administered life-extending medication to Holly's parents... That girl, in the end, never dared to cross the boundaries of the law,"

"She said she didn't want to disappoint her companions."


The calamity, has arrived.

Terrifying white clouds and mist pervaded the sky, surging from all directions of the desolate wilderness. It seemed like death itself, as every living creature in its path was drained of life energy, withering and decaying, even crumbling to ashes.

This is an unimaginable force of humanity, unstoppable by anyone!

Tatsumi City has been completely enveloped by a colossal "sealing".

The calamity that can destroy everything outside, yet has no effect whatsoever on a single brick, a single window inside the city.

People marvel at the miracle of night turning into broad daylight, and many individuals venture out of their homes, silently waiting for the calamity to pass under the shroud of impenetrable darkness.

The white clouds of irresistible force have swiftly engulfed the entire Tatsumi City, as if they were going to swallow it whole and annihilate it completely.

Following behind the white mist, the Tribe of Sinners came to a halt.

They organized their convoy and gazed upon Tatsumi City from a vantage point on a highland.

"That is Tatsumi City."

The leader of the Tribe of Sinners is a middle-aged man, adorned in a wild ensemble of leather attire. Sinister black patterns, characteristic of sinners, adorn his physique.

Several "volunteers" from different tribes stood quietly aside, while the leader pondered for a moment before speaking:

"Those 'citizens of the city' protected by the six malevolent gods once again shielded themselves through a sinister ritual, evading calamity," he explained.

"Eventually, one day, we too shall acquire a city that can safeguard our progeny, no longer needing to endure the hardships of wandering and toiling across desolate lands," he envisioned.

"When the legendary 'City of Hope' emerges, the true Savior shall reveal themselves from within the tower, while the six immensely wicked gods shall kneel before them, trembling in fear under their mighty power, pleading for mercy. The 'citizens of the city' shall no longer receive protection, and 'the Persecuted' shall find a sanctuary to dwell."

He led the volunteers to kneel down.

"Believe that day will come."


Mu Ling and Maryse's attire has reverted back, not just their clothes, but their essence has also undergone a simultaneous transformation.

After the completion of the mission, they were not teleported away, but instead remained standing in the same spot.

Mu Ling calmly gazed at her companion within the crystal, distinctly sensing that her physical form had already perished.

In a fleeting moment, the immortality effect vanished.

Even though her body possessed the ability to regenerate rapidly, in those few seconds of losing her immortality, Yin perished instantaneously due to the crystals permeating her being.

"Crystal seal" is not inherently a lethal skill, but Mu Ling excessively invoked her power in order to flawlessly restrict the opponent's mobility.


Yin met her deserved fate, prompting Mu Ling to bow her head.

Over the years, Yin has ruthlessly ended the lives of countless innocent victims, and as a hunter, or rather, as a warrior of Babel Tower, it is not fitting for oneself to sympathize with her.

However, even so... Mu Ling still took a deep breath.

She clenched her fist, feeling sorrow for her former friend.

However, even if starting from scratch, Mu Ling would still faithfully carry out the commands of the Savior.

"Just as you believe in that man."

She murmured quietly, "I also believe in his commands, believe in the weight he bears, a burden beyond my imagination."

Right at that moment, Maryse, who was standing nearby, suddenly exclaimed, "Be careful, someone is approaching!"

Due to the closure, the streets of Tatsumi City are shrouded in darkness, and Maryse is unable to discern the identity of the approaching individual.

In the darkness, Mu Ling's vision remains unimpaired; the power of her bloodline grants the future King of Night exceptional visual acuity.

"It is Mysterious Magic and Profligate," she said calmly.

Bai Yan approached calmly, observing the two individuals. As a wielder of Power Possession, he possessed the same night vision ability as "Nightsaber."

"It seems that we have both completed our tasks quite successfully."


Mu Ling nodded gently and looked at the girl in the crystal, expressing her heartfelt sentiment, "I have always struggled to comprehend why so many people would join various perilous cults."

"However, now I realize that perhaps for some people, the elusive dream depicted by cults is their only hope."

"Even if this doctrine is entirely false."

Alan, as the Night Watcher of the Demon Hunt Agency, deeply resonated with these words. Over the years, he had encountered countless cultists and understood that many individuals joined these sects as a last resort, recognizing the despair they faced.

In the end, they sacrificed everything for false doctrines and desires.


Bai Yan uttered a startling fact that left everyone astounded.

"In fact, the world described in the doctrine of the Black Star Faction is a genuinely existing one."

"What did you say?"

Alan incredulously gazed at Profligate, feeling that his words were simply mad!

Bai Yan calmly said, "The so-called real world does exist, and that is the surface of the Chaos Star, where people who live there will obtain the happiness they desire, whatever it may be... However, the price is that, after several years, several hundred years, or even several tens of thousands of years, in short, after a certain point in time... that person's soul and existence will become nourishment for the Chaos Star, completely consumed and returned to nothingness."

He continued to explain, "The Black Star Faction was originally led by sinners, hoping to escape the painful reality and seek happiness as a group... But even after sinners were reincarnated, they remained sinners. Some of them gradually came to believe that instead of enduring perpetual suffering, it would be better to pursue a limited-time happiness in the 'real world'."

Mu Ling and Alan wore pensive expressions, while Maryse appeared perplexed and said:

"However, this is impossible. Why would the Outer God be so kind to us? Creating a perfect world specifically for intelligent beings?"

Bai Yan shook his head and said, "This is merely a characteristic of the Chaos Star, arising from its pursuit of 'soul and existence.' For It, granting happiness to lower beings is not a difficult task."

Mu Ling looked at Yin's face once again, her body still incredibly flawless, like a sleeping beauty in a well, only sleeping... but never to awaken again.

She murmured to herself, "Perhaps, for some people, a limited-time perfect happiness truly is more beautiful than a lifetime of suffering."

Bai Yan turned around and, before leaving, said, "The initial intention of the Black Star Faction may be noble, but their biggest mistake lies not in their doctrines, but in their arrogance... This cult deludes itself into saving all sentient beings and making choices for everyone in the world, yet not even deities have the authority to do so."

"Laziness, envy, greed... all vices pale in comparison to arrogance."


Yin opened her eyes.

As a saint of the Chaos Star, she found herself in the true world that the Black Star Faction had always spoken of, after her death.

Existence in this world entails no suffering, no strife, no hunger, no fatigue, and certainly no experience of illness and death.

People will still encounter various kinds of people and many different things, but in this world, everyone harbors goodness in their hearts, and the outcome of every matter ultimately points towards beauty and warmth.


The wind brushed against her face, and Yin heard a familiar sound, causing her to suddenly turn around.

She found herself standing in an endless sea of white flowers.

The man silently approached from a short distance, wearing a serene smile, and extended his hand towards her.

"Master... Ramos..."

Yin revealed a smile, her eyes regained their sight in this world, which were a pair of immaculate and pure golden pupils, like those of a child who had never witnessed any impurities.

"Are you really Ramos, am I right?"

Tears continuously streamed from her beautiful eyes.

"Am I real, just as you imagine in your heart?"

Ramos approached silently, calmly embracing the other person.

"In the final moments, I didn't choose to ignite my soul, so as the leader of the Black Star Faction, I am deemed inadequate... However, I will stay by your side here, as a qualified lover... until we both venture into the depths of the soul together."


Yin nodded gently, closed her eyes, and tightly embraced her lover.

"I understand."