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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 154

2023-11-04 18:25:00Publish Time: 1,161 views
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Chapter 154: Variations

"It's just ahead. Hmm, the curse shows that Pastor should have run here."

"Everyone be careful."

Adelaide led dozens of Night Watchers, including Holly, into the alley, each one very vigilant.

After all, the enemy was the famous Pastor, and every move he made posed a deadly threat.

The next moment, they all froze.

The alley was dark and gloomy, and ordinary people could hardly see anything. Only when the gun in Adelaide's hand emitted a bolt of dazzling lightning, could people glimpse what was happening.

The young and handsome Pastor stood calmly in the alley, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, with a calm expression.

There seemed to be a thoughtful look in his eyes.

A dark shadow lay silently on the ground of the alley, and the Night Watchers couldn't discern his countenance at first glance.

However, for some unknown reason, Adelaide had a very uncomfortable premonition.

Could it be…

Holly, who had a sensitive sense of smell, suddenly shouted out.

"It's Bai Yan!"

Adelaide was startled. Bai Yan was actually here. Could it be that Pastor had already killed him… When she thought of this possibility, she immediately felt furious.

No, facing the powerful Pastor, she must not be too emotional, she must remain calm.

She shook her head repeatedly while thinking of going to see if the shadowy figure was really Bai Yan.

Just as Adelaide was trying to convince herself to calm down, Holly had already rushed up like a rabbit!

Flow of Heart - Heavenly Martial Arts!

Dragon Claw!

The so-called "Heavenly Martial Arts" is a personal ritual that simulates mythical creatures.

Holly, who already possessed divine power, instantly grew blue dragon scales on both hands, with eyes red as if they were about to bleed, and crazily charged towards Pastor, completely ignoring the difference in strength between them!

Bai Yan is our partner, how could you kill him!


Pastor calmly executed the Order of God, forming a defense with the black light growing around him, easily blocking Holly's attacks.


Holly shouted and punched continuously, but was unable to penetrate the enemy's defense.

Pastor just wanted to retaliate, but suddenly received an INT alarm and sensed an extremely familiar sense of danger!

It's "Profligate" again…

The scoundrel!

"I never thought there'd be a day when I would be thoroughly played with."

Letting out a sigh, he slowly retrieved his life-saving high-level Relic and unleashed its power.

This Relic takes the form of a bracelet, pure black in color with exquisite design. Its user can dismantle and reassemble it to form a new bracelet.

"Issai's Roundabouts."

This high-level Relic allows its user to record a current location upon dismantling the bracelet. When reassembling it, the user can directly teleport to the recorded location in a "turnaround" fashion.

The cost of using it is… worsening of nearsightedness that cannot be reversed.

Pastor dismantled his pure black bracelet in his hand and reassembled it.

The next moment, the ground beneath his feet began to spin, and the strong rotating force instantly shook off Holly's fierce attacks.

Then, he soared into the sky and disappeared in an instant.

The Night Watchers were all shocked. Although the effect of this Relic seemed a bit absurd, it was indeed a powerful tool for escape.

"Bai Yan, rest assured, we will save you! Let's take you back to the headquarters!"

Holly immediately rushed to Bai Yan's side to check his condition, but her heart sank.

How could this be…

It seems that Bai Yan, lying on the ground, cannot be saved anymore… It was difficult for Holly to accept the fact that her partner had died. For her, this was the first time.

Holly had only this one junior colleague in the Demon Hunt Agency.

"We can't just let Pastor run away, let's continue to chase him."

The other Night Watchers naturally continued to chase Pastor, while the three Night Watchers of the 12th team had no such mindset, and immediately surrounded Bai Yan's side.

"You guys…"

Bai Yan's voice was very weak, apparently unable to hold on any longer.

"Is it you…?"

The hulking Rien let out a sigh and fell silent.

Adelaide watched as Bai Yan, who was now only half his former self, took a few steps back and pursed her lips.

Bai Yan, lying lifelessly on the ground, looked as though he was about to lose consciousness, and even magical means could not save him in time.

"Aaargh, damn it!"

Why did this happen?

Holly, in a fit of rage, slammed her fist into the nearby wall, leaving behind an exaggerated pit in the aftermath of the deafening noise.

Adelaide looked down at the dying Bai Yan and also wondered, why did this happen…

Whether it was Feather or Bai Yan, her companions continued to fall one by one in front of her.

