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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 202

2024-01-10 16:00:00Publish Time: 985 views
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Chapter 202, "Nightsaber" Unboxing and Field Test

At this point, Mu Ling had a demeanor that she had never possessed before.

Her perfect body blended with the darkness, and the profound and mysterious depth in her gaze made it irresistible to approach her.

Mu Ling is the ruthless goddess who walked out of the darkness, showing no mercy for any sins, bringing death and calamity to those who are destined to meet their end.

Due to the reawakening of the power of the Outer God within her, Mu Ling's Plane also received a significant promotion.

This is unimaginable under normal circumstances, as the vast majority of sub-Crown transcendents are still only existences in the material world. Exceptions are rare in the entire world of Noah.

Her position in the universe is no longer just a ubiquitous speck of dust.

The dark and profound soul has undergone an essential and dreadful transformation.

The world of Noah had to acknowledge her existence, or perhaps even...fear her existence.

Mu Ling knelt calmly.

No matter how strong one may become, or what differences may arise from the past, this loyalty will never change.

Bai Yan certainly knows Mu Ling's loyal heart. She is undoubtedly the least tested among the Core Operators, and is also his sharpest and most reliable blade.

And now Mu Ling has gained even stronger power than ever before, coupled with the "Deep Blue World" bestowed by "Babel Tower"... There is no doubt of her ability to defeat Pastor.

Despite having grown much stronger, Mu Ling's emotions were not particularly stirred.

Having sunk for too long in the dark dimensions of the night, the girl's emotions had faded for a while.

Fortunately, Nightsaber didn't completely break down or fall into an abyss of confusion. This side effect is not permanent, and she just needs some time to recover her own emotions.

At this moment, Mu Ling could also completely confirm one thing.

"Savior" also has a "humanity" existence. Even though he has never directly said it before, he actually cares about her own safety.

I must repay the Savior even more, even more, and even more for everything he has given me.

As a sharp blade that cuts through the darkness of night.


[You have done very well.]

[In the future, you will experience many important events, overcome various difficulties, and search for a way out in huge crises... Get familiar with your newly acquired power as soon as possible.]

After speaking the necessary words as the "Savior", Bai Yan didn't say anything else and gradually disappeared from sight.

Mu Ling stood up slowly, with unabashed admiration and trust in her eyes.

"[Well, I will.]"

She also turned and strode into the darkness, and in the blink of an eye, disappeared without a trace.

It seemed as if nothing had happened in front of the Herendor gate.


Bai Yan returned to his temporary villa as soon as possible. He saw Sylve practicing spells obediently, with every movement and pronunciation being meticulous.

After a little adjusted training, this girl became much more hardworking and ambitious. Although Sylve doesn't have much talent, this diligence is very important.

Bai Yan has never disliked hardworking people. So, as a result, Sylve began to transform from being "useless" to something else.

Did I succeed in educating them?

Bai Yan smiled, even though it was not his intention.

Upon seeing her mentor returning, Sylve immediately stood up and respectfully bowed.

She smiled reluctantly and asked, "I am practicing magic, Mr. Moriarty. Is there something you need me to do?"

"You have already done very well."

Bai Yan shook his head slightly, ignored her, and went to the room where he had been staying for some time.

Sylve breathed a sigh of relief outside the house and suddenly noticed a piece of pastry on the table, which should have been left by Mr. Moriarty for her.

Bai Yan didn't turn on the light. He took out his mobile phone in the dark room, accessed the operator list, and gently tapped on the pixelated profile picture of "Nightsaber".

"So you've been promoted to Crown, my Nightsaber."

He took a deep breath and his emotions became a bit excited.

Due to the advance unlocking of various functions and the most important factor of external intervention, the developmental speed of the second playthrough of "Babel Tower" is actually much faster than the first playthrough.

Bai Yan still remembers that when he first played "Babel Tower", he didn't even have a Crown level superhuman in his hands when the First Doomsday Crisis arrived.

His team was crushed directly...

However, now it's different. Maybe before the arrival of the First Doomsday Crisis, I can cultivate many Crown level superhumans in the second playthrough of "Babel Tower".

