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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 148

2023-10-28 15:55:00Publish Time: 1,262 views
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Chapter 148: Sacred Rune · Astarte

"Deep Red - Divine Punishment!"

Although it was theoretically unnecessary to shout the name of the extraordinary power, Maryse still shouted it out loud!

Moreover, she did so with utmost seriousness!

A huge impact roared past, shaking the entire alleyway, and the terrifying body of the Ogre was instantly destroyed by half.

The gentle priest from earlier had disappeared without a trace.

What appeared now was a three-meter-tall troll, holding a pitch-black giant blade, with green skin and white fangs!

Its face was full of shock, but its heavily injured body was rapidly recovering, needing only a few tens of seconds to be completely healed.

However, that was all there was to it.

"Ah, I will kill you! Eat you!"

The Ogre priest couldn't comprehend why there was such a significant difference between two individuals who were both extraordinary beings of the awakening level.

What kind of power was she using?

He brandished the "Relic" greatsword in his hand, the power of it was so immense that it sliced through the corner of the street, and he aimed to cleave the little girl in half with a terrifying blow!

"Too weak."

Hmph, it's because she was too strong. Maryse coldly gazed at the enemy, fearlessly stretching out her little hand to touch the enormous sword that had been cut down.

Deep Red - Divine Punishment.

Maryse precisely accelerated the part of her body that touched the sword, while the part that didn't touch it continued to move in the opposite direction.

The two were moving in opposite directions.


The greatsword was crushed in an instant, and the torn pieces danced in mid-air and immediately pierced through the Ogre's huge and terrifying green body.


He knelt down with a loud noise, his consciousness unclear.

The Ogre priest finally realized that the little elf girl was an unbeatable existence!

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn heretical elf! Mr. Theodore won't let you go! You are fighting against the true god!"

Despite suffering almost fatal injuries, Ogre was still recovering, with tendons regenerating and flesh regrowing. He roared and tried to stand up again.

Maryse turned her head, without even looking at it, just snapped her fingers lightly.

"You are already dead, trash."

The fragments scattered after the giant blade shattered began to move!

They started to move back and forth at high speed, forming a horrifying web of torture, and in a short time, it completely carved Ogre to pieces, far exceeding his limit!


The gigantic Ogre fell in an anguished howl, turning into a bloody mess before collapsing completely.

The two informants were so frightened that they immediately fell to their knees, shivering with fear.

"We will tell you everything, that's for sure!"

"Please, don't kill us!"

Maryse smiled, relishing the feeling of being worshipped by others, and said with pride:

"It's alright, you don't need to bother yourselves with giving me any more information now."

"Because of your intentions, I already know everything."


Coming to the latter half of the night, what happened tonight had no longer passed.

A search targeting the Dark Light Church quickly began, and the Night Watchers thought there would be intense conflict, but they didn't expect all the believers would be obedient.

They sat quietly inside the church's residence and were arrested without any resistance.

No one resisted.

After a thorough search, the Night Watchers didn't find any useful clues and two important figures were not found: the "Pastor" and "the Left Hand of Dark Light".

In the dark corner, Bai Yan, in a contemplative state, silently observed everything before him.

Bai Yan calmly looked at the phone in his hand. The level of urban erosion had dropped to only 3%, but upon arriving here, it had remained stagnant, without fully decreasing.

As long as "the Left Hand of Dark Light" continued to roam the city, he would be able to continuously utilize the "Piety Chain" to influence the citizens of Tatsumi City.

Unless he was killed, nothing would be resolved.

However, both "the Left Hand of Dark Light" and the "Pastor" seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Completely disappeared.

Even if the Demon Hunt Agency interrogated numerous Dark Light cultists immediately, they didn't find any clues of the two, who had clearly gone into hiding in this city, and they had hidden themselves very well.

It is unrealistic to find them in a short period of time.

Thus, the entire Demon Hunt Agency was busy throughout the night, and the team leaders gathered in the office of the director at sunrise.

The fifth team leader, a serious bald man, asked in a deep voice, "So, what is the next plan of action for the kings?"

The seventh team leader, an elderly man with black hair, and blind eyes, said, "When will the Eyes of the Empire's people arrive?"

Adelaide asked, "Director, should the city be urgently sealed off and put under martial law?"

The Night Watchers were all anxious, and they didn't stop to share their opinions. This incident was too significant, and they all felt that it would not be resolved easily.

But Lin Bian and Raven Reaper, as well as Director Mr. Trap, remained silent- the three most important people in the room.

They seemed to have already known something or perhaps even guessed something.

Mr. Trap heaved a sigh and calmly looked at everyone, saying, "The final outcome of the Hundred Kings Assembly may not be what you have imagined… After the assembly was hastily convened by the Hundred Kings, the King of Helder presented a letter sent by the Dark Light Church of the Eruo League."

"He claimed that it had been sent from the Dark Light Church a few days ago, but he hadn't had the opportunity to present it."

