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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 161

2023-11-12 15:27:00Publish Time: 1,423 views
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Chapter 161: "The Golden Palace" Appears in the Clouds

What was that?

A golden palace?

Why would something like that appear in the sky? Right now, at this very moment, in the clouds above this city!

What on earth is going on here!

The crowd in the city center all looked up, each one showing an expression of incredible amazement.

The magnificent golden palace appeared in the sky like this, relying on the clouds, shimmering with dazzling brilliance! This scene will absolutely be unforgettable and impossible to ignore for the rest of one's life!

"What is that thing?"

"It looks like a palace made entirely of gold, and it seems to be flying in the sky."

"Will it fall down?"

At this moment, thousands upon thousands of people in Tatsumi City gazed up at the sky. In their minds and on their lips, they could only discuss one topic- the magnificent Golden Palace that suddenly appeared in the sky!

It looked like a dwelling place of the gods, truly magnificent!

Some people realized that this could be the creation of the Babel Tower, just like the obelisk before.

They opened their phones and searched for videos. On the "Babel Tower" account, they found the video of the Golden Palace in the clouds, no longer doubting their guess.

Many people in Tatsumi City knelt down at this moment.

They, who should have believed in the "Rainbows", were actually bowing to the golden palace, praising a great Savior who had never appeared before.

Mu Ling, who was still in the city center, also looked up at the sky and couldn't say a word for a long time.

How beautiful.


She felt in her heart that this was probably a miracle created by the Savior, an existence like that of the white obelisk.

Therefore, amidst her praise, her surprise was diminished greatly.

It was truly the power of Babel Tower, which easily astonished the entire city's inhabitants.

"However, for the Savior, who knows and can do almost anything, it's all just a matter of course."

She squinted her eyes at the people around her who were amazed and stunned by the "miracle" of the golden palace and Babel Tower, and she also became proud and happy.

It was like she wasn't an employee of Babel Tower, but the owner or mistress, with a strong sense of empathy.


Miss Merete Chambers, who was observing "Nightsaber" from the nearby rooftop, also looked up.

She stood with her arms crossed, squinting as she looked up at the Golden Palace in the sky.


"Everything is just like what was written in the Book of Concealment."

"From the hands of the gods, so many things were won, until they were completely devoured."

She gave a meaningful smile.

The owner of the Babel Tower.

An evil god named "Savior" in false identity.

Hurry up and let me enter the Babel Tower, together we will change the entire world, and then welcome the final end!

"Should I go ask this girl how to enter the Babel Tower?"

Soon, Miss Witch once again shifted her gaze onto Nightsaber, revealing a flawlessly sweet smile.

Bai Yan, where on earth did you go?

I missed you so painfully.

Now that you have gone missing, I can only inquire your companions.


Countless faces were filled with astonishment, except for the incomprehensible.

While some looked shocked and bewildered, the Night Watchers exhibited anxious and nervous expressions.

A golden palace appearing suddenly in the clouds with no warning! They must determine what it is and whether it poses a threat to Tatsumi City!

This is a crucial matter.

Mr. Trap sat calmly in his office, his eyes lifeless and motionless. There seemed to be no sign of any living being in the old man.

Just then, he suddenly moved and his eyes lit up with a sudden burst of life.

Mr. Trap let out a sigh.

"The events unfolding in this city are beyond our control, Mo."

Standing behind him, Raven Reaper fell silent for a moment, taking off his bronze raven mask before slowly responding, "Indeed, but thankfully, those two from the Eyes of the Empire are still here. They will go up to the heavens and investigate what that is exactly."

However, Mr. Trap shook his head and closed his eyes.

"It's meaningless. I can guess that it's Babel Tower, the same as the obelisk we sent people to seal off to keep ordinary people away. Even if the 'Emperor' investigates the obelisk, they won't find anything. Instead, they will be shocked by a terrifying ancient god's aura. The Judgment and the Pope won't have any further progress."

He fell into silence for a long time before suddenly saying, "Mo, I believe that the power and goals of Babel Tower may far exceed our imagination."

"Perhaps the owner of Babel Tower, who is called the 'Savior,' doesn't even pay us any attention."

"You are overthinking, director."

Raven Reaper said silently, "We are just mortals. All that we have been doing all along is just that."

Only that.

He continued, "For the various religious groups that strive to change or destroy the world for their gods, for Eyes of the Empire fighting for great ideals and for the whole country, and for Rainbows, who are beyond our reach… without exception, their goals are far beyond ours."

"However, the Demon Hunt Agency only wanted to accomplish a tiny, insignificant, and meaningless goal from the beginning."