In fact, this type of "game" with a cultivation system has an inevitable snowball effect.

As long as the early accumulation is sufficient, the later stages of "Babel Tower" will become easier and easier to play, theoretically.

"Provided that the Doomsday Crisis in the second playthrough has the same difficulty as that in the first playthrough..."

Bai Yan fell into silence when he thought of this, and there was always an inexplicable sense of crisis lurking in his mind, which he couldn't shake off completely.

Perhaps the Doomsday Crisis in the second playthrough of "Babel Tower" will appear in the real world... the true difficulty is incomparable to the first playthrough of "Babel Tower".

He shook his head and decided to evaluate the "new version of Nightsaber" first.

Bai Yan's gaze fell on the brand-new character card of "Nightsaber".

Crown level transcendent being, Nightsaber.

Core Operator:

Title: Nightsaber.

Gender: Female.

Plane:Formation Realm

Level: Crown (lower zero percent).

Race: Human.

Operator Identification: Slaughter/Infiltration/Destruction.

Milestone: Hero of Tatsumi City, Crime-hunter head, The Hound of Babel Tower, and God-slayer hunter.

Primary Attributes:

Physical body: 205+50 Self-healing Specialization (even Copper walls and Iron walls are like paper in front of you).

INT: 148 (You can judge the goodness or badness of things through INT).

Technique: 246 (Able to manipulate every organ of the body with ease).

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 10 (No one can ignore her beauty, unless they are already blind).

Loyalty: 9 (A loyal blade devoted to a worthy owner).

Mood: 5 (The darkness of despair causes emotional degradation).


As graceful as a cat (Greatly increases skill improvement speed).

Embrace fear (Fighting against enemies stronger than oneself, greatly increases both skill and INT).

Oh, my dear people (In battles where innocent people are present, skills are greatly improved).

Apathetic (Mood will not change for a period of time).


Deep Blue World (Stopping time for five seconds with a proficiency level of 100%).

Crime Hunting Blood·Nightfall (Bloodline, proficiency level 5%, can completely hide one's form in the darkness, rapidly heal injuries, and senses will never be blinded by the darkness).

Self-healing Specialization

Dimension of Darkness (Capable of freely entering the Dimension of Darkness and the material world, thereby avoiding attacks targeted towards oneself).

Secondary Data:

Body measurements: 170cm, 92-56-87.

Likes: Glory, victory, omurice with cat-shaped eggs, Babel Tower, Savior.

Dislikes: Cultists, crime, salty cuisine.

Items: Nyx's Cover x1, Anathema's Star Chains x1, Merlin's Cloak x1.

Description: She is the descendant of a legendary demon-hunting family, burdened with great responsibility from birth and possessing a strong sense of family identity... She successfully takes revenge and rekindles the family's glory, ushering in a new tomorrow.

As the black blade trusted by the Savior, her only wish in this life is to tear through the darkness and let the world witness the light.

"The future King of Night, the invincible ruler in the darkness."

There has been significant growth in attributes, and it seems that a very strong new ability has also been obtained. Everything looks very promising.

But unfortunately.

Bai Yan thought of something unpleasant.

After "Nightsaber" successfully reached the Crown level, the "Awakening Soul" became completely ineffective on her.

To further enhance the awakening of "Nightsaber", he needs to prepare new upgrade materials, which have a chance of dropping in all future activities.

"The Spirit of Revelation"

Bai Yan put down his phone with an uneasy mood and began to try the power of "Power Possession: Replication" on Nightsaber.

He wanted to test what kind of strength a transcendent at the Crown level had.

In the next moment, an unprecedented sensation appeared.


This is an undoubtedly real power, which mortal beings might struggle to even imagine if they had not experienced it personally.

He calmly stared at his own body, feeling as though it was no longer a human physique, but rather the most perfect killing machine.

"So this is the feeling, it's really completely different from before."

Bai Yan closed his eyes and listened to his surroundings.

He immediately sensed Sylve's heartbeat, breathing, restless finger movements, eye movements, and the state of every person, including the servants passing by the villa and the anxious Lady Helen alone in the room.