"Several powerful super beinges present can attest that he didn't lie."

Everyone fell silent, with strange expressions on their faces.

Mr. Trap continued, "Just a few days ago, the Dark Light Church actually expelled the 'Left Hand of Dark Light' and the 'Pastor' from their positions and also expects us to collaborate in capturing both of them, as they have lost control due to frequent use of powerful relics."

"Therefore… this incident is entirely the personal behavior of the 'Left Hand of Dark Light' and 'Pastor,' and has nothing to do with the friendly cooperation between the Air Alliance and the Euro League."

"Then, the Dark Light Church of the Euro League also stated… that they are willing to provide a large amount of compensation and deeply apologize."

"Preparing both hands because the letter sent a few days ago has been revealed now!" Lin Bian chuckled coldly and said, "If it fails, it will be merely a personal act, like a pawn, who wouldn't understand that?"

After a long silence, Mr. Trap said, "In the end, the Hundred Kings Assembly decided by majority vote, chose not to initiate a counterattack for the sake of people's livelihood."

Night Watchers looked at each other and many of them showed expressions of disbelief.

However, Lin Bian felt no surprise at all. He could even guess that the kings of the cities that would benefit from the Dark Light Church's "compensation" were the ones who voted against it.

Once a real fight broke out, there would be no benefit to them personally, almost exclusively harm, and it was very likely to assist the Imperial Guards leader's military exploits.

Sometimes, Lin Bian really hoped that someone in the Air Alliance could have a "dictatorship" … If the ultimate decision maker in this country was Mr. "World", things would never end like this!

Mr. Trap's next sentence made all Night Watchers unable to sit still.

The old man's eyes were lifeless, and he said in a hollow voice, "If the Demon Hunt Agency successfully catches these two people, we cannot kill them, they must be handed over to the Dark Light Church."

"No way!"

Lin Bian's eyes were full of anger, the blood vessels became clear, and he shouted loudly, "This is definitely not possible, I must kill them, absolutely!"

Eliminate evil to the utmost!

Babel Tower had never shown evidence of wrongdoing, but "Pastor" and "the Dark Light Church" must never be let go!

Mr. Trap stared at the man's eyes and said word by word, "This is the decision from the top. If you violate the order due to personal impulse and private feelings, even I cannot protect you!"

Lin Bian suddenly smiled at the director, and Mr. Trap was slightly surprised.

He waved his hand among the crowd and left the office by turning around.


Adelaide silently watched the man leaving, but was thinking about Bai Yan's whereabouts.

Why hadn't he contacted the team all night?


Today was already the fifth day of the event.

Bai Yan calmly sat in the coffee shop, drinking a glass of sparkling iced cola, enduring the incomprehensible glare of the cafe owner.

He looked naturally at the cafe owner.

"In the future, it would be best if you also sold some cola in your cafe. That way, I wouldn't have to go outside and buy it, then come back and drink it… Although you are a coffee shop, you also need to have more types of beverages. A comprehensive variety is essential for expanding your business."

The coffee shop owner was taken aback.

He hesitated to speak, and couldn't find the words to say.

After a moment,

Bai Yan took out his phone and checked the status of each Core Operator, narrowing his eyes slightly.

"Core Operator · Psychic Dancer's log intelligence."

"Killed a low-ranking priest of the Dark Light Church and obtained 80 Source Energy Points."

"Successfully located the target and used 'long-lasting mind control' on them."

Maryse had already found the person and would bring them here soon.

Well done, this time she was ahead of Mu Ling, Alan and Amy.

He suddenly stood up, his eyes turning silver-white.

"Everyone, forget that I was here."

Bai Yan turned around and left the cafe. Half an hour later, he came back with the appearance of "Profligate", wearing a black classic robe and sitting confidently with a smile in the corner.

Five minutes later.

His phone vibrated and a new game prompt appeared on the screen.

"Game prompt:"

"Mission one, prevent 'Mary Scatino' from contacting Pastor, has been completed! Reward Sacred Rune ×1!"

The rewarded Sacred Rune is… Sacred Rune · Astarte.

Bai Yan was stunned.

"Sacred Rune · Astarte: The wearer would only need to consume physical strength to reproduce at high speed and could adjust the innate abilities of the offspring to a certain extent."

Oh, this… he doubted that any of his current Operators would want to use it, right?

Bai Yan pondered for a moment and then decided to store it away. Probably only an inhuman operator could make use of it.

"Are you Senior 'Profligate'?"

Maryse arrived.

She was dressed in a cute pink sweatshirt, hands in her pockets, her eyes filled with pride, delight and a hint of curiosity.

Behind her was a bewildered blonde woman dressed in black autumn clothes.

The Walking Ten-summon?

As Bai Yan turned to look, his eyes immediately brightened.

Oh, apologies.

"You are the person we have been looking for, Mary Scatino."