"In the gaps of the great ones, protect as many mortals as possible… find every possible way to survive."

"That's why the 'Emperor' stands alongside us, because it was also the dying wish of his wife, Mrs. Ailsa."

The "Mrs. Ailsa" mentioned by Raven Reaper was a woman who had been dead for hundreds of years. She was the founding member of the Air Alliance Demon Hunt Agency and also the summarizer of "Nine Flows of the Heart." She was revered by all those who practiced Flow of the Heart in Heart City.


On the seaside bridge of Tatsumi City, the father-daughter duo in their casual garb, "Judgment" and "Pope," froze.

Look up!

What was that? A golden palace? Why would something like this suddenly appear?

"It seems like our vacation will be cut short."

With a gentle shake of his head, Judgment - no longer wearing his mask with eye-shaped lenses - revealed his golden locks and a face filled with an intriguing, subtle smile. He exuded a charming, middle-aged rogue-like quality, resembling a drunken wanderer who would return home with a blade of grass between his teeth.

"Pope" remained silent for a moment before suddenly beginning to frantically lick her blueberry ice cream in an attempt to finish it before work.

"You don't have to be in such a rush. I'll just go check it out myself."

Judgment smiled and suddenly reached out his hand to touch his daughter's hair, only to have her dodge away.

She gazed at her father with a cold expression.

"As I have mentioned before, this body is for communicating with the gods. Any touch from an outsider would cause my abilities to deteriorate. You are aware of the 'Restriction Ceremony', aren't you?"

The so-called 'Restriction Ceremony' refers to a ritual where the practitioner puts long-term restrictions on themselves in exchange for a certain kind of power. The easiest way to understand it would be something like 'Silent Meditation' or 'Childhood Boxing Technique'.

However, once the practitioner breaks the restriction, the powerful force gained from the ritual would immediately become ineffective.

She frowned, obviously very dissatisfied.

Judgement, who witnessed this scene, sighed lightly and said in a complicated tone, "You will understand sooner or later that power is definitely not the most important thing in life."

But the girl with gray-white hair immediately said, "Then you mean that the most important thing is actually family relationship? But… I only truly saw you for the first time two years ago."

She stared at her father for a long time.

Judgement stopped talking and said after a moment of silence, "Anyway, I will go up and take a look. You continue eating here."

He quickly rose into the air, heading towards the location of the Golden Palace in the sky. The flying speed was quite fast, and a few minutes later, the judge had flown to the top of the clouds.

"It's getting closer."

He was able to see the brilliance and magnificence of the golden palace more clearly as he approached, undoubtedly a huge palace that could easily accommodate thousands of giants.

"Why are the roofs of the gateways a bit high, unlike places inhabitable for humans…"

However, as he approached the golden palace, Judgement suddenly felt very heavy, and a dignified aura emanated from the palace, as if rebuking the judge for his rudeness in approaching without permission.

Oh my god!

Suddenly, he sensed the aura of an ancient god!

"How is this possible?"

Judgement's pupils suddenly contracted, and his body suddenly became immobile, falling straight from the sky.

Although members of the illustrious Eyes of the Empire couldn't be expected to die so easily, he was still extremely shocked. Despite Mr. "World's" consistent emphasis on the unusual nature of Babel Tower, no one truly realized the extent of the sudden appearance of this mysterious organization and the enormous power it possessed, capable of showing such exaggerated miracles.


Bai Yan knew well that the Eyes of the Empire would investigate, but he was also aware that despite their might, they couldn't breach the seal of the Palace of Gods.

It was impossible for anything to break in rashly.

The palace belonged to the gods.

"The Golden Palace: the Palace of Gods, only those permitted by the Savior can enter into it. Every ten days, it can cast 'God's Punishment', a lightning that tears through everything, destroying any target in the material realm, with its attack range covering the entire world. Every ten days, it can summon the ravens of 'Thought' and 'Memory', to report any key information and clues discovered during that period."

At that moment, he was seated on the new throne.

It was a unique throne made entirely of metal; the walls surrounding Bai Yan were undulating silver metal. The massive and white space of the Babel Tower hall seemed devoid of anything.

However, if one looked closely at the ceiling, they could catch a glimpse of numerous moving peculiar paintings and characters, as if posing certain questions and offering answers.

This was the backdrop of the "Mystery of the Wise".

The questions and answers on the ceiling seemed to be related to the mysteries of each universe, and only beings with true intelligence could decipher or understand them.

Bai Yan, wearing a black cloak, smiled and lightly clapped his hands. "Ah, it's time again."

So, the fourth Babel Tower meeting.

"Let's begin."