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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 194

2024-01-02 14:50:00Publish Time: 1,051 views
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Chapter 194: Queen of the Scarlet Moon as Well..

Hearing the question raised by "Cybertyrant", everyone felt that this was indeed a crucial "variable"; after all, he was referring to the legendary Queen of the Scarlet Moon!

A subtle and intriguing smile appeared on Bai Yan's face.

He didn't answer the question immediately, but instead waited for a while before speaking:

"We don't need to be hostile towards Queen of the Scarlet Moon... She has never been our enemy."

What does it mean?

Alan frowned, feeling that there was more to "Profligate's" words than met the eye. Could it be that Queen of the Scarlet Moon had joined forces with Babel Tower?

Amy was taken aback, nodding gently as she had already thought of another possibility.

"Could it be that it's like this..."

Unaware, Mu Ling calmly spoke, "Actually, I've heard stories about Queen of the Scarlet Moon since I was a child. She was the queen of the vampires in Tatsumi City, who had migrated there from the Eruo League with her tribe hundreds of years ago. Within the vampire community, she was considered a near-godlike spiritual leader and worshipped with reverence."

Alan also nodded and said, "Yes, Queen of the Scarlet Moon holds a position of extreme power and influence, even Night Watcher from the Demon Hunt Agency dare not speak ill of her in front of the vampires in Tatsumi City. Otherwise, it would surely lead to deadly conflicts... Those fervent vampires may even be willing to die for their queen."

"So powerful?" Maryse exclaimed incredulously. "I thought she was just like Pastor."

Alan shook his head and said, "In fact, there have been many people over the centuries who were on par with the 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon', at least ten or more... But in the end, only she remained."

"No matter what turbulence, natural disasters, upheavals, or catastrophic events occur in Tatsumi City, Queen of the Scarlet Moon will always stand strong and unbreakable,"

"So that's how it is?" Maryse had little knowledge of the outside world. She only knew that although "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" was on par with "Pastor", in the hearts of many, only she was considered the true ruler of the dark world in Tatsumi City.

Maryse continued to ask, "What guarantees her eternal dominance? Does she possess an exceptionally powerful Relic, or is it due to the strong collective power of the vampires?"

At this moment, Mu Ling gave her answer:

"No, it's none of those reasons. It's just because she, as an individual, is extremely powerful."

After a moment of silence, Alan gave an example and said, "The 'Emperor' of the Imperial Guards of Eyes of the Empire is also very powerful and can achieve a 'dimensional reduction' against most enemies... but even he may not necessarily emerge victorious in a life-and-death battle against Queen of the Scarlet Moon."

"Absolute strength?" Everyone fell into silence. Such an existence has a decisive impact on the future of the entire city.

Even if Nightsaber is promoted to Crown level transcendent, and along with others with miraculous powers, it is feared they still would not be able to rival Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Only Amy smiled, as her views were completely different from the others. She no longer saw "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" as a problem or a hindrance.

Amy said, "From what I can gather, 'Profligate' has some solutions regarding 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon'."

Maryse asked in surprise, "Senior, are you planning to personally visit this world?"

Everyone felt that this was indeed a solution. "Profligate" has fought alongside the Savior in countless worlds and his true strength is absolutely immeasurable.


Bai Yan immediately denied it. Then, he looked calmly at Amy, who was sitting in a wheelchair, and smiled, knowing that she should understand what he meant.

It seemed that she was right about herself. Amy shook her head, sighed, and said, "What he meant was that 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon', like us, is also someone who has the possibility of saving the world."

"Sooner or later, she will also become a member of the Babel Tower."

[That's right.]

Just then, the great and mysterious Savior suddenly spoke up, which startled almost everyone present.

Then, an even greater sense of absurdity and shock arose!

Will the Queen of the Scarlet Moon also stand here as our ally in the future? She is the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, the legend of Tatsumi City and the Otherworlds in the "fairy tale."

Dark legend.

Mu Ling and Maryse grew up listening to stories related to "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" since childhood. They looked at each other and felt that this kind of thing was too surreal, yet oddly enough, it was true.

Since the Savior has confirmed it, it must be true, there is no doubt about it.

In an instant, a huge sense of superiority rose in Maryse's heart. Even the legendary "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" was no match for her... Even she, in the future, would only be a member of the Babel Tower just like herself.

She would even have to call me "senior"!

Maryse squinted her eyes and began to fantasize about the scene where the vampires could not raise their heads in front of her and the queen respectfully greeting her from above.

I am really amazing!

Unconsciously, she started to feel happy.

Alan had fallen into complete silence, fully understanding one thing in his heart: in the face of the great Babel Tower, Tatsumi City should bow down and pledge allegiance.

However, it was impossible for oneself to persuade Mr. Trap to join the Babel Tower!

If Lin Bian knew all this, he would definitely be very angry and sad, and he would be extremely disappointed in himself... Alan was struggling with his emotions.

He actually knew that in Lin Bian's eyes, he was the captain who could take over any team, and even become the next director of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City.

If even he betrayed the Demon Hunt Agency... betrayed the Night Watchers...

Although Babel Tower is an organization dedicated to saving the world... If I let it swallow up the Demon Hunt Agency, I would still be a shameful traitor.

What should I do in the end?

All of Alan's emotional changes were clearly seen by the "Savior" who was using psychic powers.

Bai Yan controlled his expression and didn't reveal anything unusual.

He knew that inviting the Demon Hunt Agency to join the Babel Tower was not urgent, and it would be better to deal with the remaining four of the five great families first.

Then, inviting the Demon Hunt Agency to join may not necessarily require Alan to do it himself... He didn't want to be a "traitor".

Such a psychological burden is unbearable for mere Alan.

As for how to persuade Mr. Trap to accept the "invitation"... At least in some cases of the first playthrough, Mr. Trap eventually agreed to join the Babel Tower, which was not entirely impossible as Alan thought.

In fact, what the Night Watchers truly adhere to is not the concept of "Demon Hunt Agency", but something closer to the Babel Tower.

Amy suddenly said, "Actually, I'm getting more and more scared now."


Maryse was slightly surprised and asked, "Even the powerful Queen of the Scarlet Moon has become our ally, what is there left to be afraid of?"

"That's precisely why I feel afraid."

Amy shook her head and calmly said, "Everything that Respected Savior has done has been very urgent, endlessly helping us to become stronger and rapidly increase our skills... If that's the case, then our true opponent is probably an unimaginably powerful existence."

"Perhaps, even if we try hard to become stronger, far beyond our imagination... it will not be enough to stop the world's destruction."

Bai Yan, with a "Profligate" demeanor, smiled without saying a word, silently praising it in his heart.

No wonder she's called "Cybertyrant", Amy, as the Core Operator playing the role of a leader in certain plot points of the first playthrough, her analysis is quite accurate.

To be honest, I'm a little hoping to see you bantering with "Moon Witch" and "Truth Scholar".

"Cybertyrant" has the greatest leadership ability, but undoubtedly the most adept at peering into human nature is "Moon Witch", while "Truth Scholar" is at the pinnacle of knowledge.

Bai Yan silently conveyed his thoughts to everyone by using "Savior".

[Indeed so.]

[Your true enemy will come with unprecedented ferocity, unstoppable. Even if you become increasingly powerful, it still requires your utmost effort to defend this world.]

[At any cost.]

"At any cost..."

Mu Ling silently nodded as she heard everything, gazing at the "Savior" on the crystal throne, having made up her mind.

Respected Savior.

It is you who gave me a new life, restored glory to my family, and set me on a loftier goal.

In order to achieve your great goal.

Even if it means sacrificing myself, I will not hesitate!