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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 134 Part 2

2023-10-03 19:05:00Publish Time: 1,556 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 134: "Nightsaber" Beast, Super Evolution! (2)

Core Operator:

Title: Psychic Dancer

Gender: Female

Plane: Material Plane

Level: Awakening

Race: Elf

Operator Identification: Control / Support / Infiltration

Milestones: High Elf, Betrayer

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 21+50 Self-healing Specialization (She can knock down a muscular man weighing twice her own with just one punch)

INT: 82 (She will never get lost in her lifetime)

Skill: 86 (She can sense the heartbeat of all animals within a distance of fifty meters)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 9 (From a certain unconventional aesthetic perspective, she can be evaluated even higher for charm)

Loyalty: 8 (She would never admit it, but she is filled with gratitude towards you)

Mood: 8 (This humble servant is a legendary figure who has died and been resurrected!)


Bias and madness (Mood swings are more likely to trigger events during the period of being left alone and during the period of self-discipline)

Goodbye, my cowardice (Skills are somewhat improved during combat)

Liberated mind (reducing the probability of being controlled).


Mind reading (proficiency level 100%)

Mind control (proficiency level 100%)

Memory retrieval (proficiency level 20%)

Long-Term Directive (Proficiency 15%, Control Effect Extended to 30 Hours)

Self-healing Specialization

Sacred Rune - Athena (Proficiency 26%)

Deep Red - Divine Punishment (Proficiency 35%)

Secondary data:

Body measurements: 145cm, 74, 54, 81

Likes: People who treat her well, Attracting attention.

Dislikes: Herself, her family.

Items: Ring of Protection (1), Invisible Cloak of Hermes (1), Blade of Annihilation (1), Special Automatic Combat Robot (1).

Description: The noble descendant of an ancient elven family, born with an extremely powerful mental talent. The thoughts of ordinary people are exposed in front of her, and the uncontrollable power also makes her aware of the dirtiness of the real world and the preciousness of true sincerity.

"The future Empress of Mind, manipulating the hearts of all living beings."

Bai Yan noticed that something was different, the "selfishness" had disappeared from Maryse's character card.

"It is very reasonable… she, who is willing to sacrifice her life for her friends, has certainly changed."

Core Operator:

Title: Cybertyrant

Gender: Female

Plane: Material Plane

Level: Awakening

Race: Human

Operator Identification: Special/Control/Surveillance.

Milestone: Mr. "X"

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 3


Skill: 89 (Specialized in Hacking)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 4 (Severely Disabled)

Loyalty: 5

Mood: 6


Gentle heart (mood rises with the happiness of others, and falls with their pain).

The Indomitable Flower (mood cannot reach 0, loyalty cannot reach 10).

Due to the experience of drug trials, she possessed an extraordinary ability for enduring pain and suffering.


Tyrant (Mastery level 77%)

Items: Mechanical limbs Lundo Model IV, Artificial Eye Sairu 777

Description: Her parents committed suicide because they were unable to repay their high debts. The inheritance of these debts forced her to participate in drug trials, leaving her fragmented and rarely displaying sadness for her misfortunes. Though not optimistic, she is kind to almost everyone…yet possesses absolute power akin to a tyrant in the realm of the internet.

Bai Yan was fully aware of what "Cybertyrant" had been up to lately.

According to the logs during the placement period, she founded a new hacker organization called "Paradox" in the cyber world, and identified herself as Mr. X behind the scenes. She used her special power to intimidate, threaten and lure top hackers into the group.

What was her goal? It remained unknown, but Bai Yan understood that "Cybertyrant" was definitely planning something.

Recently, "Cybertyrant" had a brand new set of prosthetics, and Bai Yan secretly searched online for the corresponding prices when he had free time.

Then, he almost choked on the spot.

You know, that kind of price was at the level where you could exchange it for a few houses in the Platinum Zone.

There were several evaluations for the post-sale use of the new prosthetic, "sensory experience surpasses the physical body", "children love it", "able to control excretion freely", "support long-term work", and so on…


In the courtyard of the Mu family, filled with autumn leaves, a beautiful girl was sitting silently without moving for a long time.

She had been studying the "Flow of the Heart" recently, but had been unable to take the first step.

In various competitions, Mu Ling had fully experienced the strength of "Flow of the Heart", but after reading basic books, she learned that she needed to completely calm her mind before attempting to use it.

Mu Ling embarked on a new training program as her previous swordsmanship training had reached a plateau, making it difficult for her to make further progress.

However, despite sitting for a long time, she couldn't completely calm down, almost dozing off.

"It seems that Flow of the Heart is not suitable for me."

Mu Ling sighed, unable to understand what "the power of the heart" meant.

I only know that when the sword strikes, it causes a physical deformation, and the threat of strength in one's blood.

She fell into contemplation.

Just then, a thick black mist surged suddenly from all around, but the surrounded Mu Ling showed no surprise, only feeling joy.

"Mr. Savior…" she whispered softly.

Thank you so much for rescuing Maryse.

The black mist gradually entered Mu Ling's body, infusing her with newfound, powerful strength.

The next moment, her joy transformed into pure astonishment!

PS1: Volume 10 (https://amzn.to/46eqgg6) has been published on Amazon. Apologies, it took us a while to translate it.

PS2: The translation of Volume 11 will be completed within 10 days.