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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 18

2022-05-19 16:08:10Publish Time: 4,587 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: wickedjellyfish

Edited by: anonymous, VVLX, Adam-Robinson, the-Hellhound, sain-insa, Junaavicii, BerdiB, linkneo5, jusstpaul

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Chapter 18: The Important Meeting

Bai Yan thought for a moment, then turned to get some water from his small refrigerator in the corner.

“Want some water?” Actually, he kept thinking.

Alan’s purpose was all too obvious. Even an ordinary person would notice that something was wrong. Bai Yan was extremely sensitive to this matter.

Obviously, his friend Alan was investigating the people involved in this matter.

‘Was he a cultist? Or a member of another power? He clearly wasn’t ordinary though.’

Bai Yan tried to recall the background of the Babel Tower. He remembered that there was an organization called the Demon Hunt Agency. Their members, called the Night Watchmen, maintained order in the Air Alliance to a large extent.

‘Maybe, Alan was a night watchman of the DHA. I have to keep this secret no matter who he was.’ At this thought, Bai Yan had already taken out the mineral water from the small fridge and started pouring it into a cup.

“Sorry, I don’t have any drinks at my place.”

‘There were surveillance cameras in the classroom, but Alan definitely hadn’t found out what was going on with me. Otherwise, there would have been no need for such a simple inquiry.

The surveillance cameras might have been destroyed in advance. The cultist could have done it, or it could have been caused by the mysterious power of the Babel Tower.

I have to be careful with his next question.’

Bai Yan knew that the DHA had powerful lie detector technology. Many powers in Babel Tower could distinguish lies.

“Come on. Drink this.”

Bai Yan handed over the ice water with a smile. Alan didn’t extend his right hand, which glowed with a Heptagram. Instead, he smiled and took the glass with his left.


“Alan, why are you asking about Mu Ling and me? Are you jealous?”

Alan did not answer the question. Instead, he revealed a curious expression. “Nothing. I was just gossiping. This water is cold. My stomach won’t stand it.”

Bai Yan smiled, “Actually, we didn’t talk much. We just discussed the game.”

“Game?” Alan froze, not expecting such an answer.

“What, what games are you guys playing?”

Maybe, some “Warning” games?

“Wait! How did you know her?”

Bai Yan smiled and looked ahead. He clasped his hands together and said calmly, “In the game. I was a guru in that game and took good care of Mu Ling. We met offline two days ago.”

“She came to chat with me again that day. I didn’t expect that to happen then.”

It was all the truth. Alan was too stunned to believe it but relieved.

Fortunately, the suspect in the Babel Tower had nothing to do with Bai Yan. Otherwise, he would have to send him out of the city overnight.

Alan sat for a moment, then said suddenly. “You’ve changed. You weren't like this in the past. I still remember our freshmen year. You were the top student, and you worked hard. Professor Cavin said you could get a double degree.”

Bai Yan sighed and said, “It’s boring. I’m already bored with studies.”

‘That was also true. He had grown bored with studying within one short year.’

Alan could always see the emptiness and alienation in Bai Yan’s eyes in the past. But today, he didn’t feel it anymore.

Bai Yan looked very energetic now, like a high school student who had found a girlfriend for the first time… Alan was sincerely happy about Bai Yan’s change. He stopped casting the Detection of Lies.

They chatted for a while more. Bai Yan said that his house was too small and suggested going out for a meal.

However, Alan shook his head and refused. “I have to go.”

Bai Yan stood in the corridor outside the door and silently watched Alan leave the apartment one minute later.

“Sorry, bro.”

If he could make a choice, he didn’t want to lie to his friend. Alan was one of the few people who were good to him.

Bai Yan returned to the house and washed his face with cold water, preparing to go out for breakfast. He picked up his phone and put on headphones to listen to music.

“I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice

By once or twice I mean maybe a couple a hundred times”

Alan returned to the DHA building, stepped into the elevator, and pressed the button.


The elevator began to move, gradually reaching basement 3…

DHA had a total of seven underground floors. Each floor occupied a large area that far exceeded the imagination of ordinary people.

It symbolized order in Tatsumi, the last line of defense for the human race. It couldn’t be easily shaken.

The elevator finally stopped in basement 5. When the lift doors opened, Alan had changed into a black suit and a slightly gaudy purple mask. He stepped out of the elevator with a straight face. Outside was a silver hallway with rather science fiction sleek walls. There was a faint echo of sadness when he stepped on the black floor.

He walked into a huge empty white room, as large as a small stadium. Lin Bian and many elite night watchmen waited here for a long time. However, they were not waiting for Alan.

Among the many night watchmen, a white-haired woman smiled at him.

“The meeting is about to begin. You came at the right time.”

The woman under the black clothes was so beautiful. She looked more like a witch.

She had pure white long hair and black eyes that flickered with purple light. A faint smile occurred in the corner of her mouth. She had a slender waist and fair, long, straight legs.

She was a special adviser in DHA. People called her the “Moon Witch.”

Alan turned away, not wanting to meet the woman’s eyes.

There were a total of 25 Guardians present. All of them were at least at the awakening level. Here they waited for an important meeting.

Finally, huge phantoms appeared in the white room, hiding their true faces. They were representatives of the major order forces of the Air Alliance.

Eyes of the Empire, Time of Chord… Simply put, they were the so-called big shots.

“Who the hell is behind Babel Tower?”

“Who are they?”

“it was the Child of the Star. I know these bastards!”

“Any support for Tatsumi?”

“We’re actually a bit short-handed at the moment. The situation in the real world is tight. Our guard has more important things to do.”

"We’re all pretty much the same."

Members of the DHA were the only spectators at the meeting. No one had the right to speak except for the “ACE” Lin Bian, who had performed many meritorious deeds, and the chief. The chief was a very thin, white-haired, squinting old man. He was wearing a slim-fitting white suit and stood upright. He smiled and looked very kind. He did not speak and only listened to the ideas and disputes of the big shots.

Lin Bian clearly did not want to speak either. He smiled teasingly as he took a sip or two from the flat silver wine pot.


He made a loud sound that all the big shots were staring at him.

“I’m sorry. Keep talking.”

Lin Bian just smiled drunkenly, not treating the important meeting as a big deal at all.

“...Let's call it a day.”


One by one, the huge phantoms faded in midair until only the phantom of a man with dual pupils remained.

He had the imposing aura of controlling everything. Most of the night watchmen present subconsciously lowered their heads slightly.

The man with dual pupils looked down at the night watchmen and concluded, “That’s all for today’s meeting. We won’t send any help to Tatsumi for the time being. DHA has to investigate the matter more thoroughly.”

Pay more attention to the movements of Pastor and Queen of the Scarlet Moon. We couldn’t ignore their power.

Investigate the truth about Babel Tower!

“It may be a more threatening presence than the Black Star!”

The old director nodded gently. He was still smiling, but his tone gradually became serious. “The DHA guarantees to fulfill their mission.”

“Investigate the Babel Tower thoroughly!”

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