Tears fell and gently landed on Bai Yan's cheek…

Fell gently on Bai Yan's cheek…

Adelaide wept, her dominant and authoritative demeanor completely crumbling, revealing her true self in this moment.

She- she actually wasn't that strong…

She only pretended to be cold and tough because she didn't want to lose her precious memories to the curse. She hoped that people wouldn't become dear to her…

Why did everyone have to leave her one by one…

Bai Yan lay calmly on the ground, his once resolute heart shaken in a way that was long overdue.


He originally thought there wouldn't be a significant impact, but at this moment, it was difficult to control his emotions. The expression of his true feelings made Bai Yan want to break free from the false image created by the "Disguise Mask."

And then, embrace them…and laugh, saying that he had no problems whatsoever.

But he couldn't do that to himself.

The plan was already set, to bid farewell to a mundane life and retreat to the shadows, which was more conducive to his work, wasn't it?

Bai Yan, what was he still hesitating about?

Did he really think he had any choice? There were only two months left in this world.

Hmm, let it be.

Let him die in the midst of the crowd's embrace.

Such an ending was already good enough for the identity of "Bai Yan," like an insignificant little poem.

Well then…


At this moment, Bai Yan's INT suddenly began to sound the alarm!

Huge malice and threats were spreading outside the alley.

It was a wicked intention to put someone to death!

"Although I am not entirely clear about the details, as the 'legend' of this city, I will not allow myself to be used so casually."

Pastor had returned once again.

He stood at the entrance of the alley with his handsome face, appearing incredibly aloof under the moonlight.

Pastor had unexpectedly come to this alley, just as a large group of Night Watchers were perparing to leave!


Pastor softly spoke the word.

Transforming into death.

Multiple black rays, sharp as blades abruptly materialized, and slashed towards Adelaide, Holly and the big guy in the alley at an incredible speed.

Adelaide was slightly surprised, realizing that something was wrong in the moment she turned around… but it was already too late to evade.

The next moment, she found herself lying on the ground.


What just happened?

Not only Adelaide, but Holly and the big guy also found themselves lying on the ground in surprise, thus successfully avoiding the black light blade.

They soon discovered who had saved them.

A young man in a black robe stood before them, as if mysteriously, calmly confronting Pastor.

Bai Yan smiled, while Pastor's expression was cold and merciless.

"Profligate, why did you tease me?"

Bai Yan's smile became more apparent as he said, "Why are you so serious?"

"Why? It's just because it's amusing and brings me pleasure."

"Truly a sinful answer. You are indeed a dangerous person," Pastor contemplated as he once again took out "Issai's Roundabouts," knowing it was not safe to linger here.

The Fire that Burns Everything!

Bai Yan unleashed that super-standard flame without hesitation. The pitch-black flames were already blocked by a black light the moment they burned towards their opponent.

"There is still divine grace not fully consumed…" Bai Yan calmly watched his opponent leave.

After Pastor escaped, Adelaide and the other two stood up, vigilantly watching the strange and mysterious figure in front of them.

"Who are you?" Adelaide immediately asked.

Bai Yan was silent for a moment, then walked towards the alley while giving an answer.

"I am Profligate, a member of the Babel Tower."


Adelaide was startled. Profligate, the powerful member of the Babel Tower, the guy who enjoyed torturing and playing with evil doers!

Bai Yan gazed at the alley outside, steadily taking steps forward.

In the dark alley, he never looked back, but slowly walked towards the front, with silver moonlight splashing at the mouth of the alley.


Holly suddenly shouted, wanting to keep the person in front of her, even though his breath was so strange and unfamiliar, but he had just saved them for some reason.

And she didn't know why… she wanted to keep him.

"Why did you save us?" Holly asked from behind.

Bai Yan stopped and said calmly:

"Because… it's the Savior's intention. We and the Demon Hunt Agency are not enemies."

He paused for a moment.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't save your friend."

"But he can die in your embrace without feeling any sadness."

The body of Bai Yan lying on the ground gradually began to disappear, turning into small black dots of light, indicating that the killer was a member of the Dark Light Church.

All three of them noticed this scene, remaining silent.

"How could this happen…"

Adelaide was still murmuring to herself, tears falling uncontrollably.

Finally, Bai Yan emerged from the dark alley and stood in the bright, silvery moonlight.


Suddenly, he noticed how vast the world outside the alley was, and how clear he appeared in the moonlight. He even felt an unprecedented sense of relief.

From then on, the identity of "Bai Yan" disappeared from time.

And in this world, there were still two pivotal "persons"… "The Savior" and "Profligate".