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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 16

2022-05-14 17:06:27Publish Time: 6,622 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: wickedjellyfish

Edited by: anonymous, VVLX, Endymion-Salvage, the-Hellhound, Junaavicii, jusstpaul

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Chapter 16: Fire

‘That was a good question.

If you ask me this or that,

The pity of the world is what responds!

I’m the evil outlander! I’m the greedy ninja! This world begins with me and ends with me.

I am the game player!’

Bai Yan didn’t speak this out, and he had to keep up his image in front of Nightsaber. So he just glanced at No. Nine.

‘Work it out for yourself. You can imagine whatever you want.’

Before No. Nine had a chance to act, Mu Ling had already stood up. She exuded a cold aura as she slowly raised the black cross blade.

“Face your sins!”

Deep Blue World.

In the next moment, everything in the world turned dark blue. Mu Ling’s eyes also turned blue.

No. Nine, who had been raving, could no longer move. He was still staring at Bai Yan, not realizing that time had stopped.

The birds, insects, students, and even the light outside the classroom froze at this moment.

Mu Ling wanted to turn back to take a look. She wondered if the Savior was affected by time stagnation.

However, she quickly realized that she couldn’t control her body yet, which meant the Savior could still move freely.

His power was beyond her imagination!

The Babel Tower was unfathomable!

As the Savior was controlling her body she could indulge in her thoughts.

But the pitch-black sword did not stop at all!


No. 9 felt a tremendous force nearly rip him apart. His body crashed through the window and flew out of the classroom, thrown like a bloodied rag doll.

He landed on the clean, neat stone path. A large wound had been viciously split open in his abdomen. Bright red blood and internal organs flowed freely.

It was a mortal wound, but the bald man showed no sign of pain. He wasn’t even worried about himself. It seemed to be no more than a slip for him.

Many people on the road outside the school building saw this terrifying scene. Most of them were students and teachers who had just returned from the canteen and outside.


People were horrified and screamed, and immediately someone called the police.

“What the hell is going on? I didn’t see her moving at all.” No. Nine was talking to himself. He was unable to make sense of it. “How could she move so fast?”

In any case, it was better to fight another time.

He stood up and said loudly, “Stop it. More people are gathering here. DHA will be here soon.” No. Nine planned to step back.

DHA made a rule that superpowers have to avoid being exposed to the ordinary person as much as possible.

Pastor and Queen of Scarlet Moon, the two powerful big shots in Tatsumi, preferred a comfortable and stable life. So they set a rule that matters involved with the superpower in Tatsumi were under the Otherworlds’ charge and could not be casually exposed to the ordinary person.

If anyone broke the rules, they would face severe punishment.

If he continued fighting with Mu Ling, it would undoubtedly make enemies for the Black Star.

Even though No. Nine was very confident that the Black Star would control Tatsumi in the future. But now, it’s not a good move to become enemies with these two terrifying “monsters.”

“Stop now! You don’t want to make many enemies for Babel Tower, right?” As soon as he said that, he thought of something.

‘Since Babel Tower had uploaded videos related to superpowers online, perhaps their original intention was to break the rules?’

White hair and white mask.

Black trench coat and broadsword.

She flashed out of the broken window like black lightning. The broadsword seemed to be weightless, and in the blink of an eye, a storm of swords enveloped the area.

No. Nine’s pupils dilated!


With a loud roar, No. Nine was forced to activate his pact!

“Blood pact!”

“Child of the Star!”

His body instantly swelled to several meters tall, and disgusting squirming tentacles grew out of many parts of his body. The students were freaking out!

It was like a large octopus, mumbling in a language that no one could  understand. Dozens of sticky and slippery tentacles kept waving, and all the wounds on its body recovered.

The Child of the Star was a servant of the great Chaotic Star. He would disguise himself!

The surrounding students who had already taken out their phones retreated one after another. They were slowly going insane. Many people nearby shouted, laughed, and cried.

Bai Yan stood in the classroom and watched all of this. He also heard a strange and incomprehensible voice. He was quite shocked, but his body and mind did not have any “bad reactions.”

“There are even more witnesses than last time on Center Avenue.” Bai Yan quickly realized this.

