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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 185

2023-12-24 15:30:00Publish Time: 1,026 views
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Chapter 185: God's Punishment

"No, we must escape from here quickly."

The INT of "Life and Death Saint" has already indicated a huge threat!

By now, she had no hesitation and immediately fled through the hole pierced by the "Piercer of All Things", not even glancing back at the prophecies book.

Although "Life and Death Saint" is a mid-level Crown expert, she still only holds a position in the material world with a single spiritual soul.

"The Left Hand of Dark Light" is an upper-level Crown expert, with a soul position in the Formation Realm... Almost all upper-level Crown experts have reached the Formation Realm, while the vast majority of lower-level Crown experts are in the material world.

As for the superhumans at the mid-level Crown within the Plane, it's hard to say which exact Plane they are in... "Life and Death Saint," happens to be one of the weaker one, in the material world Plane.

As the spiritual body had no weight, moving at a naturally fast pace, she had already escaped from the Demon Hunt Agency building in the blink of an eye, and would probably just take a few minutes to fly out of the city.

"Good, we have successfully escaped. We can figure out a way to go back for the 'Ruin-level Relic' later. We won't lose much by stopping here today."

"Life and Death Saint" flew at an extremely fast speed in the city, and nobody could stop her. This evil saint was almost about to successfully escape from this city!

The shadow of God appeared above the night!

Like the noonday sun, a rose-tinted instant white light fell from the sky with infinite power!

The night turned into daylight!

The wrath of God turned into a thunderstorm!

The lightning struck accurately from the sky, tracking and capturing the trace of "Life and Death Saint".

Before she even realized it, the hit was successful, and in the blink of an eye, the power of God completely destroyed the soul of the "Life and Death Saint", leaving no trace in the material world.

Countless people witnessed this scene.

A true miracle!

They fell to the ground, sincerely worshiping and praying to the true "divine" in their hearts, feeling grateful.

Babel Tower is undoubtedly the Savior of Tatsumi City.

Even greater than Rainbows!

The ordinary people were shaken for a long time and the Night Watchers were also shocked by this scene, watching as the sky turned from daylight to night, feeling the god-like power gradually dissipating.

Unknowingly, suddenly someone began to cheer!

So more and more Night Watchers began to cheer!

Although nobody spoke.

Although nobody admitted it.

But actually, everyone knows, everyone is aware, they are cheering for Babel Tower, for the magnificent power that the Savior can use to save Tatsumi City!


"United as One, mission accomplished."

"Approaching death, mission accomplished."

Sitting in the desolate and quiet park on an autumn breeze, Bai Yan calmly held his phone and shook his head slightly.

There's a saying that goes "use it early, use it often." In any case, every so often you can fire a shot, and the "God's Punishment" from the Golden Palace is meant to be used at this moment to take down the boss directly.

Originally, the Babel Tower event mission was to defeat the Balanced Saint, but now the target was directly killed by God's Punishment, so the following two tasks were completed directly as well.

The missions in "Babel Tower" are designed based on reality, rather than the other way around where the missions in "Babel Tower" are developed based on real-life situations.

Bai Yan was already completely aware of this and shook his head lightly while on the bench.


In fact, his true body has been in the park all along, without moving at all.

In fact, the "Profligate" who came to the Demon Hunt Agency's interior was still just his avatar. He couldn't be saved by the black mist, so how could he personally let his true body be in danger?

A glint flashed through Bai Yan's eyes.

"But still underestimated the situation, yet discovered something, because of the fact that the soul only has one, the incarnation will be affected along with the true body after being attacked by mental powers."

However, the final outcome was good.

The gains obtained after completing two tasks in one breath were quite substantial, and Bai Yan's subconscious favorability towards the Moon Witch also rose. If it weren't for her strategy, the enemy wouldn't have been able to find his true body so easily, and it was even possible that he would have successfully escaped in the end.

"But I don't really want to thank this guy..."

He squinted his eyes and murmured to himself.

The evaluation of this mission is SS.

Bai Yan's "Babel Tower" game prompt indicated that he had obtained a total of 350 legend points, five Awakening Souls, and a new Tactical Card called "Blazing Roar".

I can do another tenfold summon now, and with five Awakening Souls... it couldn't get any better than this.

"Although I really want to do a tenfold summon right now, there's no rush to do it just yet."

Bai Yan understood clearly that things on that end have not been completely resolved yet.


Inside the sixth underground level of the Demon Hunt Agency, there was an empty room.

The piece of paper in front of the white giant stone "Prophecy Book" changed again, gradually transforming into the body of a Profligate.

Then, he helped Merete Chambers up from the ground where she had fallen unconscious.

At this moment, Miss Witch suddenly opened her eyes, but Bai Yan was not frightened by it.

