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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 192

2023-12-31 15:25:00Publish Time: 1,079 views
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Chapter 192: The Lucky Day of Psychic Dancer

After killing the Saint of Life and Death, the "Chaos of Equilibrium" mission was also completed and Bai Yan once again acquired five new Awakening Souls.

So it's time to make a decision again, who should receive the "salary"?

First, we rule out the lovely student Mu Ling.

As "Nightsaber" has already reached the Potential Crown level with an awakening level of 95%, feeding another Awakening Soul would only bring it up to 99% which is insignificant.

Unless she successfully completes the Crown Ceremony and is lucky enough to be promoted to Crown, her strength cannot be improved for the time being. Therefore, she is not included in this round of options.

Well, in fact, the "Fusion Slime", which is also at the Potential Crown level, is the same. Without being promoted through the Crown Ceremony, it cannot be improved by using Awakening Soul.

Non-core Operators need not to be considered, and the potential of the Count of Knights has already reached its limit and cannot be further developed through Awakening Soul...

This is the biggest difference between Non-core Operators and Core Operators. Even though Bai Yan can provide Non-core Operators with "external things" such as Mystical Power and Relic, he cannot provide them with Awakening Soul.

So, in fact, only the other three Core Operators are left to choose from.

"Psychic Dancer": the awakening level·Middle Position (31% awakened).

"Mysterious Magic": the awakening level·Middle Position (36% awakened).

"Cybertyrant": the awakening level·Middle Position (32% awakened).

Compared to last time, there has been a slight change in the degree of awakening.

In fact, it is possible to increase the degree of awakening of extraordinary individuals simply through daily exercises and battles.

However, due to the current time limitations, it is almost impossible for them to have any qualitative increase in their degree of awakening when not using Awakening Soul.

Bai Yan fell into contemplation, he was originally hesitating who to promote to the upper level of the awakening level first, but now it seems that he himself needs to upgrade "Psychic Dancer" and "Cybertyrant" very much.

Their combat ability may not be stronger than Alan, and they are relatively powerless when facing the big boss later.

However, the power of "Psychic Dancer" and "Cybertyrant" has a subversive and specialized intensity for orderly society.

Since his recent goal is to integrate all the forces in Tatsumi City, he needs their power very much, and relatively, what is needed most at present is the power of "Psychic Dancer".

Because his current goal is to conquer Tatsumi City, not the Ring City.

"Although your ability is not very useful in BOSS battles, but facing small fry, they are all very useful abilities... Well, today is the lucky day for 'Psychic Dancer'."

Without hesitation, Bai Yan gave "Psychic Dancer" three Awakening Souls, watching her awakening level skyrocket to "61%".

As for the remaining two Awakening Souls, it is better to leave them for now. Anyway, at this stage, no matter who they are given to, there won't be a qualitative change.

"Upgrade completed."

Next, Bai Yan clicked on the operator list in his phone and brought up the current operator information for "Psychic Dancer".

Core Operator:

Title: Psychic Dancer.

Gender: Female.

Plane: Material World.

Level: Awakening (High).

Race: Elven.

Operator Identification: Control/Support/Stealth.

Milestone: High Elf, Betrayer.

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 24+50 Self-healing Specialization (she can knock down a man twice her weight with just one punch).

INT: 99 (can accurately use it during battles).

Skill: 96 (can perceive the heartbeat of all animals within seventy meters).

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 9 (from a certain non-mainstream aesthetic perspective, she is worthy of a higher charisma rating).

Loyalty: 8 (she would never admit it, but she is full of gratitude towards you).

Mood: 6 (to be honest, she is feeling a little bit homesick).


Radical and Crazy (with unstable moods, she is more prone to cause incidents during idle periods and periods of self-discipline and struggle).

Farewell, my cowardice (her combat skills have been significantly improved).

Free spirit (reduces the chances of being controlled).


Mind-reading (proficiency level 100%).

Mind control (proficiency level 100%).

Memory retrieval (proficiency level 30%).

Long-lasting command (proficiency level 25%, prolongs mind control effect to 40 hours).

Self-healing Specialization

Memory alteration (proficiency level 1%).

Sacred Rune - Athena (proficiency level 42%).

Deep Red - Divine Punishment (proficiency level 55%).

Secondary data:

Body measurements: 145cm, 74, 54, 81.

Likes: People who are good to themselves, and being noticed by others.

Dislikes: Myself, my family.

Items: Ring of Protection x1, Invisible Cloak of Hermes x1, Blade of Annihilation x1, Special Automated Battle Robot x1.