At this time, the entire school had just finished eating and was preparing to go to class or return to the dormitory. The monsters on campus had almost attracted the attention of everyone!

Mu Ling stood calmly in front of the school building and faced the huge monster that was more than ten meters tall. The road was filled with the sound of shutter pressing.

‘From today, my normal life might be over.’

Even with the mask, her physical characteristics were too obvious to disguise. Actually, she’d known this day would come. She didn’t feel too sorry for it.



Mu Ling suddenly felt that her body was no longer being controlled. Instead, she took the initiative to rush toward the monster.


The huge Child of Star roared and swung its tentacles down viciously, but the black blades cut through them mercilessly.

However, the effect of the physical attack was minimal. The true body of the Child of Star was actually a type of shifter race. The broken tentacles immediately grew back.

‘How did that happen?’ Mu Ling was surprised.

[Nightsaber, I grant you fire.]

‘It was him!’ Hearing this voice, Mu Ling immediately felt safe. In the next moment, scorching golden flames rose from her black sword.

“So fire’s your weakness.” She could speak now.

Mu Ling suddenly jumped more than ten meters into the air while everyone was stunned. The moment they looked up at the sky, everything around seemed to disappear.

Mu Ling suddenly turned around in the sky and landed like a spinning fire dragon. She rushed to the monster directly and frantically stabbed long golden scars across the Child of Star’s body.

“Awwwwwwwww!” The monster howled.

The fire combined with the spinning power of the sword tore the Child of Star’s body apart in the blink of an eye. Pieces of burning debris kept falling from the sky and turning to ashes.

The monster collapsed, already close to death.

Mu Ling landed calmly on the ground, holding the sword in one hand. She had a strange charm now.

“Time to end it.” Muttering to herself, she raised the black cross blade again. Just as she was about to crush the monster’s head, something strange happened.

A white light suddenly appeared on the horizon, like a tunnel that cut through the sky. It shone on the monster’s head and pulled it into the sky.

Soon the monster disappeared.

Mu Ling was stunned. Someone rescued the monster.

She realized she couldn't move again. She sheathed her sword and spoke softly. “Mission accomplished.”

The black mist appeared again and pulled her in. Clearly, the DHA would still be a step late.

The students were in an uproar. Countless people were discussing what had just happened. Their voices echoed throughout the university. Bai Yan calmly recorded the entire process on his phone in the classroom.

He stared at the phone, lost in thought. ‘I see. This is what happens when the game reflects reality.’ Bai Yan smiled unconsciously as he listened to the heated discussion.

The sense of emptiness and alienation after coming to this world had finally been somewhat reduced.

Suddenly someone tapped him on the shoulder. Bai Yan was shocked and instinctively turned around.

“Are you all right?” Alan looked at him, breathless and worried. He’d obviously just run back.

“I can’t believe something this big happened while I was treating the girl to dinner.

By the way, are you okay, Bai Yan? You’ve been daydreaming here.”

Bai Yan nodded and said calmly, “I’m fine. I was just a little frightened.”

Alan paused a beat. He felt that something was different about Bai Yan and would never be the same again.

“Phew. Thank god.” Alan shook his head, slightly relieved. Then he turned to look out of the classroom into a long silence. He wanted to have a drink now.

There was probably no way to cover up this matter. In fact, even the previous matter had not been completely resolved.

The spread of information in the Internet age was too fast. In fact, the mystery about superpowers would be exposed one day, but Alan hadn’t expected it would come this fast.

“The storm is coming. Bai Yan,” he muttered.

“Then I’ll sell umbrellas.” Bai Yan smiled.


Bai Yan lay in bed for a long time, unable to fall asleep. He had been thinking about what had happened today.

The supernatural was happening right beside him. The powerful black-clothed, white-haired girl was bowing down to him. The cultist transformed into a monster and wreaked havoc in the school. And the world was about to know everything.

The boredom and emptiness that had accumulated for thirteen years were fading. He was excited now.

‘Forget it. Time to sleep.’ Bai Yan shook his head and closed his eyes.

“… this is the last time.” He took out his phone by the pillow and browsed. Immediately, he couldn’t fall asleep.

It’s trending!

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