"My head hurts. Has the situation been resolved...?" She asked with a smile.

When did this fellow wake up?

She couldn't have really been unconscious until now. She should have woken up earlier than now. So, she should also have seen the moment when the piece of paper turned into the incarnation.

Bai Yan was contemplating in his mind, but he didn't show anything on his face.

"Uh, the problem has already been resolved, I suppose."

Bai Yan suddenly let go at this point, and Miss Witch didn't fall, but stumbled slightly.

"It seems like you dislike the feeling of being planned and controlled by others?"

Merete Chambers, who almost fell down, smiled slightly without any anger or surprise.

"Maybe, or it could be just wanting to see you fall," Bai Yan lightly shook his head without giving any response.

"Are you from the Babel Tower? That thunder imbued with divine power just now... was that also your power?"

Mr. Trap and his associates approached slowly, while the director of the Demon Hunt Agency looked into Bai Yan's eyes and inquired.

It appeared they didn't have any intention to attack, not even the more extreme Lin Bian. At this moment, it was very clear that it was almost impossible for the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City to go against Babel Tower.

"Yes, just as you've guessed, this lightning is the will of the Great Savior."

Bai Yan smiled as he gave an answer, with no hint of lying in his eyes, while at the same time, he casually told a lie.


Mr. Trap fell silent, uncertain of what to say next.

The power they just witnessed left them extremely astonished. Such absolute and terrifying power indeed came from the divine. In this city, there was no one who could oppose it.

Normally speaking, it is very difficult for God to intervene directly in this world... But Babel Tower is indeed an existence that far exceeds reason, just as they know, so anything is possible.

Mr. Trap fell silent, knowing that perhaps all the Night Watchers needed to do now was one thing.

That is to marvel that they are actually our people, and... to pray that they will always be our people.

At this point, Raven Reaper and Alan both felt a little embarrassed, as one of them had made a deal with the Babel Tower without consulting the other, and the other was simply a member of the Babel Tower.

While it may look like it's five against one, it's actually four against two. Alan shook his head thoughtfully. No, even now he was still a Night Watcher of the Demon Hunt Agency.

But then he quickly thought of how his body had been manipulated... At that time, no matter what, he could not have been loyal to the Demon Hunt Agency.

Bai Yan, who had activated his psychic powers, had a smile on his face. No, no, no, it's actually four against two, because Merete Chambers is also a reserve force for the Babel Tower...

It may look like I'm the only one from the Babel Tower here, but in reality, most people have some connection to the Babel Tower!

"So, if there's nothing else, I'm going to leave."

Bai Yan smiled and knew that his identity was extremely sensitive. Continuing to stay here would only cause embarrassment.

Before leaving, he was slightly surprised to find a piece of paper had been slipped into his hands using a special metal wire.

Miss Witch squinted her eyes at him, as if she had many things to say.


Late that night.

Following the address left on the note, Bai Yan arrived at a coffee shop he had never been to before.

The dark-colored lampshades, styled like books, emitted warm-toned light that mixed with the wooden furniture, creating a cozy ambience in the coffee shop.

Although it was already midnight, there was no indication of the place closing.

A blind girl in a white waiter's uniform stood behind the counter, carefully preparing the coffee in her hands. Her neat white short hair and exquisite features suggested she was around fifteen or sixteen years old.


Bai Yan recognized her at first sight, the blind girl was probably the "Samoyed".

A black wizard who had committed heinous and atrocious crimes was brainwashed by the witch and compelled to become one of the Moon Witch's main summoned creatures, faithfully serving as her subordinate.

Because "Samoyed" appeared frequently in the first playthrough, Bai Yan remembered her. Overall, "Samoyed" was definitely the most outstanding summon in the early days of the Moon Witch, among many other magical creatures.

Upon hearing someone approaching, Samoyed didn't say anything, but just silently continued to brew the coffee.

But in reality, she was thinking a lot, although she couldn't see, but she always had a feeling that this man was scrutinizing her... Could it be that he was interested in her?

Then Samoyed thought back to a while ago, when her master had mentioned that this man was very important. If he expressed fondness for her, maybe her master would give her to him as a gift... At the time, she didn't take it seriously, but now... he was still scrutinizing her!

Her master must have been joking at the time!

Samoyed became a bit flustered and couldn't hold the coffee cup steadily in her hand.

If her master had such a thought, it is not impossible for her to actually do it... Because her master was capable of doing anything.

Bai Yan calmly sat in the seat by the window, glanced at his phone, and saw that the appointed time was about to arrive.

Soon, Miss Witch appeared in the coffee shop and walked towards Bai Yan's seat.

She was still wearing a black evening dress, with a stunning face, white soft long hair, and an extremely attractive mysterious smile.

"Long time no see, 'Profligate'... Bai Yan."