Description: A noble descendant of an ancient elf family, she is born with extremely powerful spiritual talent. The thoughts of ordinary people are naked in front of her, and her uncontrollable power also makes her realize the dirtiness of the real world, and the preciousness of sincerity.

"The future queen of the mind, a monster that manipulates all living beings."

As the level of strength increases, a brand new ability has been added to the character card of "Psychic Dancer".

"Memory modification."

This is a very powerful supernatural power.

Also, in Bai Yan's memory, it is one of the more useful abilities in the "Psychic Dancer's" series of skill trees.

The prerequisite for "Memory Modification" is that she must first evolve "Memory Reading", and due to different experiences and tasks, the ability actually evolved from "Mind Reading" may not necessarily be "Memory Reading".

Evolving "Memory Reading" this time was just a stroke of luck, so after her strength increased, she also developed a new power called "Memory Modification" incidentally.

"Memory Modification" can only be used on people weaker than her, which means currently the "Psychic Dancer" at the awakening level can only use "Memory Modification" on the supernaturals of Original Level.

Only when she reaches the Crown level can she use "Memory Modification" on supernaturals at the awakening level.

The content that can be modified is also very limited. Basically, in the initial stage, she can only modify some general memories and cannot refine them, so it is easy to be undone by someone with malicious intent.

Before fully mastering the new supernatural power, the lasting effect of "Memory Modification" can only be maintained for a month.

There is one more thing... the soul of "Creation Realm" Plane is extremely strong and stable, almost impossible to have its memory modified.

Despite various limitations and different usage conditions, Bai Yan still deeply feels that this is a very strong and powerful ability.

Especially after the "game" completely became "reality".

Myself and Maryse can use "memory modification" at various times to create situations that are favorable to Babel Tower.

"As a monster who manipulates all living beings, the future Mind Empress... it is natural for them to fear you, because your power does indeed make people in the world feel terrified."

Although Bai Yan has not yet tried Power Possession, he knows that after "Psychic Dancer" becomes stronger, he also becomes stronger along with it.

At the same time, he also gained the ability to modify other people's memories.


In the dark safe house.


After yet another enhancement of her soul essence, Maryse, dressed in light blue pajamas and blue and white underwear, lay on the bed trembling, with tiny beads of sweat on her fair and delicate skin.

"I have become stronger again..."

Such a strong experience... My spiritual strength has been newly enhanced and I am capable of achieving what was absolutely impossible in the past.

Maryse took a deep breath and lazily laid on the bed, not wanting to move. The intense experience just now had consumed a lot of her energy.

"The feeling of becoming stronger is really good... My brothers and sisters tried every means and spent so many resources of the clan, but as a transcendent, it is very difficult to make progress even in a small stage."

Normal transcendent beings usually need to continuously familiarize themselves with their powers through training and fighting, or they need to encounter some adventures in order to have the possibility of improvement. Otherwise, they would have to buy various medicines....

However, no matter what, no one can become stronger like the Core Operators of Babel Tower who become powerful like rockets!

Joining Babel Tower is indeed the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

Although it was forced... Maryse silently pondered.

"Congratulations, Maryse."

Just then, a male voice suddenly came from behind her.


Maryse was taken aback for a moment and immediately sat up in fright, but as soon as she turned around, she felt reassured.

Very relieved.

"Senior Profligate!"

For no apparent reason, she immediately relaxed upon seeing this man and didn't even realize that, as a 'weak woman,' she was being intruded by a 'big man' at night.

Bai Yan stood in the shadow, smiling, and didn't reveal his entire body in the darkness.

"You have become more powerful again, Maryse."

"This is the will of the Savior... You should reclaim what is precious to you... I know, Maryse, you have been missing your friend."

"You have also always wanted to appear in your family openly and honorably."

Maryse swallowed her saliva, lowered her head, and gradually remembered the bits and pieces between her and Yiming in the past.

She also remembered the things she had been forced to give up, the things that she could have enjoyed in her family.

Why should she be forced to leave the family? Mingming, she was not the one who was wrong!

By the way... she suddenly thought of something.

Why does the 'Profligate' senior know about Irena and me? Did he investigate my past? Maryse thought about this question but didn't ask.

Bai Yan continued calmly:

"It's coming soon, very soon you will realize your wish."

"The Augustus family, who once treated you with indifference and discrimination, will grovel at your feet and tremble endlessly. This is the will of the great Savior and will definitely come true."

Are my words a bit too juvenile...? Even Bai Yan himself felt a little embarrassed in the darkness. Then, he saw nothing but light in Maryse's eyes!

She was obviously moved by what I said and believed it completely!