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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 197

2024-01-05 15:50:00Publish Time: 1,136 views
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Chapter 197: Crown Ceremony "Puppet Dance"

The name of the Crown Ceremony that is most suitable for Bai Yan is... "Death Game".

This is a very special game ceremony that requires Bai Yan to not only be the organizer, but also a participant. He needs to set up various fair and reasonable rules and levels in a confined area, and then disguise himself as a participant to kill all opponents and win in the end.

Throughout the game, the organizer can use an extraordinary power once to gain an advantage for himself.

But he cannot let anyone detect his "cheating behavior", otherwise the ceremony will also fail.

Except for the organizer themselves, all participants need to be randomly selected.

The success rate of promotion is as high as 97%.

To be honest, the fact that the use of extraordinary power is not completely prohibited during the game process of this ceremony suggests that it is quite easy to complete.

But Bai Yan fell into silence, feeling that this was not a ritual that he could complete with ease.

"Are those Battle Royale movies all evil promotion ceremonies...?"

In fact, the problem with the "Death Game" ritual lies in the fact that "all participants need to be randomly selected". In the game ritual designed by Bai Yan, innocent people, even children, may naturally be involved.

In order to be promoted to a Crown level transcendent, one must casually kill innocents, but Bai Yan still cannot do this.

So he could only settle for second best and then looked towards the second ritual that suited him.

"Well, this seems to be a ritual I can accomplish, and it's not very difficult... besides, the success rate of promotion after the ritual is completed is as high as eighty percent."

The second ritual that Bai Yan found suitable for himself is called "Puppet Dance".

The Crown Ceremony "Puppet Dance" requires him to arrange for an ordinary person to become a transcendent, and this "puppet" who becomes transcendent needs to experience "sadness", "joy", "trust", and "hatred" under his guidance during a month's time.

The crucial requirement for the ritual is that the "puppet" must be aware of the existence of the mastermind behind the scenes, but must not discover that they are being controlled by this person. Also, as the "mastermind" behind the scenes, Bai Yan must be involved in the key aspects of the four emotional experiences.

"For me, this is definitely a very suitable ritual, but it's only second and not the first? This library actually thinks that hosting a Battle Royale would be more suitable for me."

Bai Yan pondered the requirements of the "Puppet Dance" ritual and suddenly thought of a very good target.

"Perhaps she would be a good choice... If I control her, I would not have any moral burden."

Well, actually I don't have any moral burden at all. On the contrary, just thinking about it makes me feel like this kind of ritual would be very interesting.

With a smile, Bai Yan had already decided to try to complete the "Puppet Dance" ritual.

"I wonder if I could ascend to the Crown before Mu Ling?"

Normally, such fast promotion speed is impossible, but Bai Yan deeply knows that he is not normal.

"The third suitable ritual is to enslave important people around me to achieve hidden goals, and I must also prepare these high-end materials in advance... Why do I suddenly feel that all the promotion rituals that suit me are a bit evil?"

"The fourth suitable ritual is actually related to games..."


Platinum Zone, Lady Helen's residence.

The sky has gradually darkened, and Sylve sat in the reception room, eagerly anticipating - her mood became even more excited.

It can even be described as excitement.

Some time ago, her mother told her that they would invite a spellcraft instructor to teach her how to learn spellcraft and become a real transcendent being.

And tonight is the day the spellcraft instructor is coming to their house!

In the reception room, Sylve clasped her hands together and imagined that the new spellcraft instructor would be both handsome and charming. At this moment, she was dressed much more beautifully than usual, with golden sand-like hair cascading down to her waist, a light makeup enhancing her already attractive features, and a black dress giving her a distinctive and alluring charm.

The reason Sylve was so carefully dressed up was because she had heard from her mother that the teacher who was willing to condescend to teach for a month was a true "awakening level" transcendent being!

There is no doubt that "the awakening level" transcendent beings are all big shots! They are also all capable of becoming captain-level figures within the Demon Hunt Agency!

In Tatsumi City, which has a population of several tens of millions, the number of "awakening level" transcendent beings is also extremely rare, perhaps only around thirty or forty individuals.

Her mother said that she had helped this "awakening level" expert before, which is why he was willing to come to our home to be my mentor and repay the favor, rather than seeking a little reward.

"This is Mr. Crowley Alistair Moriarty."

Lady Helen smiled and brought in a young man full of scholarly aristocratic temperament.

"Sylve, come over here. He'll help you understand extraordinary powers over the next month and officially step into that new realm."

This handsome man was dressed in a sharp black suit with a gentle smile on his face, and his deep gaze was full of charming charisma.

Sylve was stunned.

Bai Yan smiled calmly and said, "Hello, Miss Sylve, I am Crowley Alistair Moriarty, your teacher from now on."

She was stunned for a while before realizing her rudeness, and immediately said:

"Nice to meet you for the first time, Mr. Moriarty. I am Sylve. Um, hello!"

Sylve was a little demon at school, but she acted like a good girl in front of her handsome new mentor, and stared intently at his face.

"So handsome..." Sylve instantly felt like she couldn't resist.

Bai Yan looked calm, occasionally smiling at her. He was just pretending to be polite since it was their first meeting... Yeah right.

Because it was the "first meeting," the teaching didn't start immediately and the mother and daughter had dinner with Mr. "Moriarty."

During the meal, Sylve suddenly became very talkative, obviously trying to show off in front of Mr. Moriarty.

And Bai Yan also responded calmly to everything. Occasionally feeling that he didn't perform well, he would wave his hand, stopping the mother and daughter, and "rewind" the conversation to start again.

The mother and daughter were ignorant of the true situation and unaware that they were being manipulated.

"Bai Yan," who was "having fun," has no psychological pressure. Lady Helen has engaged in many illegal acts and gray activities. As for Sylve, the bullying at her school is probably a capital offense to be judged by netizens.

Moreover, if they don't intervene themselves, they are destined to become living sacrifices of the cultists in every world line.

With so many reasons and excuses, the "Profligate" released his joyful nature of indulgence.

In this way, a dinner that all three of them enjoyed came to an end.

"So let's meet again tomorrow," Bai Yan said with a smile before leaving.

The night has grown dark.

Lying in bed, Sylve became somewhat... sleepless.

Tossing and turning, she suddenly heard a knock on the door, and was startled. Could it be Mr. Moriarty coming in? Yes, he seemed to be staying in the room next door.

The young girl's heart was pounding.

However, the person who came in from outside was Lady Helen in her nightgown. She sat at her daughter's bedside for a while, sighing gently.

"Mom? How you ended up here?"

Sylve looked at her mother with confusion, not understanding why she would come to her room late at night and wear a hesitant expression by her bed.

As the moonlight shone on her face, Lady Helen spoke heavily.

"Listen, Sylve."

She said very seriously, "This is actually an opportunity. Small families like ours lack skilled people who can take charge and will gradually have no place in the increasingly chaotic Tatsumi City."

"If an ordinary family gradually loses its power, it's not a big deal. But our family started with 'smuggling,' has always been in the gray area, and has even offended the terrifying blood clan...If we really weaken completely, I'm afraid there won't be any good outcome."

After much hesitation, Lady Helen finally voiced her true thoughts, "I am getting old, so I hope you can establish a good relationship with Mr. Moriarty..."

Sylve froze.

What exactly is Mother hinting at with me?

Lady Helen left in silence, but Sylve's heart became very confused.

Is it really what I'm thinking...?

She was afraid and covered her head with a quilt. She felt like something had suddenly changed, and it was no longer as romantic as before, but instead became cruel and realistic.

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