The perceptive ability of "Nightsaber" at Crown level has been greatly improved. As long as she closes her eyes, everything that happens inside the entire villa is captured by her "mind's eye".

This is the "skill" which can be possessed by a melee-type transcendent.

However, the "Attribute" for Maryse's skill and the "Attribute" for Mu Ling's skill are not the same thing, and refer to the finesse in manipulating psychic powers.

"Just now was for external, now it is for internal."

Bai Yan began to manipulate the organs within his body calmly. As expected, those organs that previously didn't obey his will began to change according to his thoughts.

This feeling is very miraculous, where everything in the body is no longer a unified whole, but individual entities waiting for commands... Bai Yan is able to control them freely.

In theory, all the physiological responses that humans are supposed to have can be manipulated at will. He shed tears in the blink of an eye, and stopped them instantly thereafter.

Very miraculous.

"After this, I won't ever have to worry about my excuses for going to the bathroom being exposed..."

Then came the intuitive change in strength.

Bai Yan calmly entered the dining room of the villa, where there were always food, snacks and utensils waiting for the hosts' use, without any shortage.

He took a metallic dining knife out of the box and started folding it, pressing his fingers against it, over and over again, feeling only a small resistance, until the knife had transformed into a "paper crane".

It's hard to imagine how terrifying this force could be if it were applied to a human body. To be honest, the current Bai Yan wants to find someone to try it out.

At this moment, is there any lucky scoundrel who could pass by?

"Moreover, powerful techniques can further increase the mobilizing every muscle, bone, and tendon in the body to work together, to be more explosive."

Bai Yan casually waved his hand forward, but the shadow of his palm at the front end of his arm disappeared, causing a loud explosion in the air.

"The supersonic attack was used effortlessly..."

That last blow was extremely impactful, and at the same time, Bai Yan's palm was bleeding from the recoil.

A few servants outside soon heard the noise and came to the dining room to see what was going on.

He used his telekinetic powers to wave his hand and make the servants who heard the noise in the villa leave.

Next, Bai Yan looked at his injured hand in the darkness, and the wound began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Well, even the healing ability has been raised to a higher level.

"If we take it further, we could even regenerate lost limbs... In my impression, the late-stage Mu Ling is completely immortal, and even gods cannot erase her existence."

As he pondered, he began to experiment with the final new ability.

Dimension of darkness.

The moment Bai Yan had the thought, he arrived in the dimension without light or sound.

There is nothing here.

If you stay here for too long, your consciousness will gradually sink, and you will fall into nothingness and confusion.

Bai Yan stayed here calmly for a while and realized that Mu Ling must have experienced this same torment.

"I'm sorry."

The next moment, he returned to the real world and started muttering to himself.

"As long as you can master the skill of shuttling between two dimensions proficiently, most of the material world attacks can be avoided, to some extent, it is similar to 'vanishing'. The biggest disadvantage is that it must be used actively."

Testing completed.

The current "Nightsaber" is much stronger than yesterday's "Nightsaber," completely overwhelming in power.

It's like the power gap between an adult and a child in a battle.

Coupled with the formidable power of the "Deep Blue World" and various Relics, neither a Pastor equipped with a Civilization-level Relic, nor a "life and death saint" in the middle of the Crown, may be a match for the current "Nightsaber".

Bai Yan even felt that now Mu Ling alone could annihilate the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City.

Moreover, if I were to really ask her to do so, she wouldn't disobey the order.

The Nightsaber at the Crown level has become extremely powerful.

Bai Yan pondered that today is the day of the Babel Tower meeting.

Gather everyone in the morning.

"The ten-day preparation period is over, Mu Ling has successfully reached the Crown level, and the integration of several major families must also be expedited."

Later, Bai Yan didn't go back to sleep and remained standing inside the dark dining room.

In fact, he doesn't really need to rest frequently now.

There is only one reason why Bai Yan didn't go back to rest.

During these ten days, a considerable amount of Source Energy Points have been accumulated by Babel Tower. Now, he can initiate a portion of the new Babel Tower infrastructure, and... draw another ten consecutive times.

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