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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 141

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Translated by: Babel Towel

Edited by: dwi-cahyo

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Chapter 141: New Activity! Ten Days' Killing!

"What's the news about Mu Ling?"

"Bai Yan" knew that "Mu Ling" often visited his café, but he never thought that by letting her guard down a little, she could run into someone so important.

"Pastor" simply stood there "calmly", but exuded a presence like a mountain and seemed like a city that could not be shaken.

A true Crown level strong person!

As long as he wants, he could easily create a massacre, the power in his hands could destroy a city.

Obviously, Pastor had successfully broken through the Cognition Filter due to a long-term contact and recognized Mu Ling's true identity.

He planned to use this clue to trade with the Demon Hunt Agency.

What a pity.

Bai Yan muttered to himself, "Your trade partner is me."

"Oh, esteemed Mr. Pastor, may I ask what business you have with us? What is this important information regarding the Babel Tower members?"

His tone was neither humble nor arrogant, and Pastor appeared to be unconcerned.

"It is highly sensitive information, but I cannot elaborate at the moment."

Pastor smiled faintly and humbly said, "As for our transaction, I require your aid in capturing a certain individual. If you can deliver her to me for interrogation, then I will reveal Mu Ling's whereabouts."

Mu Ling's location?

Bai Yan suddenly realized.

So that was it. Pastor had previously contacted Mu Ling and, following the trail, found the Hunter Clan's base, which was a completely normal occurrence.

And this was the crucial information that Pastor wanted to trade with the Demon Hunt Agency.

In a sense, it was indeed a menacing piece of intelligence… Although Mu Ling herself could escape at any time through the black mist, the werewolf butler could not evade the Demon Hunt Agency's pursuit indefinitely.

If the Demon Hunt Agency staged a surprise attack, there was a high probability that the werewolf butler would be captured on the spot.

By then, the next plot should directly transition into the clichéd rescue scene for her family.


Everything depends on… Pastor's informant absolutely cannot be the mole in Babel Tower at the Demon Hunt Agency!

Pastor calmly shaked his hand.

A photo appeared in his hand, and on the photo was a moving, colorful scene.

The train station.

A tall and slim, around thirty years old, beautiful black suit and gold hair woman appeared on the screen.

The woman appeared highly intellectual and sophisticated; her intelligence is more prominent than her appearance. Additionally, she was carrying a white alloy box in her hand.

The blonde woman turned her head and looked around, revealing her blue eyes. Then she walked onto the train.

"This woman's name is Mary Scatino."

Pastor calmly spoke, "She was once a priestess of the Dark Light Church like me, but now she has become a traitor, stealing important documents from the church and coming to this city."

"I hope your Demon Hunt Agency can catch this person and return her to the Dark Light Church."

The betrayer of the Dark Light Church?

Bai Yan took the photo and looked at it for a while, the scene on it was repeatedly playing.

The woman who fled as a traitor seemed not at all panicked or distressed.

Instead, it made people feel that she was very calm.

"Okay, we will report your proposal for trade. We two pawns have no decision-making power in this matter."

Bai Yan smiled and continued, "Also, this mutual aid group must be disbanded. I will inform the agency people immediately."

Pastor nodded gently without questioning.

The Babel Tower Aid Group didn't need to exist in the first place. Bai Yan was afraid that these people would be used again and something bad might happen in the end.


Pastor narrowed his eyes suddenly and exclaimed, "That girl is gone!"

The three people present were all stunned, and only the "false Savior" remained in a state of confusion, unaware of what was happening.


Xiao Qiu was missing! Bai Yan realized this only now!

She disappeared without any signs in front of three powerful extraordinary beings, it's incredible!


Suddenly, Bai Yan had a sense of deja vu. Could it be that Xiao Qiu's true identity was actually her…

Autumn's performance and name reminded him of a Core Operator of the Babel Tower.

"Truth Scholar."

That was a scholar who enjoyed observing "the world of all things" and had been alive for an unknown number of years. He had four personalities and four bodies, namely "spring", "summer", "autumn" and "winter", among which his most common personality was "autumn", looking like an ordinary college girl.

Bai Yan fell into meditation and during the first playthrough, he barely used the Truth Scholar's "autumn" personality to play the game, plus the pixelated design at that time.

So, every time he saw Xiao Qiu, he couldn't recognize her.

The ability of the "autumn" personality is straightforward, and somewhat powerful in the later stage – to eliminate presence.

Each body and personality of the "Truth Scholar" possessed independent consciousness and thoughts, among which two were not aware of their true identity.

Therefore, only the "autumn" personality's psychology could deceive himself.

"It seems that there are not simple people around here."

Pastor turned slowly, and a black light gradually appeared in front of him, making him disappear little by little.

"As a faithful servant of the Lord, I hope you can agree to my deal."

After Pastor left, Merete Chambers narrowed her eyes, smiling at Bai Yan. "Things are getting interesting, Mr. Bai."

"Come back, Bullfight."

With her icy order, the silent, axe-wielding warrior nodded before transforming into a white page, flying back into Merete Chambers' body and disappearing without a trace.

After a period of time, the people of the Demon Hunt Agency arrived.

All members of the Babel Tower rescue team were taken away, who will undoubtedly be interrogated, but no one would actually be arrested or imprisoned.

It was the usual practice of the Demon Hunt Agency to release them after memory alteration.

Merete Chambers and Bai Yan watched silently as all of this unfolded. Miss Witch smiled and suddenly said, "Did you notice it? Pastor was lying just now."


Bai Yan nodded gently and replied, "It's obvious. He's not just fishing, he's actually promoting the Dark Light Church's teachings."

There is no doubt that Xiao Qiu's words and behavior were means of the Dark Light Church.

Pastor was secretly using the name "Babel Tower" to do things that were officially prohibited by the Air Alliance. After the matter was exposed, he kicked the "false Savior" directly.

Bai Yan gazed at the middle-aged man, who immediately cowered in fear and screamed hysterically.

"Don't kill me, I'm innocent, don't kill me! I haven't done anything wrong!"

This vagrant was just a castaway.

Bai Yan was well aware of this point.

Then, the Night Watchers took away the middle-aged man as well. Whether he was really innocent or not was not for him to say, but rather for the Adjudication Section to decide.

The scent of gardenia flowers filled the air.

Miss Witch suddenly approached, her smile very mysterious.

"Bai, do you want me to report about that trade? Demon Hunt Agency might catch that Babel Tower member named Mu Ling because of it, you know."

However, to her surprise, Bai Yan calmly nodded with a smile.

"Of course it must be reported!"

He said solemnly.

"To capture Babel Tower members is an unavoidable duty for us!"



The streets of Tatsumi City were not as lively as before. Many people didn't dare to go out at night.

The pain that followed that incident, the sadness of the people, the pain of losing loved ones.

It would not disappear easily…

Bai Yan felt a sudden vibration in his phone as soon as he returned home.

He calmly took out his phone and found that the new activity content of "Babel Tower" had been released, and the brief trial period had ended.

Black text.

"Game Tips:"

"New activity has been launched!"

"New event! Ten Days' Killing!"

"Please save the world within ten days and kill the target of this activity… 'Mary Scatino'."

Mary Scatino?

Bai Yan froze as Pastor, who wanted to capture the traitor of "the Dark Light Church," mentioned Mary Scatino.

He had never expected that Mary Scatino would be so important.

So, the contents in the box in her hands, were they really just important documents of the Dark Light Church?

Bai Yan fell into contemplation.

You should know…

The mission system of "Babel Tower" only responds to things that can threaten the world!

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